CockSucker RestRoom Black

CockSucker RestRoom Black
After discovery that upstairs restroom in the student union, I found another smaller restroom in the basement which turned out to be another good spot to look for some action. It had four stalls and two urinals. One morning, I decided to take advantage of the peep holes and see where it would lead. This particular men’s room was rarely used, and therefore afforded the most privacy should anyone else show up to participate with me. 

When I entered the empty restroom I decided to sit in the first stall. It had two peep holes, one looking into the toilet stall to my right, and the other affording me a clear view of the two urinals mounted on the wall to my left. This way, I would have the best chance to see some naked skin, even if it was someone just taking a leak. I sat down and dropped my pants and underwear around my ankles. This way anyone entering the restroom could look under the stall and see I was sitting there, naked from the waist down. 

After sitting alone for about 20 minutes, I decided no one was going to show. I didn’t feel like masturbating alone, so I decided to leave. Just then, I heard the outer door to the restroom open. I settled back and leaned over to peek through the hole to my left to see who was entering. A neatly dressed black gentleman pushed open the inner restroom door and turned toward the urinals. He looked to be in his 50s, with slightly graying hair, and was wearing dark green polyester slacks and a brown tweed sport coat with a white, open collared dress shirt. I was now quite curious as to what I might see as this portly black gentleman stepped up to the urinal closest to me. With my eye glued to the tiny peephole, I waited in silent anticipation, slowly fondling my growing erection. 

I would not be disappointed. The heavyset black gentleman was standing no more than 18 inches from the peep hole, and I had a perfectly clear view of his groin area. After he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers, he hooked his left thumb inside the waistband of his underwear, pulled them down, and reached inside with his right hand and pulled his penis and scrotal sac into view. He placed the elastic waistband of his briefs under his low hanging balls which served to lift them up and out slightly. He then moved his left hand to the inside of his coat flap and pulled it back, pinning it against his left hip. This gave me an unobstructed view of his long thick black penis, surrounded with a dark, tightly tangled mass of pubic hair. 

He grasp the thick shaft of his flaccid penis with his right hand and lifted and shook it to its full length, then began urinating heavily into the urinal. My own penis was now beginning to rise to a full erection and I started to slowly stroke it between my thumb and fingers as I sat mesmerized by the erotic sight which was unfolding before me. As he urinated he continued to lift his shaft, pulling the circumcised skin back from his widely flared, plumb sized glans, while directing the golden stream of urine in circles in the bowl. I began to think he was purposely putting on an exhibition for me because I could now detect his penis starting to straighten out and elongate as his urine dribbled to a stop. 

As he shook the last drops of urine from the deep slit of his widely flared glans, his thick shaft continued to stiffen into an erection. I could clearly see the prominent veins puffed out at the base of his thick shaft. As he fingered his scrotal sac, he occasionally paused to give his elongated shaft a few strokes, as if he was going to masturbate himself. I quickened my own movements as I silently peered through the hole, totally absorbed with this black gentleman and his obvious sexual arousal. My own penis was now totally engorged and swollen with lust as I began to masturbate in earnest. 

Just then he began to stuff the object of my affection back into his underwear, and down his pants leg, zipping up and buckling his belt. I was somewhat disappointed as he turned to the sink and I lost sight of him. Nevertheless, I continued to masturbate myself, fantasizing about the black gentleman who had just willingly exposed his most private parts to my gratiating eyes. I heard the water turn on at the sink as I leaned back, my legs fully gapped open, and grasped my thick swollen shaft and began to rapidly masturbate myself. The steady rhythm of skin slapping against naked skin produced a distinct sound as I brought myself toward orgasm, desperately wanting to cum before this black gentleman departed out of my life, perhaps forever. 

As the familiar feeling of my orgasm began to build, deep within my bowels, my eyes glazed over and my breathing became labored. The steady slapping sound of my hand against the turgid flesh of my naked scrotal sac filled the now silent restroom. I had not heard the sound of the water being shutoff, but I did realize the black gentleman was now standing silent, listening, and obviously aware of what I was doing inside the privacy of my stall. I didn’t really care if he knew what I was doing, because he had to know it was he who had caused me to become so aroused. I now just wanted to consummate our brief affair with orgasmic pleasure before he left the restroom. 

