BBCI was in New Orleans back in July of 2012. It was so hot. I was horny and hadn’t been fucked in over 6 months. I don’t really care for some of the clubs in NOLA. So after walking around downtown for a few hours and getting all horny and bothered I went back to my hotel on Chef Mentuer Hwy, right beside the Adult Theater. (I purposely picked that hotel. I parked and got out and decided to walk to the Theater which was no more than 200 yards away I had on a red body hugging dress that was VERY SHORT. About 2 inches above my ass cheeks .My long sexy legs looked great, nice and tan. As I made my way to the theater and got to the parking lot a big black guy that must have been no smaller than 6’10 and a VERY muscular 315 lbs, was walking up from his car. He undressed me with his eyes and noticing , I said hi.I did not try to hide the fact that I was extremely turned on by him as was he. We talked for a few minutes and I asked him If he wanted to go to my room.He declined my offer but told me to come get in his car. I jumped at the idea and soon we were headed down the road to an unknown destination.No sooner than we had gotten into his car,I reached bakırköy escort over and started to rub up his leg. He told me to be careful and as my hand went a little farther up his leg I found out why.I found the biggest,hardest,dick I’d Ever seen or touched. We turned off the Hwy on to a side road where he stopped.We got out in front of an old abandoned home.He began feeling me up as we walked to the back yard where he stopped and pulled me to him and began to kiss me and reach under my dress and play with my “pussy”.I was almost drunk with lust as he pushed one ,then two fingers inside my tight little hole and finger-fuck me.All the while I’m rubbing this EXTREMELY MASSIVE bulge in his pants.When I could stand no more I pulled away from him and slid to my knees and began to undo his slacks. I was not prepared for what came next.When I got his pants and belt loosened and pulled them down, there was the FIRST real BBC.Very REAL,VERY FAT AND EXTREMELY EXTREMELY LONG.I asked how big it was and He proudly told me it was 13 3/8 inches long. My body was on fire for him. I took him into my mouth and sucked beşiktaş escort him for a few minutes then he told me to get on my hands and knees. I immediately did what he said. He lubed He and I up very thoroughly and placed the head of his Monster at the entrance to my hole. He felt so good as his big dick began to push deeper into me. After MUCH STRETCHING, he was in as far as he could go and still had almost 2 inches left.Man could this guy fuck.After about 20 minutes he pulled out and laid his shirt on the ground and laid me down and crawled between my sexy tanned white legs and began to push that fat cock back into me.All I can say is that the angle must have been perfect then because I could feel myself stretching even more and I reached down to feel and his cock was in all the way. He was a gentle giant and slowly fucked in and out of me allowing me to be able to enjoy him and also get adjusted to his massive size which, by the way, was almost as big around as a ONE LITER Pepsi bottle. I was Completely filled.As I got used to his size he began to speed up after about another 25 minutes with beylikdüzü escort him pounding away and grunting and moaning and me screaming from pleasure, loud enough to wake the dead He said he was about to cum and asked me where I wanted it. Now I was in a crisis. While I wanted him to pull out and cum in my mouth and swallow EVERY drop of his cum I also wanted him to breed his little snow bunny.Well,I must have taken too long because he said he was cumming. I felt every hot jet of his cum as he erupted inside me. His cock expanded even more and I could feel his heartbeat through his head. He was kissing me and telling me how good my white pussy was as I had my legs wrapped around him locking him in.We stayed like that for another 5 minutes till he began to soften and pulled out. He must have put a 1/2 gallon of cum inside me because it flowed out like a river out of my stretched hole. I was still leaking cum when I checked out the next day at 11.I got up and sucked his dick clean getting all the juice off of his big black dick,MMMMMM! He then drove me back to my hotel and I got out and gave him my number as he wouldn’t give his. I suspect he had a wife or girlfriend. Anyway, “T, if you see this and want to have me again ANYTIME, I’ll be available.” And while I’ve had black before,That was my first Real BBC. So all you gurls out there , if that’s what your looking for, don’t give up. There’s some BIG BLACK COCKS OUT THERE that’ll rock your world.XOXOXO,Morgan

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