Cleaning Up


Cleaning UpWe were on holiday some years ago and having a really sexy time fucking regularly on quiet and not so quiet beaches on the balcony at night and several daytime fucks, one evening prior to going out were having some oral fun when my wife asked me to cum in her then lick her clean, so I said I would prefer it if you went out and fuck and bring back a load to me. You wouldn’t like it if I was fucked by someone else without being there, try me I replied. I wouldn’t know where to pick anyone up or where to take them, you know the bar we always end up in there’s a guy there fancies you go and see if he’s in now, you know who he is I’ve seen you hitch your skirt up and show your thighs when he’s there. After more chat and fingering and kissing she said she would try, I may be awhile she said and off she went. I lay on the balcony naked playing with my cock in the evening sun fantasizing what could be happening, she was dressed in a short black skirt which when she sat down would ride up her luscious thighs promising a glimpse of her sheer black panties, a tight top which clung to her braless tits and some for her high 4 inch heels. I was tormenting myself hoping she would be exposing herself to another man in the hope of getting a new cock inside her without me there. I could hear people in the apartments around me preparing for their evening, even one couple indulging in some sexy fun, a lot of giggling and slurping sounds coming from the room below us, they must have been on their balcony or had the doors open, very horny, I hoped J was having the same fun. After and hour I was feeling ready for a drink and a bite to eat so off I went to the bar we liked, as I entered the barman greeted me with a smile and asked if J and myself had fallen out as she had been in on her own earlier but seemed to have gone now, while saying this he had a smart ass smirk on his face as if to show he knew something I didn’t I had a beer and a snack and then a walk along the beach to another of our haunts but there was no sign of her. It had now been two and a half hours since she went so I made my way back to our room.On my walk back to apartment I heard my wife talking to someone I went up a quiet track from the beach and saw my wife with her arms around this guys neck they were into some serious kissing I carried on past them and said goodnight as I passed them, the guy said night but nothing from my wife as she pulled his face back to hers, once passed I turned to see he had her skirt rucked right up over her ass and his hand inside her knickers squeezing her ass, I wondered if this was just the start or if they had fucked, I couldn’t tell but my cock was stiffening. I was tempted to turn around and try to watch them but as I slowly went on I heard them catching up with me I slowed more so they passed me and allowed me to follow, the surprise was they turned in to or block so they must be going to our place, I went to the hotel bar and chatted to a few people we had met and kept my eyes on the stairs but after an hour still no sign of either of them returning. As the night drew to midnight the bar was thinning out and I was being questioned about the whereabouts of J, I tried to make excuses but I could tell I wasn’t believed, on a visit to the loo a guy followed me and just came out with it and asked if J was out to get some extra cock tonight. What should I say? he said we have seen you playing on the beach while others watched and had seen me playing with her in a bar, my hand up her skirt, he said that he and his wife enjoyed it and even touched each other as they watched. I told him that she wanted a pussy full of cum so, I could have the pleasure of cleaning her up. Wow that sounds horny, will she do it, I hope its happening now was my reply.He wanted to know more about what we got up to sexually I told him a bit about how we liked to meet guys for sex when we were away from home for anything goes sex, he said he had tried to get his I told him we loved mmf gaziantep rus escort but I wasn’t interested in other women I just wanted J to have fun with guys as I watched her being fucked and joining in with her and the guy sucking him as it turns her on to watch 2 guys. We returned to the table and to our surprise J was there chatting to my ne friends wife and the guy she had been with. J’s lover said hi here is your wife returned with pleasure and thank you so much for letting me have her for the evening with that he got up and kissed her passionately while once again rubbing her ass while raising her skirt showing her now naked ass to the roomHe went off and the other couple looked astounded at what had just happened I took my wife in my arms and kissed her deeply pushing my tongue into her mouth and tasted the salty musky contents she had blown him and probably swallowed, I told her I loved her and hoped she’d enjoyed herself, lets go to the room and I’ll show you how much I enjoyed myself. We said our goodnights and went. I had my hand on her ass but did not raise her skirt I just wanted to feel the softness. We got to the room and she took her knickers from under the pillow, here smell these and lick them guess how many loads you have to clean up. I inhaled deeply and had a taste the scent was strong the taste strong, I could smell her sex on them it was amazing I have no idea how much