Judy visits her sister

Judy visits her sister
I bumped into Emma and Emily last week. It was several months since I had seen them; not that I was likely to forget that. Emily is Emma’s teenage daughter, Emma is one of my daughter’s best friends. I had decided to test the water at a local nudist camp, something that I had always wanted to do and amazingly Emma and indeed Emily who are apparently regular visitors were both there. I got to stay with them overnight and over the course of the weekend I ended up fucking both of them. Separately of course; I don’t suppose for one moment that Emma knows that I fucked her daughter otherwise she probably wouldn’t be speaking to me.

Anyway as I was saying I was on my way to the supermarket, pushing my trolley through the car park when I was stopped in my tracks by the gorgeous two. I was only too pleased to stop and chat with them and enjoyed every second of it. Obviously we each had things to do but I was enjoying every moment that we spent there. “Judy has sent you out shopping then” Emma joked “Oh no” I said, “Judy is at her sisters, they spend a few days together each year and its OK with me because it gives me a few days to myself. Usually I am working so I gain nothing from it but I am actually off this time. Mind you I wouldn’t mind spending a few days with her sister too” I said winking. “Ooh you’re wicked” Emma teased with a smile. “I know” I said “but she is a fine looking woman.

“Anyway, changing the subject” I said “Judy is coming back on Friday so maybe I can order some flowers from you; can you put together a bouquet for about £30 and deliver them when you go round to your Mum’s house? “Of course I can” she agreed.

Emma as some of you may know is a florist and I am aware that she is in my area on Friday’s because she pops round to see her mum. Emma agreed on the business that I offered her and we parted agreeing to meet on Friday next.

My mind kept wandering as I wheeled my trolley around the supermarket; I was thinking back to the weekend at the nudist camp. I really wished that I were Emma’s age. I reckon she would have been mine and I would have been able to fuck her whenever I wanted to; I often think about it when I read her posts on Facebook; I have a couple of really good photos of her; wearing low cut tops; showing her gorgeous cleavage. When I got home from the supermarket I quickly stowed everything away and then sat on the sofa with my laptop scrolling through my pictures of her and started to stroke my cock.

I started looking forward to Friday; not because Judy would be home or even that her gorgeous sister would be here but because I would be getting to see Emma again. On Wednesday afternoon my peace was interrupted by the doorbell. I opened the door and found Emily and another girl standing there, very fetchingly dressed in their school uniform. “Hello Emily” I said, “this is a surprise” “Hi Andy” she replied “this is Tasha, hope you don’t mind us disturbing you”. “No not at all, hi Tasha”, I said “So, what brings you to my humble abode?” “Well this afternoon is a study period and we were bored so we decided to skip it and come round to keep you company. We haven’t called at an inconvenient time have we?” “No, its fine” I said “I was just about to have lunch, have you eaten yet?” “No” Emily replied. “Do you want to come in and have some lunch then?” I asked and no time at all they were seated in my lounge sharing lunch with me.

“So, won’t you get into trouble bunking off like this?” I asked. “Not really” Emily replied. “No one really checks on us and as long as we get the work done; it’s easier to do it at home anyway”. “You’ll get into trouble with your mum if you don’t pass your exams though won’t you”. “I guess so” Emily agreed, “she is pretty hot on that, so is Dan”

“Have you two got boy friends yet then?” I asked trying to roll the conversation along. “I haven’t but Tasha has” Emily replied. “They haven’t done anything yet though, you know, like fucking or anything”. “EMILY” Tasha scolded, clearly incensed by Emily’s openness. “Well you haven’t have you” Emily snapped back. “Its not that she doesn’t want to” Emily added “Its just that she is a worried about letting him do anything in case she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t want to scare him off, she is fond of him.

“I shouldn’t worry about it Tasha” I said, “the first time is not the most successful for a lot of people; however it is still remembered fondly as it is the first time. I remember the first time I fucked Judy we had waited until she was on the pill and then when the time arrived, for some weird reason my cock wouldn’t get hard. A few moments in her mouth did the trick though and he was rigid and ready to go in no time.

“Yes I know you like having your cock sucked, don’t I Andy” Emily taunted “What” I fumed. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I already told Tasha that you were my first time, I also told her how fantastic it was, how good you made me feel. That’s really why we came round here. I was wondering; I mean we were wondering if you” Tasha jumped up “I need to go” she said, and got up to leave. Emily cut her off at the door and wrapped her arms around her. They embraced for a few moments with Emily murmuring, “don’t run away baby, it’ll be fine; if you don’t want to do it then we don’t have to do it”. She cupped Tasha’s face in her hands and kissed her on the lips; a little more tenderly than I was expecting. I could feel my cock stirring.

