Fucked by bro & his Friend


Fucked by bro & his Friend~A Sweet Fantasy, all characters in this story are over the age 18. Viewers Discretion is advise.~This happened when I was still living at home, a few years ago just before my 21st birthday. I was home for the summer from uni and working long days in a crappy summer job for a friend of my dad. I had an on/off boyfriend, but we were very much off at this point- in fact I had decided that I was well and truly done with him and his bullshit behaviour. I wasn’t missing him at all, and in fact I was sure it was over for good. The only problem was that because of the long hours in the job I wasn’t getting out much, and wasn’t getting much cock. That was the only thing I was missing. It was a warm Wednesday afternoon and I had clocked off early from work, saying I had a headache, when in fact I had just had enough. My parents were on holiday and my brother Chris was at work himself, working in a Pizza Hut while he waited for his A Level results. He was just 18 and had been out every night since our parents went to Greece, drinking, clubbing and trying to pick up girls with his best mate, Simon. I had heard them coming in at 3 and 4 in the morning, without any women, so I got the feeling they weren’t having much luck. They weren’t the only ones: I was ridiculously horny. I had been thinking about sex all day and as I got into the house and dumped my keys and handbag on the table I was calculating how long it was since I had last had sex. Six weeks. I was feeling it. A shiver ran through me and dampened my pants as I thought of my exs big, pink cock and I wished, not for the first time that day, that he might come round and let me sit on it for an hour. Flicking through the post as I walked up the stairs in my stockinged feet, I decided that I would get my vibrator out and give myself a damn good seeing to whilst I had the house to myself.I had a few vibrators and dildos, but this was my favourite. A blue Rampant Rabbit, 7 inches long and thick enough that when pushed into my tight little snatch, I’d gasp out. It was ready with new batteries when I pulled it out of my bottom drawer, I pulled my flimsy summer dress over my head and laid down on the bed. As I looked in the mirrored doors of my wardrobe I pondered myself as I did so. I’m not a model and I don’t have a models body, but I couldn’t help but concede that I did okay. Tall and hippy, I’m not thin but my curvaceousness is in all the right places, F cup boobs and hips that flare out like Jessica Rabbit and red hair that falls onto my shoulders. My pussy hair was trimmed down and neat and as I manoeuvred myself into a comfortable position my firm but very natural tits bounced a little. I was in the mood for some porn, and reached under the bed for the box where I stashed all of the tapes and DVDs I had acquired over the years, mainly from my ex who had gotten me into the kind of porn I am still into now: girls getting roughly fucked by big cocks. I found an Ava Devine DVD that I really enjoyed, where she gets done every which way by three big, black cocks, and put it into the player.The best thing about this DVD was probably the beginning, which came onto the screen suddenly. Ava, in a basque and silky pink panties, addressing the camera as she pulls her big, fake titties out of her lingerie. “You like these?” She asked. Despite not considering myself to be in any way bisexual or anyway bi-curious, I found Ava an incredible turn on. Her trash talk and her quintessentially porn star look gets me wet every time. I pulled off my own knickers and began to rub myself as she spoke. I was already soaking. “You like these big fucking tits,” she continued as I began to rub my clit, “I love it when I’m getting fucked….” She pulled at her breasts as I rubbed the nipple on my own left boob, “….and they fucking bounce.” Ava jumped to show us what she meant. I pushed a finger into my pussy and it felt amazing. I quickly rubbed the wetness onto my already hard clit and a jolt of electricity ran through me. “I love it,” the horny porn starlet on screen continued, “when a man just comes up to me with his big, hard cock and I’m sucking on it and they bounce,” she sucked her own fingers to demonstrate, “and then they fucking slap my big titties and fucking grab them.” I considered the beautiful body that was turning me on so much. I love cock and like I say, don’t consider myself to be in any way bi-curious, but during the last couple of years at uni I had been sexually experimenting between break-ups with the boyfriend, and in May of the first year had found myself the third wheel in a girl/girl/boy threesome with some dorm mates. It had just kind of happened one night when the liquor was flowing, and the guy, Steve, had approached me. We had got off with one another during Freshers week- no sex, but a lot of snogging and petting and he had ended up frigging my hot little cunt to orgasm- so he knew I was game, and he told me that his new girlfriend, a sexy little nymph called Louise with huge tits and a