A Different Kind of Job


A Different Kind of JobThis story is a little long because it talks about events that happened over the course of 2 days. I promise it’s a good read. A few summers ago I was applying to different to a job. . The interviews for the kind of job I am applying for involve an initial phone/webcam interview, then a committee interview with 4-7 of the decision makers. It sometimes happen that some of the decision makers will take out some of the candidates for dinner or an activity in order to see how they are like outside of the office. One of my the jobs I applied for was in LA. I was excited for the prospect of working in California and flew out there for my committee interview. The interview went well and I was sure that I was at least in the running for the job. Following the interview, I received an email from one of the committee members inviting me to a round of golf the next day. I, of course, said yes and told him that I was very excited. I was going to let him discover for himself how much I actually suck at golf. The next day, I showed up in what I thought was golf attire to meet the committee person, whom we will call Mr. Bob Wilson, a man in his early-to-mid 40’s. Mr. Wilson was short skinny man, with glasses and sun-kissed skin. During the interview he had been quite, asking only 2 or 3 questions that he seemed to have wrote down before hand and was asking to every interviewer that walked through the door. For this reason, his email had surprised me. He didn’t seem like the assertive person who would take initiative and invite interviewees to a round of golf, if anything, he looked like he was forced by someone or something to be present at the interview. Nonetheless, I went to meet him and to my surprise, I was the only interviewee present at the golf course. He said, that its just going to be us today. This delighted me because I was singled out which means that I might be a shoe in for the job. However, as we started to play, to my increased surprise, I noticed that Mr. Wilson was terrible at golf. He whiffed twice on his first drive and when he hit it, the ball went into the woods. After a couple more tries, Bob and I realized that we were both terrible at the sport and he suggested that we quit and go get lunch. It is a general advice that you NEVER SAY NO in a situation like that so I agreed. We got in his car and we drove around for a little and then he suggested that instead of going out, that we can have lunch at his house. He said that he would love for me to meet his wife and to see his house, and of course you NEVER SAY NO. On the ride to his house, Bob, as he asked me to call him, was quite. He said he lived outside of LA, in the hills. Having no knowledge of the area, I said “Awesome, Can’t wait to see your house.” After about 45 silent minutes spent in traffic and on windy roads we finally arrived. Bob lived in a mansion, it was painted white from the outside with brown roofs and carefully-maintained lawn and shrubbery. He parked the car and we stepped out into the hot California day. His house was gorgeous, it was well tended and cared for. I knew Bob was rich, I didn’t know he was that rich. After we entered the house, he ushered me into the living room and excused himself to go get his wife. When he left I was able to take a better look at the house. It was decorated as I would imagine houses of English Royalty would be. Every detail was attended to and cared for. I was surprised, having not seen any servants or housekeepers. The walls were white and golden with very expensive-looking d****s all around and art work that I was sure to be very expensive and rare. However, all this decoration faded from my sight as Bob’s wife walked down the stairs into the living room. At first all I saw was her feet, which looked as though they weren’t actually touching the ground as she glided down the stairs. She wore golden heels which showed her red painted toe nails through a small opening in the front. As he came further down the stairs, her legs appeared to go on for miles until the fabric of her golden dress took over. As the rest of her descended the stairs her figure appeared and it was heavenly. From the side, I saw the silhouette of her butt and her breasts hidden only by the thin golden fabric of her skin. As she approached me, I was able to pry my gaze from her figure to her face. I hadn’t done so quickly enough and she had noticed that I had been checking her out which seemed to make her happy. She smiled slightly from the corner of her mouth as she came toward me. Her face gave away that she was her early 30’s. Her eyes were now fixed on mine and the seemed to give a look of someone who is impressed. Her eye brows slightly raised closer to her red hair, she slowly raised her hand to shake mine. I must have looked like a bumbling idiot at the time who had