Babysitting Fun


Babysitting FunThe hot neighbor down the street from me asked if I would watch his daughter this evening. I told him that I would. He asked how much I would charge him, I replied with it’s up to him and his girl friend. I told Daddy and Brian that I had to babysit tonight and that the two of them to go have fun.Brian sat on my bed watching me get dressed. He tod me to wear my melon lace undershirt with my sheer black button down shirt over the top. I put on a pair of lacy string bikini panties. Along with a pair of skin tight jeans and my slip on tennis shoes. No need for heels while watching a three yr old. I took the rollers from my hair and gently pulled out some of the curls.I turned around for Brian to check me out and he nodded with a big grin. He said if I wasn’t running late he’d fuck me right then and there. Brian and I went upstairs and said bye to daddy. When I got to the neighbor’s house, Bruce opened the door and his mouth about hit the floor. I laughed at him and walked in the house. Brian followed me in. Judy walked down the steps looking smoking hot. She had this pale pink blouse with little pasties on her nipples and a super short skirt with 5 inch heels. Brian walked up to her, gave her the fuck me eyes and told her he’d fuck her if she was available. Bruce and Brian didn’t know what to do with themselves with both of us lookng like we were ready to fuck.Bruce and Judy gave me the few instructions and the phone number on where they were going to be. As they left, Brian left right after them and said he would be back to take me home later. Lucy Lou was watching tv when I walked to her room. She was having tea with her babies and offered me a cup of tea. I sat down and played house with her.It was getting late and Lucy Lou was yawning, she was ready for bed. I got her changed in her night clothes and put her to bed. She went to sleep quickly. I left her room and went to Bruce and Judy’s room. I always have loved the way she decorated the house. I went through the door to find an over sized four poster king size bed with a bunch of pillows and a thick comforter.I stretched acrossed the bed, wishing I was Judy and Bruce would be all mine. I reached for a pillow and searched for the the remote to the tv.I looked on the table and opened the drawer to find the remote and two vibrators. I pulled them out and checked them out. I turned the tv on, to find the penthouse channel on. Two girls esenyurt escort were licking each others pussy. I wish sometimes I had a girlfriend to lick on.I watched the licking and started to play with myself through my clothes. I took my pants off and shoved one of the dildo’s deep in my hole, turned it on and it was spinning its nubs inside me. Oh what a feeling. I pulled it out a bit then back in, til I came. When I pulled the vibe out, I instantly put a few fingers in to gather my cum. I put my cummy fingers in my mouthto taste myself. MMMM the sweet creamy nectar of my pussy.I went downstairs and turned the tv on and got comfy on the couch, til they came home. Judy walked in the house, didn’t say anything and went upstairs. Bruc e walked in behind her and said that he would be back down in a few minutes. I got my shoes on and my things together. I was getting ready to call Brian for him to pick me up when Bruce came down and said he would take me home.When we got in the car, Bruce told me that him and Judy had a fight and she’s packing some of her stuff and Lucy’s stuff to go where ever she was going to stay for a bit. He didn’t say what they argued about, but he started to cry. I reached over to him and gave him a hug. He cried on my shoulder for a few minutes, then lifted to look at me. I gave him a kiss and told him things would be ok, and that maybe they just need time away from each other.Bruce took me home and I offered him to come in for a beer. He followed me into the house and he sat on the couch in the family room. I got us each a beer and sat down next to him. A few inutes past when the phone rang. I answered and it was daddy telling me him and Brian were at the strip club and they will be home when it closes. I thought to myself, thats good. Bruce smiled when I told him where the guys were and I asked him if he wanted to join them. He said no and that he wants his own personal strip show from me. I winked at him, then turned the stereo on with some jazz music. Something fun to get naked to. I stood in front of him slowly taking my shirt off, to reveal my nipples poking thru the lace top. The next thing to remove were my jeans. I stood on top of the coffee table, turned around to put my ass in his face. He slapped my ass as I unbuttoned the buttons.I began to pull my jeans down leaving my panties on. My jeans are so tight, that I had to avrupa yakası escort sit on the table to pull the legs off. Bruce helped me with my pant legs. When he pulled them off, he rubbed my legs up to my