“What don’t we have to do?” I asked. Emily led Tasha over to the sofa and they sat down. Tasha had her head lowered and Emily spoke “We were thinking that maybe you could be her first, like you were mine. I know that you would be gentle; that it would not just be about you, I know that you would want her to enjoy it like I did and I suppose that I am being a little bit selfish but I want you to fuck me again too”. She made me sound like an angel; doing the devil’s work but an angel none the less. My pulse was racing at the thought of fucking these two lovelies. I moved over to Tasha, took her hand and guided her to her feet. “Is this what you really want? I won’t force you to do anything,” She said nothing but just nodded. “You have to say it,” I said. Hesitantly she said, “Yes, I want you to fuck me”.

I sat down where she had been seated turned her towards me and placed my hands on her shoulders. I told her to relax and that if she wanted me to stop at any time then she should say so and it would be ended.

I slid my hands down so that each one embraced a breast. I gently cupped and fondled them through her burgundy v-neck jumper before continuing down further. My hands roamed over the cheeks of her ass squeezing them. My cock was hard. My hands moved lower caressing her legs and then moved them back up again under her little black skirt groping her ass cheeks again. I felt around for the top of her tights and slowly inched them down picking up her panties along the way and slid them down her legs and over her knees. In turn she raise each foot so that I could slip her shoes and underwear off.

I looked up and could see that Emily was stood behind her with her hands under Tasha’s jumper fondling her breasts. I started to run my hands up Tasha’s legs again so that I could now feel the flesh of her ass. I moved my hands round to her midriff raising her skirt so that I could feast my eyes on her pubic area. I got just over half way round when she squirmed as I hit a ticklish spot. It amused me a little; Judy does exactly the same when I do that to her.

I stood up and started to lift Tasha’s jumper; she raised her arms and allowed me to remove it. I unbuttoned her shirt and couldn’t resist bending down to kiss the soft flesh of her neck and shoulders as I let it drop to the floor. Emily unclipped Tasha’s bra and I cupped her naked breasts. Tasha wrapped her arms around my neck, “can I kiss you?” she asked “Of course” I said and she reached forward pressing her lips hard against mine.

I reached down pushing my trousers and pants down without undoing them. My cock was rigid. I took Tasha’s hands using one of them to cup my scrotum and the other to grip my hard cock. As she started to stroke it I removed my shirt and struggled with the clip on her little black mini skirt allowing it to drop to the floor.

We were naked and I loved the gentle and innocent way that my cock and balls were being handled. As I turned her round I could see that we were not the only ones who were naked. Emily was sat in Judy’s armchair with hers legs d****d over the arms giving her clitoris some real attention with her fingers. “Save some for me” I said to Emily as Tasha sat down on the sofa. I spread her legs exposing her young hairy pussy just as I had with Emily’s mum the first time I fucked her.

I caressed Tasha’s legs and inner thighs with each hand meeting at her virginal cunt. I used my thumbs to run over her tight little pussy lips meeting on either side of the hood hiding her clitoris. I started to salivate and bent down kissing her pussy hard. There is no finer taste than that of a young girl’s pussy and Tasha was no exception. I ran my tongue all over her labia and down between her lips probing, trying to get my tongue as deeply as I could. All the time I had been licking she was squirming and writhing beneath me and when my tongue reached her clitoris she literally squealed. After only seconds of licking she instinctively reached down and grabbed my head pressing it down towards her cunt forcing more tongue pressure on her clit. I was able to get two fingers into her pussy and her breathing became even more frenzied. She started to buck violently and soon she was moaning and shaking as her first climax washed over her. A more violent orgasm I had not seen in a long time. I licked her for as long as she could stand it but then she pushed my head away clamping her legs together and curled up in a ball.

I turned to Emily and nose-dived into her gorgeous little cunt giving her the same treatment that Tasha had received. She had apparently already made herself cum watching me licking Tasha. Her finger is no match for my tongue though and I quickly made her cum again. She lay back on the chair recovering from her. “Your turn now” she said pulling herself up and ushering me into her place. I resisted for a moment and took her in my arms pulling her naked body close to mine; pressing myself hard against her; she felt so so good. I hummed a tune quietly and we rocked together as though dancing and I could feel my cock was stirring into life.

Eventually I allowed myself to be pushed down and she knelt before me stroking my cock. By this time Tasha was watching us; Emily beckoned her over. She slid off the sofa and crawled on all fours towards us. As she arrived she and Emily kissed and I found myself wondering whether she actually wanted the love a good boy anyway. However, it didn’t take long for me to find out that she would wow a lot of them by the way her lips worked their magic on my cock. At first she followed Emily’s lead and between them they gave me the most fantastic blowjob.