figure not unlike my own, was keen for a threesome. I was a little drunk, but said clearly that I didn’t really fancy girls.”You fancy me though,” he said, and it was true, I did, “and she’s been with a woman before.” I didn’t really think for a second that it would happen, but as the night continued and the drinking continued the sexual sparks began to fly between the three of us, and before I knew it, it was 4am and just the three of us left in the dorm kitchen. I was lying across three kitchen chairs, slightly drunk, and drained the last of a bottle of JD. Louise and Steve were stood over by the sink and kind of looked at each other with a nod. Steve came over and sat next to me. “How you doing, Miche?” He said. I smiled.”Goooood.” I was drunker than I thought. My legs were across the three chairs and my skirt had ridden up. He stroked my thigh. “You’re looking hot, Michelle.” He said, a glint in his eye. I knew what was going to happen. I parted my thighs and his hand wandered, finding my black thong and, as luck would have it, freshly shaved pussy. I was bald down there at that time. “Mmmmmmmmm.” I groaned. I instantly remembered the way he had expertly made my pussy cum during Fresher’s Week, and opened my legs further to let his fingers artvin rus escort probe. He was slightly older than the rest of us, in his early 20s, and had come to uni life late. He knew what he was doing. “You’re so wet.” He said, but I couldn’t speak. His fingers were expertly probing my wet hole and the big, hard clit above it. I looked across the kitchen and watched as Louise hitched her own knickers down and jumped up on the work surface. She parted her legs and I saw, for the first time, her lovely little snatch. It was as bald as mine and her fingers instantly went to it, frigging it as she watched me get frigged. I raised myself up on my elbows and Steve kissed me, deeply. “Get up and come and touch Louise.” He urged.I didn’t recognise myself. I had always had a high sex drive, ever since I lost my virginity at 15, but generally in the context of relationships. This wasn’t like me, but it was incredibly liberating. I strode across the room and, with no clue what I was doing, touched Louise’s cunt. She groaned out and Steve looked like the cat that got the cream. “Take your top off.” I said. Her tits were incredible. Big, round and firm. I was mesmerised by them. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked. “Fuck, yeah.” She said, her voice a low murmur. “Fucking suck on my big tits, you fucking slut.” As I did as she asked, I felt Steve’s hand again, and then the unmistakable feel of a thick, hard cock being rubbed along my slit. “He’s going to fuck your slutty pussy and you’re going to eat my fucking cunt for me, you fucking whore.” Louise added as I moved onto her other breast. “Bend over for him.” Steve pulled his shirt and jeans off, and within seconds his boxers were on the floor too. I pulled my little dress off and he helped me off with my bra. Louise was almost naked anyway, but pulled her own skimpy mini dress off and positioned herself so that I could eat her out. I was bent over and ready.As my tongue tasted pussy for the first time, Steve entered me with his dick, which was an average length but, I soon discovered, ridiculously thick. It was hard to think of anything but the cock stretching me out, but I wanted to lick her right, and tried to concentrate as he slowly sawed his tool in and out of me. “Jesus, you’re tight.” He gasped, sliding back in oh so slowly, and then out again, his big, manly hands gripping my fleshy hips. I opened Louise’s pussy with my fingers and at a rhythm to match Steve’s fucking, I licked her clit. She began moaning with pleasure, and I slid two fingers in. Steve could obviously see the action and it was turning him on. “This is so fucking hot.” He said, picking his pace up a little. My own pussy was reacting now, and I began to feel an orgasm building. Louise was getting into it and soon I had my face buried in her and my mouth was sucking and my tongue was flicking and she was cumming all over my face. The more noise she made the faster Steve fucked and soon I came, squeezing his cock with my pussy. As she came down from her orgasm Steve pulled out of me, and breathlessly told me he had to stop or he’d cum too quick. What followed was an amazing 2 and a half hours of non-stop fucking. I sat on Louise’s face while Steve fucked her on her back. I sat on Steve’s cock while Louise sucked on my tits. Steve fucked Louise’s arse as I penetrated myself with a courgette that was on the side in the kitchen. That nearly sent Steve over the edge, as I said he’d never been as turned on as he was then, tight in his girlfriend’s little butt, watching a big-titted whore fuck herself raw. And then Steve asked if I wanted it in my arse. I’d never had a cock up there, and was curious, but I was scared as well. He promised he’d be gentle, and Louise licked my tight little ring while I lubed his cock up in my mouth. If you will allow me to go off on a tangent for a second, I