panties. I sat on the table with mylegs spread, so he would have easy access to my sex box. Bruce pulled me closer to him. His hands explored my body, teasing my nipples, then barely touching too much on my clit.The teasing from him was making my pussy twitch. Bruce said he was hungry and wanted something sweet. I told him I had something he could have. I leaned back and supported myself with my elbows, my knees bent and legs parted. He took the clue and leaned in for my box. He licked my panties up and down, teasing me some more, then he pulled my panties off. He spread my pussy wide and began to lick and nibble on me.His tongue went into my hole then back out again to lick me to a fenzy. I pulled his head in loser and told him to fuck me with his tongue. He did as told. When he came up for air, I reached down to kiss him. Bruce wasn’t surprised to see that I liked my cum. I had him stand up so I could free his cock. He took his pants off for me. His dick was semi soft, until I lifted it and wrapped my lips around it.The hardness grew quickly in my mouth. I kissed his cock from the base to the tip, then back down to his balls. I lifted his sack to kiss hm to his ass. I licked and sucked his balls, pulling each one in my mouth to suck til he couldn’t stand it any longer. Bruce took a hold of one of my boobs and pulled and tugged on the nipple. I stood up in front of him, kissed him and led him to my room in the basement. He picked me up to lay me on the bed. He fondled my tits some more, before ripping the lace off. He sucked on each one, then kissed his way back to my pussy. He licked me a bit more, then stuck a couple of fingers in my pussy and worked magic on me, til I began to squirt. Bruce drank up my juice, then got up to put his engorging dick into my slit.His dick was so thick, I thought for a minute he was going to rip open.He took his time sliding in. I gasped as he found his way to the point of no return. He lay on my chest feeling my erect nipples on his chest. He held onto my tits as he began to pick up speed as he fucked my pussy. I spread my legs more and moaned as he filled me with anadolu yakası escort his length. I begged him to go faster that I was ready to cum again.With each stroke he did, my insides were jumping for joy. I moaned louder and began to quiver as i came. Bruce fucked faster, having a hard time staying in, he went down on me again and licked up my cum. I asked him to put his dick in my mouth, so I could suck the cum from his shaft. OOOh I taste so good, I moaned. Bruce agreed with me then continued fucking me.He held on to me as he rolled over. He stayed in me and fucked me more. I leaned up to squat over him and I began to pump his dick with my drippy pussy. I could feel my cum dripping out of me. Bruce asked me, if I did anal. I said yes, I would love to have my tight hole fucked. I got on all fours as Bruce spat his spit in my ass hole. He fingered my hole to get the slippery stuff inside.Then his head was making its way into my tiny hole. It was a rough way to go at first. Then I just told him to shove himself in real fast. One quick thrust and he was in. It didn’t take all that long before he was ready to cum. Bruce yelled out as he came in my ass. He sounded like he had a ton of pressure built up and needed to release the fury. When he pulled from my ass, I spread my cheeks as his cum dripped from me. Bruce said that was so hot to see.Bruce followed me to the shower and got cleaned up.I asked him what he wanted to do. He said to go to the strip club to hang with daddy. I got dressed in a tight dress and heels and we left. We got to the Dance Nasty for Me club. We walked in to see daddy getting a lap dance from some sleazy whore. Brian motioned us over and said that this bitch had been all over daddy since they walked in.I went over to daddy and kissed him and looked at the whore and told her to go on. She acted like she was going to kick my ass. I told her to bring it, but she backed away. I told her, that I was his whore and pointed to Brian, that I was his whore also. She walked away as I sat on daddy’s lap. His cock grew hard and daddy’s fingers were teasing my nipples. I whispered in his ear and told him that I got to fuck Bruce tonight.Brian came over and said that he loves this dress and can’t wait to get home to take it off of me. Bruce was enjoying a shot with one of the strippers, when I told him that we were leaving. He agreed that it was time to leave.I rode with Brian, daddy rode with Bruce. I told Brian how we fucked and this got him hard. brian said that him and daddy sucked each other off before going to the club. I said tht I was disappointed that I didn’t get to drink their cum. Brian said tht I will get my chance when we get home.Oooh I can’t wait to get home. I wonder if I’m going to have my three guys gangbang. We will just have to wait and see.

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