Riding days? —? White suppliment 2nd part

Riding days? —? White suppliment 2nd part
To get a clear idea about a few characters and the theme, I recommend you to read the first story the Medical Seduction.

Mr. X opened the door and left the room early morning. The door was not fully closed behind him. Through that, we could see Catherine getting up from the hospital bed to get her trousers. When she slipped out from the bed, her blue shirt which moved up and her robust white thighs were well visible. She put her trousers and looked at the mirror in the bathroom. Her hair is a bit messy and the buttons of her shirt were not put in the wrong order. She smiled at herself and closed her eyes and her mind went into the scenes of that morning.

He was sitting on the bed on her left. She was searching for his semi-hard penis. When she touched it, it was wet. ‘Is it your precum or my spit’ rubbing that wetness all over his penis, she asked him.
Sitting naked on the bed facing against her, he looked back at her. Raising his eyebrows with a wicked smile he told her ‘taste your finger and tell me.’ She brought her hand back and put her two fingers together in her mouth. ‘It’s you…, f*ck you are a CUM machine’ she said. ‘I have to meet the demands of Dr. Stephanie. You know that’ he said. Saying that he kissed on her lips and got up from the bed. Then he walked to the corner of the room to get his dress. She could see his rod swinging up and down while he walked. ‘When I could see you again? Do you have a bottle for me? I don’t think I can live without it.’ She told him. ‘When your husband is back, teach him things that can please you. Let him make his own bottles for you.’ he replied. ‘Yes. Sure I will do. But that may not be like what I had that night or the days before.’ She told him with a heavy breath. He smiled at that and left the room. She dressed and left the room, and marked the door sign as vacant.h

The days in the hospital went like normal. The next day she left the hospital, Catherine called Lexy. ‘Hey, Lexy. Cathy here.’ Lexy said she will call back in another 10 minutes. Later she called Cathy and said ‘ Sorry dear I was in the midst of something. We have a few new patients here. I was making arrangements for them.’ ‘New patients for the supplement?’ Cathy asked. ‘Well, yes and no. Doc is not referring white supplement for everyone who admits here. A few get lucky, like you. And very few become a fortunate bitch like you. Come on darling, tell me all. Did you eat him all?’ Lexy asked. Cathy got blushed and played with the tip of her hair with her fingers. She said ‘ Ah…not like that. Uh…why should I say like that to you? I had a blast. He knew how to bring my lust within me. I played that night like a real slut. F*ck, who is he? I need to teach all this to my husband. Even said that to me. But, I don’t know whether my husband would be as perfect as I experienced yesterday. Maybe his coaching is required. Lol.’ Lexy laughed at it and said ‘ That’s cool. Finding him again for something like that is a tough thing. He can be seen here, but you won’t get him that simple. That was your lucky day, that’s why. If by any chance your husband learns those tricks he played with you, then don’t forget to tell me that. Maybe I can switch my night shift with someone else here and come over for a game night.’ That just jolted the bones of Cathy. She felt like an increased heartbeat and felt like a pin on the heart. ‘Did you mean…?’ Cathy didn’t complete the sentence, and Lexy said ‘I need to just go to the bathroom for solo fun, today was such a boring day. Talk to you later sweetheart. Mwah….bye bye.’ She hung up and went. Cathy put her iPhone down and sat down on the couch for some time biting her nail. She felt like she needs to touch herself down there. She woke up from there and went to the bedroom.