Emily pushed Tasha away and sucked my cock enthusiastically for a few moments but then stood up facing Tasha and straddled me lowering her cunt towards my erection. She pushed my cock back and forth along her pussy lips before lowering herself down taking my cock completely inside her. She moaned with pleasure as she eased herself up and down my shaft. Tasha instinctively reached down and started rubbing Emily’s clitoris as well as her own. Emily’s bouncing got more frantic as she neared her orgasm eventually exploding in the wave of pleasure that it ultimately brings.
Emily stood up and with her body still shaking she made her way to the sofa and fell down onto it. Tasha was kneeling on the floor with her body swaying and her fingers working vigorously on her clitoris. “Let me do that” I said reaching down rubbing my hands between her legs. Her pussy was so wet and I allowed two fingers to slide inside her as my hand ran over her clit. She started to moan but then pushed my hand away. “I am ready for your cock” she said, “I want you to fuck me now”. I lay on my back on the floor ushering her towards me; “you come and do it babe” I said “you can control it yourself; if it hurts too much then you can stop”. I gave my cock a couple of strokes bringing it quickly back to full erection and Tasha moved tentatively towards it.

Facing me she straddled my cock taking it in her hand and rubbed my glans across her pussy the way she had seen Emily do it. She was so wet that my cock seemed to glide effortlessly between her cunt lips. She had a couple of false starts trying to lower herself into me maybe not finding the right spot or just backing out but eventually she started to squat closer to me. I could feel the hot inner walls of her cunt as my glans disappeared inside her. As she lowered herself further she grimaced a little and raised herself back up again. My cock was still inside her but only just; she raised herself further and it was out but she guided me straight back in and thrust herself down harder and deeper letting out a shriek loud enough for the neighbours to hear had they been in.

Each thrust downwards was followed by a frenzied moan tinged with both pleasure and pain as Tasha surrendered her virginity. She worked herself up and down slowly until eventually she was fully impaled on my cock; her thrusting got faster and harder. It felt so good inside her; the grip of her cunt when I was fully inside her started to bring me to my climax. I tried holding back but it was no good I had already been close a couple of times both with Tasha and Emily and now I was cumming. I started to ejaculate giving Tasha’s cunt its first ever dose of sperm. Tasha continued to ride me and I hoped that I would stay hard enough for her to climax herself little knowing that she had apparently been riding an almighty orgasm herself. She stopped and slumped down on top of me resting her head on my chest and closed her eyes.

Emily rolled off the sofa and slid over to me. She shuffled alongside me resting her head on my shoulder next to Tasha. “I’m jealous,” she said. Tasha opened her eyes and smiled. “What?” she asked, “I’m jealous” Emily repeated “I wanted him to cum inside me and you got it” Tasha apologised “sorry” she said “but you have had it before” “That’s true” Emily agreed “Did you like it?” “I did” she said “It hurt to start with but then the pain went away and was replaced by the most wonderful feeling”. “Didn’t I tell you it would be OK?” Emily chirped “You did” Tasha submitted and then closed her eyes again.

We must have dozed on floor huddled together for an hour or so; Emily was the first to wake. “We had better be going,” she said. “You’d better have a shower before you go” I said. She shook Tasha and they got up. Tasha needed a lot of tissue; a mixture of her cunt juices and blood and cum started to run down her legs as soon as she got up. I noticed that a lot of it has already seeped out over my abdomen and groin. I guided them upstairs and followed the to the bathroom.

Tasha got in the shower first and Emily turned to me wrapped her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes. “Thank you for that” she said and kissed me like we had been lovers for years. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. I flicked some fluff from her hair and said, “it’s a pity that I’m not your age” I mused. “You wouldn’t want to go through school again would you,” she said. “No but you have almost finished school now though, so maybe if I was a year older” I reminded her. “Which one of you would be my girlfriend though?” “Maybe neither of us” Emily teased “Maybe we would consider that you were too young for us” then she lowered her voice to a whisper and said, “maybe we would go off in search of an older man that I knew my mum was fucking” “Has Dan seen you naked?” I pried “Oh yes loads of times; me and mum are naturists remember. We have no problem walking from bathroom to bedroom naked; it’s the boys in our house who are not keen.” I interrupted; I’m not sure I could be trusted to keep my hands off you if you walked around my house naked.” “Dan looks the other way” she said “but I’m pretty sure that my brother peeps whenever he can. Who knows I might even try to suck his cock some day; when he is bit older; don’t know whether I will ever let him fuck me though? Maybe Tasha will fuck him.”

Tasha stepped from the shower and I wrapped her in a warm towel from the airing cupboard. Its not a big bathroom so I left her and Emily and went downstairs to collect their clothes. I got a fresh towel out just in time to see Emily stepping out of the shower. I wrapped it around her and stepped back into the bedroom.

I sat on the bed and shouted through to the girls. I’ve got your clothes in here; you’ll have to sort them out they are just in one big pile. When they entered they caught me rubbing my face in their panties. “What a lovely smell,” I said as they entered the bedroom. “Sometimes you are a wicked man,” Emily teased “sniffing young girl’s panties like that; maybe that’s why I like you.”

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