Becoming Emily – Part V

Aika Saya

Becoming Emily – Part V“Wake up.” the words tore through my sleep soaked brain. I opened one eye and saw that it was still dark outside. Thinking that someone had broken in I bolted up in my bed and tried to find the source of those awful words.“Calm down. It’s just me.” Sasha was standing there next to my bed, coffee in hand again.“The fuck? What time is it?”“About 6AM.” she smiled and handed me the coffee.“For fuck’s sake. Why do you insist on coming over so early?”“Well some of us do have jobs you know. Since I didn‘t get to really talk to you yesterday I wanted to stop by and see how you‘re doing.” she had laid down next to me. I was still naked and feeling the effects of my encounter with my role play Daddy.“You could have just called.”“Oh now where is the fun in that? Nice necklace by the way.” her finger ran across the charm as she read the words.“Yeah it was a gift from a friend.” I couldn’t help but smile.“Oh I know. I actually stopped by last night and I saw you through the window. You were pretty loud to. I could hear you plain as day.” she winked and smiled as she sipped her coffee.“Oh? What did you hear?”“Oh not much. Just how good Daddy’s cock felt.” she giggled.“It was one of those role play things….” I started to explain.“I’m not judging you. Where did you meet him?”I told her the story of how he found his step-daughter’s glory hole video on-line and how he developed sexual fantasies about her. As I told the story and recalled how he fucked me, Sasha had moved closer and closer. By the time I finished she laying against me.“Ohhh so little sister’s first real cock was Daddy’s?”“Well no.” this time I giggled and smiled. I told her about Mitchell Ross and his huge cock and about the unemployed teacher from the park. “You’ve been a female for like two days and you’re already a slut.”“I know. I couldn’t help myself though. I didn’t mean for it to happen but after Mr. Ross I was almost craving it. The dildo just wasn’t satisfying me. But I wouldn’t expect you to understand that.”“Why? Because I’m a lesbian? Don’t get it twisted. I LOVE cock….just not the creatures that they are attached to. Why do you think I have so many dildos?”We fucked again that morning and this time I got to use the strap-on on her. After Sasha left I tried to get back to sleep but it evaded me. I tossed and turned for about an hour before finally relenting to the fact that it was not yet 9AM and I wide awake and had absolutely nothing to do. The urge to go shopping hit me while I was in the shower. I didn’t really need anything, I had plenty of new clothes that I had to even wear. I think it was the notion of being out in public where people could see me. Yes that was definitely it. I wanted the attention of walking about in public, dressed in one cute/sexy outfit or another and feeling the stares of both men and women on my body. The mall was surprisingly busy for that time of day but that meant that there were plenty of people to feed my appetite for attention. Granted it was mainly older men, ones way older than I would actually even think about fucking, but it still made me feel great. Eventually the crowd thinned out. The geriatric Mall Walkers had scurried off and the out of work twenty somethings invaded. I was certainly getting the looks that I craved but truth be told it wasn’t as exciting for me to be eye fucked by some 20 year old wearing pants that looked so tight it must be strangling their balls. I mean how is it that you can wear pants that tight and yet they hang down off of your ass? I decided that I would hit the lingerie store then go home….that was when I met Lily. We were waiting at the counter for the dressing room and had both picked out the same panty/bra set to try on only in different colors. She had chosen pink while I had went with red. “How’s yours look?” I heard from the booth next to mine. Her voice sounded sexy but sweet. “I don’t really know. Maybe you could come over and tell me?” I didn’t mean to sound flirty and not really sure if it did. Regardless she accepted and was soon standing in the already cramped little stall with me.“Oh yeah. You should definitely buy that. It looks awesome on you.”“You think? Well it can’t look as good on me as it does on you. I mean wow!”“Oh please! Your tits look amazing in that.” she stood behind me and adjusted the bra. When her hand touched my right tit I had to fight back a moan.“Oh I’m so sorry. I should have asked before I touched you.”