Quality Report

At 5 AM Mr. X got a call on his iPhone. It was Dr. Stephanie. She said ‘Hey were you sleeping?’ He sais yes. ‘You need to come to the hospital today morning. It’s urgent’ she said. ‘What is it? I had other plans for today.’ He replied by waking up from the bed. He was wearing a black brief with a red band on the hip area with writings in white color. ‘We had checked your bottles supplied yesterday. It is phasing out from it’s demanded quality.’ She said. ‘What does that mean?’ He asked. ‘You better come to the hospital and then we will discuss it there’ She stated and hung up the call. Once she hung up her call, she was grabbed from behind by a black hand. She was wearing a long nighty with no buttons put on it. Her white plumpy body was visible in the darkness, with a pair of red innerwear that struggled to cover what she held. The black hand, led to a man who was lying behind her, wearing a white boxer. He was in perfect shape. His hands went to her breasts and squeezed it over her red bra. And he asked ‘how did you test his bottles this time? tell me the truth’ with a wicked smile. ‘Oh, honey it was the lab report only. Apart from that I just tested that in my hand. Nothing much.’ turning her head towards him he said. ‘When the quality is not appreciatable why should I check some other way, and you already know that. Don’t you? my dear husband.’ She winked at him. ‘Then let me test your vulva, for a possible leak.’ Saying this he went down to her hip. She put both her hands on his hair and said. ‘Ah, Danny please make it fast, I need to get ready for the hospital. Uh….Ah….f*cker. ‘ saying this she squeezed his head in between her legs.


Mr. X reached the hospital by 9 AM. The receptionist who was in a call saw him and forgot to speak to the other guy on the line. She left her mouth opened until he passed the hallway and got in the lift. “This guy came here yesterday also. He usually comes here every 3rd or 4th day. What would be the reason?” she told to herself and called the reception on the 17th floor. After the call nurses on the 17th floor jumped and started discussing each other the possible reasons for his visit. He directly went to the 24th floor and knocked on the door. ‘Come in’ said Dr. Stephanie. Seeing him she asked him to come and sit on the chair. Doc was wearing a green spaghetti that barely covered her bosom. She wore thin round spectacles that make her look like the perfect MILF. Nurse Becky was there in the room. Once he came there she started to sweat. Doc told him ‘X the matter is serious.

We have examined the supplement you gave yesterday, and the quality of the milk has been started to decline. Come take a look at it.’ She got up from her seat and walked him to the corner of her room. She opened a white cabin and took the transparent bottle and poured it to a test tube. Mr. X was closely watching this standing near to her. Nurse Becky was there behind them and was literally drooling seeing the doc pouring the supplement. She put a small blue color powder in it and a layer of the supplement became blue. ‘ See, it should not happen. Your supplement was perfect before. An excellent cream. Now it’s fading off. Also, see the color! It is white now. Though we call it a white supplement, the actual color should be off -white. That shows the richness of the cream.’ Mr. X had no idea about these and asked her what to do on this. ‘I will suggest something to have. Something natural. Before that, I need to check your latest secretion.’ she told him. ‘ Now I am not prepared to get something for a test. I need time and mood.’ He told her. ‘Where’s Lexy?’ Doc asked Becky. ‘Her shift is in the night starting from today.’ Becky told her. ‘Ah…she was the perfect person for this. Ok…do one thing, I have never given you a similar task. You help him with a hand. The bottle is over there. Get a sample for me and keep it on my table. I am going for the rounds.’

Winky Wanky

Becky was voiceless when she heard this. She almost dropped the files she had with her. Becky was almost 0 size lady. She was wearing a white uniform that reached till the knees. Her curves were not much noticeable. The fact is that Mr. X never looked her properly and here she is. Doc went outside leaving both of them behind. He went and sat on a bed there. Removed trousers down to his feet. He didn’t have an erection under his brief. She came near with a shivering hand and touched on his soft projection. She slowly closed her eyes and stayed there. ‘What are you doing?’ He asked her. ‘Sorry…ah…I have never thought this opportunity would come and hit me this early. You know how many nurses on the 17th floor are looking for this moment?’ she asked him. ‘I don’t know. Can you make me hard? So I could start shaking for you.’ he said. She almost fainted on that dialogue and pressed his manhood over the brief. He was wearing a grey color brief with a red band on the hip area with white color writings on it. ‘Shall I remove your brief?’ she asked. He nodded his head. She pulled it down. Since he was sitting on the bed, it didn’t come all the way down. It got stuck half way at his butts. She closed her mouth with her hand seeing the shaft lying down soft, waiting for a hand. The fact was that she was getting excited and he was not. She tried shaking him for a while and it didn’t work well. They changed positions from bed to chair and even the table. Dr. Stephanie came there after the rounds and saw they are still trying. ‘Tell me you are doing your 2nd round.’ she told them with a confused face. Mr. X told her ‘No, I am not hard. I told you, I need time and mood. I wasn’t expecting a CFNM’ Becky shocked at this statement and looked at him standing on her knees, still in the uniform. Doc looked at her and told her ‘You may go, Becky.’ Becky stood up bending her head down and slowly walked away with her files.


