Ecstasy Birthday


Ecstasy BirthdayHi, my name is Jack and I turned 19 months ago. Five months ago is also where my story starts.My mother had my sister when she was my age and now my sister Jade is twenty-two and mom is thirty-five and my aunt Karen is thirty-three but all three could pass as same-age-sisters. It was my birthday and my aunt Karen and sister had come home from out of town. The party was great and being around my family was wonderful. Karen’s husband and my dad both died several years ago in a boating accident and they never remarried, mom dated a couple of times but could never find a man that matched dad’s memory.The party had broken up into just conversation, telling of adventures and laughing about funny mishaps when Jade ask. “Have any of you ever done any ecstasy?” The room went quiet as if some untold secret had just been uncovered, I looked around the room. Jade and Karen looked blank but mom had a lovely blush on her face. In an almost whisper she said “Nope.” And started to get up from the couch. Karen pulled her back down, now as curious as the rest of us and I had a feeling that whatever it was, mom was not about to give her secret up while I was in the room.I excused myself saying that I had to go to the bathroom and left the room but stayed in earshot of the room to hear what mom was hiding. After a little prodding from my sister and aunt my mother finally said after a deep sigh. “Ecstasy was what got me and your father together. It’s a sex d**g and we were both high as a kite on it, everyone else had left and in the chemical heat of passion was too much. We fucked our brains out, once we came down and he fucked me again but just as wonderfully I was in love and the rest is history. I had heard everything, my cock was harder than it had ever been and I remembered that Frank, my best friend had given me some and I also had a pill from the adult shop that would help keep my cock hard for a much longer time. I got the pills and went back in to the setting room making sure they all heard me coming and stopped at the door and announced. “I’m going to get me a soda, anyone else want anything?”The three of them wanted win and I volunteered to get it for them. As I left the room I heard their cheers to me for being a good boy. Well if they had known how good of a boy I wanted to be, they would not have been happy. I put two ground up tablets in each and took my boner-pill and went back into the setting room with the tray of drinks.A half an hour into the conversations and I was starting to feel my cock lurch in my shorts and thicken up, I knew my pill was working and then mom said she had to pee, when she uncrossed her legs to stand I could see the wet spot on the crotch of her panties, I assumed she was going to go to the toilet to ease her need.As soon as mom was out of the room Aunt Karen looked at me seductively and said. “Poor Jack, it’s your birthday and were over here cackling like a bunch of hens.” She looked directly at the bulge in my shorts and though I was sure that she could not see a lot, I knew she could see enough and she ran her tongue over the lovely thick lips. Stand up here and let your Aunty see what a big man you are growing into.I was suddenly embarrassed as hell because my cock was ridged hard and I knew that when I stood my cock was going to give them a show. At the same time, this was what I had wanted anyway and I was damn if I was going to blow it. I stood and faced her, the first thing that happened was both my aunt and my sister gasped.I looked down at the bulge and smiled. “You haven’t seen anything yet.” “Oh my!” Aunt Karen breathed. “This I have to see,” she said and moved close so she could outline my cock with her hands. “Oh Jesus; Jack, this is a man’s tool, a BIG man’s tool.” Jade had moved around so she could see our Aunts hand her long fingers not half way around my cock and I could hear her breathing, her finger tracing the outer opening to her shorts, not really giving me anything but at the same time making my imagination scream.I could now smell the sex heating up in Aunt Karen’s pussy and loved it. Meanwhile she gave Jade a wink and licked her lips openly for all to see. “Should I look?” she asked Jade who eagerly nodded and then Aunt Karen pulled down my shorts slowly until my thick cock popped out and slapped meaty against her face. Jade gasped and moved closer and Karen attempted to enclose my cock in her fist only to find it was very thick, very hard and very hot.She slipped her tongue out of her mouth and licked from my balls to the top of my cock and there she attempted to push her lips over the head of my cock and I came. Cum jetted to the back of her throat and down as I felt more than heard her swallow and then it came out the sides of her mouth and finally out her nose. That was when she had to back off and gagging as three more thick ropes jetted across her face.Jade looked at me disappointed for only a second until she realized I was not getting soft and moved in quickly cupping my balls to feel if I had more cum for her and gasped when they felt full. “OMG b*o, wow!” she said and took up Karen’s kırklareli rus