Frustrated Woman

Frustrated Woman
Whenever I am out and about I pay attention to the women around me, it’s not hard to spot one that is frustrated and being that I’m not shy I will approach and strike up a conversation before long I have either gotten a number and best time to call or have taken off with her to a more secluded location.

Like this woman I saw giving heel to a store clerk as the poor guy walked away not realizing what was really going on I walked up and asked her if everything was alright and asked if she’d like to get a drink and talk, she glared at me for a few seconds as most women that are frustrated have a tendency to do, when I said if your interested just blink your eyes this usually gets a chuckle and a smile as did this woman she smiled and asked if I had something else in mind, I told her that depends on whether or not we were on the same wave length, she got this wicked grin on her lovely face her eyes lit up and said well let’s go somewhere private.

I talked her into coming back to my place where we got comfortable , we was talking flirting back and forth when she touched my knee and slid her hand up my thigh I knew she wanted to be fucked. we both leaned in for a kiss our tongues flicking against each others as my hand massaged her breast through her blouse making sure to play with her now erect nipples that were pushing against the fabric of her blouse she had her hand on the bulge in my pants massaging it running her fingers up and down it as we kissed.
I had to stop kissing her so I could kiss my way down to her breast she stopped me so she could get undressed which I did too.

As we were both undressing she told me I haven’t had sex in weeks I’ve been hungry for a mans touch I am glad we met today.

both of us naked I had her sit back on the couch as I got down on my knees between her luscious thighs her legs spread open I could smell her intoxicating aroma and see she was trimmed nicely showing just a heart shaped tuf of red hair above her hard clit I was kissing her inner thighs up and down from her knees to the now silky wet pussy I flicked my tongue against her clit quickly as she took in a halting breath of air she squirmed enough to let me know she was liking it, she was silky wet and tasted sweet I plunged my tongue between her labia as she reached down as she gasped in air grabbing onto the back of my head her legs lifted up higher as she scooted closer to the edge of the couch she was panting and moaning as I worked my tongue side to side up and down.

It wasn’t long after that she was gyrating her hips as my tongue flicked in and out she sat up squealing her hands gripping tight onto the back of my head as she cried huffed and shuddered as she came, she squirted down my throat and I was enjoying every sweet drop I had my hands on her hips I was locked on to her as she tried to push away from me her hand off of my head pushing against my shoulders as I pushed my tongue further into her causing her to buck wildly against my face as she came a second time.

She was trying to catch her breath as she quivered and shook I cleaned her up with my tongue as she slumped back against the couch her eyes glazed over she had her fingers running through my hair as I pulled back and sat up on my knees leaning in we kissed she was tasting her cum in my mouth and that turned her on even more I was playing with her nipples as she had a hand on my rigid cock stroking it slowly up and down she stammered she wanted my cock deep inside of her , when she was able to speak clearly she told me fuck me like a slut, treat me like I’m your slut baby.

I got up and had her get up as I sat down on the couch I told her climb on top facing me and lower herself down onto my throbbing cock which she did, as she was just about all the way down on my cock I began thrusting up into her this made her go wild she grabbed onto my neck with both hands a shoved her tits in my face as I pumped my cock up and down furiously she moaned and screamed yeah baby yeah fuck me good fuck your slut baby right there oh oh oh right there as her voice trailed off , her body shaking her eyes rolled back as her back arched she let out a scream that reverberated off the walls her body shaking violently she dropped all the way down to me she cum flowing down around the shaft of my cock as I blew my load deep inside of her both of us shaking holding onto each other until the orgasms subsided and we had caught our breaths, she slowly climbed up off of me smiling saying that is just what i need and would I want to meet up again tomorrow for more.

I looked at her and said absolutely she smiled grabbed up her clothes and got herself dressed and said well think you can drop your fuck slut off back at the mall.

I quickly got dressed and we headed back to the mall we parted company but not before she put my phone number in her phone and her phone number in mine.

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