Careful What You’re Dreaming


I have quite a bit of time on my hands. I have not held a job since I was fresh out of college. The man I married did so well in his career that I opted to stay home and raise our children. I have no regrets about that choice since my two boys have turned out very well. The youngest is a successful lawyer, recently made a partner and placed in charge of the Appeals Division of his firm. The older son went into computers after graduation but ended up moving to England after a massive retrenchment by the company he worked for. Who knows how they would have turned out if they’d been latch key kids?

What I do regret is the man I married. He recently went through a midlife crisis he resolved by running off with one of his secretaries. I don’t know how he decided which one, perhaps he tossed a coin. My older son in England has been after me to visit him and my younger son has offered to pay the round trip air fare so I’ve decided to accept their offers and see a little bit of the world, especially since I have very little else to do and my lawyer son can easily afford it.

A friend told me that I can get a passport photo a lot cheaper at a drugstore than at the regular passport photo places and I have a very frugal nature, possibly as a result of my Scots heritage so I entered the drug store at the closest shopping center and this delightful young girl was very helpful in explaining the procedures to me and offered a lot of very good advice since she had apparently done some traveling

While I was waiting for her to go through all the steps to get my passport finished, I noticed a lady come in and browse around the pain relief section of the store. She did not appear to be in any particular hurry until she finally decided on a brand of headache medicine and approached the check out stand.

She huffed around a while and then said to the young lady who was helping me, “Excuse me but could you ring up this purchase? I am in quite a hurry.”

I could tell the young clerk was embarrassed by the woman’s rude behavior but she replied with admirable patience, “as soon as I finish with this customer I’ll be right with you.”

The woman literally exploded in her exasperation and went screaming for the manager. I saw a trace of worry in the young girl’s face as she looked at me; apparently the store had no established procedures to cover this situation.

Soon the irate lady returned with the mild little store manager in tow but she didn’t complain about what had actually occurred. No, she was busy berating the manager for allowing his salespeople to come to work dressed in such outrageous attire. Her shorts were too little and too tight and she obviously was not wearing any sort of undergarment under her loosely hanging top.

“Decent people will not patronize a store where the employees are allowed to come to work nearly naked.” The woman fumed, apparently intent upon causing trouble for the young girl in however manner she could while completely ignoring the severe time constraints she had previously claimed to be under.

The store manager was in a quandary trying to decide what to do.

I don’t understand how businesses are run today. If the store had a dress code, the girl was either within the code or not and if she was not, that should have been decided at the beginning of her shift. If the store had no dress code, the girl could not be accountable for violating a rule that did not exist.

“Excuse me, Sir,” I said to the manager, “but this woman came in here and dawdled around for some time choosing a headache product and then came to the counter demanding that this girl drop what she was doing and wait on her first. This girl behaved in a very professional manner and I’m sure in accordance with your established procedures and politely replied that she would be right with her as soon as she finished with me. That’s what the old biddy is upset about and this complaint has nothing to do with her clothes.”

“Well, I never… ” said the woman and promptly left the store with her intended purchase still on the counter.

The manager thanked me for my intervention and went back to whatever store managers do after a crisis is resolved.

The girl thanked me with honest feeling after he left. She finished up cutting and pasting my photo and even included some extra copies. “Is there anything else I can do for you?” she asked with such innocent candor that I was stricken with a strange feeling, almost a sensuous feeling.

“Perhaps you can help me find some sort of carry on bag for the plane. I’m not sure I have anything suitable.” I had to think of something to keep her from ushering me out the door with the unaccustomed feelings raging inside me.

She pointed to one of the upper shelves and said, “We have these camera cases that might be ideal.”

She placed one of her trim and gorgeous legs on the counter under the shelves in order to reach the cases and when I saw the way her ass filled out her shorts, I immediately decided that I really needed to take a look at one of those camera cases. The bottom of one of her provocative ass cheeks was almost visible the way her shorts agrı escort rode up when she lifted her slender leg. The well toned muscles in her gorgeous thighs were driving me to distraction and I was having a difficult time remembering how to breathe.

