Tied Down


You have been waiting for me for at least fifteen minutes. You pull against my neck ties once more, just to check that they are still secure. You can still move, but just not leave the bed to which you are now lying upon. You also can’t see very well, some item of clothing tied around your eyes to keep you in visual suspense. You can still hear me around the house, doing whatever I feel like.

The feeling of suspense is building within you, and has been this whole time, your bare body exposed to the calm air around you. You are mine to play with at my leisure; that was your idea. You don’t even know when I might partake in this opportunity. You secretly hope I will not be too long, but something about just lying here, naked, arms and legs open, excites you. You are at my mercy, you are there for my pleasure, though you enjoy the suspense.

You hear me walk into the bedroom. A shot of excitement darts around your body as you desire my attention. You hear a draw open, close and me leave again. I could have done whatever I wanted to you, but I chose not to. A little disappointment appears inside you, but it is quickly replaced by the thought that my actual arrival must be getting closer. Maybe I even just wanted to look at your body for a moment. You know I love the look of your body.

The suspense grows withing you. You are not sure how much longer you wait for me again. You are not sure how long you can wait. The joy of the suspense is strangely arousing. Occasionally you hear my feet against the floor come closer, then further away. You don’t know eryaman eve gelen escort what I am doing, you’re not even sure you care. You want my attention but you also like the suspense.

You hear my footsteps get closer, so close now that you are sure I am in the room. Your desire for my attention grows further. The sound of my footsteps stops suddenly. You are not sure where I am. I must still be in the bedroom; you haven’t heard me leave. But you are not sure what I am doing. Maybe I am just standing there looking at you. You know how much I like the look of your body. You wish you could see me there. You imagine that I am just looking right at you.

You can almost feel my eyes wander around your outstretched body. Your breath deepens just a little as the pleasure and desire builds within you. Whatever I am doing, you find yourself hoping that I am enjoying it. You hear my foot against the floor as I take a step towards you, followed by another, and another. I am so close now. My attention is certainly on you. You hear another step, this time right next to you. I am so close; you can hear my body move. You want to feel my body move.

There is silence for a minute, leading you to wonder what I am doing, or not doing. You know I am still there though. I must be looking at you. You smile with the knowledge that I must be enjoying this scene. You hear me move again. This time it does not take long to feel what I am doing. My hand rubs against your bare pussy with a jolt of fervour. Your mouth opens as you breath in deeply bala escort with this new pang of feeling. My fingers begin to rub up, down and around your vagina.

The pleasure grows within you. You hear me lean down towards you. You feel me kiss your cheek. You turn your head to return the kiss. Our lips lock. You want to pull me in closer to you, but your arms are still tied down enough. You are still at my mercy. I can still do with you whatever I want. My other hand slides under your head and pulls you closer to me. We kiss so deeply, with such passion. You hope for more. You desire more.

Our kissing stops a moment when you feel my finger slide within your now dampening pussy, another gasp of pleasure. My kisses go to your neck. I kiss deeply and slowly at first, though it is not long before my pace quickens. You bend your neck as best you can, granting me easier access to your neck. I kiss your shoulder closest to me. You feel another finger slide within your pussy, my hand still pleasuring you.

Your body is at my mercy. You like that idea. My kisses wander down your body, venturing to wherever I desire. My mouth embraces your breast. You feel my tongue playing with your nipple as my fingers play between your legs. Your pleasure meets within you, somewhere around your belly. It grows like a fire in a forest, slowly taking control. My mouth spends quite some time on first one breast, then another. I obviously enjoy spending time there.

My kisses now begin to travel down your body. My lips passionately embrace your belly, trying to etimesgut escort discover every part of your body. My mouth slowly does further down. I kiss your waist and hips, though you can feel where I am trying to go. You try your best to peak out under the clothing covering your eyes. You can just make out a sliver of the image of me kissing you. Even just with this tiny image, you know I am enjoying myself.

You feel my mouth now slide further down. My mouth embraces your clit. Your moans of pleasure start as my tongue begins to dance around you, bringing you the feelings of ecstasy you have so long desired. You try once again to look down at me. You can see your pussy has my full attention. I am not looking back up at you. I probably don’t know you are getting a peek.

You try once again to see if your hands might move down, but still, the knots tying you to the bed still have you where I want you. Your legs twitch with the heated embrace of my face and fingers. They too are sufficiently tied down. A small part of you wishes that they weren’t but most of you can’t think past the orgasm you feel building within you. The sound of your voice is music to my ears. I want more.

The feeling grows within you. You try to hold your orgasm back, let it build. You want to feel my mouth and fingers play between your legs for as long as possible. My speed continues to grow. Your orgasm continues to grow. You try so hard to hold it back. You close your mouth to try and contain the bestial feeling within you. My mouth is trying to let it out.

You know you cannot hold on any longer. You mouth opens with a great cry of joy. Your orgasm rockets around your body. You lose what little control you had of yourself. Your hips shake, your body quakes, your thighs try desperately to quiver. I taste your gushing pussy between my lips.

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