just want to get across how much I love sucking cock. Even though there isn’t anything in it for me, and at times it can be a chore, for the most part I do enjoy it. I love the power and I love the way a man is never more turned on than when his dick is tickling your tonsils. In fact, I get a real kick out of how fucking grateful a man is when his cock is in your mouth, and for that reason, it always turns me on. Steve was really getting into it, and as Louise primed my virgin arsehole, he fucked my mouth as I looked up at him with the wide-eyes and innocent expression that my ex had once said pushed him over the edge during a blow-job. “I’ve got to get it in your fucking arse before I squirt down your throat.” Steve said, pulling his dick out from between my lips and turning me around. I was bent unceremoniously over the kitchen table, a sweating mess of mad hair and caked in all three of our bodily fluids. “Louise, lick her cunt while I do it.” I knew this was so that I would forget about the pain and braced myself as he primed my bum with his fingers, probing and lubing it up with spit. “Don’t worry,” he said gently, I won’t hurt you. You will enjoy this, I promise.” The way his voice had become gentle to reassure me, did reassure me and as he positioned the engorged head of his cock at my ring, I felt Louise’s expertly lesbian mouth begin to lap at my clit like a cat licking at a bowl of cream. The first few seconds hurt like hell and bells rang in my ears as I groaned in pain and Steve groaned with pleasure as he took my anal virginity. I could feel my butt spasm as it tried to reject the thick cock entering it and Steve pushing against that. As the moments passed though, the pain subsided and Steve stood still, his hands on my hips, Louise still driving me towards orgasm with her tongue. “You okay?” He asked. “Do you want me to stop”. I shook my head and told him to carry on,”I’m so turned on,” I said, surprising myself with own nastiness, “I want to feel your cum in my arse.” That was all Steve needed and instantly he was rocking his hips and fucking my arse. I groaned, this time with pleasure, and he pulled at my hair,”You fucking whore,” he said, his voice now totally different, “you big-titted fucking whore. I’m fucking your arse and I’m going to fucking shoot my hot cream in your hole. You’re a fucking tease, all over campus, turning me and Louise on. Do artvin rus escort bayan you know the amount of times we’ve fucked, fantasising about this? This is what you’ve fucking wanted the whole time.” I moaned at his words and at the building pleasure as he rocked in and out of my gaping arsehole, as he fucked the virginity out of it. On top of this, Louise’s tongue had driven me over the edge, and suddenly I felt the courgette at my pussy hole again and she drove it right in there as I began to cum. “Aah!” I yelled, “I’m fucking cumming for you, Steve!” he pulled my hair harder, “my dirty little cunt and my fucking hot arsehole are cumming round your big cock and your girlfriends slutty tongue!” He upped his pace and then I heard him cry,”I’m shooting my hot spunk in your arse!”And that was how we ended the night, in a cummy pile of sweaty bodies. I had never been so satisfied.Back in the present and frigging my hot little hole, I reached for the Rampant Rabbit and rubbed it on my clit. It was probably thinking about the threeway and watching Ava on the screen that meant I didn’t notice that I wasn’t alone. “Ahem.” I looked up and saw that not only was my door not shut, but my younger brother Chris and his best friend Simon were stood in the doorway, watching me. I must have jumped ten feet in the air.”Fuck, Chris!” I exclaimed, quickly pulling my blankets over my nakedness, hiding the dildo under the pillow and slapping the remote to “off” in one move. “What the fuck are you doing?” I was mortified.”What are we doing?” Chris laughed. “What are you doing?!” Simon was leering smugly and I noticed a bulge in his jeans where watching me and the porn for the past few moments had obviously turned him on. “Fuck off!” I yelled, throwing a cushion at the doorway. The boys looked at one another. Simon stepped into the room. “Come on, Michelle.” He said, sitting down on the bed, “don’t be like that.” I shrunk away towards the wall. What was he playing at? Chris closed the door and flipped down the lock, something I thought regretfully, I should have done myself. “Michelle.” Simon added. “I’ll fuck you.” I jumped up, the blankets wrapped around me still. “You two need to fuck off!” I gestured to the door. “Go on. Go.” For the first time since he came properly into the room, Chris spoke.”Come on Michelle.” He began. “We’ve just watched you watching porn. And using this.” He picked up the vibrator. “This isn’t good. You think dad would approve of that? And your bunking off work- the work dad got you as a favour.” Blackmailing little shit, I thought. “We won’t say. If you help us out.” I didn’t know how many women either of them had been with, but at their age, I thought, it was probably girls