Spending Summers With The Cuzinns: Part 1

Spending Summers With The Cuzinns: Part 1

I spent most of my time growing up in a remote place where it snowed a lot and it felt like winter
year round. For the most part it was just Momm and I living in a small two bedroom house with a chimney.
Dadd had his very own international type of business and he ran it almost entirely by himself. He was
always super busy traveling the world, he’d come home once a month to stay for a weekend and then he
would catch another flight the day after.

Every year when schoul let us out on summer breake, all I ever really wanted to do with my
long vacation was stay at home, play with my games and do fun stuff… but Momm had other plans for me.

Instead, whenever my precious summer breake came along, I always had to pack my bags to go stay with my
aunnt Jessie. Her house was hundreds of miles away from home and I was made to stay there for the whole
summer until it was time for schoul again. Throughout my time there I would actually be expected to
socialize and play with my three bossy older cuzinns, Billy, Carl and Sam.

Momm said she preferred it that way, even if it meant I had to be away from her for a while, because she
mainly wanted me to enjoy the good outdoors. She wanted me to wake up to bright sunny days, to spend my
summer having fun out in the sun like any other boy my age would at that time of year. Besides, to her,
anything seemed better than having me couped up in a small two bedroom house all day, just being lazy…

… Part 1: Welcome Back to Paradise …

It was the first day of my summer break, and now that schoul was out that meant I had to go on my usual
trip. I had packed my bags about a week before so when I got home on the last day of schoul Momm
was already waiting outside the house with my things and she was ready to drive me to the airport.

I was in the back seat looking out the window at cars passing by as my Momm drove cautiously and in the
meantime I mentally prepared myself for another long summer ahead, feeling nervous throughout most of
the car ride as usual.

When we arrived at the airport Momm walked me down all the way to the terminal as I started feeling
those nervous butterflies in my stomach. She’d always get teary eyed watching me walk down the terminal
onto the airplane and I’d usually waive goodbye as I blew her a kiss in mid air, or something of that

I heard voices of strangers all around me as I entered the plane and the attendant escorted me to my
seat and I sort of dragged my feet as we walked down the narrow aisle. Finally, I sat down in my seat
as the attendant strapped me in and she said, “There you are young man… Now, if you need anything
simply ask one of us and we’ll be more than happy to help accomodate you in every way possible. Okay?…
Enjoy your flight!” I nodded my head as she left me for the moment and I rested my head back against the
seat as the plane started to take off.

Once we were up in the air I dozed off for what seemed like half an hour, but in fact I had actually
sleppt through the whole flight! Before I knew it the plane was already landing, as my heart raced
in my chest from all the anxiety. I still had that nervous feeling of butterflies fluttering around in
my belly, but it wasn’t all about the plane attempting to land safely on the strip…

Everyone got up except for me and eventually the attendant came to check on me as she helped me out. I
took my time as I walked heavily down the narrow hallway of the terminal, partly from jet lag I suppose.
Once I reached the guest welcoming section I saw my aunt waiting for me while holding up a large sign
and when she saw me her face lit up from the joy of seeing her nepphew again after being apart for so

Aunnt Jessie shouted my name when I walked over and she gave me a huge hug saying, “Danny! Over here!…
Oh, my precious neffhew! Look at you! My-my, look how you’ve grown! All handsome now and stuff… You’re
lookin more and more like your dadd each year. Betcha’ even got a couple girlfriends back at home missin’
ya huh?… Don’t be breakin anyone’s heart now!… Your cussins have grown too… Geez, you boys sure are
gettin to be more like young men everyday… Anyways, enough of that, let’s get you home Danny boy.”

The drive to her house wasn’t a long one, but yet it felt like forever since I literally found myself
staring at the digital clock displayed on the car’s dashboard the entire ride. Suddenly, we had arrived
at her house as I looked out the window to get a good view of the place where I was going to once again
spend almost a full three months worth of a long eventful summer and it all started coming back to me.

I took a deep breath as I hopped out of the car following my aunnt to the door of the rather large two
story house. I did forget to mention that Aunt Jessie’s house was actually really nice. It had like a
ton of bedrooms, at least four bathrooms and a huge backyard with a pool!… I almost would’ve wanted to
live there permanently, maybe if it wasn’t for my annoying older cussins I might’ve actually made the

Aunnt Jessie opened the front door which was mostly made out of a hazzy glass and she let me inside first,
following me into her spacious house as she shut the door behind her. I looked around as I took my time
surveying the living room, staring at all the fancy furniture and other expensive stuff as if it were
the first time I had ever gone inside her house. I looked like a true outsider as I continued to stare a
while longer.

My Aunnt interupted my sightseeing to remind me that my cussins were probably expecting me upistairs and
she suggested that I go up there to greet them. She then added that I may want to put away my belongings
in the guest bedroom first before playing games and such, to better accomodate myself or whatever silly
“proper” reasoning was behind it. Eventually, I did as I was told and I headed upstairs to say hello to
my three older cussins before dropping off my stuff in my designated bedroom.

