194 Amber two

194 Amber two
194 Amber two
Amber sat with a television babbling away, she wasn’t really watching it, it was on, just supplying her with a background companionship, some of that “pretend” human contact we sometimes all crave when we are in a lonely house or room on our own.
T, her lover master and pimp, had been away for a day or two “negotiating some business” he had said, though she knew it was just probably drinking and whoring to drum up trade with a contact, selling her willing services again, if the truth was known, to the highest bidder.
The big old house echoed emptily when he was away, especially at night, eerily echoing and reminding her of her loneliness and of the dungeon below. It had been three weeks since the last time, during which the brand had been applied to her soft labia, and it had been a long three weeks, though the pain had passed after the first seven days, Maisy having nursed her fantastically and lovingly for that time though she had since then been on her own. Amber knew Maisy would be back the next time and that it would not be that long once more before her services would be needed if T had his way.
She looked at the mark, every day and wondered what the man who had been so besotted with her that he had paid to mark her `M’ had in his mind.
She knew he was smitten with her, he had written numerous stories for her, his token of undying love perhaps, and they had exchanged e mails, though T didn’t know, but they both knew it was going nowhere, he lived on another continent, had a wife he doted on, and Amber had T, and her job, but still they had a bond, a mental link, and now she wore his mark. Tiny though it was it was hidden away inside her sexiest cavity, she knew it was there and it would be a reminder for evermore of him. she wondered if any-more women in this world bore that scar. She was in love with T, she had been since he first had her, since that first sight of his rippling muscles, his masterful ways, his smooth dark rippling brown skin and his huge dick. Hadn`t she left her husband of 18 years for him, heaven knows life with hubby had been sexually exciting enough, but she knew instantly when she met T, she was his, and in a strange way now she had this distant “pen friend” as well!
She was waiting, not this time for one of T`s clients to misuse her body, (which by the way she enjoys,) but today it was for the dungeon to be occupied by two of T`s friends, a couple of pimps, Leroy and Barry, who had rented it for them to punish some of their own `women’ who had stepped out of line. T had instructed her that they that were coming and to show them where to go and that she was to film it on his cctv but she watch but was not to get involved, or let on about the filming.
After they had gone, she knew she was to clean up behind them, it being beneath the dignity of the two masterful pimps, and when they had finished with the women, it was a sure thing that they would not be fit enough…
The crackle of the gravel heralded the plain blue van`s arrival, driven by a huge black giant known as Odd -Job, huge, slow, massively strong and totally uncaring. It was soon followed by a long low pink pimp- mobile driven by Leroy!
The doorbell rang, and she opened it to the huge frame of Barry, blocking the light and that smaller ratty faced little weasel Leroy peering round the bigger man. She disliked Leroy, who she knew was a vindictive little sadist with a really-nasty streak.
Barry was a disciplinarian, hard but only to keep discipline, and she knew instinctively Leroy was the one to watch for. Barry grunted “we gotta booking”, she answered that T apologised for not being here but she was here to show them all down to “the room.” Then, she turned and led these odd pair into the hall. They were followed by Odd -Job herding the four obviously terrified women before him two white and two black.
They descended the stairs, and she flipped on the lights. The dungeon appeared for the first time to the women, eliciting the intaking of breath.
Odd -Job made three sit on the long side bench, sending the other into the adjoining bathroom growling the command “empty yourself we don’t want you making a mess!” she burst into tears, but set off into the bathroom as Amber excused herself and left them to the job in hand.
Her heels clipped and clopped back up the stairs, echoing along the empty corridor, as she rapidly returned to the office, there to switch on the video system. She followed T`s hand-written idiot guide of instructions left on his blotter, her fingers for the first time, on the unfamiliar panel fixed on the desk top, with a click on came the wall screen, she quickly shut the door then sat, loving the opulence in T`s seat, to watch and absorb someone else`s pain for a change, fascinated by the views on the wide divided screen, the large centre image showing the action in the dungeon and its smaller surrounding screens the dungeon bathroom, and to her surprise every other room in the house! Her sitting room, her bedroom even her bathroom featured heavily, none of which she had known about and in some strange way she felt it a compliment that her lover always wanted to watch her.
By now the second woman, was sat on the dungeon toilet, tearfully relieving herself, the first woman also tearful, was sat back with the others, awaiting the two masterful men, who were now checking out the available equipment. The indifferent Odd -Job on a chair against the door, the only exit, sat reading a paper, as if on a bench in a park.