Once Becky left the room, Dr. Stephanie came near him and held the semi-erect shaft in her bare hands and came closer to him. She said, ‘there’s a receptionist in the insurance department at the 10th floor. She is the one who’s having the least work in the whole building. I met her recently in the coffee corner. I can tell you she has the healthiest butts in this building.’ Mr. X looked at Stephanie’s eyes. ‘She is not fat, but that whore’s butt can eat your f*cking shaft! Her body is not fit like Lexy, but you can eat a lot of flesh.’ she said. And she could feel his shaft growing in her hand. ‘ I can feel your shaft moving in my hand to get that slut. Wait here.’ saying this she took her hand off the shaft and called the reception on her iPhone. She left the room for a while and came back. By then he wore his briefs and trouser. But still, a bulge is visible through his trousers. ‘Take a coffee and go to room P 812. She would go there shortly. I have told her everything. She is an experienced lady. I had already given the bottle to her. Once things are done, don’t fill her with all you got. Keep something for the test. I need it to do further tests before we run out of stocks.’

He walked to the coffee corner and took an espresso. While he was sipping the coffee, he felt like someone was watching him from far. When he looked up, there was a tall lady, wearing a short blossom design dress that barely covered her curvy thighs. She slowly walked towards him. He liked the way her legs moved while she walked. She came close to him and slowly picked up the bottle from his table. He looked at her slightly raising his head. She smiled mischievously and walked away. That walk was the golden scene. He remembered Doc’s words “that whore’s butt can squeeze your f*cking shaft all the way till your balls!” he slowly nodded his head in agreement with the Doc.

After finishing the espresso, he stood up and walked to the lift. When he reached the 18th floor, he searched for P 812. He reached in front of the door and saw the sign?—?Vacant. He changed it to occupied and got inside. She was lying on the bed on her tummy. Her dress was barely covering her thighs. She slightly turned her head towards him and said my butts need a spin. And she stretched both hands to her thighs and slowly lifted her dress all the way to the hips. She was not wearing a panty. His eyes feasted her butts like he was hungry for a long time. He felt like a panty couldn’t properly cover her butts, as it was that big. And the fact that she was not fatty and still kept such a big ass is a wonder. He didn’t waste his time as he got the invitation. He got undressed and walked to the bed, and climbed on it. He measured her butt cheeks with his palms and gently squeezed. Then he parted the cheeks and placed and rubbed his shaft in the gap. She lifted her head from the pillow and felt the sensation in her body. ‘Ride my ass, I had been waiting for a turn to get with someone for so long. I had even imagined the accountant in the insurance office. To have some pleasure. To free me from this boring world. Now it’s you. I am happy it’s you. I had heard about you before. Let me walk in pride in front of those nannies on the 17th floor. Let me tell them, hs f*cking dick drove me from my back!’ That dirty invitation was enough for him to make his meat thick enough to push deep down in her butts. She moaned with pleasure. Then he started to swirl her butts with his dick in it. ‘Ah…you are a player. You know how to please a woman’ she said with a moaning voice. He increased the pace and then stopped it. Then started to ride her butts. Slowly he picked up the pace and held her hair with his left hand to make the perfect horse ride. After some time the sound of the drive became louder. Blup….blup…blup….blup… He didn’t stop. Her meaty ass swayed in his rigorous ride. He started to squeeze and slap on her butts like he was really riding the f*cking bull. ‘Ah…don’t stop….f*ck…f*ck….’ She yelled. He stopped it then, and woke up from the bed and walked towards the table. She didn’t understand why he stopped.

