Friend to crush to friendzoned cuck part 8

Friend to crush to friendzoned cuck part 8
It didn’t take much to turn me on. Before I knew it, I was jerking off again for the third time that day. I was looking at a pic of Sarah and Rachel together. In my state of horniness, I texted Sarah.

“So I thought about it, I’m okay with you telling Rachel about me being your cuck,” I typed.

What I got back was a much longer response than I expected.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to make you feel obligated. I really care about you and I don’t want to ruin our friendship with this. I want to tell her, but I don’t want to take it too far for you. Being watched while I have sex has really turned me on, and knowing that you love watching me have sex, especially with big cocks has really turned me on. And I hate to admit this, but humiliating you a little has started to kind of turn me on. But I don’t want things to go too far, so please, if it ever seems like it let me know.”

I was so distracted by her text that I stopped masturbating. I told her I appreciated her concern, but that I was sure that she could tell Rachel. I let her know that the humiliation was a part of the turn on for me as well, if not the main aspect of it, and that if it ever got to be too much I would let her know, and that our friendship means the world to me.

I stopped jerking off at this point, and went on about my day. The emotional aspect of the text kinda took me out of a horny mood and put me more in a sentimental one. It was about an hour later that I got another text from Sarah.

“I told Rachel…” she texted.


“You’ll just have to wait. I think she might call you soon. By the way, I’m fucking Brian again tonight. I think I might tell him how I let you taste my pussy on my fingers earlier today.”

Reading that instantly made me horny again. “What do you think he’ll say?” I texted back.

“He might think it’s sad that you’ve been so close to me for so long and have only just now tasted it, and only from my fingers. But I barely know him and he’s fucked me so many times.”

I had to start jerking off. I pulled my dick out and started stroking. Then my phone started ringing. It was Rachel. I answered with my dick still in my hand.

“Hey,” we both said to each other. After an awkward greeting, she asked got to the point of the call.

“So… Sarah told me about your sort of cuckold situation,” she said.

“Yeah. It’s embarrassing, but I told her she can tell you.”

“You know why she wanted to tell me?”

“No, I guess because we are all close.”

“Well, that, and do you remember Aaron? Before I met Eric.”

“Yeah, you dated him for like a year, right?”

“Right. He was into cuckolding.”


“Yeah. I didn’t tell anyone else except Sarah. I thought it was weird at first, but eventually I thought it was hot. I just never told you. Honestly, I never expected you to be the cuckold type.”

“I didn’t either. I think it’s only for Sarah.”

“Because you can’t be with her?”

“Exactly. Yeah, she won’t date me, so it just turned into this, I guess.”

“I kind of miss it, the whole cuckold life. Eric is nothing like that, which is great because he’s really good in bed. I told him about Aaron once, he said if he knew me then he would have been our bull. He thinks being a bull would be hot.”

I let out a light chuckle. “I’m glad he’s good in bed.” I wasn’t expecting this conversation at all.

“So… when you’re not getting to jerk off in front of Sarah, do you think about her when you jerk off at home alone?” she asked me. Her voice was getting somewhat seductive. Rachel has always been an attractive girl, we used to joke around about sex with each other and we would flirt all the time. I never wanted to date her like Sarah, but I did always secretly want to have sex with her. I would have been fine being her friend with benefits, but despite her jokes I don’t think she would have been into it.

“Yes. I think about her getting fucked.”

“Are you jerking off right now?”

“Yes. Well, I was before you called. I’m still hard though,” I admitted.

“If Eric was into it, would you want to be our cuck too?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said as I started stroking again. I lightly moaned.

“Another friend that you don’t get to fuck, but watch get fucked.”

“Oh god,” I moaned.

“Just always on the side watching, always friendzoned, never allowed to fuck.”

I couldn’t believe it. I came the moment she finished the sentence.

“Mmmm, I’m glad you like that. I’ll have to talk to Eric about it. Maybe he will be into it,” she said before we got off the phone.

And then I laid there the rest of the night, thinking about how Sarah was probably taking Brian’s big cock while I was home alone. Naturally, this made me want to jerk off again.

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