Castro And Jace


“Get the fuck out, Castro!” Jace screamed at me, sending a plate my way.

“No! This is my house, and I’m not leaving!” I yelled, dodging the plate. Jace was glaring at me now. All this started cause I came home late from work and was accused of cheating, when actually I was high off my ass. Worse, I know.

“I’m not leaving either. I live here too. I don’t care anymore if you cheated. Just know you and I are over now, Castro.” Jace said, a tear sliding down her cheek. I looked at her like she went insane.

“Baby, please…We can work this out,” I pleaded, but all she did was shake her head.

“Leave me alone, Castro.” Jace sighed, then walked into our room. Guess I’d be taking the couch for the night.

*Flashback: First time Castro and Jace met*

Castro was walking hurridly to the front door of the Motor shop. On her way in, she bumped into someone. Castro looked up.

“Oh, hey. Sorry. Didn’t see you there.” Castro muttered, glancing at the girl she bumped into, before walking away.

“Hey, wait! Is that all? Just aksaray escort one simple sorry?” The girl Castro bumped into, screamed after her. Castro whirled around and gasped at the beautiful girl she saw in front of her. She had black wavy hair past her shoulders, greenish blue eyes, a beautiful face, and a smirk on her lips.

“Ok,miss. I am so terribly sorry for bumping into you, but I must go now and talk to the owner of this store.” Castro said with a smirk.

“I’ll have you know, I am the owner of the store.” The girl smiled. “My name is Jace. Now get out.” Jace grinned.

“G-g-get out?? But I haven’t even talked to you yet!” Castro replied.

“Ah okay. What do you need to talk to me about?” Jace said. Castro looked outside and then back at Jace.

“I’d like to buy that red motorcycle out front.” Castro answered. Jace raised an eyebrow.

“They 50,000$ one?”


“Alright follow me.” Jace said walking to the front desk. Castro followed.

After she bought the motorcycle, aksaray escort bayan Castro left a piece of paper with her number on it.

“Call me” She told Jace.

*End of flashback*

I smiled at the flashback. I rememebered when Jace called me, admitting she was a lesbian and felt extremely attracted to me, even though Jace tried to kick me out of her store.

I settled onto the couch with a blanket and pillow and fell asleep.


“Castro! Why the fuck is there a plate on the floor?” Jace screamed in my ear. I groaned loudly, hating being awoken so early.

You threw it remember?” I said groggily. Jace glared at me and then went to clean the plate.

I got up and went to go change out of my clothes from last night. I threw on a Katy Perry t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. Completeing my outfit with a pair of red supras.

I walked into the kitchen and found Jace making herself some breakfast. I snuck up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, and kissed her escort aksaray neck.

“Castro, dont.” She said, trying to pull away. I pushed her gently into the corner, and looked at her.

“I never cheated on you Jace. I can tell you what I did but you got to promise to not get mad at me. I love you, Jace. I want us to work. Please. I never cheated.” I said, a tear falling down my cheek.

“Alright, Castro. Tell me whats fucking kept you at work so late!” Jace yelled. I winced at the loudness.

“I’ve been smoking.” I replied. Jace looked like she was gonna kill me.

“Smoking?! Thats it?! You come home late cause your smoking?!” Jace screamed, shoving me away. I grabbed her again.

“I’ve been smoking weed and when I get high I don’t realize certain things.” I muttered.

“Weed? Why didn’t you just tell me, Castro?” Jace sighed. “I mean its not legal but its not really unhealthy.”

“Can we please work this out, Jace?” I pleaded. Jace leaned in and pecked me on the lips.

“We can try, babe.” She smiled, softly. I smiled back and then sat cross legged on the floor of the kitchen.

“Castro..what are you doing..?” Jace laughed. I looked up at her and started rolling around on the floor like a five year old. Jace burst out laughing.

“Are you high now??” She said in between laughter. I laughed too and replied with no.

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