College Roommates Ch. 03: After Summer


This is after summer Dominique and Rachel had issues and now we see Dominique’s side of the relationship.


It took a few weeks but I was feeling better about being back. Rachel was always on my mind but I could go days without feeling like my heart was trampled on now instead of hours. One night I couldn’t sleep, thinking about her and the many hours we spent lying awake talking about our dreams and our futures and our beliefs and just everything about the world. I got out of bed and went for a walk. I walked around the entire campus and even went down to the track to lie on the grass and stare up at the stars. Walking back to my dorm I heard music. It was faint and it was a guitar gently strumming. My heart pounded in my chest and I ran trying to find where it was coming from. I knew there had to be hundreds of people on campus with guitars who could play music but something told me this wasn’t just anyone. And that’s when I rounded the corner and saw her sitting on the stoop to my dorm. Her guitar was on her lap and she had a big hoodie on and some pajama pants. I just watched her and listened.

“I have spent nights with matches and knives, leaning over ledges only two flights. Hurting my heart burning my soul, with nothing left to hold. Nothing left, but the blood and the fire. You have spent nights thinking of me. Missing my arms but you needed to leave, leaving my cuts leaving my burns hoping I’d learn. But blood and fire are too much for these restless arms to hold and my nights of desire they’re calling me back to your hold. And I’m calling you, calling you from ten thousand miles away, won’t you wet my fire with your love baby?” I slowly walked toward her being as quiet as possible, and it wasn’t until I was in front of her did she realize I was there. She looked up at me her eyes puffy and wet. “I am looking for someone who can take as much as I give and give back as much as I need you know if they still have the will to live. I am intense I am in need I am in pain, I am in love and I feel forsaken you know like the things I gave away!” she stood up then walking toward me, “But blood and fire are too much for these restless arms to hold. But my nights of desire they’re calling me back to your hold and I’m calling you, calling you from ten thousand miles away! Won’t you wet my fire with your love, baby? I am intense I am in need I am in pain, I am in love. You know, and I am intense I am in need I am in pain, I am in love! I am intense I am in need I am in pain, I am in love! And blood and fire are too much for these restless arms to hold and my nights of desire they’re calling me back to your hold! And I’m calling you, calling, from ten thousand miles away! Won’t you wet my fire with your love, babe? Won’t you wet my fire with your love, baby? Wet my fire with your love,” she slid her guitar around to her back and took a deep breath stepping toward me.

I just stood there staring at her my eyes fixed on hers. I couldn’t tell what my expression was but my heart was pounding in my chest. She reached out to grab my hand and I literally almost collapsed at her touch my body tingling all over. I felt my tears pouring down my cheeks and I yanked her into my arms hugging her tight. My nostrils flared as I inhaled that scent I grew to love all last year. She sniffled wiping her eyes pulling back to look at me.

“I was so stupid! I thought you were done with me, I thought our fighting and problems were the end of it all. I thought not talking to you would solve everything and help me move on. I thought that’s what we needed! I hate myself for what I did to you, and I can understand if you hate me too! Because I do, I hate myself! I counted the days it had been since I heard your voice, or talked to you at all. I counted! I just wanted you to know I’m sorry and if you don’t want me back I understand I do, I’m not asking for that I just wanted you to know that I-” I cut her off grabbing her arms tight pulling her to me, my lips crushing hers. We were both still crying, our hands and arms trying desperately to pull us closer. We were crushed together, kissing each other passionately.

I pulled away and took a deep steadying breath my body feeling like it finally was able to take a breath. I held her face in my hands and smiled. “I love you,” I whispered and her eyes went wide a smile slowly pulling up her lips. She wiped her nose and sniffled tucking her hair behind her ears. She glanced down at the ground and I could see a bigger smile on her face. My heart pounded against my chest my body feeling warm all over. It was like one of those morning of Christmas feelings seeing her smile like that again.

“I love you too,” she breathed and I felt my legs give out then and I just fell. It was all too much, like a huge weight was removed from my shoulders and my body just gave out from relief and exhaustion. She dropped down to her knees shaking me. “Hey! Dom you okay?!” she put her hand to my forehead and I held it there artvin escort enjoying how soft her skin was against mine.