She posed so prettily for me that I fervently wished I had a camera to record the beauty I was absorbing like Texas black land soil welcomes the rain. My enthralled vision moved up her beautiful back bared up to the single tie at her shoulders that held the top in place. Her obviously unfettered breast stood in profile and thrust forward in a heartbreaking curve that caused my cunt to seep in moisture.

Suddenly I was awash in memories of many young girls I knew in college and the naughty things we did to one another in that exploratory time in our lives when we reached out and tried to encompass what life had to offer. I was tinged with regret that I had not been even more open and pursued more of the opportunities I had when I was young.

I found some solace in the certainty that if I had chased after every sexy set of tits that I saw in college, I would never have married my husband and would never have known the joy of my two fine sons. I probably would not even be going to England and would not have needed the passport photo that had caused me to be exposed to this delectable vision of loveliness.

Her cheerful face soon dissolved into a look of complexity. “Do you want to see the camera case?”

“Oh, yes, I’m sorry I must have drifted off. You know they say the mind is the first thing to go but that’s really not true. And I suppose I will need one of those cases, can you get it down?”

“If you come around the counter and help me. What is the first thing to go?”

I eagerly swung around the counter and stood as close to her as I could. “You’re much too young for me to be talking about it.”

“I’m older than I look, a lot older.”

I very nearly lost control of myself when she reached over to lean on my shoulder as she swung up on her knee onto the counter under the shelves. “So you mean by a lot that you might be twenty six and look twenty?”

“Well I ‘m not quite twenty six but most people think I’m eighteen. Anyway, if it’s about sex, I’m definitely old enough and I could probably tell you a few things you don’t know.” With both hands up to lift the case, she said, “Grab a hold, I’m about to fall.”

My hands went up to grab her and landed, by accident or design, right on the fullest and softest part of her round behind. She just stayed there with me holding her, neither trying to get up or climb down, as though she didn’t object in the least to the way I was touching her. She confirmed this by saying, “I’ll give you just an hour and a half to get your hands completely off my ass.”

Not knowing what else to do, I giggled like a second grader. “So you could tell me a few things about sex?” I asked as I slowly helped her back to the floor. My hands brushed against the bare part of her lower back and I felt a sensual thrill I haven’t experienced in many years. When she bent over to get a large sack for the case, it was all I could do to keep from humping against her blue jeaned behind. “I’m sure there are lots of things I don’t know. I’m sure I don’t know what young girls like you do for fun after they get off work.” I was shocked myself by the question that seemed to have just erupted spontaneously from somewhere deep inside my mind or maybe it came from my hands still tingling from holding her delicious ass .

“We do lots of things. Why, are you asking me out on a date?” She said, looking directly into my face to study my reaction.

“I definitely am. What time do you get off work?” I went for it despite feeling very foolish for even imagining such a thing,

“I didn’t say I would. I’ve had dates with girls before but never with an older woman. What would you want to do?”

“That’s what I’m trying to find out, what you do for fun.”

“What kind of car do you drive?”

“A Mustang right now but I can change it this afternoon if you have a strong preference.”

“There’s no need for you to play so hard to get. I’ve already decided I owe you something for saving me from that velociraptor that came in here looking for some fresh blood.”

“I was just a casual observer.”

“Yeah, well a lot of people are casual observers who remain very casual when it comes to confrontations to help somebody.”

“I was afraid they’d make you go home and put on a Mother Hubbard dress and I couldn’t look at your nice tushy in those sexy shorts.”

“So that’s why you wanted me to turn around and reach up for the camera case, huh? You have no intention of buying it.”

“Oh, yes, I do need it. I want to buy it.”

“You don’t have to.”

“What do they give you a reverse commission for saving befuddled old ladies from making extravagant purchases? What a nice concept for a retail store. It’s been tried by others but they only stayed in business for a few hours.”

“Oh, all right, buy the damn thing!” she laughed, “and I was going to ask you what color escort ağrı your car was but I’m afraid you’d have it down to the body shop for a new paint job if I didn’t react with the proper enthusiasm.”

“It’s a yellow convertible and I’d love to see what it looked like with your long mane flowing out over the back seat.”