‘What happened?’ she asked him. He took the bottle from the table and told her. Shall I fill the bottle now?’ She got shocked. ‘No…no no no…’ she yelled and jumped from the bed and approached him. ‘I need more. I am not satisfied yet.’ she said. He acted like he is not ready to continue. She asked ‘What do you want? Don’t leave me like this. I had been looking for this for so long.’ Still, he didn’t say anything. ‘What you want? F*ck…tell me.’ She screamed and held his shaft tightly. ‘You know how to talk dirty to play with your butts. Now invite me to your mouth.’ She stood there for a second without saying anything. Then she pressed his shaft again and slowly kneeled down in front of him and said ‘ Don’t fill the bottle…fill me rather. You enjoyed my f*cking fat ass. Don’t you? Now I have a big mouth also. My mouth was dry for so long. Now I got the perfect f*cking dick. Slide it in my mouth. I shall drain it like your most expensive whore.’ saying this she placed her palms on his butt cheeks and pulled his hips to her mouth. He placed his right hand on top of her head and left hand, back of her head. He pulled her to his hips and closed the gap between his hips and her face. ‘Ummm…yummm…ummm…’ she murmured. He didn’t wait for a signal and suddenly started riding her mouth. ‘Let me ride that cherry red lips. That velvet soft tongue and wet throat. Take me to the ride deep in you. Bath my dick in your spit like a b*tch.’ He said. Slowly the sound of motion in her mouth started to increase, bloop…bloop…bloop. Soon his shaft thickened in her mouth. And at the peak, he fired loads of white cream in her. After a few spills, he released his shaft from her mouth and put it to the bottle. Still, he was able to fill it half the bottle. Once it is done. He asked her to get fresh. She went to the bathroom. He also went inside and washed his shaft and the outside of the bottle. She didn’t take a shower, rather cleaned herself gently and applied her red lipstick. ‘You are a f*cking hot meat again’ he told her in the bathroom. She looked him through the mirror and told him ‘that was an awesome ride. You still missed my sweet spot. When would you be coming for me?’ ‘I don’t know, maybe later, maybe not’ he said. She turned towards him and leaned on his bare chest and said ‘Oh…dear, don’t say so. I am so fed up there on my floor. My beefy butts are always for you to ride. Give me a long ride next time.’ He gave a short smile to that and left the room.


Mr. X went to the 24th floor and met the doc. He handed over the bottle to her. She took it and looked closely in it against the light. ‘One thing I can surely tell you before testing. The quality is decreasing. You may be great on the bed. You know the tricks to lift the spirits of women you play with. And they might too enjoy your cum. But the supplement we need for our hospital purpose needs more quality. See the color. It’s white. You would be thinking that’s the right color. Actually, it should be off-white. It gets that color from certain nutrients. For a quick start, you need to consume more wheat rich food. It adds the fat content in your cream. ‘ She said. He nodded his head. ‘I shall email you a detailed prescription on this.’ she said to him. ‘You look fabulous today! I guess, Danny had a great play last night.’ he told her with a wicked smile. ‘Oh…that was today morning. Danny always makes it before I need to go somewhere. mmm….’ she said with a sexy smile.