“I’m more than okay, I’m great. I just,” I sighed and put her hand to my cheek taking another deep breath. It was as if my body was waking up from a deep sleep. “I feel like I can breathe again,” I reached up and held her cheek my thumb brushing across her lips. I felt her tongue dart out and poke it and we both laughed then. God it felt good to hear her laugh too!

“Let’s go inside,” she offered helping me up. She wrapped her arm around my waist and I rested mine around her shoulders afraid to let her go. We snuck into my room quiet so we didn’t wake up Rebecca. She set her guitar down on my desk and we stripped down into our t-shirts and underwear. She crawled into my bed then snuggling up with me. Our bodies curved together our legs twisting in each other. She was so warm and soft. I pressed my nose to the top of her head holding her tight never wanting to let go again. Soon enough we fell asleep.

I woke up and Rebecca was sitting at her computer desk arms crossed glaring at me. I looked down and saw Rachel sound asleep gently snoring. She was so cute! I looked back up at Rebecca who was now tapping her foot.

“What are you even thinking?!” she demanded whispering angrily. I sighed looking back down at Rachel pushing her hair out of her face. She stirred slightly her arms clutching me tighter. I smiled then looked back at Rebecca.

“I love her,” I whispered not in the least bit sorry.

“She’s going to hurt you again!” she argued jabbing her finger at her. “She disappeared on you, with no say so or nothing! And she thinks she can come crawling back to you!?!” Rebecca demanded and I felt my smile go away slowly. I don’t understand why she wasn’t more supportive. She knew I wanted to get Rachel back.

“You didn’t see how sorry she was,” I whispered and Rebecca rolled her eyes.

“I’d be sorry if my ex was smoking hot, the most amazing person in the world, and I decided to leave that! Doesn’t mean I deserve to be taken back!” she said pleading with me to rethink my choice. A gentle snore came out of her nose and I shrugged at Rebecca looking back down at her.

“I love her, I can’t help but forgive her,” I sighed feeling confused, happy, and devastated all at the same time. I laid back down closing my eyes trying to relax ignoring Rebecca’s grumbling. Rachel started stirring then and I let her go so she could stretch. Her lips smacked then and she rubbed her eyes sitting up.

“Morning,” she mumbled, her sleepy face so adorable. I sat up enough to kiss her and Rebecca scoffed. Rachel took a deep breath then turned to face the wrath of my cousin.

“Sleep well?” she demanded her eyes wild. Rachel sat up and turned to face her. Rebecca stood up and started pacing. “What? Did you think you could just show up unannounced not talking to her for months and thinking everything would be fine? Thinking you could come crawling back and she would just accept you?!” Rebecca demanded and I winced feeling the memories flooding back of all the pain. I looked at Rachel’s back aching to feel everything we used to. Wanting to start over. But we had to get past this. I knew that much. “You think we’re just going to forgive you?! Do you think you deserve any of this?! You can’t just barge into someone’s life just as abruptly as you did when you left! Do you know how much pain you have caused her?! She was just getting better too! She was finally happy again after what you did!” Rebecca pointed at her, her face livid. Rachel sat silently taking it all. “Are you so entitled you think you deserve her love? You ran away from the most amazing person in the world and here you sit thinking you can just waltz back into her life! Do you even know how horrible you are?!”

“Yes,” Rachel whispered staring at Rebecca. That stumped her. I stared at the back of her head shocked as well. “Since we got on campus and she texted me where her room was I would walk over here late at night every night. I would bring my guitar and sit on the stairs strumming it until lord knows when. I would sing hoping she would hear me and come out and I could at least apologize and,” she took a deep breath and I heard her sniffling, “if she didn’t forgive me or if she didn’t want me back I would accept it. I even told her I expected nothing from her, just that I wanted to let her know I loved her and that I was sorry,” I saw her shoulders shaking and I listened to her cry. I wanted to comfort her but I wanted her to get it all out first.

“So what? What do you expect from her now?” Rebecca asked, acting like a mom. I sat up then and Rebecca shook her head at me basically telling me to let her be until she got everything off her chest.