forgotten everything that he knows. I reached up to grab her hand and shake them and in mine, her hands seemed very soft and frail. I was afraid to shake them in fear of one her fingers snapping in mine. “Jenny, this is Sam” Bob’s voice awoke me form my trance “He is the applicant I told you about. Sam, this is Jennifer, my wife””Hello, Mrs. Wilson” My voice cracked “Hmm, nice to meet you””Oh please, you can call me Jenny” The voice of an angel “Nice to meet you too. Bob told me very good things about you.” She leaned closer to me and put her hand in front of her mouth as if to tell me a secret. “He doesn’t just invite anyone to the house” She stood back up “Let’s go eat, I made lunch myself, you must be starving after all the golf. I smiled at her, not to laugh at our starvation after “golf” but rather because I loved her friendly attitude toward me. When she was coming down the stairs, she looked like a being from another realm, a heavenly star that has descended to Earth. But when she talked, her voice gave you a promise of warmth and love. In the few moments that she opened her mouth to speak to me, she was mine and I had her. I wanted to get the job, just to be near her. We walked to karaman rus escort the dinning room which was already set for lunch. I sat where I was told to sit and Jenny sat at the head of the table next to me. Bob went directly to the seat opposite from me as if this is the seat that had been assigned to him. As I write this down, I can’t remember what we had to eat. Through out the meal, Jenny and I carried on a merry conversation. She asked me where I was from, why I chose my line of work, why I applied to the job. She then asked how I thought the interview went and if I thought California would be a good fit for me, having grown up on the East Coast. She then asked me about my c***dhood and where I grew up. She asked if I was married or in a relationship. She then asked about the golf game to which I reluctantly reveled that we were both terrible. The conversation outlasted the food and we talked and joked for hours. When it got to be around 5 P.M. Jenny said that she was in the mood for a swim and that I should join her. I refused politely stating that I should probably call a cab to get me back to the golf course to get my car before they tow it. Bob, who had been so quite all afternoon that I actually forgot he was there, said “I took care of that already”. Jenny then stood up and said, “Come on, you are joining us in the pool.” I had no will to resist. I was led to a bathroom where I was given swimming shorts and a towel. I took a quick shower and put on the swimming shorts and walked out to the pool. The pool was built in the middle of the house surrounded by rooms al around and with a retractable roof over it. These people were rich. I sat in one of the chairs and waited for Jenny and Bob to come out. After a few mins Jenny strolled out dressed in a see through robe and underneath she wore a 2 piece bikini. My heart dropped at the perfection of her curves. Her body was perfectly built, her butt stuck out and engulfed the bikini with in it. Her breasts hung perfectly on her chest, the shadow of her nipples poke through. “Come join me” She said as she gave her back to me and seductively dropped her robe on the ground as they do in movies, and took a step in the pool. I was too embarrassed to stand up at this point, my penis was hardening in my swimming shorts and a bulge was sure to show up as soon as I got up. I said “I will join you in a minute” as I tried to maneuver my body and my hands to flip my penis up. “Come on, jump in, the water is perfect”. I got up to join her. As I got closer, the sun was shimmering through the droplets of water that hung around her breasts. She reached her hand out to me and I grabbed them. She pulled me in. We were not waist deep in water and I had a shiver running up my spine, perhaps from the cold water or from the touch of her hands that were still grabbing mine. Her body was close to mine, and she got closer and closer and then she kissed me. I forgot who I was and where I was and I kissed her back. I never wanted to stop but then I remembered, “But Bob”… I said. “Its fine. We have an agreement” she said.”An agreement? What do you mean?””Bob is a good guy and I love him, but he is not perfect. He can’t satisfy me.” At this point, everything made sense to me. I had heard of cuckolds, I had certainly seen fake cuckold porn clips online of men that enjoyed watching others fuck their wives, but i had never seen one in real life. I understood now why he had invited to the golf course and then to his home. As I was lost in thought, Jenny reached up and kissed my cheeks and said “Do you really have to think about it that hard?” at that moment I thought to myself NEVER SAY NO and I kissed her back. We stayed in the pool for about 30 mins and continued