My wife rough sex night


My wife rough sex nightI want to tell you a story about how his wife was unfaithful to me. At first it was extremely upset, but then I was overcome by curiosity, I began to ask with whom, when, and most importantly, how it does it?However, first things first. A little about her: she is young, only 20 years old, height 175, weight 50 kg. Since c***dhood, she danced, but then something went wrong and we had to leave this hobby. However, my little wife did not lose heart and soon an adult decided to try myself in the role of a stripper, and she did it! So a few years, she has successfully worked for himself as a dancer at a strip club in our small town.My Margo said, and was ready to swear on the Bible that up to this point she has never cheated on me not. To tell the truth, I was her first man who broke her virginity to her 18-year anniversary. My gorgeous Margaret never had more than one man, however, once she otlizal drunk with his girlfriend, it was the experience of homosexual love, but that’s another story, somehow’ll save for another time.This story happened to her in July of the year before. I – her favorite guy, at the time vacationing with friends at the bowling alley, or rather I was there to do a business lunch. I was going to talk to your business partner for riding balls, and then around midnight to meet his female, and go home, have a meal at a local restaurant first, and the house could not cook, but just otporotsya the kitchen.I did not expect that my depraved little woman bored at home all day, and eventually came to me in a bowling alley in shorts with a cut on the most pussy, and on top was a very short skirt and the top of her breasts third dimension somehow covered the tight white t-shirts dressed directly to the skin!She is proud of the fact that her nipples are always very hard and stick out invitingly, offering to touch them and pomatsat. And I love it when she shoes sandals on very high heels. And can you imagine, in this way it came to a stop and began to catch yourself a wheelbarrow. Later she told me that she was able to almost immediately Stopped inomarochku whose driver she explained where she had to go. The driver pointed to the back seat and my calf quickly jumped back, not noticing that the front of the driver is sitting two strong guys that look like athletes.The one that was taller and did was without a shirt and flashed his inflated tanned torso. My a female immediately thrown into a fever and was a little uncomfortable, to say that a few scary, you never know that this group of young guys in the head? But the guys here have decided to defuse the situation, turned and they started to get acquainted with it and even seemed quite pleasant adequate interlocutors.The one that was bare-chested turned to her, and affably introduced Sergei, and his friend Victor and I next called.Margarita, – she said.Margarita? So Margo? You can call it that? Maybe you join us and drink for our current’ll stay, we had a hell of crucial matches today, and we now want to be noted as a victory.No, sorry, I am in a hurry, I’m sorry, guys. – Told them my true wife, well knowing that she got drunk and his Mandingo no hostess. Therefore, it generally is not recommended to drink alcohol in the absence of loved ones. She even large amounts of alcohol is not controllable.Yeah, we’re not going anywhere, do not worry as we are, we’ll drop only gradually shop near the car, and then a fly on business. – Did not yield to her boys.- Well, maybe just a little bit – all of a sudden she said, and agreed to go with strange guys for a drink. She thought it funny and fun adventure, and time yet allows.They stopped at a local store at the gas station, got out of the car and in less than ten minutes, a guy by the name of Sergei had returned from the package in which it is all to celebrate their victory.From the package it in one fell swoop as a bartender caught and pulled over to the show brandy martini and as a snack – g****s. They all decided to just stay in the car and drink, after putting all the tables on the hood. It was decided to drink a brother, right out of the bottle. After drinking for a win, went toast anadolu yakası escort to the lovely ladies, that is, Margot, of course. Then, they began to drink for her pretty legs and wide blue eyes, hair … The company did not immediately felt that Martin started well and act quickly, then they vypeli some more, and then Sergei took into his mouth one g****, and biting her handed it to his lips my wife, and gently held it against him. Margo then confessed to me that biting second side berries, she felt not just its sweetness in the mouth, but suddenly surging debilitating weariness among their slender legs. Then she sensed that already does not belong, so I began to gather to bowling.- All will be enough time for me to go, it is hinted, sitting back in the car. Then the boys all sat behind him, but he sat Sergei already next to her on the back seat, he looked at her with a burning desire so strong that she could not stand, and even sipping from the bottle, suddenly grabbed his shorts for a longer standing spike member.Then, according to her admission, she lowered him shorts and all body leaned to his penis, which looked promising. Giving a bottle of the second guy, my Margot start one with one hand massaging his naked scrotum and the other slowly stroking member on his lips and face as he is not fully tensed and stiff. At this point the voice of my narrator trembled, she began to feel again the tide of excitement she felt at that moment. Then she began to play her tongue with his head member, but it was so well drin that my a female could not even close my fingers, grasping it.