“NOW” Barry barked at the women, “You bunch of useless cheating whores you’re here to be punished, for your crimes an misdemeanour’s your punishment will be harsh believe me as no one at your level causes us problems,” he emphasised the us “You whores live by usin` your bodies,” he paused for effect “Well you ain`t going to want to for the next few days, and you had better have some savings to carry you over, cos you will owe us if you ain`t taking punters, and I`m tellin` you ain`t goin` to want punters after this!” he again paused, the four pale faces following his every move as he went on …
“Your faults will be read to you all by my partner and so will our considered sentence understand?” tearful nods affirmed they did and little Leroy stepped forward, grinning sadistically, “Mary and Joan, you both thought you could skim us off, and we caught you out, so your down for thirty strokes of his whip and ten of my belt. Both ladies looked pale and Mary burst into tears, Leroy took no notice, and carried on to the next girl a black named Jay, who had been freelancing on the side. The sentence he read was forty of the whip and twenty of the belt. She protested at the sentence, and he added a bonus of 5 of the cane for back-chatting!
The last was a really tartily dressed white girl named Jane, a brazen little cow from San Francisco, that according to Leroy had “caused him big problems with the cops” he went on to say he was less than happy with her and that she would suffer badly, then he had sold her to his Mexican friend Pedro to work south of the border.” He gave no tally this time, probably to add to the fears of the woman, and she knew now that she would soon be turning tricks in a south-American brothel for the rest of her life.
“Right, let`s start!” Barry pointed to Mary and ordered her to strip…
Mary stood, and began to shed her clothes, Odd -Job, lowering his paper to watch as she removed her clothes, she was naked in seconds as befitted a working whore. Her black body shone under the lights in a sweaty film of fear, as she was secured to the lift by her wrists, her face a mask of panic as Barry swung his whip for the first time, Amber at the desk up in the office watched fascinated as the whip descended, and the hung body began to scream, each stroke marking the swinging girl, red welts appearing as every stroke arrived, and the body jigging about as the girl attempted to negate each slashing swing of the leather. Amber murmuring that it would do no good she had walked that path plenty of times!
Amber licking her lips as she watched strangely jealous perhaps of the stinging whips caress, something she had always thoroughly enjoyed. She had never passively watched a live punishment before, only received the punishments, or at least been part of receiving mutual punishment, to sit and watch detached like this was alien to her.
Her fingers strayed to the hem of her dress and slid upwards to slither over her knickers, she began to automatically strum, it was not a conscious action and her eyes never left the whip and its wriggling victim.
In the dungeon Barry finished with the first girl, it was now Leroy who stepped forward, he released their first victim then led her to the flat crucifix. Amber knew the feeling of vulnerability when you lay open -legged on the horizontal St Andrews cross, she remembered the lack of support for the victim`s head, and the pain in her neck as she had waited a full hour strapped on the thing, her punter late, stuck in traffic! She smiled at the memory, but she knew what was coming for the woman, and she knew the whip was just the warm up.
Legs akimbo the straps were secured, then the wrists, the sobbing whore waited, Leroy stood at her shoulder, and the belt swung down curling itself across her belly and into the woman`s sexual cleft.
The body rose in an involuntary twitch of a body in extreme pain, eyes bulging, face contorting with the sting of the leather and the scream from her lips was pitiful. The remaining women looked on in fear and trembling, minds taking in the fact they had each been sentenced to the same or worse.
The body its muscles unable to keep it up from the cross, slowly returned to the `rest position’ her sex red from the stroke. To Leroy it was the signal to strike again, and strike he did, the sound of the leather striking into her body once more was accompanied with a second bloodcurdling scream.
The body again rose, held its raised position then fell back the victims head wagging from side to side in an attempt to dismiss the agony of her ravaged cunt. Leroy struck once more a sadistic leer now all over his narrow features and his eyes sparkling.
Barry, partly so that he had not the need to watch his partners glee, fetched the next woman to first strip and then to the lift.
He slipped her into the cuffs and lifted her to secure her. She seemed resigned to her punishment perhaps glad not to watch the first girl`s agony.
White skin soon began to redden under the heel of the whip, Amber vaguely aware of the first girl being told to dress and wait without snivelling, staggering back to her seat, hands clasped to her crutch, the ten of the belt over and each step a torture.
Joan the second girl was now becoming a red well chastised body swinging on a rope and crying like a baby, that stage over released she without being told lay herself on the cross, Leroy securing her as Jay the third girl began to undress at Barry`s behest.
The ten strokes of the belt were laid on as before, each eliciting the same screaming, raised body, head swinging reaction. As the woman was released, again the instruction to cease snivelling and to dress, by now the third girl was secure and her toes swinging clear of the floor. Again, the swooshing whip caressed the black skin, the now familiar screams echoing around the room, her feet doing an involuntary jig as each blow landed, Odd -Job, having indifferently returned to his paper and the first two girls were now too distracted to care.
Transferred to the cross, the belt rained its terrible bruising punishment onto the secure woman`s tender genitalia, distraught the whore hardly noticed the final stroke had arrived. She was released, and hardly able to move she staggered towards the seats, but Leroy, re directed her to a padded bench. She was quickly d****d over the stool her wrists secure, her shapely backside presented to Leroy and that awful cane.