“Oh no it’s totally fine.” she was standing next to me now, both of us admiring the other in the mirror.“I’m Lily by the way.”“Emily.”“Yeah I think I’m going to buy this. You should to. Seriously you look hot in it.” I know I was blushing but I didn’t care. Eventually we both got dressed and paid for or selections. On the way out Lily invited me to lunch.“You OK with going somewhere else though? I really don’t feel like fighting of these losers all afternoon.” she motioned to a group of guys that were standing, slack jawed, near the store.“Oh absolutely. I know this little Italian place down the street.” and with that we split up to our respective cars only to meet up again at the restaurant. We had a great lunch and chatted like we were old friends. “So what do you do for a living Emily?”“Nothing at the moment. I’m house sitting for someone in the area and trying to decide what I want to do with my life. What about you?”“I work for a party planner but I have a little business on the side.” she smiled as she sipped her tea.“Oh yeah? Doing what?”“Well I just met you and I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of me so I’m really not sure if I should say.”“You can tell me. I promise not to judge.”“I book entertainment for private parties. Ones that are usually attended by all males.” she looked at me as if expecting to get her hidden meaning but at first it escaped me. I was actually too busy staring at her amazing body and wondering how that pretty face would look staring up at me from between my thighs but eventually the words filtered through.“Oh. So you’re a stripper?”“No not me. I just handle the booking of them. It’s really not as sleazy as it may sound though. I mean it’s not like I’m pimping anyone out and it’s a great way for a girl to make some really good money. You might want to think about it yourself.” she winked.“Who me?” I was playing the “I’m hot but don’t know it” routine and she seemed to be buying it.“Hell yes you! Look at you! You’re fucking sexy. Shit if I were into girls I would be on you so fast.” I felt a bit deflated and my inexperience with female social trends came into play. I didn’t realize that two females could strike up a conversation in a lingerie store, stand half-naked in a tiny room and have lunch without it ending with sex. For fuck’s sake of this were a porno we would be screwing on the table by now. The porn industry has lied to me!“I’m not trying to recruit you but take my card and think about it. If you think you might be interested then give me a call.”“So no sex? Just dancing?” “Well I didn’t say that. They pay for 90 minutes of your time and during that 90 minutes it’s pretty much like a strip club as in no touching. Now after that time anything you do is entirely at your discretion and you’re free to broker your own deals. If you decide to just leave then that’s fine to.”“Well I could use the money.” I lied. My hunger for attention coupled with the fact that I wasn’t going to get to fuck Lily led me to imagine all the hard cock that would give me what I wanted.“Really? So you think you might want to try it out? If so I have an opening for a party tonight.”“Sure. What the hell.”She explained how everything worked and told me that she would send a car for me at 9PM. I would be working with another girl and there would be security just in case but after the 90 minutes were up I was on ataşehir escort my own so to speak. I went home and masturbated thinking about fucking Lily on the table in the restaurant while everyone watched and cheered us on.************************************************************************The phone rang just as I had finished doing my make-up. I was actually starting to get pretty good at it and wondered, for a quick second, if I would retain this skill when I was changed back into my male form. It was the first time that I really gave much thought about that….being male again. I guess my decision to block that out while in this body had gotten easier. “Hello?”“Emily? Hey it’s Lily. Just checking to see if you’re still on for tonight.” even hearing her voice made me moist.“Yeah, of course.” “Awesome. You’d be surprised how many times a girl has cancelled on me last minute. The driver will be there in about 15 minutes and you have fun tonight. I’ll call you tomorrow.”Ten minutes later the doorbell rang. The driver must be early I thought as I grabbed my bag and gave a last look in the mirror. I opened the door to be greeted by the biggest man I have seen in my life. He stood at least 6’ 6” and had arms the size of my head. His menacing appearance betrayed only by the warm toothy smile on his face.