“My shift ends at six,” she said thoughtfully as she punched in the numbers to ring up my purchases and process my credit card.

“I’ll see you then,” I said as she handed me the sack. My hand touched her hand briefly, but enough to awaken feelings I’m not sure I ever experienced before. “You do want me to come by? You know you don’t really owe me anything.” I guess I was grasping for reassurance.

“I’ll see you at six. Now be a good girl and go, before I get fired for spending so much time with you.”

I left the store, passport and camera bag in hand but I’m not sure my feet ever touched the ground. I was so excited; it was like the most far-fetched fairy tale that could be imagined. Why would she do that, go out with a woman twice her age? I had no notion what I was going to do, what girls did together. That’s when the panic struck. I had just rushed into this thing without thinking. I wish I had someone to talk to. Do they have emergency counseling services for doddering old fools who jump into alternative life styles at my age?

Maybe it wasn’t even an alternative life style. Maybe she was just being friendly to a woman she felt like had helped her out of a little jam. My goodness, what was I going to do? How was I going to act? What if I touched her and she reacted like I was crazy?

I don’t know how I got through the rest of the afternoon. I somehow managed not to have my car painted or to trade it in. I searched through every closet trying to decide what I should wear. I was so keyed up I jumped at every sudden sound. My telephone rang and I was hanging on to the ceiling by my fingernails and toenails. It was just another telephone solicitor, like three fourths of the calls I receive. Who pays for all that and what do they get from it? Surely nobody buys anything because of a randomly selected phone call.

I did get through it. I was sitting in my car dressed in the best clothes I owned and also the sexiest, waiting for her outside the store. My heart fluttered every time the door opened, and finally surged when I recognized her in her tie-died looking top, her short blue jean shorts, and her sandals with the mind-numbing straps wound around her magnificent calves.

I tapped the horn and she looked over with the most radiant smile I’d ever seen, maybe she was glad that I was there. I survived another few attacks of panic as she walked over and climbed into my car. She greeted me and leaned back against the seat, spreading her thighs wide despite my arrested vision. I could not tear my eyes away. She even rested her hand palm down on the inside of one of her full, gorgeous thighs.

“Where do you want to go?” I managed to croak through my suddenly malfunctioning throat.

“You’re dressed so nice we better go by my place so I can change, don’t you think?”

“My name is Shirley,” I said, realizing I’d never introduced myself.

“I’m so glad to know you,” she replied with such casual ease that I was almost able to relax a little. “I am Diana and you need to get out on 635 and get on the northbound.”

She continued to give directions in plenty of time for me to move into the proper lane and make the appropriate turns. We drove through hundreds of acres of apartment complexes. I would never be able to find her particular complex again. When I found a place to park and we walked through a winding route to her building, I had no idea how I would ever even find my car again without her aid.

I followed her up some outside stairs into and down a corridor and suddenly she stopped in front of her apartment door and handed me her key. I felt rather strange taking the key and unlocking the door. It was as though she was defining roles and I was barely aware that we were in a play, I certainly didn’t know I was cast in the male lead.

“Do you live here alone,” I asked, trying not to sound as nervous as I felt.

“Not hardly,” she replied, “no one can afford Dallas housing on a single income, unless they’re a CEO or something. I have two roommates and they are sort of a couple but I join in sometimes when they’re in the mood to share.”

A hot flash suddenly ran up my spine as I realized I was in very uncertain waters. I had never even been around people who talked that frankly about such intimate details of their lives. “You mean you… “

“I suck their pussies or their strap-ons, depending on the mood we’re in and they suck mine. What did you think girls living together did?”

I thought about how long and how ardently I had worked to get my husband to do down on me the first time and how long I waited for the second and last time, yet these girls did it to each other just because they happen to be in the mood. “I guess I’ve never had much reason to think about it. Are we going to….?”

“We don’t ağrı escort bayan need to develop an itinerary, we’re just going to chill and see what happens. I don’t know how the others will react to you. None of us has ever brought home someone like you before.”

By that time we were in the living room and I was clutching my purse like a tourist. Diana was releasing the tie at her back and letting her top slide off her shoulders as she left the living room to enter her bedroom. I didn’t know if I was supposed to follow her any further or not.