cum you have taken, she smiled sexily, that was the third guy that fucked me tonight, the barman had me first, just a quickie in the toilets, he was so big he pulled my panties to the side and fucked me he lasted just a few minutes but he was good and what he load he gave me. No wonder he was smirking at me I told her what had happened when I went to the bar, the bastard she said he asked me to go back at closing time for a repeat, I was just coming out of the loo when our friend came in so I went over to him and asked him to get me a drink, I sat with him and he asked where you were, I told him I was out looking for some fun while you did your own thing, he asked what I meant by fun so I took his hand and placed it between my legs, he had a feel of my pussy, it was wet and I mean wet I was so turned on what with the fucking I had just had and looking forward to more. He looked at me and asked if we had fucked before I came out, I told him it was the barman that had fucked me. When is it my turn he asked, when you can get me somewhere better than a loo I told him. How about the beach he said. J said they walked hand in hand down to the beach the sun was down and there were a few people on the beach, they got to a quiet stretch and got a sunbed he had his hands all over her ass pulled he panties aside and was rubbing her from ass to clit she knelt on the bed and told him to fuck her, no condom he said, she laughed and said there is one load in me and I want more, I love to feel a cock spurt in me I love cum she said just fuck me as many times as you want or as you can, I will suck your cock but I want he cum in my cunt. Wow what a slut he said, no just a horny woman he loves cock and cum and hubby wants to clean me up when I get back to him, he wants a freshly filled pussy to eat. He took his cock out and I pulled my lips apart and he guided himself into me gently, I said to him you can fuck me hard I love it rough he slammed into me, he fucked me doggy for 10 or so minutes then pulled out and told me to sit on his cock so he could get to suck my tits, he was biting and sucking them as I bounced on his cock I started to cum and was leaking all over his balls it felt great, as we fucked a couple stood and watched and they started getting warmed up kissing and playing with each other the guy took his cock out and his woman sucked him then she offered it to me, I took it in my mouth and started sucking as I did my fuckman shouted that he was coming and deposited his cum deep in me, I felt spurt after spurt of his hot cum fill me, I stood up and pushed the gusset of my panties into my pussy I wanted to keep as much of the 2 loads in me as possible. The guy I was sucking said he was going to cum soon his wife was wanking his cock into my mouth, I asked her if he could put his cock into my pussy to cum mmmmm why not she said I lay back and pulled the panties out and he just entered the tip and came it felt great 3 loads now, was it time to go back to my room, not quite yet my fb was hard again and wanted to fuck again I bent down and he just rammed into me took ages to cum but I got my 4th load so time for hubby, I couldn’t wait to show him and tell my tale. There we were back in our room, my cock was bursting with what she related to me she was laid on the bed watching me hold her panties to my face breathing in the mixed scents of the sex she had and the 4 loads of cum, the taste was incredible musky salty cum on my tongue, kiss me she said let me taste it too. We kissed deeply tongues entwining and I slid my had down to her cunt, not yet she said as she grabbed my hand. I want to show you get the camera and take pictures I feel as if I’m wetting myself I got the camera and she raised her skirt, what a view her cunt was gaping and a thick white mess was coming out I snapped a dozen shots and then felt her hot wet pussy it was sticky but so loose I took a scoop with my fingers and put them in my mouth the taste was incredible, is it good she asked is it what you were expecting, oh yes I replied and so much more, she put her fingers in along side mine then said lets feed each other and that’s what we did a scoop for her and one for me then kissing and mixing in our mouths it took ages till we thought she was empty. she then stood on the bed her cunt above my face squeezing and letting the last drips hit my face and I licked them up.Where do we go from here she asked I know we have used me being fucked in our pillow talk but now its happened and to be honest I loved it, the excitement of going out on my own to pick up a stranger was unbelievably horny, I went out knowing I was going to get a new cock in my greedy cunt and as it turned out it was 3 cocks how do you really feel about it. I showed her my cock was like an iron bar I pushed her legs apart and fucked her, no kissing no foreplay just stuck it in and fucked her, I didn’t care about her needs it was a fuck for me. I spun her over and fucked her doggy with my thumb in her ass in no time I shot my load into her loose hole I don’t know how she felt about it she had fucked the guys she picked up, even tho they thought they had been the ones pulling her it was her that had used their cocks and cum for our use later and now I filled her and all was good. We should carry on fucking for the rest of the holiday, the nudist beach in the morning with