Cathy’s husband

Catherine’s husband came a week ago, before the new year and they had a blast. She had the best sex in a long time. She taught a lot of tricks that she learned from Mr. X. She was lying on her tummy caressing her husband’s short length chest hair. ‘I didn’t expect this much when you called me from the hospital. You learned everything like a whore.’ Cathy’s husband told her. ‘Oh, Kevin. You’ve no idea. It’s all that I have learned, and that’s not all of what I could. He’s a masterpiece.’ F*ck you should have met him. He doesn’t have a number to contact. I went to the hospital a couple of times thereafter and couldn’t meet. I tried to call Lexy also and she was not picking up. I am afraid if all those relationships are over.’ she told him. He gently patted her back with his right where she placed her head. His other hand pulled her towards him by pulling her butts. She gently ran her fingers from his chest to his tummy and then to his shaft. It was lying loose like the dead bananas. You need to wake your dick up. People need attention here. Hahaha…’ she laughed at him in a sexy way. He was having an average dick with no foreskin. Though she called it the bananas, she still feels couldn’t forget the real banana she saw and ate with satisfaction last year.

Lexy’s new adventure

‘You still have a sad face. Come on Lexy, cheer up.’ Betty told. ‘Uh…Betty, I can’t still understand why you became such a failure. An opportunity as thick as a banana came in front of your eyes and you tried some b***sh*t. He left you and took the lady from the Insurance. That f*cking bitch always had this way of walking and she never smiles. You know, she hates the 17th floor. And you gave him to that b*tch. I can’t think about it. Don’t talk to me’ Lexy told to Betty and walked away. Suddenly her iPhone rang, and it was Catherine calling. “Oh…dear I know you are calling for him. Even I lost him. How can I tell all these?” she told herself and finally attended the call. ‘Hey, Cathy. How are you sweet hear?’ ‘Great, you picked up. I was so worried that you don’t consider me anymore.’ Cathy said. ‘No…no no. Not like that. There are things that made me upset recently. That’s why dear.’ Lexy told her. ‘I will come over there now. We can talk. Whatever it is. You are my good friend.’ Cathy comforted her. Lexy felt a bit relaxed and said yes. After an hour or so Cathy reached the hospital. She and Lexy went to a Starbucks nearby and sat for a latte. Lexy asked about how she is doing and all. She told her about her husband’s return after the meeting and how they both are enjoying things that she learned from Mr. X. ‘Yaa…so that’s the reason I could see a glow on your face. You had put up a bit more weight I guess. I think one of the reasons you came here was to control your weight right?’ Lexy asked her. ‘Ah…yah…but I am happy at this. Probably the cream is making me fat again.’ Cathy said. ‘ummm….eating a lot of your husband? b*tch.’ Lexy said with a raised eyebrow.’ Cathy got blushed on that statement and said ‘Come on…who doesn’t want to eat when you have a dick in front of you? But…frankly, all that I have learned from him that day has been finished. I think I need to get a chance to meet him again. Do you see him nowadays?’ ‘Well Cathy, he still comes but his timings changed I guess. Dr. Stephanie is on a tour, so he doesn’t spend much time here. And lately, his interest has been shifted to the Insurance floor from the 17th floor.’ Lexy told with a sigh. ‘Why? What happened?’ Cathy became nervous. Lexy explained everything happened. ‘Ah…we both wanted him so badly, and that lucky b*tch stole him away…How many times you guys had…fun together?’ Cathy asked. Lexy looked at Cathy’s face with a smile and said ‘I didn’t count’ Cathy got excited and said ‘B*tch…f*cking b*tch…I didn’t know you were such a…ah’ both of them laughed loudly and then they noticed that others in the cafe are staring at them. They slowly moved out from there and walked outside to the parking. When Cathy reached near her car, she asked ‘Lex, we had a once discussed something which we abruptly stopped.’ Lexy understood what she was referring to. ‘Since you had been with him a lot, you know the stuff. Maybe you could enlighten us.’ Cathy told her while the wind was blowing on her face and she parted the hair from her face. Lexy looked at her eyes for some time. She had seen an inviting glow in Cathy’s eyes. ‘I shall come.’ Lexy said and hugged Cathy tight and went to the hospital.
The next day afternoon while Cathy was talking to a friend outside the grocery store, she got a text message on her iPhone. “Send me your location. I took off tonight.” Cathy read that with some kind of joy that she couldn’t explain. She bid bye to her friend saying that she forgot to buy something from the store. When she reached home she called her husband and asked him to come home early as she is expecting a guest at home. She didn’t tell him who’s coming. At 4.30 he came home and said ‘Honey, I am sorry, I thought I could come early, but couldn’t make it’ Cathy came with a smile and kissed her husband on his lips. He felt a difference in her. ‘What’s going on? Did your friend come?’ He asked. Cathy was wearing a semi-transparent white nighty. Her white lace bra and panties were hardly visible. ‘She didn’t come yet. She will be here in an hour.’ Cathy replied. ‘So…who’s this she? Is she someone I know?’ Kevin asked while removing his tie. ‘Yes, but you haven’t met her yet. Lexy’ she said. He paused for a moment and with a confused face, smiled and said, ‘Great, so we should celebrate. She hasn’t been here before.’ ‘Yes, we should.’ said Cathy with a wicked smile. He still looked confused at her smile and the dress she was wearing. He thought Lexy would be giving her a massage tonight. That’s why she would be coming. “Probably I could get a sneak peek when the two ladies play…ummm” he imagined, as he headed for a shower.