to kiss. During those 30 mins, she had managed to lose her top. Her breasts hung perfectly with her brown erect nipples and arealoae contrasting against her pale skin. She had paid a lot of money for her boobs and they were done perfectly. I grabbed and squeezed them and they felt perfectly natural. She was proud of them. Soon after she said, “lets go to the bedroom”.We climbed out of the pool and I dryad her body with the towel and then we started to walk to a room that had a big wall made entirely out of glass that looked to the pool. As we got close I saw Bob sitting in the room. A sense of shame overtook me and I was scared. As we entered the room, we made eye contact. He had been sitting in a chair in the corner of the room watching us in the pool. I looked back at Jenny and she said “He likes to watch. Do you mind?””I am not sure.” I said”You won’t even know I am here” I had forgotten what he sounds like “I will just watch from my chair”His words made me think that this is something that he did regularly . “Ok” I said. We then moved to the bed, Jenny and I. She undid my swimming shorts and pulled them down. My penis had become a little soft as I walked in the room and saw Bob but she knew how to remedy that. It didn’t take long for my cock to harden within her delicate hand. She then pushed me down on the bed and licked it, looked up at me and smiled and then put her whole mouth on it. At that moment I remember the angel that had descended the stairs earlier and how right now I was inside her mouth. I smiled back. I was lying back on the bed and watching her suck my cock. She knew what she was doing. She would bring me to the edge of cumming but never push me over. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Bob who had put his hand down his pants and was playing with himself. I was uncomfortable to see him do that at first but I enjoyed the power I had at that moment. A day earlier I had been in an interview and was nervous at every question Bob and his committee had thrown at me. Now I was in Bob’s house, in his bed, with his beautiful wife, with my cock buried deep down her throat. We made eye contact and it was almost as if he read my thoughts. I smiled. He then pulled down his pants and showed me his cock. I looked at it, it was karaman rus escort bayan small, very small, which made me laugh. He liked how much bigger I was than him. He sat back down and tried to play with himself. I was good and ready for Jenny’s pussy. She was also ready for me. She got up and put her knee on the bed on my left and swung her other leg to my right and positioned my cock at her pussy. She was dripping and we hardly needed any lube. She pushed it in and started to rock back and forth. Her pussy was very tight, which didn’t surprise me much after seeing Bob. She was rocking back and forth vigorously. I grabbed her boobs as she rocked and she gasped, she loved it. I could tell she enjoyed fucking me but I wanted to show her what it was like to be with a real man right in front of Bob. I grabbed her neck with my right hand and swung her down on the bed. I then grabbed her legs and pushed them close to her head. I split them slightly apart so that her pussy and asshole were in clear sight. I spit violently on her pussy and I shoved my cock deep inside her. She screamed. She let go and I was in control. I proceeded to push myself inside her. Slow and deep at first then fasted and faster. She was rubbing her clit with her hand as I held her legs up. I pushed deeper and deeper and faster and she looked as though these was on the edge of orgasming. I let go of her left leg and grabbed her boobs. “Slap them” she said. I slapped her left tit. It barely moved but the milky skin immediately turned red. “Again” I slapped again. “Harder” I slapped harder. She came. She relaxed for a second to recuperate and I looked back to give Bob a “that’s how it’s done” look. When I turned back, he was standing at the edge of the bed and not in his chair. His cock, which was barely visible through his pubic hair was covered in cum. He had also orgasmed. “You liked that Bob?” She asked and he nodded. “Well we are not done.” I was sweating and exhausted so she guided me down to the bed. She then climbed back on top of me in a reverse cow-girl position. She then ordered Bob to move to the foot of the bed so he can get a clear view of my cock entering her. He stood and watched as she bounced on top of me. “Come lick my clit” she ordered him. He then crawled on the bed and bent his head down and licked her lit as my dick was inside her pussy. I loved how humiliated he was. He licked like a dog, up and down. She rolled her ass on top of me and that pulled my dick out of her and back in. She then rolled further back and my cock flung out of her pussy and hit Bob in the face. I didn’t see my cock hit him in the face because Jenny was obstructing