Decisions, decisions – Part 1

Decisions, decisions – Part 1
Decisions, decisions – Part 1 – Interracial Sex

Hi we’re Jake and Beth, both in our early 40’s, got married early, now have two grown k**s (Told you we got married early.) one of which arrived while we were still in high school.

She has black hair a great figure and breast that are between a b and c cup. Always a passionate woman in bed and I just love having sex with her.

After the k**s arrived I got snipped as we figured two youngsters were enough. Once you have two the parents are totally outnumbered.

Around the time the k**s were about to become teenagers a couple introduced us to swinging. While I had no problem Beth had to be careful as she had stopped using birth control.

About five years ago things weren’t going so well financially for us. That’s when a swinger friend had us look at a website run by a couple.

You know, where the wife is fucking, husband videos the action and they charge fees so members can watch all the fun. The sex is great, many times interracial and the guys usually leave a creampie in the wife’s pussy or ass.

Watching these it seems the women really seem to enjoy the railing they are getting.

Later that evening when we’re laying in bed Beth asks me about it.

“Well I know you’ve watched me have sex with other guys and seem to really enjoy it,” Beth said. “How about if we had a site with paid membership where people could watch me getting fucked?”

The money can be good. Years ago I checked out a site where the couple had 1,000 members paying almost $30 a month for their membership. How many jobs can you think of that pay about $30,000 a month.

“You know that sounds pretty good, let’s try it,” I said.

First some research on what one has to do to set up a site like this including equipment as well as getting a good editing program. It’s not as simple as it sounds.

Finally it was time to do our first video. After using several sites to find a good candidate we were ready.

Ron was a black guy, right around six feet tall and his dick was as long as mine but thicker, way thicker. Beth at 5’5”had seen it in a picture.

“Think that will fit into you?” I asked.

She replied, “His dick is not as wide as a k** passing out of me so yes it will fit.”

Boy was that a turn on.

First we met Ron so we could get to know him a bit better then we sent him to get tested. Can’t be too careful since it would be bareback fucking.

With Beth’s situation in mind we chose a time in her cycle where she was safe. Becoming new parents wasn’t in our plans.

When it was time we got a hotel room and checked in. Ron arrived and we all went to the bar for a drink or two before heading up to the room.

Once in the room Beth moved in and started kissing him while he ran his hands up and down her back then squeezed her ass a bit. All the while I was manning the video camera and recording the show.

Eventually both were naked and she sucked him a bit. His dick was thicker than mine but she still got some of it into her mouth.

After that he gently pushed her back onto the bed so she was on her back. Then he was kissing, stroking her breasts and pussy he moved south for some tongue action.

Now this really gets her going and soon the first orgasm came as she stiffened, was breathing deeply then gasping when it hit her.

After that he slid on top of her and put the head of his dick into the opening of her pussy. Slowly he pushed in while she gasped, grunted and reacted to both the pain and pleasure his moving in was giving her.

Finally he was fully inside and the fucking began.

Since they were horizontal each in and out stroke resulted in her legs moving wider then a bit closer together. On and on it went with her reacting to his motion.

Then the intensity increased then he tightened his hold on her and pushed as far in as he could, grunted several times while he shot his load of cum deep inside of her.

Beth for her part had wrapped her legs around him, was holding on tightly and gasping as she not only felt him twich inside of her but also had another orgasm.

After that they both stayed there breathing heavily then he gently kissed her.

Pulling out you could see some of his cum leaking from her pussy. They embraced for a while until she got up with cum dripping from her pussy, running down her legs and headed for the bathroom.

Always a great shot to see cum leaking out of her pussy and running down the inside one of her legs.

When she came back there was more hugging and kissing then Ron had to depart. Later that night we had some great sex as I put another load into her even though they were blanks.

That video, our first resulted in many memberships and great comments from the new members. Now we needed an encore as we were on our way.

Chapter 2

Over the next few years we grew the business.

One critical moment came when we had to explain to our then teenagers what we were doing.

Was an interesting conversation but we didn’t want them to find out from their friends that their mother was essentially having public sex on the Internet. Fortunately they took it well.

Now both have left the nest for college and jobs, which has caused the “empty next,” feeling. I’m okay with it but Beth, well not so much.

We also found it was necessary to turn out a new video every month to six weeks. Our membership grew and grew but we got the most response when she fucked black guys.

As we progressed in the business the market seem to change so we changed as well.

Kept getting requests for Beth to do anal sex. First we tried it, not really comfortable for her, but in the end she found the orgasm could be hair curling not to mention actually feeling cum being pumped into her.

Next came the first video.

We found a guy whose dick was a bit longer than my almost eight inches but thinner as well. Once he tested clean we set a date.