“There’s a bar there by the television. Fix yourself something to drink and make me a scotch and water,” she hollered to me. At least she was telling me what to do. I was so confused like I was inching along in a wading pool and suddenly stepped off a steep drop off. I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could; I dreaded the thought of confronting her roommates who I was by now imagining them to be depraved perverts. I probably would have fled if I had any notion that I could ever find my car. Then the rattle of the front door and a young, attractive girl walked in and stopped abruptly when she saw me at the bar.

“Hello,” she said. “I didn’t know we had company or I would have at least combed my hair a little bit.” She smiled at me like there was nothing strange about me being there.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m Shirley. I just met Diana today.”

“I’m Beth. Are you fixing drinks? I could use a gin and tonic right now.”

Her casual, friendly attitude helped put me at ease. I fixed Diana and her and a drink made one for myself as I managed to calm down considerably. I may have been among strangers and knowing nothing about how to act but at least they didn’t seem to be a pack of predatory sharks. They were just normal people. Another young girl came in about the time Diana emerged from her bedroom and we were introduced. Her name was Alice and she was a little larger than the others. Not fat, she just had a larger frame and she was decidedly more masculine in her manner. She fixed her own drink and plopped down on the couch beside Beth, crossing her ankle over her knee, the way a man does. She was a bit less cordial, more stand-offish, and more intimidating that Diana or Beth.

Diana had changed into another set of shorts but they must have been considerably altered because the legs were cut up to the middle of her hips with just a thin strip of cloth, the seam actually, running between her thighs. I gasped when I saw her from the rear. The shorts were cut up to the middle of her asscheeks and a good portion of each buttock was struggling to emerge from the bottom. My asshole clenched spasmodically at the sight, especially when she bent over to refresh her drink. Her top was a strapless strip of cloth that just inadvertently covered her tits. I was becoming somewhat delirious.

“What are we going to do about groceries?” Alice inquired during the first lull in the conversation as Diana finished explaining the circumstances of our meeting.

“Why don’t we just order something delivered?” Beth suggested.

“Chinese or pizza,” Diana asked as she picked up the phone, apparently the vote had been tabulated in her head.

“Let Shirley decide.” Beth conceded. “She’s company.”

“I’d prefer pepperoni.” I said because I didn’t care much for Chinese food. I wonder if any Mexican places do deliveries.

“I’m going to get out of these work clothes while we’re waiting,” Beth announced.

“Sounds like a good idea,” Alice agreed and went with her. I suppose they shared the other bedroom.

“Do you want to wait in my room?” Diana asked me.

I struggled with the decision for about three seconds and rose to my feet in answer and followed her into her bedroom. There were no chairs so I perched on the edge of her bed. She came over and stood in front of me, very close, very seductively, very conducive to whatever crossed my mind. I reached around her and my hands once again enclosed her asscheeks, this time all but bare. The contact with her ass radiated massive waves of erotic thrills throughout my body as I rubbed her firm butt. She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face into her bare midriff. My tongue erupted from my mouth and began laving her smooth, toned stomach while flashes of intense arousal inundated my passion racked body.

Diana reached under my chin and undid the button if her shorts. The zipper lowered itself from the pressure of the tightness of her pants. Pressure on the top of my head indicated she wanted my mouth lower. I followed our instincts until my mouth was on her hairless pubes. God, I had no idea people could be subjected to such intense emotions and somehow manage to survive the sensations.

Between the two of us her pants were gradually worked down to mid thigh and I was able to get my mouth on her puffy, girlish lips, My tongue thrust rapaciously in and out of her pussy and I gathered her clit into my mouth and sucked with all the fervor and gratitude that I felt to be so close to her. She spread her thighs as far as the shorts would permit and her hips thrust forward and back, grinding her cunt into my my eager mouth. I could have sucked on her until doomsday but she suddenly stepped back and shoved her shorts to her ankles. One foot stepped out of them and she planted it on the bed and pushed her pussy again into my face, screaming, “Suck it, suck it, you nasty slut!”

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