and girls who weren’t very into fucking. I remembered myself at that age and of how unadventurous I had been until I was introduced to dirty fucking by my ex. Obviously they wanted to be with a real woman. It made sense. And dad would absolutely crucify me if he found out I was out of work early and watching porn. Chris had taken a gamble, but he knew that his blackmail might work. Simon picked up the remote and flicked the TV back on. Ava was back on screen, still filthy talking to the camera, rubbing her pink pussy.”I need a cock in here,” she gushed to the lens, “Will any man help me? I need a cock.” Simon rubbed the bulge in his jeans and unbuckled his belt. Ava continued. “I’m so wet, I just want a cock.” I knew how she felt. A man appeared on screen and squeezed her boobs. Simon pulled his bottoms off and released a meaty 7″. He started stroking it. “Are you going to fuck my cunt?” Ava asked. The man slapped her tits. “Suck his cock, Michelle.” Chris said. “Suck it and I won’t tell dad.” It was probably going to be easier just to do it. Within seconds of the huge piece of meat entering my throat, I was like a woman possessed. The shock and fear of being caught by my brother and his friend had worn off and I remembered that I hadn’t been fucked in weeks. Simon pushed my head down onto his dick and I bobbed up and down.”Oh yeah babe,” he groaned, “she’s a fucking good little sucker.” I felt fingers in my pussy and then the dildo I had been using earlier pushed in. Chris was controlling it and I thought suddenly ‘That’s your brother’ but the voice was drowned out by the sensations in my puss and the enthusiasm of Simon’s words as I sucked him. “You’ve got to get on this.” Simon told his friend, and the dildo was pulled out as Chris derobed. I continued with the task in hand, and began to jack the bottom of Simon’s cock. “Oh my fucking God.” He half said, half yelled and I knew I was doing it right. “I’m going to fucking cum if you…..” but it was too late, his seed gushed out and flooded my throat. The tangy flavour engulfed my taste buds and I sucked it all down. Simon flushed red, clearly embarrassed that he’d lost his load so soon. I stood up.”Let’s get one thing straight, boys.” I said, “because that’s what you are. Little boys. I will do this and I will love it because I fucking love cock. But you aren’t in control here. I am. I was fucking whilst you two were still in primary school, so don’t act like big men when I can make you cum like that.” I clicked my fingers. Simon was still flushed an embarrassed pink, his sad flaccid cock dripping sticky cum, but this was fighting talk to my brother, who now butt-naked pushed me onto my knees and pushed himself into my mouth, possibly to shut me up. He was a good two inches longer than his friend, and the thickness of his rod reminded me of Steve. My cunt dripped at the memory of Steve and I thought dreamily of sitting on that cock, until Chris’s thrusts jolted me back.”You fucking show us what a slag you are, Michelle.” He said in rhythm with his thrusts, “I’ve heard you on the phone to your mates, boasting about what you do at uni…. Your threesomes and your lesbian fucking. You fucking show us what you can do.” I took him into the back of my throat and decided that that was exactly what I would do.Simon quickly hardened again, and I abruptly withdrew from Chris’s dick. I sat on the bed, facing the TV and noting with interest that Ava was being fucked by the man who’d been grabbing her titties and was sucking on a new guy. rus escort artvin I decided to take a leaf out of her book, and spread my legs in front of the two horny eighteen year olds before me, both with cocks standing to attention. Both jacked them in their hands. I put my right hand on my pussy. “So you liked watching me touching myself, did you?” I didn’t wait for an answer. “I love touching myself. I do it all the time. When I’m not sitting on girls faces in my dorm or getting fucked up the arse over a kitchen table by a guy on my course….” I sucked my fingers and effortlessly slid two into my engorged vagina. “I’ll fuck anyone at any time. I love it in my mouth, my cunt, my arse….. I do girls, boys, a girl and a boy, two boys….. I love cocks and I love sucking on titties…..” The boys wanked harder. “I am so turned on and I would love one of you studs in here…” I pulled myself open, “who wants to go first?” Clearly still the bolder, Chris stepped forwards and pushed me onto my back. He kissed me deeply.”I don’t care that you’re my sister,” he said, breaking away from the kiss, “I fantasise about your all the time. I have been wanking over your since I was 13. Every girl I’ve fucked I had thought about your slutty minge and your huge fucking tits.” He squeezed my left breast. “I’m going to destroy your fucking cunt.” I laid back and he positioned the bulbous head of his penis with his hand, and then pushed forwards. He groaned with pleasure and I cried out with lust at his hard cock and his trash-talk. “Put your cock back in her mouth, b*o.” He said to Simon, and Simon crouched