1st time Dogging

1st time Dogging
I’D found out by accident that there was a dogging area close to where I live, it was about 15 minutes away so one Wednesday I decided to give it a go. I drove down and parked in the car park, there were about 6 cars in it. I locked the car and walked down a grassy path to where the action should be.

As I approached a clearing I noticed a couple of older people walking their dogs, thinking that this wasn’t for me I suddenly saw an older man stood behind a tree with his hand wanking his cock through his fly hole watching something that I couldn’t see.
I advanced closer to him and as he glanced behind and saw me he put his cock away. As I got right behind him I said “Don’t be shy” as I patted him on the bum, he looked shocked. I turned him to face me and leaned in towards him he pulled away, I rubbed his cock and he stood there.

Unbuttoning his pants they fell down, I rubbed his cock through his blue old man underpants, he seemed very small. Pulling his undies down I noticed he was fully erect but only 4”, bending down in front of him I licked his shaft and fondled his balls, he was moaning.

Grabbing his bum I pulled him into my mouth as he rocked back and forth my tongue roving over his helmet, he managed 12 or 14 strokes before he groaned and with his hand on the back of my head he spurted his cum down my throat. As I took it all he was soon limp, he pulled his pants up and smiled.

Taking his hand and putting it on the front of my pants where my rock hard cock was he mumbled “I can’t do that sorry” and virtually ran away. ‘Cunt’ I thought to myself and made my way back to my car. As I sat there having a cigarette a big Mercedes drove in and parked next to me. “Any action going on” he said “No” I replied, “Damn” he answered.

As we both smoked he made small talk and I told him of my experiences earlier that day to which his reply was “There are some selfish bastards about” as I nodded he said “You want to get in the back with me” as I weighed him up I thought ‘Why not I needed something’, “Ok” as he got out so did I as we sat in the back I noticed the car had darkened windows.

“What’s your name” “Tim” I obviously gave him a false name, “Yours” “John” probably another wrong name I thought, as we sat in the back I noticed he was wearing suit trousers and a proper shirt. We sat talking and then I drifted my left arm across his shoulders and moved closer, our lips met and then I pulled away and then moved in again.

Within seconds kissing turned into snogging as our tongues entwined, my right hand moved up and down his chest as his hand moved to the inside of my thigh. We stayed in that position for a good five minutes or so, I pulled away and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it apart I ran my hand over his hairy chest as we snogged.

My tongue mixed with his, his hand was now touching my hard erect cock as I bent down to lick his nipples, he sighed. Moving my hand further downwards I was soon on the waistband of his trousers, then a little further and I was caressing his hard on. He rubbed me and I was gagging for it and he knew it, as I gripped his weapon he groaned.

Smiling I unclipped his pants and pulled them down to above the knee, his cock was protruding skywards in his boxers. Roaming my hand over him he gasped as I clenched my fist around his rod. Looking at him he smiled as he unbuttoned my jeans, I helped him as I knelt on the seat I pushed them down and he pulled my undies down to release me.

He pulled me closer as I moved forward he kissed me, then licked me as his hand cupped my balls my cock was engulfed by his mouth, he sucked and then his hand was wanking me as he ran his tongue over me, my hand behind his head as I was coming and coming fast, I groaned out as he slipped his finger into my anus, he prodded me hard as he pulled me off.

Then seconds later I was coming, I cried out and he used his lips so expertly as I released my climax and shot my seed into his mouth, he swallowed it all, even as I were going soft he carried on licking me. I sat down completely exhausted as John pulled his boxers down and rolled a condom onto his 6” cock.

Leaning towards me he kissed me as I put my arms around his neck, he lifted me up, I knelt and looked out of the back window as he positioned himself behind me. Squirting what I hoped was lube into his hand he covered his cock in it and then rubbed my anus with his finger, it slipped in better than before.

As I parted my legs he pulled my cheeks apart and then I felt the tip of his rod at my ass, as he put his arms around my waist he pushed himself up my ass. God it hurt for a while until he got in a steady rhythm then it was enjoyable, he fucked me gently and steady all the while his arm was around my waist.

Grunting and groaning for only a few minutes and maybe 20-25 strokes he grumbled he was coming, he pulled out too late, as I turned around he was already filling the condom, I wanked him as quick as I could but in reality it was too late as he pulled the condom off all his spunk dripped onto my stomach.

“Fucking HELL” he shouted, annoyed with himself, as he sat down beside me. “It’s alright” I soothed but he was really upset. He got dressed as did I and as we sat having a cigarette he seemed genuinely upset. “I’d better be going” “Ok” “Maybe see you again sometime” “Yeah maybe” as I got in my car I swear I heard him crying.

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