DestructionDestructionSynopsis: A slave is used by his new Mistress and her friendI’d met her online, and four weeks later I was waiting nervously, naked in between the only two bushes in the parking lot. Cars drove along the main road lighting up my hiding place as they went past. I was beginning to think this was a really bad idea, when a car turned in and parked at the other end of the parking lot. It sat there idling for what seemed like forever then the trunk popped open. This was it, I ran as fast as I could hoping it was the right car and hoping no one else decided to drive past or worse turn into the parking lot. I finally reached the car and dove into the trunk, pulling it closed behind me. The car began to move.After what seemed like forever the car began to make several turns snaking its way through back streets before drawing to a stop. The trunk popped open and I got out into a double garage, I went straight to the table in the middle of the second half of the garage. As my new Mistress had instructed online I inserted the ring gag into my mouth. I then cuffed my legs and arms into the cuffs which were connected separately to either end of the garage, there was no longer away to back out.Mistress walked in; Mistress was nearly my height but finely built with brown hair and eyes that were nearly impossible to look at. Mistress was clearly in her element as if Mistress was just going to check something in the garage. Her clothes reflected this idea of normality as Mistress wore shorts and a shirt, with sneakers and socks. I suppose there wasn’t really any need to dress up to do what Mistress wanted, after all Mistress wasn’t trying to impress me, Mistress just wanted to use me. The thought of this made me rock hard.Mistress began by turning two handles which pulled my cuffed legs in either direction spreading me wide, till my arms where straight above me and my legs spread like a giraffe. Mistress walked around me touching my body; my ass, chest, dick, feeling each region. Mistress then held my chin and said, ‘you know you no longer have any rights, your mine, and I intend to destroy you’.With that she thrust her knee into my groin, pain exploded from my groin to every part of me. gaziantep escort She stepped back and kicked five more times. I was dizzy from the pain as her eyes met mine she said, ‘by the way meet Trevor’. Trevor was athletic and about a foot taller than me, and with me with my legs spread that meant I was staring straight at his flaccid cock.Trevor grabbed my head with one hand and pushed his cock into my mouth with the other, forcing it past my tongue. I was soon gaging as he thrust deep into my mouth. Mistress stood back and watched as Trevor rammed into me. I was soon covered in spit, my own tears and precum. I felt him grow inside my mouth and stiffen before exploding inside my mouth and all over my face. He wiped his cock clean on me then he and my new Mistress turned off the lights and left without saying a word.My mouth still tasted of cum and cock, even after the spit and cum caked on my face and chest had dried. My balls ached from the kicking they had received; however it was my mouth, legs and arms that hurt the most. I had been tied in the same place, with my arms above me, legs wide apart and with my mouth held open by a gag for over an hour.My new Mistress walked back in,without saying a word she grabbed my balls and tied them to a long stick. Mistress pulled on the stick to make sure my balls would stay tied to the stick, I leaned forward as far as I could to try and protect them.My balls felt like they were about to be ripped from me. She then released my arms then my legs, and pushed and pulled me by my ballsthrough the door into a small garden; with a patch of lawn in the middle, and a cage to one side. I danced around trying to avoid the inevitable pain that came from being led by my balls.I looked at my balls they had turned red from the abuse.Mistress pulled hard down on the stick forcing me to drop onto all fours, before moving the stick, forcing me to crawl into the small cage, once insideI couldn’t move. Mistress closed the cage door then untied the stick from my balls. My body started to cramp up from not being able to move but I was exhausted, I attempted to sleep.I awoke to by entire body hurting, my arms and legs tied to gaziantep escort bayan something behind me, forcing my arms to my sides and my legs wide. But this wasn’t the reason I’d woken, my ass had something rammed up it.‘Turn on the water Trevor’ my Mistress said.It was a garden hose nozzle; water began to fill me, stretching me unbearably.The hose was pulled out; water went everywhere, all the water from my bowels poured from me. Mistress aimed the hose at me spraying off the shit, and then turned her attention to torturing my balls with the water pressure. I was at her mercy, each ball was methodically blasted with water, I felt them shrivel up into me trying to escape however escape was impossible.The hose was finally turned off. But Mistress and Trevor had only begun to use me.They used my tied hands and legs to move me to a bench they had placed on the lawn. There they tied me in place on my stomach; Trevor began to push his fingers into my ass occasionally seeing if he could force his cock into me, before re-stretching my ass with his fingers. Mistress sat in front of me holding my head up so my face was directly in front of hers.‘Today is going to be a very fun day for me slave’ Mistress said.Mistress looked into my eyes, as Trevor grabbed my hips and forced his cockhead into me, he then rammed his cock to the hilt, in one agonising movement.Trevor began to pound my ass; it felt like it was being ripped open as his cock forced its way into my unlubed ass.It had to hurt his throbbing meat as he throttled me, with each thrust I felt my ass stretch to deal with the head of his cock, his cock quickly made my ass raw from the abuse. I felt like a piece of meat, like a chicken being stuffed by a butcher who was in a hurry. Mistress watched on with her face inches from mine watching and smiling as my face contorting in pain.My hips were bruisedfrom the force of his grip as he rammed as hard as he could into me before pulling nearly out each time before ramming his meat into me again. My ass began to spasm from his violent assault on it. Trevor began to become erratic as he trust into me, I felt his meat begin to swell, then he came deep inside escort rus gaziantep me. His warm seed dribbled out of my swollen, sore and now wide ass;then down my legs as he pulled out. ‘Thank Trevor for his gift slut’ ordered Mistress, I did as he walked back into the house.I was shaking from how rough the day had been, I felt completely helpless and violated as I lay there tied in position, my ass throbbing from the abuse. Mistress stood up, she had attached a strap-on. It bobbed in front of my face; I could see right down its black shaft, my mouth would have dropped open at its size but my mouth was already held open.I went crosseyed and my mouth became dry as the strapon advanced towards my mouth. She pushed it into me, slowly forced it in past my tongue; my tongue was squashed between the bottom of my mouth and the huge dildo, I began to gag. Mistress grabbed two fistfuls of my hair and pushed her dildo further in, I began to panic realising I couldn’t breathe. Mistress laughed.She pushed it further still as I gaged, my eyes watering from her dildo .Mistress pulled my head upwards and looked into my watery eyes ‘Your well on the way to becoming what I want slave, have you guessed what you’ll be?’ ‘You’re going to be a whore slave, I know you think your straight and you may not want to be, but once I’m done with you you’ll do anything I ask.’ She began to slowly thrust into my mouth, working inch after inch of her phallus into me. Before long she was smashing the end of the dildo against my chin, spit dribbled down my body as I gaged and gasped for air as my throat was invaded. She smashed her crouch against my face each thrust feeling like a punch in the nose as my face was quashed against her. My hair felt like it was on fire as she pulled on it, my eyes began to see stars, my stomach convulsed as I choked on her phallus and I vomited. Vomit came out my nose then my mouth as Mistress pulled out satisfied with the mess I’d made ‘good slave now your stomach is ready to take so much more’ she said with a smile. My nose and eyes watered and vomit dripped down my chin to the ground as Mistress walked to the door and let Trevor and 3 other men in. ‘All four men were naked, and hard: as they gathered around me all I could smell was cock and my own vomit. My throat and ass were already raw from the abuse they’d received, looking at all four cocks dripping with pre-cum and all pointed at me I knew Mistress was going to make me a cock whore and that my ass and throat would receive far worse treatment very soon.

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