“Nothing,” she admitted then she sighed and wiped her face on her arm. “I expect nothing because I deserve nothing. I was having separation issues, escort artvin that have been ingrained in me since I was little. I lost the most important person in my life when I was 8 and I couldn’t go through that again. So instead of dealing with the pain and suffering of not having her around, or feeling like she may be leaving me I pushed her away. I fought myself constantly and ended up fighting with her. I destroyed everything we spent a year building because I was too afraid of it being destroyed or lost because of something else. It was easier to try and end it or get her to want to hate me instead of dealing with the idea that maybe one day she would actually be gone,” she started sobbing and my heart broke. Rebecca looked off to the side her arms still crossed but all the anger gone. I hugged Rachel then, unable to stand her crying. I pulled her tight to my chest and she curled up against me weeping relentlessly.

“I think she was hurting more than you were,” Rebecca surrendered and I looked up at her in shock. Rebecca walked over to me and kissed my forehead then she grabbed her keys and stepped out of the room to give us a minute. Rachel continued to cry and I rubbed her back waiting for her to calm down.

“I’m so, so sorry!” she blubbered sobbing relentlessly. It didn’t seem like there would be an end so I pushed her up to force her to look at me.

“I know you are! I didn’t blame you. I didn’t stop loving you. I wasn’t even mad. Not for a minute! I was confused and hurt! But it all makes sense now,” I smiled wiping her tears away. She pouted and sniffled.

“Rebecca’s right, I don’t deserve you!” she sniffled and I shook my head laughing softly.

“Too bad, because you’re stuck with me,” I whispered and she laughed her tears slowing. God it was wonderful being able to comfort her again. She took a deep breath and her face got serious.

“I know we can’t pick up where we left off at the end of last year, but, I want to get back to that,” she admitted with a soft smile and I nodded feeling so overwhelmingly happy. I stroked her cheek and she felt my stomach knotting up. God she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I felt my body burning up having her so close to me. I leaned toward her my eyes closing. Our lips met and it sent heat waves through my body. We kissed slowly, our hands staying very tame. It was so sweet and soft, her lips so plump and warm. I got up on my knees and she laid back letting me get on top of her. Out of all the people I’ve ever been with she was the only one who truly got me this high by just looking at me and kissing me. It was like she was meant for sex, like her true calling was just to be intimate and loving. It was apart of her. It drove me insane!

“Take it slow, right?” I whispered against her lips and I felt her shudder. I watched as her eyes rolled back my hand pushing up under her shirt. I learned that her favorite thing was the feeling of my fingertips one her skin so I took full advantage of that just tracing her skin softly my lips brushing back and forth against hers. Her back arched as my fingers teased up under her boob and I bit my lip loving how silky smooth her skin was. I ran my fingers over her nipple feeling how hard it already was. She gasped and bit her lip. I was mesmerized by her.

“Slow,” she moaned and I felt my spine tingle at the sound of her voice. She always sounded like a little mynx when she was turned on. Her voice purring and sultry and she almost always moaned when she was talking. It was sexiest fucking thing and indescribable. “Dominique,” she murmured as my lips sucked on her neck gently. I felt my legs tingling my back burning up. She rarely said my full name, and she only used it when she was completely in bliss. I heard it a few times at all last year and every time it was exhilarating. My hand continued tracing lines all over her body and I slid down her body getting to the waistband of her underwear. I gently nibbled on her earlobe my fingers playing with her underwear softly, knowing that teasing her did way more than actually pleasing her. She moaned her hips twitching her arms wrapping around my body. We rolled onto our side and I ran my tongue up her neck to her chin kissing her softly working my lips to hers.

“I love you,” I whispered my lips against hers. She gasped her lips parting slightly. I let my tongue tease her lips softly flicking them gently, barely tracing them. Her hands found their way into my hair and it was my turn to lose my mind. She was practically massaging my scalp, she even traced along the design I shaved on the left saved, our lips molding around each other our tongues swirling in an erotic dance. I pushed my hand down further into her underwear and she trembled in anticipation. My fingers were just making it to her beautiful sex when we heard the lock on the door clicking and turning. She pulled away immediately and I sighed flopping onto my back. “Our fucking artvin escort bayan luck,” I grumbled and she snickered as Rebecca walked in with some food from the mess hall.