After Bill showed up we met, had a couple of drinks as alcohol really helps Beth relax especially when she’s going to have a dick up her ass for the first time on video.

Things started in the normal way, getting naked, him kissing her neck and sucking on her nipples while she’s sucking his dick. Then it was time for a nice 69 session.

After that Beth rolls over and Bill slides on top of her. She reaches down, takes his dick in her hand and guides it into her pussy for some fucking action.

While she isn’t really safe at this time they only did this for a brief time.

Then he had her get set for doggie style fucking. First lube is generously applied to her anus an some even inside of her as first one finger then two help open her up a bit.

Finally it’s time and he guides the head of his dick into her backside.

She winces a bit in pain and tries to relax as much as she can while he slowly enters her. Finally his balls are against her pussy and he’s all the way inside.

Then the fucking begins. Slow at first but soon the intensity begins to build as the thrashing increases.

Beth looks a bit dazed, gives me a glance and I offer an encouraging smile and thumbs up. Then I move around so the camera can see his dick going in and out of her ass.

Eventually he takes hold of both hips and jams himself into her as far as he can. Grunting, while she is gasping, he pumps his load deep into her insides.

After pulling out she lies down prone and I move in so the video will have a shot of his cum in the entrance of her ass. Then she pushes some of it out.

After the stop in the bathroom Beth emerges with a big smile, we thank Bill and he exits.

Later that evening we have some great sex then the next day I edit the video and post it.

Chapter 3:

The members loved the ass fucking and we got more to sign up.

We also started getting more and more asking if she’d ever consider doing a sandwich or double penetration scene. After reading the comments Beth took a deep breath, sighed and said we need to try that so our members would be happy.

This was also the time we started to get more requests for additional interracial fucking. We did alternate between white and black guys but have to keep the customers happy.

So now most of the one-on-one videos were with black guys and Beth soon found two favorites; Jerome and Wyatt. They made many videos together and actually got somewhat close.

Once we all had dinner together then retired to the living room. After a bit of conversation Jerome asked Beth if she’s ever consider having a baby with one of them.

At that time the she was still suffering from the “Empty Next Syndrome.” Her answer was ‘not right now,’ however it wasn’t a definite no or yes.

Anyway switching the topic I asked if they’d be interested in doing her first double penetration scene. Of course the answer was yes.

We had to be sure of the timing because I told her it would look great if she got a creampie in both her ass and pussy. That way the video would show cum leaking out of both holes.

After waiting about three weeks so her period had come and gone and I called both guys. We planned on the shoot the very next evening.

Both guys arrived on time with huge smiles. Beth for her part was dressed in a see through nightie and was naked underneath it.

Off to the bedroom where the mating dance began again.

First off came the clothes so they were all naked. Beth was put on her back the bed while one kissed her lips, neck and worked on her breasts.

Wyatt was down south working on her pussy, licking it and finger fucking her as well as putting an occasional finger into her anus.

She finally sucked both of them and it was time.

Since Jerome had the thickest cock he was lying on the bed and she soon straddled him. Soon after some pushing Beth had his entire cock inside her pussy.

Leaning forward Wyatt, who had the thinnest dick moved in. After putting a bunch of lube on his dick and in her ass he put the head of it at the entrance.

Slowly he pushed into her ass. Beth stiffened, grimaced and let out some ouchs as well as gasps as he slowly worked his full length into her.

After some time Wyatt got all his dick inside her has and both guys began to alternate their in and our strokes. She had her eyes closed, was gasping and moaning during this.

Behind the camera I got some great shots of her expression as well as some tail views of both dicks alternating penetrating and sliding out of her ass and pussy.

Eventually the in and out became more thrashing as the intensity increased. Now Beth had several orgasms by then and was looking a bit dazed or in pain, hard to tell which at that time.

Wyatt finally put a hand on her shoulder as he pushed as far into her as possible while she got her first load up her ass. After he pulled out I got a great shot of his cum leaking out of her ass.

Now Jerome wrapped his arms around her waist then slid his hands down to he pushed her as hard as he could down on his dick. That’s when he unloaded into her pussy.

After he pulled out both men nuzzled and stroked her while I got some more shots of her leaking out of both holes since she had her legs spread.

Soon it was time for her to head to the bathroom for some clean up. I thanked the guys and as Jerome was heading out the door he asked that I give some thought to his question.

Closing the door I was thinking about that but decided to let it go for now.

On this night we both were exhausted so got some great sleep and had a morning bang. Then it was time once again to edit the video so it could be posted.

The response was terrific and once again we gained more members as well as renewals. Money was good, watching and having sex was good but there was still that question in my mind.

I kept wondering if Beth would go for having another c***d, a black one this time, and if we were ready to be parents again. Only time will tell for this question.

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