After the shower, he wore a yellow t-shirt and white shorts. He turned on music and sat on the couch checking facebook. Cathy was in the kitchen making the food ready for them. The doorbell rang. Cathy raised her head and walked slowly to the kitchen door to see Kevin attending the door. When he opened, there was a lady with black hair that reached till her shoulders, nicely cut in the front to fall it on her forehead. A black color spaghetti with small white dots all over it. The two strings hanging on her wide white shoulders are clearly showing the contrast of her skin color and the color of her dress. Her body structure was well visible through the dress which barely reached her knees. ‘Lexy.’ She said giving her shake. He stood for a second and shook her hand. It was a firm shake. Her hands were stronger than Cathy. ‘Come in, come in…we were expecting you.’ Kevin said. While she entered into the room, he could smell her perfume. It was not a costly perfume as he used to buy for Cathy. But it was so different from what he had sensed with others before. ‘Hey, Lex…’ Cathy came with her arms wide open to hug her. Lexy dropped her small purse on the table and hugged her tight. While they hugged Kevin noticed Lexy’s bra strings slightly displaced from here spaghetti. It was black too. “mmm….she might be wearing black panties too,” he told in his mind.
They had a great evening, talking about many things. Stories from her hospital, his workplace and many more. ‘It’s such a nice nighty you have got. I love it totally.’ Lexy told her. ‘Oh, dear…If you love it you can take it.’ said Cathy. ‘That wouldn’t help. All my bra and panties are dark colors. I don’t use white color ones. Black panties and bra in a white nighty like this would give the wrong idea to my roommates. Hahaha…’ Lexy said placing her drink on the table finishing her dinner. Kevin got a bit nervous when he heard the ladies talking their stuff in front of him.