“Emily? Hello. My name is Gerald. I’ll be your driver and security for the evening. Let me help you with your things.”I relinquished my bag and followed this mountain of a man to a black Lincoln Towncar. I started to feel guilty about thinking that this was some sleazy operation and realized that Lily went all out for her girls. Gerald began to open the door but it suddenly swung out, being pushed by my new “co-worker”.“Hey! You must be Emily. I’m Gwen. Come on in girl and let’s have a drink.”“You spill that on my seats Gwen and it‘s your ass.” Gerald’s voice boomed.I took stock of Gwen almost as soon as I sat down. At 5’ 6” she was taller than me and her 38D tits were bigger. Her hair was a jet black with two chunky blonde streaks in the front. I wanted to fuck her almost immediately.“Champagne?”“Please.” I smiled as Gwen handed me a glass. We both kind of glanced each other over as e took a sip.“I hope you don’t mind me asking but how old are you? Looks like Lily has been recruiting out in front of the high school.” she giggled. We both did.“I don’t mind at all. I’m 18.” I reassured her. She smiled at me and I felt myself getting that warm feeling between my thighs.“Ungh I hope there are some decent guys here tonight. I’m broke and horny.” she adjusted her make-up in a mirror then looked at me suddenly.“Lily told you how this works right? I mean afterwards?” she put air quotes around the word afterwards.“Yeah she did. I’m not sure yet if I will be into it though.”“It’s cool either way. If you want to leave Gerald here will get you home with your innocence in tact.” she winked.“Maybe Gerald will get a special tip tonight.” I blurted out, the champagne already lowering my inhibitions.“Oh sweetie you’re barking up the wrong tree there. I’ve been trying to get him to fuck me for the past 6 months. Isn’t that right Gerald?”“Unless you sprout a big fat cock Gwen then you have nothing that I’m interested in.”“Yeah, he’s gay.” she laughed.“We’re here ladies.” for the first time I looked out the window and when I did my draw almost dropped. “The Founder’s Club?” “Yup. You been here before?” Gwen asked.“Oh um, no. No I haven’t.” The Founder’s Club is a very exclusive all male private club. Membership was obtained in one of two ways, either you were a son of a member or you are asked to join by the board….which very rarely happens. It is the upper echelon of local society. It’s members consisted of judges, politicians, captains of industry and the like. If you were a Founder then your life was essentially set. This was the real power in the area. We pulled into the underground parking area and were met by Reed Evans. He was the eldest son of an oil magnate, Hern Evans, who was the son of an oil magnate and so on and so on. “Ladies if you will follow me to the banquet room.” he held the door open and eye fucked Gwen and I as we exited the car. We soon found ourselves in a rather luxurious bathroom.“I’ll leave you to get yourselves ready and then please join us in the main room.” he flashed a lecherous million dollar smile at us and exited. We changed into our chosen outfits. Lily had suggested that I keep it sexy but simple so I had decided on thigh high fishnets, platform heels and a black thong with grey pinstripes and a matching bra. “How do I look?” I adjusted my tits and posed for Gwen.“MMMM good enough to eat.” she licked her lips.Ten minutes later we were led to a large room with randomly placed couches and chairs. There was a bar along the far wall which was currently crowded by, at my count 15 men. They turned almost in unison as Reed Evans announced us. I swear I could almost hear their cocks get hard. The next 90 minutes passed in what felt like 90 seconds. I took Gwen’s lead and started to go about the room giving lap dances to whomever wanted them, which was everyone. I ground my now wet, panty clad mound against bulge after bulge. The music and champagne guiding my body as I was passed from lap to lap. One man openly grabbed my bare tits and Gerald gave an alerting cough to assert his presence. He quickly pulled his hands from my fleshy globes and enjoyed the grinding I gave him. Tips flowed like a broken water main as bill after bill was slid into either my fishnets of my thong. When the allotted time had expired I once again found myself in the bathroom with Gwen.“So? How did you do?”“Pretty fucking good. You?” we compared stacks of money.