Teaching Amy Conculsion


Teaching Amy ConculsionMy wife stares at Amy wondering what if anything she sould do slowly she says how much did you see of your mother and me? and how old is your teacher? and just what do you mean by YOUR SLUT? Amy’s face lites up you’ll help me then? Kat in a stren voice says answer the questions frist! Well I saw mom sucking your tits in the car and in the bedroom, I saw you fucking her hard with the strap-on and then shoveing it in her mouth till she gagged on it.I saw her plead and beg for more you took her and made her only want you beyond anything or anyone elas. My teacher Tina is in her mid twentys married to a tall good looking man in his late twentys. I want Tina to give her body and soul to me and maybe a threesome could happen too.Kat looks the girl in the eye frist you well have to learn to please a women like your mother did it took her time to get this far I took her to les bars and gave her to use as they pleased and to the ball courts at the park the teenage bostancı escort boys fucked sometimes 4or5 at a time mouth ass cunt hands then the black men at the clubs got there turn at her a couple of those guys have 12″ cocks and she took them up that tiny ass of hers all to please me. So how do we train you my dear?The next day after school Kat was in the parking lot and yelled for Amy to come to her as she got to Kat’s car Kat noticed Fay Smith picking up her son and went to the car draging Amy behind her Fay honey how are you? The women froze OMG WHAT A A I I JOHN HONEY GO BUY ME A POP PLEASE KAY PLEASE THAT IS MY HUSBANDS SON PLEASE NOT HERE NOT NOW PLEASE relaxe hon I just want you to meet Amy tonite you are going to teach Amy your skill of pussy sucking 7pm my house do not be late and no complaning cause we both know your panties are wet just thinking about it see you then.Leaving Kat looks back to Fay standing by her car shaking fatih escort and a look of pure lust on her face. Amy says you is she Kat says a wife, mother and one of the best pussy suckers in town she well teach you good to start with. Now lets go see this Tina bitch as they walked down the hall to her class room Tina sitting at her desk in a dress that had pull up enought to show her socking tops Kat smiles and says YES THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN seeing Amy and Kat in the hall Tina ask AMY CAN I HELP YOU? Amy :a no I A this is my friend Mrs. Barry I was just showing her around school Kat shakes hands and says Kat please still holding Tina’s hand and looking her in the eyesTina starts to pull her hand away but then stops and smiles at Kat please call me Tina then still not leaving her eyes the two looked at each other like no one else was in the room.Taking Amy home Kat tells her I’ll pick you up at 6pm on the end of the road cause you have a date with bağcılar escort Fay and me at 7. When Amy walked into are home she looked like a doll Fay was already there and so ready to go Kat pulled her dress over her head sit down spreaded her legs and said class in section Fay crawled to her on hands and knees and slowly kissed her way up Kat’s long legs kissing and licking her way till she got to the hairless slit of honey litely blew on it barely touching it with just the tip of her tougue makinf Kat grown and raise up trying to get more and more begging and pleading P L E A S E E A T M E E E E PLEASE HARDER OMG YOU ARE THE BEST CUNT LICKER YOU SLUT OMG NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Amy seeing this her fingers busy in her panties so near to cumming herself when Kat spammizes and humps Fay’s face trying to get her tougue as deep as possible and screams I’M CUMMMM!!! YES YES I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGG as Kat sit eyes closed trying to regan control Fay looks at Amy your turn now and crawls to her and starts alover soon the teen wakes up nake on the floor to the sounds of Fay being assed fuck hard by Kat Fay moans to much for you honey round two and dives between Amy’s legs. A couple of hours later Kat takes Amy home kisses her goodby and says tomorrow after school bye. More later

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