- This toy is my first time – she said excitedly. This is her even more incensed.In this case, my slut and began to look more into the rearview mirror, which reflects the other guy, the driver of the first sitting.As a result, she experienced a real orgasm just from the fact that this started a double play with the penis of one man and teasing the other. I even he instantly got, imagine yourself in their place.Then abruptly grabbed my slut drin this great athlete with both hands at the very beginning of its foundation and its greedily suck. At this time the driver Sergey decided to also participate in the orgies and put his strong muscular arm between my slender thin legs, and felt in my panties cut immediately drove back his middle finger, he just stared into my pussy. She passionately sucked and whipped with a finger driver and at that moment her phone rang, it rang I lost it. But she had already gone to the whole head in that sweet bliss of passionate feelings that completely captured and carried away from me.After a few minutes of wild blowjob phone rang again, I was more insistently and persistently. But the driver of the ill-fated Sergei busily got to phone them and moaned into the phone to me that my Margot busy and will call back later. I remember I was concerned then, but I could not imagine what the other hand is talking to me man is in my wife’s pussy.My little wife at this time in full squirmed under the skilled movements of Sergei, and then with a strong orgasm was in addition a strong flow of sperm directly into her throat. She was overcome insane lust and she began to swallow all got into her mouth cum, but I could not because it was too much for even such a horny girl like her.Now it was possible to remove the member from the mouth, and my little wife began to lick his balls gradually nimble little tongue. However, she still had time to sup, as if nothing had happened, and even lit a martini that before it ever had.Smoke, she was haughty tone asked the boys whether they intend it today dovozit somewhere. – Yes – said Vitaly. – Not far from here there is a small restaurant, if you are, of course, you want to …And of course, my insatiable Margo vypivshaya superfluous, and is already taking the winds, passionately wanted it, and they all set off. Bitch admitted that she had already begun to flow to all the time, waiting for the promised only that moment could substitute all of their holes inflated these guys, from which it penetrates to shudder and ataşehir escort orgasm even without any blowjob.Especially wanted to bitch how to frolic with a new toy, a member of Vitalik, and decided that going a little too long, and want sex now. She abruptly threw a bottle through the window and climbed between the front seats. The driver is punished not stop at any cost, and she began to unbutton pants Vitalik and found that her hunch is not deceived, he was more than that of his friend.Sergei left on the back seat was not discouraged, he took off his pants completely pulled my little wife and a skirt that stuck to him, and began to fondle pussy Margo pose cancer. In this chick sucking eggs Vitalik and masturbate his penis gently as she could, and with enthusiasm.Then, she said, she began to swallow it as deep as possible and continue to suck, but even more assertive than the previous Sergei because at the same time carefully licked her second clit. She imagined that he was in position 69, but then she wanted to at least one of the men finally put her in the trunk of her own little girl.So no one came, before we get there, there is on-site sauna Acne pulled my shalavochku from his penis and out of the car. Quickly pulled his pants and paying the administrator saunas, two pitching literally pulled calf hair and one started to push back into her mouth with his cock, ottrahivaya it to the very end of the pharynx, and the other hand holding firmly by the hair on his head, and the other just started to masturbate at her.When Margaret realized that bully wants to cum on her pretty face, she closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue, get ready for a hot ejaculation. The long-awaited drop of hot sperm touched her eye, she admitted that it was memorable. He poured all his sperm to her face, when the fountain ceased to function, lustful bitch grabbed his hose and started to rub lovingly about his face. And then she began, as if in the car, licking his balls. It’s true, my wife loves to suck, do not feed bread, let alone make a blowjob. This is the real deal, I think for me. It can all day never get laid, but suck it believes that simply must.And then she felt ashamed, she buried her face in her hands and has been going on without looking at me. It turned out that all of that picture with eager vypryskivaniem cum on her face shot opened the phone camera Sergey, and then laid out in section amateur porn on the Internet.What happened? – I did not let up, fascinated by retelling his faithless wife. And then under her skirt climbed Vitaly, he found it soaked through her panties and began to massage her rosy and excitable clitoris, and the driver Sergey began matzo through her shirt tender flesh, leaving hickeys on her gradually snowy neck.Speaking about the sauna, it was really big and luxurious place with pool 10 by 7 meters, and it splashed five more guys that first, of course, the trio did not notice because I was in the locker room.Suddenly my little wife was bored with these two