Sam was the oldest of my three cussins, he was almost four years older than me, Carl was the next oldest being
about two years older than me, and Billy was just one year older than me. You’d think Billy would get
along just fine with me since we were almost the same agge, but it was just the opposite. In fact,
despite the larger agge gap, I got along the best with Sam who was already fortein at the time.

The door to Sam’s bedroom was just slightly propped open and I heard the familiar voices of my cussins
coming from inside that room. Their voices grew louder as I approached and I noticed that they seemed to
be arguing over something small as usual. I knocked on the door lightly and all of a sudden they all
became extra quiet as they stopped arguing for a moment to properly greet me.

Sam was the first to say hello to me as Billy and Carl chimed in shortly after, all of them saying,
“Hi Danny!… Sup Danny! Hey cuz!” I waived hello to them from the door as I said in a shy voice,
“Hey guys… W-Whatcha doin?” Billy acted like a bully as usual as he replied with a poor mimic of what
I had just asked saying, “OOHHHH! WHATCHA DOOOIN GUYYS???…” They all took a moment to laugh it off as
I stood there with my bags in my hand and I started to think of what Aunnt Jessie suggested me to do, which
made alot more sense to me now.

I threw my hands in the air out of confusion and I headed down the hall, walking over to my room without
saying another word as I tried to laugh it off. I headed to my designated bedroom to drop off my stuff as
I walked down the hall, passing Billy’s room and then Carl’s room which was right next to mine. I opened
the door as I entered the familiar room, and when I looked around, I noticed that the room was exactly
how I left it when I went back home last year in late August.

I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv as I starting settling in. I opened up my first luggage
container to put away most of my day time clothing in the empty closet and I put my other clothes in
drawers. I didn’t need to open the other large suit case luggage just yet since it contained my tooth
brush, towels, my pajamas and other things of that sort. Once I was finished I hid my two large suitcase
luggages inside the closet so they weren’t in plain sight and I was too tired to play games with my
cuzinns, so I just jumped on the bed to watch some tv.

Time went by pretty fast now that I was relaxing in bed watching tv and after a while I heard Aunnt Jessie
shout from down stairs saying, “Come down boys, it’s time for supper!… You too Danny!” My three cuzinns
rushed over to the dinning table and I followed shortly after. We all sat down as my Aunnt said grace,
mentioning how grateful she was that I was present at her table that evening, and so on. I got strange
stares from Billy and Carl the whole time. But Sam kept his head bowed out of respect for the table,
being the older and more mature one out of all us boys.

After supper it was already 9pm at night which meant it was time for all of us to shower. We all showered
in different bathrooms at the same time, which I always thought was way cool. I wished it was like that
back at home at momm’s house because Momm would stay stuck in the only bathroom we had for hours at a
time and sometimes I had to pee in a cup so I wouldn’t interrupt her during her private bathroom time.

When I was done showering, I first brushed my teeth and then I headed back to my room with nothing but a
towel wrapped around by waist. Once I was inside I carelessly pushed the door until it closed behind me.
I quickly reached into my closet to pull out the second luggage so I could properly get ready for bed. I
laid the large luggage on the floor and I opened it up as I pulled out my favorite pajamas, laying them
down on my bed.

Next, I bent over to reach into the large luggage case which was completely filled with
several unopened bags of Goodnites for boys, pull up style training diapers to help prevent bed wetting.
I brought out one of the bags, placed it on the bed and I tore a slit on the top right corner to pull one
out. The diapers were always tightly packaged in there so I had to use both hands.

I finally managed to pull one out from the noisy plastic bag and I set it on the bed next to my PJ’s for
me to put it on before slipping into my pajamas for the night. I quickly hid the newly opened bag of
diapers back inside the large luggage case and I just shoved it under the bed. Without wasting another
second I removed the towel from my waist, tossing it aside as I stood fully naked in front of my bed.
Then I unfolded the noisy diaper as I put it on, slipping in one foot at a time and I pulled it all the
way up to my waist until it felt nice n snug.

I took a brief moment to look at myself in the mirror out of habbit as I stared at the cool colorful
cartoonish designs on the outer cover of my diaper. But then, just as I was about to reach for my PJ
pants, suddenly I heard the door knob twist and that’s when I remembered there wasn’t even a stupid
lock on that door! I started to panic as I looked around for something to cover myself with, but it was
too late. Whoever it was would catch me wearing nothing but a diaper, and for that brief moment I stood
absolutely still, trembling visibly with a surprised look on my face.