the view but I felt it so I stood up a little bit and pulled back. Jenny looked back at me and said, “He wants to lick my pussy juice off your dick.” I nodded. He looked both humiliated and delighted and proceeded to lick my cock. This was not the first time another man had sucked my dick. Jenny and I both watched the poor humiliated man as he licked all her pussy juice off my dick. He, unlike Jenny earlier, didn’t know what he was doing so jenny pushed him off and said “Watch”. She then grabbed the bottom of the shaft of my dick and stroked it while licking the head. Within seconds I came in her mouth. She took it all in her mouth and looked at Bob who, much like a well trained dog opened his mouth. She dropped my entire load in his mouth and he swallowed it. All three of us sat back to catch our breath, each one having orgasmed at least once. “How about dinner?” Jenny finally said. I agreed. We stopped by my hotel where I was able to change into dinner attire. They both also told me to get the rest of my stuff and check out of the hotel and stay with them until my flight out in a couple of days. We arrived at a very expensive restaurant for dinner. Bob quickly ran out of the car and opened the door for Jenny. I opened the door for myself and stood next to Jenny who grabbed my arm and we started to walk in together. Bob followed closely behind us. In the restaurant, Jenny talked the most. She talked about her c***dhood and how she got to meet Bob and how they started the life style that they have. She then told me how the relationship she has with her husband is a very loving one. She said that he can’t satisfy her himself physically and that is why he seeks men, that he approves of, to do that for her. She said that it took a lot of trust from him to be ok with it and that it allowed their love to grow. Frankly, all of this sounded like a pile of BS to me but I went along with it because it meant that for the next two days I will continue to fuck this gorgeous woman and at the end of it, I might come out with a job offer. Jenny then started to tell me about some of the numerous sexual escapades that her and Bob had been involved in. Their life style excited me and at the end of the dinner I was somewhat envious. During the conversation, Jenny asked me about my sexual history and about my sexual limits. I told her that I am moderately experienced but that I had never come across a couple such as themselves. She then asked if I had ever been with a man before and I said that I have never actually had sex with a man but that I had been involved in threesomes and foursomes with other men. Bob then asked me if I am attracted to other men. I replied “Why Bob? U interested.” He looked at me and smiled. That made me uncomfortable. After the dinner was over we walked out to the street and got into the car. Bob opened the front door where Jenny sat on the way there but she said she wanted to sit in the back seat with me. As Bob stated to drive, Jenny took my hand and slid it up her cocktail dress. To my surprise she was not wearing any panties. “Now for the dessert” I smiled and put my two fingers in her mouth to get them wet and then put them inside her. She moaned a little. I then pushed her legs apart and leaned back in the seat. I started to eat her pussy and finger her at the same time in the rus escort karaman back seat of Bob’s Lexus. “Drive around Bob until we are done” She said. He didn’t have to drive for long. When we got back to the house, Jenny showed me to a room, one that was different from the one had fucked in earlier. She said that she was tired and wanted to go to sleep and that if I wanted to stay up, to feel free to roam around the house. I stayed up a little and went to sleep. The next morning, Jenny woke me up by sucking my morning wood. It was the best way that I have ever been woken up in my life. “Good morning” I said with a wide smile when I had realized what was happening. She didn’t reply and kept going rhythmically up and down on my cock with her hand (not so delicate this time) stroked my cock. In minutes I had exploded in her mouth. She swallowed “Breakfast is ready”. I got up and got dressed and followed her to the kitchen. Bob was already awake and in the kitchen. We ate breakfast quietly and slowly. “I am in the mood for a shower.” said Jenny “what do you think?””A shower sounds like a good idea right about now.” I said knowing exactly what she meant. “But we can’t forget about Bob today.” She said. I didn’t know what she meant at the time but I didn’t care. Bob can do what he wants or needs as long as I get to fuck her one more time, I thought. She got up and I followed. She got undressed and I followed. She walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower and I followed. We started kissing under the shower. Our naked wet bodies rubbing against each other. I then