“Sweetie that’s chump change compared to what you can make if you want to stick around.” I wasn’t really concerned with the money at all. I was however feeling a need in my wet little pussy. There was knock at the door and Gerald stuck his head in.“The gentlemen would like you girls to join their party. What shall I tell them?” Gwen looked at me and I looked back at her.“Fuck it. I’m in.” Gerald nodded and left.“MMMM this is going to be fucking awesome. You’re in for a great night Emily. Now listen, these guys have money and lots of it. Don’t lowball yourself. Whatever you think is too much double it but don’t do anything that you don’t want to do OK?”“OK. Just give me a minute and I’ll be right out.” Gwen smiled as she exited the room and I could hear hoots and hollers from the members as she rejoined them.I stood there for a good 10 minutes and thought about what I was about to do. After all I did know some of those people from my former self. I had done business with a few and had run in the same social circles as a few others. All of this was outdone by the wetness between my thighs and the allure of being someone’s rented fucktoy. When I entered the main room I saw Gwen sitting at the bar, a man on either side of her with their cocks firmly rooted in her hands while a third man was between her thighs eating her pussy. It didn’t take long before I was noticed.“Guess I’m not too late huh?” I turned to find a an in his early 40’s staring back at me. I knew right away that it was Titus Wells.“Nope. Just in time actually. I’m Emily.” I smiled and lightly pressed myself up against him.“Oh well nice to meet you Emily. You know you look rather familiar. Almost like a girl that went to school with my daughter.” his hand slid down my lower back and cupped my ass.“MMMM nope. I’m not from this area so I doubt if I know your daughter.” this was a complete lie. I knew his daughter and I knew her pretty well. When I was a male I had fucked Jennifer Wells a few times and despite what Titus Wells might think his little girl would have been right ümraniye escort at home at this type of party.“Has anyone had you yet tonight?”“Nope. Want to be my first?”“Well Emily, how about the two of us slip off to another room and get to know each other?”“Sounds good to me baby. If you got the cash I got the ass.” I giggled and let him lead me into what appeared to be a small conference room with a large rectangular table surrounded by several chairs. Titus Wells took a seat and stared at my young almost nude body as he kneaded the bulge in his pants. I could faintly hear Gwen getting fucked in the other room.“So little Emily, how much?” I almost laughed at how clique it sounded and I honestly had no idea at how much to charge him. Instead I sat down on the table directly in front of him and slowly pulled my thong away from my wet pussy. He audibly moaned at the site of my young hairless mound.“MMMM you like this little pussy Mister? You want to feel how wet I am?” he nodded and couldn’t take his eyes off of my sweet hole as I took his hand and placed it onto my needy quim and let him feel it.“How much do you think this tight young little 18 year old pussy is worth? Put your finger inside me….feel how fucking tight I am.” his finger pushed into me and I heard him mutter “wow”. I had to smile to myself.“MMMM fuck you are tight little girl. $300?”“Three? I’m not some common street walking whore. When was the last time you had your cock inside a pussy this young?” I was openly fucking his finger.“$500?” I pushed him back and he started to stutter but I quickly silenced him when I dropped to my knees and pulled his cock out. I looked up at him with his cock in one hand while I held the other out for payment which he quickly retrieved from his pants and counted out into my hand.With that out of the way I lick his cock from balls to head and back a few times. He was a decent size and I was easily able to deep throat him which he seemed to love. I felt his cock twitch in my mouth and I was afraid that he would cum before my pussy got what it wanted.“MMMM you like that Mister? You like having this teen whore sucking your hard cock?” I pushed my tits together around his shaft and let a stream of saliva drip from my mouth and onto his cock.“Oh yeah fuck my tits you dirty fucker!”“Fuck! Emily if you keep that up you’ll make me cum. I want to fuck you and I want to fuck you now!” e pushed away and pulled a condom from his pocket and handed it to me to put on him.