Finally, when I saw who it was I sighed from relief, and I was so thankful that the person who let
themselves into the room was Aunnt Jessie as she pushed the door just slightly open. She had always
known about my little secret, which she kept confidentially between my momm and herself, never telling
her boys about it. Aunnt Jessie looked at me for a brief moment as she took a glance down at my diaper
and she said, “Oh. Right… Ummm… I was just about to remind ya to wear one of them Goodnites
undergarments your momm said she sent with ya… But I see you already got em’ on… Well, alright
sweetie… Goodnight and sweet dreams!… See ya in the mornin’…”

I sighed once again from relief as Aunnt Jessie shut the door quietly and she walked away, heading down
the hall to her bedroom for the night. I quickly slipped on my blue pajama pants over my Goodnites diaper
and I put on my matching blue pajama shirt, both had cool car designs on them. I then headed straight for
bed, since I had already brushed my teeth after my shower, and I hid myself under the covers as I soon
dozed off…

In the middle of the night as I lay in bed, I heard someone open my bedroom door and they shut it again
once they were inside. From the light shining in through the small window in the corner of the room I
could see it was Carl and I sat up in my bed letting him know I was already awake saying, “C—Carl?…
Is that you?…” Carl whispered to me as he got closer, walking carefully in the dark room and he said,
“Hey, yeah it’s me… Are you up?…” I nodded my head and then I realized he probably couldn’t see me
very well so I replied in my best form of a whisper, “Yeah. Now I’m awake… But, why are you—?”

Carl interrupted my sentence as he came to my bed and he laid down next to me giving me a warm hug,
pressing his body against mine. I noticed he was only wearing his boxers and I knew what he wanted from
me. But it surprised me because he had never come to my room this late at night before and I became very
nervous when I suddenly remembered I had on my diaper. Carl kept hugging me while running his hands up
and down my body as he whispered saying, “Do you remember?… How we always played pretend together
whenever you came over?…” I nodded my head trying to keep him entertained for as long as I could.

Then Carl leaned in closer to my ear as he whispered really softly, “Remember last year,
how we played mommyy and daaddy you were the girl and I was the boy?… I miss that a lot and I didn’t
want to wait for tomorrow… Can we do that again tonight?…” I shook my head as I backed myself away
from him for a second knowing that he usually liked us to get naked and make our wieners touch as we dry
humped each other. I mean I had done it with him before and I truly grew to like it over time so it was actually fine
with me. But if we did it there on my bed, as soon as I take off my pajamas, he would learn the truth, and I
especially didn’t want Carl to know because he had a big mouth.

Carl protested after seeing that I was refusing him, seeing as last year I was always fairly eager to
play that way with him and I was typically the shy, quiet, people pleasing type, meaning I generally did
as I was told without much protest. I felt like I had somehow let him down with my response and I
watched with sympathetic eyes as he practically begged me to do it with him, saying, “PLEASE???…
I’ll let you play with my toys tomorrow for as long as you want and I won’t let Billy bother you either.
I promise Danny. Please???!”

I paused for a moment as I thought it over, but deep down I knew I had little choice or else he would
make sure that I was left out of whatever games they’d play tomorrow. So I hesitantly nodded my head as
I agreed saying, “Ummm… O-Okay Carl… But can we just do it with our clothes on? I don’t feel like
taking off my PJ’s now…” Carl was surprised since I usually didn’t mind getting naked with him, but
never the less he agreed, and he smiled at me as he leaned his head closer to mine.

Carl started kissing me softly with a few light pecks on the cheek, then he moved his head back so he was
facing me and he leaned his head in kissing me on my lips as I kissed him back. Between our sloppy kisses
he whispered to me saying, “Ohh honey… I love you sweetie… Mmmm…” I always remember feeling weird
whenever he called me honey, referring to me as his lover of course, and I kept my eyes open for a moment.
But eventually I just sucked it up and I played along like I was expected to as I closed my eyes to enjoy
it better.

All of a sudden Carl sneaked one hand down as he reached down for my pajama pants and I reached down to
stop him saying, “WAIT!… NO!…” But it was far too late once he actually managed to sneak his hand
inside and when he felt the padding of my diaper he gasped out loud saying, “Wait a second!… What’s
that???… No way! You STILL have to wear diapers to bed???… WOW DANNY. OH MY GOSH! You’re such a
little baby I swear!… OH THIS OUGHTA BE GOOD… I can’t wait to tell Billy!” I must’ve turned as pale
as my white bed sheets when I watched helplessly as Carl hopped out of my bed.

Carl was heading for the door to leave when I came back to my senses and I said a little too loudly,
He stopped himself as he was about halfway to the door, knowing that he could’nt pass up an opportunity
like this and he stood in the middle of my room quietly as he paused to think for a while. Carl came back
to my bed as he sat down next to me and finally he spoke as he whispered to me saying, “Fine Danny… I
PROMISE I won’t tell Billy or Sam that you still have to wear silly diapers to bed like a baby… BUT…”

I waited with my heart in my hand as he paused a bit too long and I finally grew too impatient when
suddenly I asked him, “Umm… Okay. B—BUT WHAT???…” Carl looked at me with a half smile on his face,
the kind of smile he put on to let me know I had to do something for him and I might not like it. He
then said with a more serious look on his face, “BUT… You have to umm… You’ll have to suck my dick…
I mean, you have to suck it whenever I say so for the rest of this summer… Yeah, AND swallow my whole
wad too… NO EXCEPTIONS!… Sooo, do we have a deal or what?”

My eyes widened as I realized that was a choice I actually had to consider…

To Be Continued…

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