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Room ServiceIn my endless days of hotel living on the corporate merry-go-round, I rarely ordered room service and, if I’d had any fantasies about being serviced in the mix, I always imagined a sweet, but insatiable girl to bring that to me – half or fully naked, while choosing to rock steadily on my overjoyed cock, getting so much more than a tip, until steady rhythms turned into wall-banging necessity.And no, that never even came close to happening. Hell, I hardly ever ordered room service, to begin with, unless nothing else in the hotel was open. That’s why this whole cataclysmic event was such a stunning surprise.He was sweet, handsome and eager. Very masculine in looks, but charmingly boyish in his overcoming a more obviously shyer nature to please guests, no doubt for tips and kudos.He swore in the aftermath of never having done anything like this with a guest before, and to this day, I’m not really sure why he did… or we did… or how we meshed as well as we did. But we did. More than I’d imagined, especially with another male.I think we’d both had harbored quiet fantasies of this sort of thing occurring, and for some reason, between the timing and opportunity, hunger and happenstance, our fantasies met their incendiary match.Day 1: His first appearance, and probably my least attractive one, as I rose rumpled and hungover after a late night wine-fest with the company bigwigs. You have to drink with them, and I’m not that much of a lush.At least I had showered by the time the meal, (and my future meal to be, it seemed) arrived at my door. His smile was warming, his demeanor perfect for someone in my condition. He even suggested a cure for the headache, which i tried and which eventually helped. He waited calmly while beaming that smile as I took my first gulps of the coffee he’d so kindly poured for me.As I reached out to sign the check and let him get on with his dutiful day (keeping other thoughts to myself), I managed to spill some of that coffee right into my own lap. Only then did I realize that my hotel robe was open and I thankfully missed my cock by a half-inch with the burning brew. I wondered if he’d already noticed the peek and was just being polite. I’m sure he’s seen his fill of half-disrobed guests, many of whom he wouldn’t really want to see..I noticed him instinctively reach for a napkin without a thought and move to help, then stop mid-reach as he realized just where he would be daubing. and how that might go over with someone he didn’t know enough about. I loved that he actually had to stop himself. I wished, in that very moment, that he hadn’t.There was that awkward moment of laughter, along with my comment about remembering how hotel robes don’t always stay tied. He played along and said, “I’ll have management look into that, sir.”For some unknown reason, (I guess it’s just my wicked mind), I joked back to him. “I think you guys make the robes eskişehir rus escort this way for a bit of fun.”He laughed genuinely, shook his head. and answered, “It hasn’t worked for me so far. But hey, if it works…”. He let that trail off.There was that hovering silence in the room for a few seconds, which felt like a ten-minute slo-mo film scene. It was as if we were both trying to suss out whether the other was having the same thought of, “I wonder…”.I caught myself in that blossoming fantasy and stepped back from it, honestly not knowing how to deal with all of this. “I”d better finish signing the check or you’ll be here all morning.”There was more silence from us both as wishing thinking swirled like bees buzzing about in the air. I handed him the check, thanked him and noticed (or hoped I’d noticed in my half-sobering stupor) a longer eye contact from him than one would expect.He thanked me, and at the door, he asked how long i was staying. “Four days, or so. Til Saturday, unless the company needs me here longer.”“Great” was his chipper response. “See you again, then.” And off he went.“Yes, you will….”, I muttered to myself, as I looked at the receipt and found his name. “Yes, you will, Greg, if I can help it.”I was surprised at myself, but those secret fantasies that I rarely shared with anyone were always swarming about in the back of my head. Now they were right here, up front, and whispering, “This could be your moment.”Once I let that thought in and rolled it around my evolving libido, I wasn’t then surprised when I found myself masturbating. This time, imagining him. And me. Doing…everything.Day 2: As I said, I never order in, but in this case, I had to. Again. I even tried to time it approximately the same as the first morning. And whether by design, or fate, or accident, Greg was at my door again with the warm smile, that fit form of his and a breakfast fit for a prince.This time I was more awake, freshened up but still robed (yes, that was an obvious choice, but subtlety isn’t always successful in new territory).There was a warm rush that hit me when I heard the voice that I was sure was Greg’s, and a bigger rush ran to my crotch when I saw his smile. It was awkward and skin-prickling, but from what I could tell, he and i seemed to be in the same boat. I just wasn’t sure how to begin.The small talk was quietly peppered with soft innuendo. He moved to pour my coffee, and I smiled and told him that I wasn’t hungover this morning so he didn’t have to serve me.Greg hummed, “It’s my pleasure.” His added, “Really…” is what gave me courage to ask the next question before he left.“I know you’re busy working Greg.” There was a long pause. “But if it’s not against the rules, maybe we could… find some time to… visit. I don’t want to get you in trouble”. I was so ready to cross inappropriate lines right there, that eskişehir rus escort bayan I actually asked “When are you done today?’ as I stumbled through.He gave me that reassuring smile and said, “I can’t today. But tomorrow, I’m off at 2. I can come by if you order something, and clock out on the way up. That way, no one will know.” Part of me was jumping for joy that he was as keen to conspire as I was. I honestly didn’t know how most man-to-man hookups worked.I looked up at him as the electricity passed between us, Then I looked at the bulge in his pants, which seemed to be twitching at my eye’s level. I rose up, unsure of what I’d actually do, but I had the signed and tipped check in my hand. I moved in closer to offer it to him, and both of us had that ripe crackle in our eyes, as our minds whispered to each other, without words, what we might dare tomorrow.I’m not sure who initiated it, but as his hand took the check and I had yet to let go of it, our mouths met, gently at first. But once both sides knew they were welcomed, it turned more heated, definitely intent on stirring the pot and striking the match for the fuse lighting.When our tongues met and twirled about one another, the check was on the floor, and our hands were beginning to study the body in front of the other.When the kiss broke, I imagine I was blushing. I’d never actually attempted seduce a man, or let one rope me in. I’d played a little and fantasized quite a bit. But this was new. I joked with him, “Do this often with your guests?”I was glad he laughed, and knew I was teasing him. He answered honestly, “I’ve wanted to a couple of times, but I haven’t been here that long. And wasn’t sure it was a smart thing to do.”“And me? A smart thing to do?” I couldn’t help it. I wondered why me.He got shy and it was his turn to blush. “I’ve always had a thing for somewhat older guys, if you don’t mind my saying. Never gone there. And you have… well, let’s just say, you look and feel… right. And we seem to…”“I know. Connect somehow” I finished his sentence. “Thank you”, I smiled, “I’ll happily take that compliment from someone as good looking as you are.”There was another long, deep kiss, and with these initial confessions out in the open, suddenly both of us reached to study the other’s hardening flesh. Greg had the advantage, since mine was now nakedly poking out of my robe, and the feel of his hand there made me rock into him and not want him to leave the room. Ever.And his was ramping up in form while trapped in his work trousers. I was sure it was as beautiful as it felt in my kneading grip.When our mouths parted, I saw him take a quick glance at his watch. I nodded and I let him off the hook.“You’re working. We have tomorrow to look forward to. I’ll book out of my afternoon sessions, so we can take our time. I want that. With you.”He seemed rus escort eskişehir relieved, yet I could tell he wanted to stay, which was a sweet compliment again.Suddenly I saw his expression change, like a decision hit him. He kissed me quickly and said, “I have a few minutes. I’ll tell them I took a quick bathroom break.”I wasn’t sure what he had in mind until he dropped to his knees and kissed the wet head of my fully erect dick in his hand.I echoed the words from the coffee service, “You don’t have to…”He stopped me, with his own echo. “It’s my pleasure. Really…”. Then he opened his mouth and took me inside. My balls were being rolled in his other hand, and my fists were swiftly in his sleek hair. I thought i was going to explode right into his throat the first time he looked up at me with ¾ of my shaft between his cheeks.He let my cock pop out of his lips just long enough to smile and say, “I’ll have to be quicker right now. Tomorrow, I’ll do this right.”Before I could answer him he was on a jag to get me to dump my morning wood’s cumload into his gullet, without messing his uniform. I could see in his gleeful eyes the need to bring me to the edge and push me over it and fast, along with the rabid desire to swallow every drop I spewed. He was going to hook me to the addictive d**g of his sexual prowess. And we both knew he was going to succeed.I looked down as he worked his magic, to see this beautiful young man, who wanted me almost more than I thought I’d wanted him. He wasn’t submissive as much as he was eager to please, and this improvised orgasmic moment would make sure that tomorrow was written in whetted stone.When his finger niggled its way into my anal ring’s grip and he pulled me into him almost pass the gag point, I erupted with an intensity and a stream of lip-biting obscenities that I almost didn’t recognize. And the gulping sounds that this luscious lewd demi-god made as he drank my seed for keeps, made me feel like he’d tripped a second and third orgasm, as I flew forward as I bent backwards, holding onto his locks for balance.By the time he’d finished, my knees had buckled and I was face-to-face with his cum-leaking smile, panting and startled and so fucking grateful that I’d dared. That we dared, and that were indeed on the same hungry page about it all.I made him kiss me with his mouth full of my cum. I started to say how much I wanted more right then, but through the gurgle of the load he was still swallowing, he nodded and smiled and said, “Tomorrow. Everything we want. I promise.”I was still in a whirl, but I wanted to be sure he wouldn’t have trouble. “Go, use my bathroom and my things, and straighten up.”I followed him in and palmed his perfect ass as he put himself together.My cock was still tingling and dripping as we took one last quick kiss and made some obscene promises for the next day. “That was amazing. You may have to repeat that.” I teased. “I’ll repay.”“You better”, he quipped with that cock-raising smile of his.“And then some…”, I called to him as he sped out the door and back to his duties.I may be at the seminars today, but I won’t hear a thing except for the sound of Greg swallowing buckets of my suckled seed… all the day long.Tomorrow, cannot arrive fast enough.

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