Once they are done with the dinner, they all sat down at the couch. Lexy sat on a separate single couch. The remote was with Lexy. She was randomly switching the channels not giving attention to any specific channels. Cathy leaned her to Kevin’s shoulder. She slowly put her hand inside his t-shirt and caressed his chest. He was still thinking about why they are not leaving the room for their massage or whatever it is. He couldn’t take it longer. With all his guts, he looked at Lexy. She was sitting on the couch so that he will get a side view of her. Her black top was exposing her sexy thighs. Lexy realized and looked back at him. ‘Ah…you..so you brought the milk right?’ he asked with an unclear throat. Lexy looked at him with doubt with twitched eyebrows. Cathy also looked at his face, still keeping her head on his shoulder. He continued, ‘I mean the supplement.’ ‘No..no…it’s not easy to get the supplement like that.’ Lexy said in a low voice. He nodded his head and looked on the TV. ‘Are you guys saving bottles?’ Lexy asked looking, Kevin and Cathy. He got shocked at that question. Catherine said ‘Ah…we wanted to. I told him many times, but we couldn’t make it to the bottle. He always fills me instead.’ saying this she ran her finger from his chest to his shorts. Because of these open conversations, he started to sweat a little bit. And when she placed her hands on his shorts, he looked at Lexy. She was looking at Cathy and smiling gently. Catherine slowly started to embrace his semi-erect shaft through the shorts. Then she gently squeezed it in a rhythmic motion. Catherine started to behave like it was only two of them in the room. He kept looking at Lexy’s thighs in between and the squeeze from Catherine made him grow to full length inside. ‘You didn’t wear anything inside right?’ Catherine fired a hot question to him. ‘What?’ he asked. Catherine looked at him without asking it again. He said ‘no, nothing inside’ and looked at Lexy. She was looking at the TV like she has no business here.
Catherine woke up from the couch and held his left hand. ‘Come, I feel horny.’ He slowly stood from there. When he stood his projection was much visible on the shorts. Seeing that Lexy said in a sexy voice ‘get him fast Cathy before his sloppy pre-cum makes a spot on his shorts.’ This was the final nail in the coffin. He stared at her with some kind of lust at this point. And to his surprise, Lexy was looking right into his eyes, with a sexy smile. Catherine walked in front of him to the bedroom. On her way, she undid her nighty which eventually fell on the floor. He followed her like he got intoxicated. Catherine sat on their bed with her white bra and panties on. When he entered he moved to close the door. ‘Leave it, if Lexy needs something she doesn’t need to knock.’ Cathy said in a low voice. He left the door without blinking his eyes and approached Cathy. She slowly pulled his shorts down and his shaft sprang into life. He didn’t have much pre-cum as Mr. X had which was a disappointment for Cathy. But she proceeded to that long rod with her hand and gently squeezed and played. He had the urge to fuck her, but many things are running in his mind then. Then she slowly took his shaft in her mouth. Until that cold saliva touched his dick he was looking outside the room to see Lexy. When she started sucking, he closed his eyes and held her head with his hands and thrust her with much power and motion. Soon he came in her mouth. He climbed on the bed and undid her bra and panties and masturbated her clit for a long time until she felt like fucking again. Then he started caressing her white round shaking breasts. He sucked them like a mad man. ‘F*ck me…f*ck me Kevin.’ She cried scratching his bare back with her nails. He turned on top of her and tried to push his shaft in her. But it was not hard enough to get inside. ‘You need to be hard again.’ Catherine laughed and again she felt the urge for f*ck and she shook his hands by lying on her back, asking him to f*ck her again. He raised her both legs and tried to f*ck her in the missionary pose. Then Lexy walked into the room and asked ‘Cathy, could you please tell me where I can find the apple juice in Kitchen?’ He shocked and looked to his right, towards the bedroom door. He almost forgot the door was opened and another lady was sitting in the next room hearing their screaming and all. Catherine also looked quickly. ‘Uh…dear…it’s in the lower compartment of the fridge.’ Cathy told her. Lexy looked at Kevin in a sexy way and walked away. That look of her made him a bit harder. Catherine sensed it quickly. They cuddled again for some time and tried to get on fire. Then he slid away from the bed and stood near the bed and asked Cathy to suck him to make him hard. ‘Oh honey, I need you in me badly. I don’t have the energy to wake up and give you another blow. At this time Lexy came back with a glass of sparkling apple juice. She was walking behind him and he didn’t see her. As Lexy walked inside the bedroom she could see Kevin standing near the bed fully naked from the back.
