Start of a sissy night with fiancé.

Double Penetration

Start of a sissy night with fiancé.(This is the start of a fantasy I have thinking about my fiancé, we have done lots of things like this together, I just thought I’d write down how it plays out in my head, I will continue it if I’m able to edit this story after submission)Mmm I keep thinking about it.. Getting home from work and my fiance already home and ready. She’s dressed up. Black corset pushing up her DD tits, a black thong, thigh high black stockings, a pair of white frilly panties hugging her ass thong just poking over the top of her panties, black garterbelt clipped onto her stockings. 6″ black stiletto heels, her makeup done flawlessly, very hot dark dark eyeliner and pale makeup with dark purple lipstick. Some black latex gloves on her hands. Pacing a bit in the kitchen and giving me a turn showing off her sexy gear. Coming over and passionately kissing gaziantep escort bayan her. Rubbing my hands over her, pulling her into me closer and kissing her neck and rubbing my hands over her hips and ass. Her telling me go get my clothes off and get showered and clean. Ordering me to make sure I’m clean. Rushing off to the bedroom and starting to shower and getting undressed, rushing to get clean, taking several enemas to make sure my ass is nice and clean. Coming out and drying off and seeing her have a towel laid on the bed covering up something. Sitting on the bed with her legs crossed watching me. Pointing at the floor and telling me to get to my knees. Telling me, “you’re my little bitch boy tonight and you will do as youre told” giving me a wry grin. I quickly get to my knees as she uncrosses her legs. Pulling my head in and pushing escort bayan it into her crotch. Rubbing my face into her panties. After a moment or two she roughly pushes me away and stands, crawling into the bed on her hands and knees sticking her ass high in the air and spreading her legs wide. Slowly pulling her panties down exposing her sexy ass. Telling me “get over here you little bitch and put that tongue to use on my sexy ass. Lick my cunt and ass..”Quickly getting in and spreading her ass cheeks and starting to kiss her ass cheeks and lick around closer and closer to her hold and pushing the black thong out of the way with my tongue. Starting to give her a hard tongue lashing with my tongue all around her ass. As she moans, “mmm yeah eat that ass you dirty little slut. Shove your tongue right in there.. Mm yeah get in my ass. Lick it bitch, spread my ass wide and lick it good” I am fully encouraged and start to furiously lick and bury my tongue into her ass. Fucking it in and out and licking in fast quick circles. Pulling her thong to the side and licking down her ass towards her pussy licking up and down and starting to lash her clit with my tongue lapping at her pussy over and over. She enjoys it for a few minutes and then tells me “no, you eat my ass you little bitch. Rub my clit and lick my ass good or ill punish you..” I start to lick her asshole again with renewed vigor, rubbing my thumb over her clit. She pushes her ass back onto my tongue. Moaning. Eventually telling me to stop as she sits up onto her knees. Adjusting her thong back into place and pulling her panties back up. Ordering me onto the bed and get on my hands and knees. I quickly comply as she stands up and slaps my ass a few times playfully. Grabbing a handful of my ass. Pulling the towel back to reveal a load of toys sat on the bed. A vibrator, and a couple dildos of largest size we own and a big tube of KY jelly

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