the couple I met she said they told me all sorts happens and I want to be watched as I play with myself and wank your cock maybe you will eat my cunt maybe I will suck your cock maybe we will fuck lets just go and see what happens please she said and then lowered herself onto my rigid cock and fucked me very slowly all the time telling me again how it felt for her taking the cocks earlier. A few hours later I was slowly waking feeling the sun warming my naked body, my cock was being wanked slowly by my wife, she was sat on the edge of the bed facing the open balcony doors, we were on the 3rd floor and we could be seen from the apartments in the opposite block. I moved my arm around her waist towards her pussy, she stopped me and said I cant yet love sorry I feel very tender from the six fucks last night plus all the other things we did, let me wank you , I’ll wait till you want my cock I said. We went onto the balcony both naked and waved to a couple opposite both as naked as we were, she sat on the sunbed and I knelt and started kissing her body all over when I reached her pussy and saw how open it was it looked as if a cock had just pulled out her lips were plump and red, sore looking really, but she said she was fine her inner pussy just felt tender, I nibbled her lips and tongued her cunt as tenderly as I could. She tasted delicious and she was so hot. After a while we decided to go out for breakfast so showered together then dressed, she very sparsely with a tiny thong and triangle bikini and bra with a see through sarong. We walked down to the town we sat at an open air café on the sea front I looked at her pussy which had by now eaten the thong her lips were hanging low and you could she was wet, very wet indeed. The staff served us very attentively especially the waiter who was there constantly chatting to her asking what we were up to today she just smiled and said oh we’re off to the nudist beach we heard there was lots of naughty fun to had there. H smiled and said I go there I hate white bits but I must say yours look good. We soon finished eating went to the shop and bought some bread wine and water for the beach, as we were about to pay she said to me you had better get some condoms you never know what we might get up to a dozen should do till this evening. We made our way to the nudist part of the beach there were a few people about mostly guys on their own with the odd couple near the back of the beach, our waiter had told us to keep walking till we passed the small headland as there was more dunes and shade there also more fun if that was what we were looking for. As we rounded the headland the first people we saw was the couple that J had met on the beach last night as we closed on them I saw that they recognised her and stood to greet her I saw they were beautifully tanned all over her pussy was bald as were his pubes and his cock was long and thick they called J over and the lady kissed her putting her arms around her waist and pulling her close then kissed her fully on the lips, J laughed and said mmm nice what can I taste on your lips, is that cock the lady laughed well we have had a play they guy was next by now his cock was rising but still he held J close and also kissed he fully on the lips at the same time as removing her sarong and bikini top he let her go and said it is nudist knelt down and put his fingers in the g string sides said may I and lowered the pants before kissing her swollen pussy lips.I asked J if she was OK and the lady came to me and said of course she is love she adored his cock in her mouth last night so he is repaying her now come and kiss me our lips touched and I could taste J on her and also another may salty flavour I knew well. She put her hand inside my shorts and eased my cock over the top knelt down and started kissing the tip before pushing my shorts down and feeding me deep into her mouth mmmmm she was good. I pulled away should we not move from here a bit further along the beach, the guy eating J said we were waiting for you here we had an idea you might come here today J seemed interested when we spoke last night. There are a few regulars here that would love to meet you both 4 couples and a few single guys and a single female she is 60 but she loves her beach fun another woman will be welcome of course you will be too. We walked a few hundred mts further both us guys were being led by our cocks. We saw a gang of people laid on the beach but where one person began and the next finished you couldn’t tell it was a mass orgy around 15 people all squirming about one guy seemed to be orchestrating the horizontal dance all were naked all well tanned and all ages and sizes. My wife just said this is what I want today cock pussy ass anything can please me today and joined in with a couple of guys who were wanking each other. the couple kissed each other then made their way into the melee, nothing left for me but to join in, a lady stood up come here she said to don’t stand there you will be left out, I went over and she said will you eat my cunt honey and pushed to my knees and pulled my head to her cunt I felt a soft hand on my seriously hardening cock to my surprise it was a guy whose cock was being sucked by my wife who was being fingered fucked by our meet and greeters what a turn on.

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