The Miracle of Massive Vaginas

Cock Worship

The Miracle of Massive VaginasTRUE STORYHi, my name is Dick Biggs- that’s actually my name! My parents named me that because apparently when I was born, the doctor thought he saw the head coming out but it was actually the large tip of my baby cock. It was in the newspapers. Anyway, you’d probably think that having a huge penis(I’m talking 3 pringles cans stacked together, I’m talking a lamp with a lampshade, like an elephant trunk) is a blessing- that I would be the envy of all my friends. Turns out, it’s more of a curse- instead of getting the nickname “anaconda” in the locker room, I was called “mutant”. The k**s used to circle around me and chant “MUTANT DICK,MUTANT DICK! LALALALALALA”. I fethiye escort can still hear the faint echos of their torment. My parents had to order custom pants for me. It was rough growing up. Then when I became a horny little bastard of a teenager- it sucked to be in school and to be hard because EVERYONE could tell- I would try to tell people that I had a third leg- somehow that would be more acceptable. I tried taking it out one day and putting a shoe on it but I was sent home. That afternoon, ashamed and sick of my preDICKament- I took out my father’s hatchet. There I was, standing in the middle of my grandmother’s room in front of her giant, ornate mirror, screaming at my reflection. escort fethiye I pulled out my dick and started yelling at it- spittle (little bits of spit) landing on the shaft “do it! you pussy!” i shouted. I raised the hatched and was about to end my problems when suddenly the ghost of my great-grandfather, Coxton Biggs, appeared in the mirror. “It’s not always easy to carry around a five pound dick!” his voice rang out- stopping the hatchet mid swing, “great-grandfather?” , “yes it is I, Your great-grandpappy, I know what it’s like to be outcast by regular sized people””you do?””yes, and yours is three times smaller than mine, just so you know.””Wait- what? It is?””Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm””So how fethiye escort bayan did you live with it? I just have this great weight between my legs, holding me down.”Great-Grandfather snapped his suspenders and looked at me with fierce intent. “Sometimes you just gotta grab life by your g****fruit sized balls and go out there, live your life…””Oh, I will!””AND shove your dick down those people’s throats!””Wow.””Mmm-hmm. My daddy did it! I did it! Your daddy did it- and he was the runt of the group.”At that, we both shared a laugh. He contined,”You’re a Biggs! What can I say? Embrace it. Seriously, gave that thing a big hug…and then give it a chance, dammit!”I threw the hatchet on the ground, tears in my eyes. I’m a Biiiggs! My penis became erect as if to solute my great-grandfather before he disappeared forever. Now only I stood before myself- ready to discover the greatness that protruded from my pants.To Be Cuntinued

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