Already tenderised, her vulnerable butt waited expectant and quivering fearfully. The five blows fell mercifully quickly, each with a slap that left a vivid red line across both rounded cheeks. By now the woman, on release could barely walk, dressed now, her two companions, helped as best they could bruised as they were.
Odd -Job was told to “load them and return to the brothel,” and as soon as the three could, he ushered them from the room, Odd -Job almost carrying the third girl who was finding walking extremely difficult.
Amber, breaking off from her self-stimulation to meet the limping group in the hallway and open the main door for the pitiful party, who were soon secured in the back of the old blue van, Odd -Job commenting to Amber that “he bet they would think twice before they crossed these masters again!” before driving off.
Amber slipped back into T`s office once more, knowing the pain the three were going through, having walked that path herself, knowing first-hand the cold path of deep bruising and stiffness that tomorrow would be bringing.
Everyone knew that the fourth woman would be the main recipient of the day, the big event, call it what you will, she had caused Leroy humiliation, and police problems, and to save face, he would make her pay, and in the most painful way possible. She knew it, and was putting a brave face on, waiting her fate defiantly,
Barry, knew his partner was looking forward to punishing the woman, and he knew it was inevitable that she would be in poor shape when she left this place, he did not want to watch, it was not his way. However, he knew he alone was the only one could keep a reign on Leroy`s sadistic tendencies, and as he didn’t want a corpse on their hands he was forced to remain.
Leroy told the defiant Jane to stand and strip off her clothing. The woman a good shaped white trollop of about the 40year old mark, knew she must except the inevitable, she stood, jaw set and began the disrobing she knew would lead to the great pain and damage Leroy was eager to inflict, the first stage of her ordeal, that with the dreaded Pedro the Mexican, she knew would be ongoing.
Her dress fell, then the bra, her 38dd breasts stood proud, finally the shoes and the thong, as she drew herself up almost as a gesture of her bravado.
“Pedro wants you whole and workable at the months end, so you are saved some of the pain I had imagined for you” the little man threw her cuffs, she fitted them herself, ankles first, the last on her wrist, using her wrong hand being a slower process. Ready now she stood fixing him with a stare that said…`well what now!’
“on that face down,” he indicated with a nod the cross so recently in use. She soon lay patiently waiting as he clipped the cuffs to the short chains. Secured now she lay, her head drooping between her raised arms, expectant and awaiting. The next ten minutes warmed her back and backside, a cat of nine tails providing the heat, and the slashes of pain, Jane just managed not to scream, she knew this was the starter and had no wish to let this little b**st know he was getting the reaction he so wanted.
Amber watched with interest, her hand now busy in her knickers once more, and the awaited climax beginning to build nicely, in the corner of the screen she saw the small red van arrive, it slid into view, parked and two slimy looking Mexican`s approached the front door. Amber again frustrated answered the bell, the men introducing themselves as `Pedro`s’ men, come to collect a new whore. there eyes unwrapping her as they waited her explanation that the woman was being dealt with as they spoke, and would soon be ready, she ushered them into the sitting room and fetched coffee for their wait, scuttling back to the office with indecent haste.
By now the subject back was red with welts that looked painful to say the least, Leroy released her and with Barry`s help, turned and re-secured the woman, laying her on the painful back relishing her discomfort.
Amber rang the Dungeon intercom, telling Barry of the arrival of Pedro`s men, and was told to “fetch them down” again she did as bid, another interruption, practically running back to the office as the dungeon door closed on the pair.
Both Leroy and Barry shaking hands with the new arrivals, Leroy returning to the waiting woman, cane in hand, he began at her knees. Heavy swipes each about an inch apart, measured hard, punishing strokes, each leaving livid red stripes across both of her legs alternately. Each stroke now making her moan, then as the strokes neared her sex slowly the sound rose to a scream real pain tinged with fear, he skipped over the mons and progressed upwards across her stomach when her tits, the strokes closer now as his aim and eye got more in tune. The nipples attracted his attention, especially hard strokes exploding on the tender nubs causing her body to jerk and her screams to hit a new note completely.
Leroy smiled as the welts appeared purple blue across the pale skin of the soft breasts, he discarded the cane and took up a crop, her face contorted as he moved to behind her head, the crop sang, then struck between her legs with fearsome force.
The woman fainted. Leroy, struck again and again, his face a mask of sadistic pleasure. Barry leapt up, stopping another swing mid stroke, telling his partner “Enough!” and calming the situation.
Leroy slunk away to sit and regain his composure, Barry removed the cuffs motioning the two Mexicans to collect the still comatose Jane, and her clothes, and with the girl over one of Pedro`s men`s shoulder they set off from the Dungeon. Amber recently recovered from the frustrated orgasm, met them in the hall, the men dumped the naked woman in the van, and were soon gone.
She watched them leave, Barry and Leroy, appearing, and telling her to thank T, soon followed suit, and as she closed the great wooden door once more she realised she was on her own once more.

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