“So how do you want me Mister?”“Bend over the table, I want to watch that ass while I fuck you.” I bent over and waited for it. I couldn’t help but think about his daughter taking it from behind as he pushed his dick up inside me, giving me my first fuck of the day. I screamed out as he rammed in hard and deep and began to fuck me roughly, his hand pulling on my hair.“Damn you’re fucking tight! Holy fucking shit bitch!”“MMMMM yeah fuck me Mister! Fuck my tight little 18 year old cunt! Fuck me like a whore!” he was stammering and stuttering and I knew that he wouldn’t last too long much to my disappointment.“Oh fuck you’re going to make me fucking cum!”“Yeah give it to me baby! I want it! I want that fucking load!”“Where can I cum? Can I cum on your tits?”“Ohhhh fuck yes cum on my tits Mister. Shoot that shit all over these young whore tits!”He pumped into me a few more times then pulled out. I spun around just as he was pulling the condom off and started stroking his length quickly. I dropped down and held my tits up for him to unload onto.“Yeah do it! Come on Mister! Beat that fucking cock off onto my tits!” his body tensed and he started to spurt his seed onto me. There really wasn’t much to speak of and his orgasm didn’t last that long. I tried to hid my disdain as he smeared his softening head against me.“Well worth the money.” he complimented me as he slid his pants back on and left. I found my way back to the main room with Titus Wells’ jizz still fresh on my skin. When I entered the room I saw Gwen getting fucked from behind by Ben Farmer while Stanley Tyson was pumping his cock down her throat.“Well he didn’t last long?” I heard. I turned in search of the voice and found Miller McMannis. Of all of the people in attendance Miller was one that I would actually consider to be a friend. We had some business workings together and played on the same softball team in the Summer. I’ve been to parties at his house and we would get drinks together on occasion. “Towel?” he held up a small white towel.“Thanks. Yeah I guess his urge was greater than his stamina.” I giggled and cleaned the cum from my tits.“What a shame.” “Well maybe you can last long enough to get me off?” I was shocked that I actually said this. This man was a friend of mine….or at least he was in my previous life. My mind and my pussy were having conflicting thoughts with my pussy winning out. “You sure you can handle me? I’m not nearly as nice as Titus Wells.” he sounded smug, a side of him I had never seen before.“I think a better question is do you think you can handle me? I like it rough” I rubbed my hand against his crotch.Miller grabbed my wrist and led me back to the room I had just vacated, he pulled me tight against him and started to grope at my ass. I could feel the hard-on in his pants pushing up against me. I slid my hand between our bodies and gripped him through his pants. To my surprise he felt big. Bigger than I would have imagined.“MMMM feels like someone likes me.”“Oh yeah he does. I know for a fact that I’m much, much bigger than Wells. You like big cock you little slut?” I nodded as he pulled my head back by my hair.“Then get down there and suck my fucking cock!”I did as I was told. I pulled Miller’s pants down and his hard cock sprung out at me. It stood board stiff as I looked up at him and wrapped my lips around the head. I let my tongue swirl around as I stroked the shaft.“Just your mouth Emily. Let Mr. McMannis feel that sweet whore mouth.” I dropped my hands down and started to rub my pussy as I bobbed my head up and down his shaft. My tits started to bounce as I put more and more effort into sucking this thick cock.“Oh that’s a good little fucking slut. Damn now I know why Wells didn’t last long.” he pushed his meat deeper and deeper into my mouth, into my throat. My hands clamped onto his ass to hold him there as I gobbled on his throbbing cock. He started to fuck my throat wildly. My eyes began to water and I felt wetness leaking from my mouth and onto my tits as he used my throat. I was furiously finger fucking myself by now and I was going to cum soon.“Oh you ready to get fucked? You want this fucking cock in your whore cunt?” he still had his dick in my mouth but I nodded in the affirmative and said yes. He was slow to withdraw and when he did he slapped his wet dick hard against the side of my face a few times and I fucking loved it.Miller pulled me up and I thought he was about to kiss me but instead he spit into my mouth and forced me down onto the table. His hands pulled and tugged at my panties until I felt them being ripped off of me and he threw them onto the table. My legs were forced open wide and I tensed when I felt the head of his fat cock being pushed against my slit. I looked down between us and watched as he penetrated me with his bare cock. I could feel every vein of every inch as he pushed it deep into my used cunt.