escort quest and she began to try and get my five inch mushroom cockhead into her mouth. I could hear her slurping away and the feeling was driving my cock into having spasms again. When she looked up at Karen who had recovered and said, here sweetie and slipped a large glob of my cock-juice into her mouth. My sister swooning over the taste of my cock-juice almost caused me to burst again and then I heard mom clear her throat from the doorway. “What’s this?” she asked stepping into the room. For a moment I was sure she was going to kill me and then she moved in enough to see my cock. “Jesus!” Mom gasped, both my Aunt and sister still had their hands around my cock and three inches including the large mushroom head was in view. My piss-hole pulsed like some creature gasping for breath. “If you’re not going to do more than pet it then get back.Both the girls moved back away from my cock as if ordered by some queen as my mother walked slowly across the room, removing her clothing my cock twitched violently with the loss of each garment until Mom stood in front of me completely naked. “Oh my god Mom, you are beautiful.”Mom’s eyes never left my cock. “Not bad yourself stud-boy.” As she stepped over me and turned so her lovely ass was facing me and then she lowered herself down so she could suck and lick the head of my cock, her cunt spread out in front of my eyes in all of its beauty. Mom leaned forward and sucked at my piss-hold and it caused my body to go ridged and then she stopped and looked back at me. “This is not going to fly unless you eat my cunt while I suck you off.The next several minutes I was sure I had gone on to heaven as mom worked my cock into her mouth each time she pulled back I could feel my cockhead pop out from being almost too large. Mom would bring me to the brink of cumming in her mouth and then she would back off and for her troubles I worked her clit with my tongue bringing her to full orgasm several times until she pulled her cunt away from my mouth and stood turning around she looked down at me. “You have a much bigger cock than your father did Jack, he was eight inches long and four fully erect, you are at least ten inches long and I’m going to fuck it into my cunt. Just remember to tell me when you are ready to cum so I can pull off before you cum inside of me, okay?”Before I could answer mom started lowering herself to my cock, I gasped a quick. “Yes Ma’am.” And then her cunt touched my cockhead, it looked like she was setting on a small stool and each time she would push down my cockhead would flex like an umbrella trying to close and then with a sudden push and a gasp from mom I was in her. Mom began to whimper not from pain but ecstasy as she slid up and down driving my cock ever deeper into her cunt.Mom’s blonde hair began to bounce as her twenty-eight C- cup tits bounced, they had a natural upward curve capped with thick long nipples that I could not resist I cupped mom’s tits and pinched her nipples between my thumb and forefinger as mom’s voice became high and I felt her cunt grasp my cock and suck it deeper into her cunt. I could feel the opening to her cervix bouncing against my cockhead and each time it touched mom came, her cunt milking my cock and bringing me closer and closer to cumming until it was inevitable. “Mom; I’m going to cum!” I said barely able to breathe.Mom stopped moving but her cunt continued to suck on my cock as she pulled to free ourselves from each other only to see her wince and drop back down on my cock, the head firmly against her cervix she pulled away again and again she dropped back down on my cock forcing it deeper and sucking my cock with her undulating muscles, I was holding back, but I could feel my cock start to thicken inside of mom’s cunt. Mom looked down at me, her eyes open wide as she knew what was coming and pulled hard to free herself only to once again drop back down on my cock and the head popped inside of her cervix just as I came.”Oh god NOOO!” Mom screamed as we both came hard, her legs held down and open just with the power of my cockhead being lodged in her cervix like a dog knotting his bitch and I came in what felt like buckets directly into her egg factory and her cunt made sure to suck every drop from my balls.For the next twenty minutes our bodies quivered as micro orgasms rocked through us, my cock spent from delivering so much cum into my mother’s baby-maker that finally my cock began to shrink and with a loud Slurpee pop my cock finally popped out of mom’s well used cunt. Exhausted, mom slumped down onto my chest and then with our combined sweet she slid to one side. Karen looked down at her still gaping cunt and thought she could have fisted her with little trouble. She licked her lips and drove her tongue around the sensitive outer ring of mom’s cunt sending her into an immediate orgasm, her back arched as Karen slipped three then four fingers into mom’s overstretched cunt and then pushed with some force until up to her wrist was lodged kırklareli rus escort bayan deep inside my mother and she started fucking her with her fist while my mother breathed in a pleading voice for her to stop as