This always fucking happened. I remembered back to the first weekend we really tried exploring our feelings for each other it was almost as though the universe didn’t want us to accomplish anything because people kept interrupting. And now we were trying to get back to that and here we are again, being interrupted. This was going to drive me insane.

“Sorry to go all psycho killer on you earlier,” Rebecca apologized and Rachel laughed it off saying she did deserve it. They sat for a while talking and catching up on everything. I was just listening eating a bagel mindlessly.

“So, I have been taking music classes and my instructor wants me to try out for that competition that is held around Christmas time. Apparently she thinks I’m a rare talent,” she shrugged and I sat up smiling.

“Well your voice basically sounds like sex when you sing,” I wanted to make her embarrassed. She pursed her lips threw a napkin wad at me. I laughed and Rebecca looked at Rachel skeptically.

“Her? Sex? Really? I mean I can’t even imagine this innocent little angel doing anything naughty ever!” Rebecca scoffed and I wrinkled my nose up thinking about several naughty things she is very capable of. Rachel’s face went pink and she shoved some food in her mouth to avoid this confrontation. I waited until she finished the hug bite and then made a request.

“Can you sing that song, the one you told me you were practicing on earlier this summer,” I whispered and she looked at me with a deadpan expression then she took a deep breath and looked around. I knew her guitar wouldn’t work for the song and she had bought a keyboard but it wasn’t here either. “Acapella!” I demanded and she shook her head furiously and Rebecca laughed.

“See! She doesn’t have it in her!” Rebecca shook her head knowingly and I could see Rachel get a little angry by that comment. If there was one thing I knew about Rachel she hated being told she couldn’t do something. I learned that the hard way! I watched her think her way to confidence and it was wonderful! She had such a fire in her that most people didn’t know about.

“Don’t need permission made my decision to test my limits. Cause it’s my business God as my witness, start what I finished. Don’t need no hold of, taking control of, this kind of moment. I’m locked and loaded completely focused my mind is open. All that you got skin on skin oh my god don’t you stop girl! Something about you makes me feel like a dangerous woman,” she glanced at me her face still red, but she sounded so powerful. It was fucking sexy! “Something about you makes me want to do things that I shouldn’t… Nothing to prove and, I’m bullet proof and know what I’m doing. The way we’re moving like introducing us to a new thing. I want to savor, save it for later, the taste of flavor, cause I’m a taker, cause I’m a giver it’s only nature I live for danger. All that you got skin on skin oh my god don’t you stop girl! Others want to be like that, beggars underneath like that, you know how i’m feeling inside! Others want to be like that, beggars underneath like that, you know how i’m feeling inside babe,” she hummed a musical interlude and started giggling when Rebecca and I laughed too. She was so silly and sexy. It was mind boggling. “Something about you! Feel like a dangerous woman! Something bout, somethin bout you! I wanna do things that I shouldn’t! Something about you! You know how I’m feeling inside! Others want to be like that, beggars underneath like that, you know how I’m feeling inside. Something about you! Yeah there’s something about you. Something bout, somethin bout, somethin bout you,” she sang her own part for the last bit of the song and it was amazing. Rebecca clapped in awe and I smiled proud of her, feeling a little tingling in my back.

“Sexy,” Rebecca conceded her original opinion then looked at me. “You made her dirty!” she mocked anger and I laughed getting up and stretching. Rachel looked at me with a quizzical look and we heard a knock on the door. I opened it, not feeling even the slightest bit concerned about being in practically a thong.

“Who was just singing?” a girl looked stood before me her face stern and her eyes sharp. I laughed and pointed at Rachel who put her hand up slowly her eyes wide. The girl pushed her way into the room and crouched down in front of her. “You have got a fucking voice!” she said and Rachel relaxed and I crossed my arms leaning on the wall watching her get all excited and goofy.

“Well thanks! My instructor wants me to join the competition at Christmas that the music department holds,” she admitted like a kid on their birthday ready to eat their cake. She was so giddy it was adorable! Rebecca continued chomping on food listening intently to their conversation. I guess this chick had some singing group and wanted to recruit Rachel. They spent some time talking about everything then Rachel told her she would do it.

“I’ll get a schedule to you A.S.A.P!” she said as she darted out of the room excitedly. I walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the lips. She smiled then looked at Rebecca.

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