“Oh god yes! Give me that fucking cock! Fucking fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”“Damn you have such a tight little cunt for such a dirty little fucking whore!” he was pounding up into my hole with all of his weight when I suddenly felt his hand slap hard against my tit.“YES YES YES! SLAP MY TITS! FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK! RUIN MY LITTLE TEEN PUSSY YOU BIG DICK MOTHERFUCKER! HARDER! kadıköy escort HARDER! COME ON YOU CAN FUCK ME HARDER THAN THAT!” I was screaming as each thrust opened me up. He was throwing himself at me with a****listic lust as he used my body. “This little pussy will be sore tomorrow bitch!” his hands were on my waist pulling me onto his cock as he rammed up into me. The first of many orgasms hit me hard and he continued to fuck me through my orgasm.Laying there on that table getting the hard fucking I have wanted since Daddy did me the night before I noticed movement by the door. Through my orgasm riddled eyes I made out the figure of two other men watching. Watching Miller McMannis fucking this young teen hooker hard and rough.“What the hell you got going on in here McMannis?” it was Fletcher Sullivan and as he came further into the room I noticed that he was accompanied by Emerson Marshall and they were both naked. “Don’t worry Sully, I’ll leave some for you.” McMannis laughed as he continued to fuck me while the other two watched and tugged on their hardening dicks. I was mesmerized by the site of their stiff pricks while I had another one being plowed up into my little cunt.“MMMM you two just going to stand there and jerk off or do you want a piece to?” I moaned. Both men looked at each other and then at McMannis. None of them seemed to know exactly what to say.“I want all of you to fuck me…at the same time.” I moaned. “Fuck I think she’s serious! What a little fucking whore this one is eh?” McMannis had pulled out and I was repositioned on the table with my head towards the edge before he pushed himself back inside me and continued to use me. Sullivan and Marshall stood on either side of my head and took turns feeding their cocks into my mouth.“Fuck this little bitch can suck some fucking cock!” Marshall exclaimed as I took him deep into my mouth. Not to be outdone Sullivan forced my head in his direction and pushed into my mouth until his balls were resting against my lips. The whole time McMannis continued to fuck my pussy with abandon.“Oh fuck! I want one of you up my ass! I don’t fucking care who it is! I want you to fucking stuff all my holes!” I screamed. “Oh I want that fucking whore ass.” Miller McMannis groaned as he withdrew from my little pussy. He laid on his back on the table and I straddled him reverse cowgirl style, letting the other two watch as I worked his thick tool up y barely used asshole. I winced as I felt him stretch me out and screamed when he grabbed my hips and pulled me down hard.“Oh fuck yes! Oh my god! Fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty fucking whore ass you filthy fucker!” I was riding his cock as I felt Sullivan pushing his throbbing dick up into my drooling fuckhole. It took a little bit but eventually they found a rhythm and I was getting my ass and my cunt fucked deep and hard.“That’s it! Ohhhh fuck yes! Pound my sloppy fucking holes you dirty old men! Give me that fucking cock! I want you in my mouth! Fuck my throat while they stretch my other holes!” I screamed to Marshall. He climbed up onto the table and stuffed himself into my mouth. Soon I was filled with hard, throbbing cock and I was cumming like a freight train.“This little whore is cumming! Fuck me that pussy is so fucking tight!” Sullivan screamed as I flooded his cock with my girl cum.“OK let’s switch. I wand to try out that young ass.” they all rotated holes with Sullivan going up my ass, Marshall getting his first try at my little pussy and McMannis roughly fucking my mouth. This continued on until all three had a turn at each of my holes.