orgasm after orgasm rocked her.Jade attached her mouth to my flaccid cock and sucked its limp rope to the back of her throat releasing me of any leftover cum and the residue of my own mothers cum as well. Jade moaned as my cock jumped in her mouth. Pleadingly I tried to push her away only to have her suck harder and push her face deeper onto my now once again expanding cock.I felt her gag and then she pulled away before my cock not even half erect. With a sinful smile on her face she whispered as if to keep a secret from Aunt Karen or Mom. “I seen what you did to mom, I want some too and I think I can get you in me before you get to big to fit.” I was still breathing too hard from the fucking mom had given me to agree or object but I did know what I wanted as I watched my sister pull her panties down exposing the cunt that I had spent the last three years jacking off over and now she was going to force my semi-flaccid cock deep inside of her so it could get thick and hard inside that dream tunnel. I was ready, more than ready and from the way my cock felt she needed to act fast before.Like a hot, velvet glove my sisters cunt engulfed my cock, I felt the lurch of my cock touch the face of her cervix just as it thickened inside of her like a snake after its prey my cock forced its way in locking us together until I once again emptied my load into her. The sudden inhale and nearly inaudible whimper from my sister told me all I needed to know. She had just cum and lubricated my thick shaft in doing so. So far I was sure my mother was pregnant from me as the amount of cum I pumped deep into her never really came back out. Even as Aunt Karen sat straddle so mom could eat her cunt as Karen fist-fucked her from one orgasm to the next her juices were female cum and very little of mine because I had pumped mom’s ovaries full of my i****tuous cum just as I was about to do to Jade too.Jade arched her back in full orgasm as my cock locked inside of her cervix and began to thicken with the promise of cum. Still I fucked my cock even deeper feeling her cunt muscles suck me hard. I’m going to make you pregnant with my baby.” I announced as the first ropes of cum released deep inside of her.She gasped, “No Jack! Not inside!” But her body jerked with the motion of screaming yes; deep inside! Only our grunts and moans echoed in the room, even as Aunt Karen brought mom to another screaming orgasm we fucked loudly and lustfully until I had no more cum to give, only an empty pulsating shaft buried deep inside of my sister throbbed with the lustful desire to fuck her even more.The last thing I remembered was feeling my sister’s cunt tug on my cock as I slipped into dream land. It was an hour later I was awaken as my cock was tugged wetly from my sister’s still sucking cunt. I opened my eyes to see Aunt Karen pulling her to one side and flopping her face first down into Mom’s well used cunt. I couldn’t help the thought of my sister eating mom’s cunt and it caused my cock to jerk.”Good, I’m glad you aren’t dead to the world Jack.” Aunt Karen said wrapping her fingers around as much of my flaccid cock as possible and gave it a squeeze. My cock replied in a jerk and a surge of thickness. “Mmmmm wonderful!” she hissed and knelt down so she could suck on my sister cum coated cock. “Oh Jack!” My aunt’s words lavished from her lips in between sucks and licks. “I fucked a Great-Dane once and his cock was not nearly as thick as yours!””Really?” I managed to squeak as she drove her mouth down to the base of my cock, I could feel the head pop into her throat where she swallowed it in an embrace that caused me to buck and fuck it deeper into her throat. She just seemed to accept it even as I thickened she never stopped and the thought of a huge dogs cock buried deep inside of my delicious aunt’s cunt was driving me crazy.I started fucking her throat in an earnest beat as I felt her throat undulate around it like a big snake swallowing me. Suddenly she stopped and began to withdraw my cock from her mouth, I could feel my thick cockhead move against every inch as she continued to pull her mouth off of me. Her lips pooched out as if she were going to spit out a softball and then with a wet pop my cockhead popped out spittle and cum spider webbed between her lips and my cockhead causing me to lurch into full hardness her eyes loving the thickness she smiled at me and said. “Yes really Jack.” The wetness between us cascaded to the bed as Aunt Karen pushed me back onto the bed and moved forward until her cunt was just above my lips. “But first, make me cum dear nephew.” She said and lowered her hot, wet cunt to my lips, she opened as she lowered and my tongue found itself tasting and exploring even before she had come to rest on my mouth. I grasped her large nipples and pulled as I slithered my tongue deep in and out of her cunt, rus escortkırklareli exploring until as I was sucking and licking my tongue back out Aunt Karen jerked and gasped. Eureka! I knew where her G-spot was and I began to use it.What started out as a gasp and a jerk soon turned into a breathless moan and a pressing rock and then a whimper at which time I could