over my face, feeding me his cock for the second time that day.If I had thought my threesome in the kitchen had been hot, I hadn’t known what hot was until that afternoon. Chris was lying when he said he would destroy me, and I had never known staying power like it. Even Simon’s premature cum seemed to have been a false start, as within half an hour both had taken turns in my mouth and pussy and neither seemed ready to finish. Considering their tender years too, I was pleasantly surprised. About an hour after they had started I had cum more times than I could recall, both boys having sucked on my clit and finger-banged me, as well as pounding me with their cocks. It was as I found myself being hoisted back up onto all fours and Simon’s balls banging into my clit that I declared I wanted it in the bum.”You in my arse, Chris.” I gasped. “I want you in my arse first.” Chris had obviously never done a girl that way before, because he frowned and said,”I don’t want to hurt you.” Simon was still doing me from behind.”You won’t,” I said breathlessly, “I lost my anal virginity in the first year. I love it in there.” He still looked sceptical. “She’ll fucking love it,” Simon said, still fucking, “she’s loved everything we’ve done so far. I’ve never known a girl love sex so much.” Chris nodded and shrugged at the same time. “Okay then. Move out of the way, Si.” I grinned and reached in my top drawer for the KY Jelly I always kept in there. “You can wank onto my face, Si.” I said. Simon nodded. “Lay down, Chris.” Chris did, his cock pointing toward the ceiling. I snapped the lid off of the KY and positioned myself between his legs. “You’re going to love it in my arse, Chris.” I said, stroking him up and down. He groaned. “It’s so tight in there, you won’t last very long.” I continued stroking. “The man who took my anal virginity did it during a threesome with another girl,” both boys visibly liked this story, and Simon began stroking his pole as I continued with my dirty words, “he just bent me over a table,” I squeezed KY onto my hand, “and spat in my arsehole,” my brother moaned as I lubed him up, “and put his big, fat cock right in there. He fucked my bum until I screamed and his whore of a girlfriend licked my cunt while he did it,” Simon jacked and jacked groaning at the tale, “and then she stuck a fucking huge courgette in my pussy as I came and he lost his load in my arsehole.” I had finished lubing my brother up. I got onto all fours. “Fuck my arse, Chris.”Whilst I was more experienced now than I had been during that first arse-fucking, I could scarcely have been more excited than I was now. Chris lined his penis up with my puckered little bum hole, and Simon came and stood in front of me. “Wank it onto my face while Chris does his sister up the arse, Si.” I said. This seemed to be the words that Chris needed, as he grabbed my hips and drove it in there. The pain was as blinding as it had been the first time, but I knew this time of the amazing pleasures that lay ahead. “Fuuuuuck!” Chris cried out as his balls hit my lily-white bum cheeks. “It’s so fucking tight!” Simon’s hand was a blur as he masturbated furiously, so turned on by what he was seeing and hearing. My tits swung beneath me and I used my right hand to frig my cunt.”Yeah, it’s so tight in my arse,” I said, “so fucking tight and so fucking slutty.””You’re a fucking whore,” my brother cried, his fingers digging into my hip flesh as he drove it home, “you’re a fucking whore and I am going to white wash your arsehole with my fucking jizz.” I cried out in pleasure as the sensations in my arse and the sensations in my clit came together. “You’ve been fucking asking for this for years and now I’m r****g your fucking arse!” The sights and sounds were too much for Simon who suddenly announced:”I’m going to cum on your face, Michelle!” and for the second time that day I opened my mouth and took Simon’s jizz. It splattered on my face and hair, and against my tongue, warm, sticky ball-batter all over me. “You’re a fucking cum covered whore,” Chris said, pulling my hair just as Steve had done that first time, “a fucking cum covered whore and I’m going to shoot my load in your bum!” My fingers rubbed my clit as I thought of what I must look like, and of Chris’s cock pounding my insides, and of Ava Devine still fucking on the screen in front of me, and of Steve’s cock being the first one on my arse all those months ago and of course, of Louise’s big, white titties and what they’d felt like in my mouth. I came squirting, for the first time in my life, thin, white girl-cum onto the bed beneath me. The spasming of my cunt and arse must have sent Chris over the edge as he suddenly screamed,”I’m cummmmmming in yourrrr arseholllle!” And so, not for the first time, that was how I ended another amazing fucking session, in a cummy pile of sweaty bodies. I thought I had been satisfied before, but nothing like this. It was the most pleasure I had ever known.Thats all I got you all. hope you like.

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