cables, hearing voices of very young guys, lustful drunken whore went to them and went to the pool. Guys, seeing her half-naked laughed, but then she started to dance striptease at the pole, which was then’m not far away from the billiard and pool. All at once fell silent when they saw how much fun my babe knows how to jerk his legs and a plastic buckle.She danced for them and the next minute they postyagivali her dancing with all the excitement and began to masturbate to her without shame. It is highly inflamed and she began to crawl on his hands and knees. This was truly an impressive sight for sure: in the end of his dance, my lady was only in panties with a hole in pussy and sandals on a high platform.She was graceful like a cat crawling to them until she was all about hot young bodies. She chose to form the largest, crawled over to him and buried her nose in his balls and began to lick his penis. Alcohol provoke her so much that she began to command drochaschimi her male who has become suck in turn. The guys do not quarrel with each other, she told them to stand up and turn around them ümraniye escort sucking, but other masturbate. She held three dick in my mouth, reducing them to his lips and, playing on their heads tongue. And she grasps handles other two, and thus satisfies all five. She tried to make sure that all guns were in her warm mouth, but it was not enough to lower the male only in her mouth, they wanted to fuck her in all other slots too.So the guys grabbed her and sat on the sofa and began to knock her otlizyvat potekshuyu already hole, removing the already worthless torn panties. For the recognition of my wife, it is from such multiple caresses of the five tabs on the entire body, including the clitoris, she found time to finish in less than ten minutes. They brought her pussy to a state of complete ecstasy and desire to rip already with everything that moves. The calf was ready even to plant a tree branch, which is already talking about five drin she just sucked.Her pussy passion burning in anticipation of all that is not the patience to take a something really strong and big. Then she grabbed the one who at the time fondling her wet hole, quickly turned around backwards, and slipped it under his cock her pussy. His head quickly touched her Munday, he introduced it and then pulled, then only just introduced the term in half, and then deeper and deeper. Others again began to masturbate, and then came the Sergei, who without any hesitation put his dick in your mouth bitch, and ordered to continue to suck. All present began to fuck my little wife at a time, and ending with one after another like a desktop machine, and this went on for about an hour, she said.Slutty slut hammered in ecstasy when they all started to cum and bolivat all over again with hot jets of semen, it was literally stuffed with sperm inside and filled it out.When, finally, it dynamically otzharili everyone who wanted to, tired woman was crawled to the edge of the pool and slipped into it, to somehow refresh and recover.When my little wife already played enough and plenty natrahatsya, she already thought to go home. She leaned against the pool table and started to wear what she could find of his. But here she was approached by a couple of guys standing huyami, pushed her playfully on the pool table, put on all fours and began to caress her ass finger. One of the lads, as it seemed to my wife, it was all about 16 years, but it was a nice beautiful drin impressive size, it is abundantly smeared with saliva taking it at the base, and then it began to bend and down the full program, spitted on dashing resilient dick with all the fluff. They nearly broke my little wife anal undeveloped to shreds, she was not pleased to everything going on, because before she would not let me ever between the buttocks.Getting her ass long resisted, and the guy just had to rub his penis between her elastic buttocks, but then again and again after a few movements the young male started with full force to fuck her in the ass, and that she did not scream or call for help she was given in the mouth .. suck. She brazenly stuck in his mouth, another member, but she has had no time sucking, then it turned and plugged her mouth with his hand, began to batter in two holes, using the method of double penetration. One hot fucked her in the vagina, and the other on the full otduplyal a point. Shalavka felt good as her both holes filled to the brim with sperm almost simultaneously, and then stood up in their place others, and appeared again Sergei zasunuvshy rested his dick back in her throat and ordered “Suck, bitch.” Strangely enough, but insult her again agitated and made horny, although the anus remains severely ill from incessant swotting. She came again and again for the night in the sauna, and then woke up the whole point of exhaustion after a few hours in the car in which she was taken to the station.The guy who shot all event, offered to take her home in his car, by the way, on the road, she sucked him, because he was so grateful that, finally, she was being taken to her beloved husband, to me, and I’m willing to forgive her because I know that she probably had a strong dissatisfaction, this “uterine fury”, and it is good that it came off in full, and now back to me is true. But best of all, I have now the video from my sexy wife, who flogged with five guys in the pool, and when I want to be as vzdrochnut, I do not want any other women, just look at the video with his wife. Few can boast of such an advantage.

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