feel her cunt trying to milk my tongue. I moved my lips just so I could suck her clit harder while still my tongue worked her G-spot and I began to twist her nipples and Aunt Karen began to cry. “Oh fuck Jack; mmmmmnnnn! Oh god-damn you, I’m going to cummmMmm hard!” her voice was full of trembles and undulated from low to high and back. “I love you Jack, no one has made me cum so hard and Ohhh; Fuck you, I’m still CUmmmmmiinnG!” Her hips rocked as she continued to cry blasphemies and lamentations of greatness and her cum filled my mouth with its sweet nectar that I gladly consumed. Suddenly her entire body went ridged and my face was coated with orgasmic cum like I had never felt nor tasted before. I wanted to roll her over and fuck her just then but she would not budge.Then she went limp and started to fall forward. “This happy horse-shit was not going to happen.” I thought realizing Aunt Karen was spent. Instead of letting her fall on my I pushed her back and climbed on top of her. “No more Jack; please!” she begged wanting nothing more than to marvel in her orgasm but was again hard and the need to fuck this once dog fucked whore was causing my cock to ache with lust.”Not a chance Auntie!” I snarled knowing at this point it was more **** than consensual sex and I didn’t care. “You are my bitch right now and I’m going to fuck you crazy!” I drove my cock deep into her gasping cunt and even as Aunt Karen cried “NO!” her body screamed yes. Within three deep thrust I was lodged deep inside of her cervix and fucking her hard while her cunt sucked at my cock for more.”Oh god damn you Jack!” My Aunt cried as my hips drove noisily into her. “I haven’t stopped cumming, please Jack; stop moving just for a second.” Her voice was full of panic and as much as I wanted to fuck her I did not want to hurt her, I plunged deep and held myself there as her cunt continued to milk me.For the next two minutes Aunt Karen’s body spasamed and jerked as her cunt continued to swallow me. I did not know how long I would last but I knew I was splashing her insides with hot pre-cum as my cock pulsated with the promise of orgasm she finally whispered. “Now Jack, let me turn around so you can fuck me like the bitch in heat that I am.” We moved as one, my cock although tugged as we moved never let go of her cervix until she was on her hands and knees with her face against the bed and her ass in the air, I started to pound in and out of her. For the next several minutes I felt my Aunt cum and even as she began to beg me to stop again I could not, not until I had emptied my balls deep inside of her. Not until I had planted my seed in her just as I was sure I had done to my mother and sister. But Aunt Karen’s cunt was different, it was talented with the memory of being fucked by a big dog and she latched onto me as she went into another breathless orgasm and fucked back.My cock jerked and thickened and then spewed cum deep inside of her used cunt. We both screamed in orgasm and collapsed u*********sly onto the bed.I woke up and felt the stickiness of cum, smelled it on everything and tasted my Aunt’s cum still deliciously in my mouth. Three naked women who I had the night before fucked into multiple glorious orgasms sat in an arch in front of me smiling and talking with each other. My mother half glanced in my direction and shushed the others as she thickened her smile.”That was nice Jack,” Mom said, glancing at the other two who only nodded. “We have been up for a while and have been thinking about last night and we have come to a conclusion.”The feel of the room was not one of anger so I had a good feeling that I was not going to be kicked out and that made the sincerity in her voice all that more interesting. “What have you three decided mother, please tell me,” I said bemused at the harness of their nipples I smiled thickly.”We have decided that you will fuck us, the three of us for the rest of your life and no girlfriends are allowed unless we choose them to participate.” The tone was matter-of-factly as if I had no choice and perhaps I didn’t, I didn’t want to not fuck them again and the idea of having all three made my cock jump.”I accept on two conditions,” I announced as the three of them looked at me like I was crazy for not taking mom’s decision as is.”And they are?” Mom asked curiously. “I want the same, no boyfriends unless I say so and I want a big male un-fixed dog to help me keep you three satisfied.”Mom and Jade blushed deep red as they both looked at Karen who only mildly blushed but looked excitedly at the three of us. “You fucked that stray?” Mom asked referring to a time I had only just now heard the reference to.”Yes, and I loved it,” Aunt Karen said and smiled at me.Mom looked at Jade who shrugged and at Karen who nodded eagerly and then back at me, “Seems we have a family fuck agreement son.”That was five months ago and all three are definitely pregnant with my c***dren, all three girls and that is okay with me. We got the dog last week and well let me know how you like this little story and maybe I will share others with you. By for now… Jack

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