“I want your fucking loads. I want you al to cum right here. I want that sticky fucking cum all over my pretty whore face.” I was on my knees with my mouth being passed around between the three. McMannis was the first to cum. He pulled e away from the other men and held onto the back my head as he spurt his cream onto me. I sear I came as wave after wave of his yummy cum splattered against my skin. Marshall was next, his orgasm didn’t have the same velocity as his friends but he made sure to deposit it directly onto my forehead. I could feel it running down my face as Sullivan pointed his dick at me and stroked it a few times. I sucked on his balls until he shoved me away and shot the biggest load of all three. I opened my mouth and his aim was spot on. I felt the jizz hitting the back of my throat as he pumped stream after stream into my waiting mouth and I swallowed every drop.When they were finally done I was handed the same towel I had used earlier but to their shock I didn’t use it to clean the cum from my face. Instead I pushed as much of their seed into my mouth as I could. I made sure that they could see it before I swallowed every drop.“MMMM yummy.”“Damn. You are one hot little fuck Emily.” McMannis praised as he and the other two laid money out on the table. I hadn’t given a price and to be honest I didn’t really care. I just got fucked by three beautiful cocks and fed an amazing amount of cum. It was kind of euphoric. I stood up and felt my knees go weak. I decided to take a short break and made my way back to the bathroom to rest and clean up a little. I was almost certain that one of those three had cum inside my pussy and just kept on going. It was Probably Emerson Marshall, which would explain his rather weak cum shot onto my face. I could still hear Gwen getting boned in the other room. Ten minutes later I was on my way back to the party.I passed room after empty room but something drew my attention. Movement and moaning. Couldn’t be Gwen as she was currently screaming for some guy to fuck her harder. I moved closer to the open door and spotted Gerald fucking what looked like Arthur Philpot up the ass. He smiled at me and nodded as he pumped his cock up Philpot’s but. I giggled and went to find Gwen.I found her bent over on the floor with Paul Jones fucking her up the ass. Her face was literally dripping with cum and there was a pool of it built up on the floor. She smiled at me and motioned me over with her finger. Just as I got close Paul Jones pulled out of her ass and shot a load that while it was meant for her ass it overshot and hit me on my stomach leaving small droplets of semen up and down her back. I moaned and scooped the errant cum from my tummy with my finger and licked it clean. Gwen pulled me down to the floor and immediately started to kiss me, the combined loads of countless men on her face being smeared against mine as I pushed my tongue into her mouth. The men began to hoot, holler and cheer as we made out.“MMMM I’ve been wanting to fuck you all night.” Gwen whispered to me. I moaned and laid down in front of her, my ass in the pool of deposited cum. She smiled back as she spread my legs and began to lick up my thighs. The room exploded in encouraging cheers as Gwen’s tongue lapped against my used cunt lips. I screamed in pleasure and ran my hand through her hair. Humping her mouth with my sweet pussy. This elicited an even greater response from the crowd and I felt something lightly landing on my body over and over. I opened my eyes to see them showering us with $20 bills. I reached for the nearest cock and pulled down to my face. His balls were in my mouth with his dick laying on my chin. I jerked him off and he shot a weak load onto my tits.Eventually the crowd dwindled down to about six men. Gwen and I had them stand around us in a circle as we jerked and sucked them off until one by one each man deposited his cum onto our faces until they were all finally spent. She and I looked at each other, faces plastered with cum, and kissed deeply. It took 30 minutes to gather up all the money and get dressed. On the ride home we counted all of it and split it up evenly even though I’m sure Gwen did more work that I did. We cuddled in the back seat and talked about her coming home with me but ultimately we both knew that we way too tired to have any fun. Instead we exchanged numbers and I went home alone. I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow, cum still smeared against parts of my body.“I’ll shower in the morning.” I said to absolutely no one and drifted off to sleep.

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