grabbed the shampoo and washed her hair for her, and then I rubbed her back and stomach with the soap. She had her eyes closed. It was a very sensual moment for her. I rubbed more soap on her ass and legs, all while making sure not to touch her vagina. I then cleaned her legs. When came back up she was in total bliss. She enjoyed the full body massage and was ready for the main course. We stepped out of the shower naked and wet and went into the room. Bob was already there, naked. She laid on the bed and signaled me to come to her. I laid on top of her and started to rub the head of my penis on her clit. She was already very aroused from the shower and she pushed me down wanting me to eat her pussy. I lay flat on my back on the bed and she knelt on top of my face and rubbed her pussy on my face. Her juiced dripped down my cheeks and she moaned continuously. As she was fucking my face, I felt a hand grab my dick and a tongue lick the head. It was Bob. He did not want to be neglected anymore. He sucked my dick as I at how wife. She moaned and moaned until she came on my face. Her cum tasted delicious. “Now, its Bob’s turn” She said. “Sure” I got up and started to get out of the way.”Where are you going?” She said. “He wants you”I now understood what she meant by saying that we can’t neglect Bob. Bob wanted me to fuck him. I looked surprised and perplexed. I had never fucked a man before and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do that at the moment. I thought about it for a second. But before I could speak Jenny said “He has had his eye on you” “I am sorry” I said “I don’t think I can do that. I have never been with a man before” “Come on” Said Jenny “If you fuck his asshole, I will let you fuck mine.” I hadn’t dreamt of fucking Jenny’s ass up to this point and now I really wanted to. I looked over at Bob who was naked and laying on the bed with his legs in the air waiting for me to fuck him. His position made me uncomfortable.”I am sorry, I can’t. Maybe another time.” Bob looked disappointed and looked at Jenny who looked upset. She looked at him and then at me and then back at him, “fine, I guess I will do it myself.” She then got up off the bed and walked over to drawer, opened it and pulled out a strap-on. The strap-on was equipped with a 9-inch long blue plastic dildo. She also grabbed a bottle of lube. Bob was already in an optimal position with his legs in the air and his asshole open. Jenny put on the strap-on, lubbed it and entered him. He signaled me over to feed him my cock. I walked over and positioned it near his head. He put it in his mouth and sucked it. He proceeded to suck my cock delightfully as his asshole kept taking in the huge plastic cock. He then pulled my dick out of his mouth and said “I want you to fuck my face” I laughed and looked at Bob who was not eager to have all his holes fucked violently. “Ok, you asked for it.” I grabbed his hair and shoved my cock far down his throat. He moaned with joy and then coughed. He spit on my cock. Bob liked it sloppy. Within few minuted, Bob came all over his own stomach while he was being fucked by his wife. He hadn’t touched his cock. It was now me and Jenny. My cock wet with Bob’s spit, her cock with lube and his cum. She was now less disappointed at me because we had taken care of Bob together. She said “Your ass or mine?””Definitely yours” I said. I grabbed her and pushed her down on the mattress and lubed my cock and fucked her ass. I barely went in on my first thrust, only touching the surface. I then put it in a little deeper on my second, deeper on the thirst and then deeper. Her asshole was not a virgin. In fact, something told me that Bob had fucked her before with the same dildo that was now flopping every time I entered her ass. “I want to cum” she said. So I flipped her over, inserted my dick deep in her ass and two fingers in her pussy and she came. He cum shot out and soaked my stomach and the mattress. She squirted. I stopped for a little so she can take her breath. “you can cum in my ass if you want.” I felt like a k** on christmas. I kept pushing and pushing until I exploded inside her ass. After I emptied my load inside her, Bob who had been on the ground recuperating from the fucking he just received, got up and licked my cum out of her asshole like an obedient dog. My plane was departing that evening so, Jenny and Bob drove me to the airport. On the way, Jenny repaid the favor that I had done for her on the ride home from the restaurant the night before. Unfortunately, I never got that job. I can’t help but think that that might have had something to do with not wanting to fuck Bob in the ass the night before. It all worked out at the end however, and I got a different job in LA. Bob and I sometimes run into each other. He is still very very shy and quiet.

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