Dear Penthouse


Dear PenthouseMy wife Cali works at small town store where a lot of local residents frequent. A young k** named Ryan comes in a lot and engages in small talk with Cali almost everyday. Ryan came in one Friday and was telling Cali he just turned 18 and was looking for odd jobs so he could buy a car. She told him there was nothing at the store but, if he was interested in doing some yard work he could come over to the house and earn some extra cash. I agreed to the idea, and Friday Cali could pick him up and bring him over. I arrived home the following Friday and Ryan was raking leaves in our front yard. I introduced myself, then headed inside. Ryan was a very polite, clean cut, young man, around 5’8” and a 150 pounds. When Ryan was finished he knocked on the door and Cali invited him in had him sit on the couch in my usual spot. Cali sat on the other end of the couch and I sat in the recliner. We chatted for about ten minutes and learned Ryan was a little shy samsun rus escort but a charming yound k**. I stood up and said I was going into the garage to play around. I looked at Ryan and said, you’re in my spot so Cali will probably make you rub her feet, and walked into the kitchen to get something to drink. Cali came around the corner and met me at the fridge to get Ryan and her some iced tea. She asked me if I didn’t mind if Ryan rubbed her feet. I replied, I have told you before you can play with all the young boys you want. She looked at me , smiled and went into the bedroom. I went into the garage as planned. Cali is forty, has a terrific rack which she likes to show off, shapely legs and sexy feet with do me red polish that she likes to use to turn me on. After thinking about that sly smile she gave me, I went into the back yard. I had a perfect view of our living room through the partially opened d****s. After samsun rus escort bayan a couple minutes Cali came into the living room wearing a red silk robe that stopped just above her knees, and black thigh high stockings ! Wow , what a sight. Cali sat on the couch and after a few minutes positioned herself laying on her back and placed her feet on Ryan’s lap. Cali closed her eyes as Ryan rubbed and massaged her left foot a good ten minutes. Cali lifted and placed her left foot on the couch letting her leg fall against the back of the the couch. As she did this her silk robe opened giving Ryan a clear view of her lacy white thong she was wearing ! He had to have a raging hard on, as I did, because his eyes never left her crotch while he was massaging her other foot. After about fifteen minutes Cali got up and went into the bedroom and returned a short time later fully clothed. Cali took Ryan home and returned rus samsun escort a short time later.The next Friday when I returned home from work the yard work was already done and Cali and Ryan were already on the couch. I told them I was going to play in the garage again and went out back to see what was going to happen this week. Again Cali came from the bedroom in her red silk robe this time wearing her white thigh highs. She once again placed her feet in Ryan”s lap and he began rubbing her left foot. Cali placed her left foot on the couch letting her leg fall against the back of the couch allowing her silk robe to open and slide down her leg exposing her neatly trimmed pussy ! My naughty girl was not wearing any panties. After rubbing her other foot for about ten minutes Cali stood up, pulled Ryan to his feet , unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles exposing his raging hard on. Cali sat him down and took his cock in her mouth. She was sucking his cock for no more than a minute when I started to see cum dripping out of Cali’s mouth, down her chin and onto her perfect tits. Cali went into the bedroom , returned fully clothed with a towel in her hand and cleaned Ryan up. Cali then took Ryan home and dropped him off and returned home. I can’t wait until next week !

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