Suddenly, the door to my stall opened inward and there stood the black gentleman, looking down at me. The first thought in my mind was how I could have forgotten to lock the door. I was slightly embarrassed that he had caught me in such a compromising position. My legs were gapped open, my pants and underwear down around my ankles, and my swollen red shaft was jutting straight upward, in an obvious state of sexual arousal. I knew it was useless to try and cover my nakedness, so I just leaned forward slightly and looked up at him. He ask me if he could borrow some toilet tissue since there were no paper towels to dry his hands. 

As I began to unroll a handful of tissue, I glanced down at my still swollen, but now falling erection and realized I really didn’t care if he was looking at my nakedness. As a matter of fact, I now began to enjoy the compromising situation I was in. I handed the tissue to him and he stood there and wiped his hands. Just then he stepped inside the stall and shut the door behind him. I realized now what it was that we both wanted. He stood directly in front of me as I reached out and began to squeeze his thick penis through the thin material of his slacks. His long member ran down the inside of his left leg, and immediately began to swell and stiffen, causing a distinct bulge in his pants leg. I continued to run my hand up and down his long shaft, shivering with excitement as my own penis began to throb and rise in full erection. 

He quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers and underwear, pulling them down around his knees. His penis sprang straight out in its full glory as he grasp it in his right hand and rubbed his swollen purple glans against my lips, enticing me to suck him into my mouth. I had never seen a penis this thick and long in person. It must have been a full eight inches in length and as thick as my wrist. I honestly didn’t think I could get it into my mouth as I reached out and grasp his thick shaft and began licking the wide and swollen knob, running my tongue along the deeply recessed urinal slit. He was oozing copious amounts of pre-seminal fluid which I greedily lapped up with my tongue, swirling the sweet nectar around in my mouth, savoring its slightly salty taste. 

As I opened my mouth and sucked his large knob past my soft wet lips, I began to pump the base of his shaft, in effect masturbating him inside my mouth. He groaned with pleasure and reached out with both hands and pulled my head toward him as his plump ass began to move back and forth in rhythm to the movements of my hand as I pumped his shaft. His heavy, low hanging balls swayed back and forth in rhythm with his ass. 

As I masturbated him with my right hand, I reached between his thick thighs with my left and began to fondle his low hanging scrotal sac. I gently tweaked and tugged on his huge black balls, sensing his pleasure as he moaned in ecstasy. I decided then and there I wanted him to cum inside my mouth, and I was going to swallow his load. 

I briefly allowed his plump knob to plop from my lips as I looked up at him and whispered that I wanted him to cum in my mouth, and to tell me when he was ready. He nodded OK as I slipped his oversized black penis back into my mouth and continued to suck and lick his glistening flesh. I breathed deeply of his musky scent with widely flared nostrils as he grasped my head once again and pressed his hard shaft deeply into my mouth. I could feel the soft swollen head of his penis pressing against the back of my throat, causing me to gag slightly. I released my grasp on his shaft and decided to pleasure his ass as he continued to saw his massive erection in and out of my mouth. 

With both hands I reached behind him and squeezed the quivering flesh of his full ass cheeks, pulling them apart and allowing my fingers to run up and down the deep recesses of his back side, pausing to press against his tight sphincter muscle, which guarded access to his dark hairy nether hole. He moaned that he was ready to cum as I pressed the middle finger of my right hand into his asshole, up to the second knuckle. I tweaked his prostate as I prepared to swallow his load which was now ready to leap from his swollen shaft. With a grunt and a moaned he sighed that he was cumming. He grasp my head and drove his shaft as deeply as possible into my mouth. I felt his warm sperm begin to fill my mouth and I swallowed his creamy gism. He continued to ejaculate heavily inside my warm mouth as I pulled his ass tightly toward me, burying my face in his dark tangled pubic bush, breathing deeply of his unique musky scent, his balls resting against my chin. 

After several orgasmic spasms, his knees buckled slightly as he released my head from his grasp. He allowed me to continue to suck and nurse on his swollen, but now somewhat deflated member. I simply could not get enough of this magnificent piece of smooth naked flesh. Finally, after several minutes of sucking and licking, he gently pulled his now flaccid member from my lips with a plopping sound and stuffed it back inside his trousers and zipped up. He smiled down at me and whispered that he had really enjoyed meeting me. As he turned to exit the stall, he handed me a card with a phone number on it and said for me to call him anytime he would like to drain his cock again. With that, he turned and left and I heard the door to the restroom open and he was gone.

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