His butt was not as big as Mr. X, but it was firm and there was literally no hair on his butts. When she came real close, Kevin quickly moved to a side. His dick was hanging down like a banana and he had no idea whether to cover it or not. She smiled looking at it and said ‘My apple juice is not strong enough for me to stay all night. Can you please stir my apple juice with your hanging meat?’ The electric waves passed in his heart was unexplainable. He didn’t do anything and looked at the glass in her hand. Catherine woke up a bit with a wicked smile. Lexy looked at Cathy. Cathy gave her a “go” smile. Lexy bends towards his shaft and put the glass close to his balls and took his shaft in her other hand and lowered it into the drink. He could see her bosom in its bloom hanging firmly with nice cleavage. She swirled his dick in her drink for some time. Seeing this Catherine started masturbating heavily. Lexy then stood up and looked at her glass. She could see some solvent moving in the drink. She smiled happily at it and winked her eyes at him. And then sipped a bit from the glass and walked back to the hall. That made him hard again. He looked at Cathy and she was dying there for a hard f*ck. He jumped back on to the bed and pulled Cathy and pushed his hard shaft in her. She was happy that she felt him real good this time. He drove her real hard. After some time, she came in and slowly her eyes closed in tiredness. He was still breathing as his shaft is still big in her and she felt tired and sleepy. He hasn’t come again. He slowly released his shaft from her and slid out of the bed. He took a towel from the table and wiped his sweat off from him. He could see the light in the hall. He walked to the hall shamelessly naked. He saw Lexy sitting on the long couch watching a wildlife channel on the TV. Her spaghetti was taken off already. She was wearing a black bra and black panties as he had imagined before. The empty glass could be seen on the table. ‘You drank it all?’ he asked with some confidence. ‘Long before itself.’ She said. ‘Why did you say before, that you need the drink strong enough to keep you awake all night?’ he asked with a pounding heart. She looked at his eyes sitting from the couch and slowly stood up from there and walked toward him. His breath started to increase. ‘I said so because when Catherine falls into deep sleep her man can f*ck another b*tch in the next room.’ His heart stopped for a second hearing that dirty statement. ‘F*ck!’ he yelled and grabbed her and kissed on her lips. Both of them exchanged a passionate kiss for some time. He caressed her butts with his right hand like he never touched one before. His left hand was barely covering her back. She guided it to her right breast and pressed his hands to squeeze her. His shaft got big enough to explode. She caressed his balls with her left hand. After some time they broke the kiss. ‘I was expecting a black panty under that spaghetti.’ he said in a wicked way. She undid her bra and threw it on the couch. She removed her panties and gave it to him. He smelled it like a mad man. When he looked at her, she walked to the bedroom. He walked behind her and said, ‘Cathy is sleeping there.’
‘So what? You can’t f*ck me in her room. She only invited me here.’ telling this Lexy walked inside the bedroom. He could see her tight ass moving steadily. It attracted him like a magnet to the bedroom. Once he entered the room, he felt like he is totally in a different world. His wife is lying naked on the bed. She was a bit plumpy now. And there is a bold white lady standing naked in the same room. She sat on the bed and invited him. He came closer. ‘The apple drink was sexy. I loved the secretion of your meat. Totally eatable for me’ she said in an ultimate sexy voice. He couldn’t tolerate it started wanking his shaft near her mouth. ‘Don’t keep it in your hand.’ saying that she leaned forward and closed the gap between her head and his hips. She sucked him hard and when he was about to cum, she took his shaft outside and pressed on a particular spot on his penis. Suddenly his urge of cumming went away. He was shocked to see this. ‘What did you do?’ He asked in excitement. She smiled at him and said. ‘I am a nurse. I know where to touch. Now get on me and fuck me like your wife. You can still last for a long time since I pressed on it.’ His eyes sparkled in excitement. He jumped on to the bed and pulled her to missionary pose. He rode her for a long time and then cummed in an ultimate scream. Gradually he fell on top of her.

Continues in the 3rd edition of White Supplement.

Let me know your thoughts.

Hugs, Kisses and a glowing lipstick on your lips?—?Mr. X

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