The Awakening during a Fishing Trip


The Awakening during a Fishing TripI was entering High School this Fall and I had never contemplated or even considered any type of relationship with another boy.Consequently, when a friend of mine and I headed away on a fishing trip for a few summer days, I had no expectations of other then a great time on the river catching plenty of fish, cold beers, and generally having a great time together. The first day on the river was absolutely magnificent, glorious sunny skies and calm winds.That evening, we had a great meal of fresh fish, some cold beers, and were completely happy in each other’s company simply looking at the starry night above. As all boys do in each other’s company, at conversation naturally turned to girls, sex and the latest dirty jokes!The night was quite warm and we were just wearing swimming trunks, I was quite surprised to notice that my friend Jeff was obviously getting an erection over the conversation. I have to admit that I found this kind of embarrassing as I had never made a practice of looking at other boys cocks and was not sure if I should simply ignore it or make a joke over it.I was looking at the bulge under his trucks was also making my cock take an interest in the situation! Frantically, I pulled a sleeping bag over myself and hoped he had not noticed. Even though we were the best of friends, I was terrified he would think I was gay and would insist that we packed up and head home immediately.Jeff’s hand had strayed to his cock and he was absentmindedly playing with what appeared to be a pretty impressive piece of manhood. Still not sure how to handle this, I made a retreat to the cooler for another couple of cold beers.When I returned the head of his prick was now fully visible down the side of his trunks and looking my way said, “Do you mind if I just mess about with myself a bit?” Like ummm, what was I supposed to say? fethiye escort In a squeaky kind of voice that I hoped came across as more manly and understanding I replied that, no, that was fine by me. Receiving the AOK from me, he swiftly removed his trunks and exposed an impressive cut cock that I found absolutely fascinating; being the first one I had ever seen at close quarters other than my own.Drinking down my beer to calm my nerves a bit, I noticed that Jeff’s cock was about 7 inches and not unusually thick but this helmet now stood glistening and hard.We both had had a few beers by now and alcohol courage took over. I said that I had never really looked at another guys cock and asked “could I have a feel of it?” Jeff said, “Are you really sure? I don’t want to make you do something you don’t want to do or feel uncomfortable with!”“Yes, I‘m sure I just want to find out what it is like to feel another boy’s cock instead of my own”. I very nervously ran my fingers over the head of his cock. His cock twitched instantly, his hips moved forward and he closed his eyes and sighed with pleasure.I got myself into a better position and taking his cock in my hand was quite amazed at how hot it felt and how I could feel all the ripples and veins that were along his shaft. I gently squeezed his cock and this made his already bulging helmet grow even larger whereupon the tightness of the skin made it appear to glisten and shine! I made some tentative strokes of his shaft and gained surprising satisfaction as he immediately forced himself towards my hand and thrust his hips in the air. The right spot I guessed!Jeff was now biting his lip and continued thrusting towards my hand – he obviously loved it! In the back of my mind, the thought of sucking and licking his cock was something I just knew was inevitable and I did not surprise myself when I placed this escort fethiye whole cock head in my mouth in one swoop and gave it an enormous suck while squeezing his cock and softly squeezing his balls.His “agggggggghhhhhhhh” was approval of this gave my confidence a great lift as I proceeded to suck on that hot and pulsating helmet in my mouth.Until now, Jeff had been accepting my treatment with much gusto but when I felt one of his hands groping towards my cock, I knew he and I were starting on an adventure neither of us had ever considered nor were even that sure what we were really after!He just took as much as he could straight into his hot, wet and sucking mouth in one hit. Holy Jesus, this was something incredibly sensual to me. He obviously loved the way I was squeezing and pulsating his own prick and started to do the same with mine. In fact we soon found that being mirror images of each others actions, we kind of played a game of tat for tat! I did to him what I knew I loved and he immediately reciprocated with the same treatment – what a turn on!I slowly pulled my prick from his mouth and although he protested initially, I spread him out on his sleeping bag and went back to my task of bringing him to a peak of exquisite ecstasy.He was now thrusting his hips and cock at me and I could feel what seemed to be a quivering or pulsating in the whole length of his shaft. I knew that he was not far off coming and that presented me with a bit of a problem; what was I going to do when he did squirt up what I suspected was a pretty serious amount of juice! The idea of swallowing it didn’t fill me with too much excitement, but With a low groan, a stiffening of his entire body and suddenly clutching both his hands to the back of my head, he let loose what seemed to me to be a bucket of hot cum into my mouth. I was blown away just to feel the incredible fethiye escort bayan pulsations and twitches from his shaft and continued to suck and stroke him madly as I felt his cum hit the back of my throat – and it was not even a problem for me! I willingly swallowed it in order to suck every last drop from his throbbing prick. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he said as his body jerked in ecstasy and tried to ram his prick down my throat. I admired the view of his muscles in the moon light, as he tensed and bucked under his orgasm. He had a nice six-pack and a great athletic body.As his climax peaked, I maintained a much slower and more seductive sucking and stroking of his cock and he obviously loved this as he just relaxed back across the bunk and let me finish off every drop he had left – not much. And the strange part was that I was so immensely satisfied that on my first ever try, I had done what seemed to be a pretty good blow job.I then laid back on my sleeping bag and he said “now it’s your turn” He moved over to me and took my cock in his mouth and I was in heaven. I had never had a blow job before, not that I did not try to get my girlfriends to do it. They just never wanted to do it.He moved over to my sleeping bag and was kneeling and leaned in and took the head of my cock into his mouth. His tongue circling around the head, his lips wrapped around my cock. I began to slowly press my hips forward and back, sliding more and more of my cock into his mouth. I closed my eyes and after a few minutes I felt his face against my abdomen and realized my cock was all the way down his throat! A wave of pleasure suddenly coursed through me as Jeff began to somehow massage my cock head with his throat! I was moaning uncontrollably and suddenly felt Steve’s finger slide into my ass! He began to massage my prostate and that amazing full body pleasure filled me again. It didn’t take long for my whole body to begin to shake and then launch into a huge orgasm, shooting load after load down Jeff’s throat!. I just knew that was not his time, and it was not going to be my last time either. I was hooked.

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