Hotel guest left me sheer nylon stockings

Big Tits

Hotel guest left me sheer nylon stockingsThis is a true story/event that happened several years ago when I was working in hospitality/tourism.I did a short stint as a housekeeper at a hotel chain called Novotel in St Kilder, Melbourne for a short time during my overseas working holiday in Australia.I was servicing rooms at a time where a conference was being held and the entire hotel was booked for several days which meant heaps of work for me and high traffic corporate guests.This one room had a very attractive mature blonde lady staying in it and she was indeed very well presented with great legs. I’d say she was in her late 40’s but I’m hopeless with guessing age sometimes. I got a glimpse of her during my morning cleaning routine and fortunately I was assigned to servicing her room. She was wearing a business skirt suit and black patent high heels with sheer tan nylons of course.Anyhow her room had the “please make my room” sign out and I entered and performed my duties. I started making the bed and then moved towards emptying the rubbish from the room. It was my lucky day, in the rubbish bin there were her discarded nylons perhaps worn from the day before. They were silky, soft and sheer to waist tan tights but when I picked them up there was something different about them – the crotch area was torn with a massive hole and as I inspected it closer, the foot area was heavy and moist. I held it near my nose and I was 110% sure that I was smelling someone’s cum on the foot part of these tights. I found this extremely erotic as I imagined what she must have been doing the night before knowing some lucky man got a foot job from this beautiful lady in these delicate and soft nylons. I closed the door (this was not process as you don’t normally close the door during cleaning). I had inspected it further and looked around for any other evidence. There ankara rus escort was also an empty packet of of tights in trash can, they were Voodoo Shine Sheer to Waist brand which I believe is an Australian brand and I suspect were the same tights I was holding in my other hand. I looked in the bathroom and surprisingly saw another empty packet in the rubbish bin. This time they were a different brand, Levante hold ups in natural… I was guessing that this must be what she was wearing when I saw her before I continued to look around and there were several corporate outfits hanging in the cupboard, they smelt really great and I could imagine her In them. Her suitcase was closed and I wanted to respect her privacy so I didn’t do any further snooping around but I imagined she would have some sexy lingerie… Anyhow I sat on the edge of the bed and took my cock out and jerked off while wrapping those silky sheer tights around my cock. I rubbed the thigh and ass bit of the tights that was rather stretched from being worn, all along my shaft and it felt so good, I was imagining her in them and giving me a foot job and moments later I exploded in the tights and pretty much added more cum to them. I made sure to wrap it up and threw them away in my trash bag and continued cleaning the room… It completely made my day and I couldn’t stop thinking about what I just did and all those fantasies just playing through my head. I knew I had the same shift the next day so I was quietly praying that I would have another opportunity to see that lady and be the one cleaning her room. The next day I went about work as usual and couldn’t wait until I started working on the same floor as prior day. I managed to somehow swap with someone so I could start on the same floor again. This time unfortunately there was no “please make my ankara rus escort bayan room” sign outside her door. There was no do not disturb sign so I knocked on the door to see if anyone was inside (curiously). To my surprise and luck she answered the door, fully dressed of course but no nylons, regardless she still looked stunning as I remembered. I offered to service her room or provide change of towels. She said she would be leaving soon and wanted the room made anyway. I told her I would come back later and she said I could start on her room right away as she was just on her way out. I didn’t refuse of course but I started in the bedroom as she was in the bathroom putting on her makeup. I could hear her heels tapping against the tiles as she moved around and even that sounded sexy. I looked in the rubbish bin first and unfortunately didn’t see anything like the day before. I commented on how nice she looked and she popped her head out of the bathroom and said thank you. Her hands were actually holding a bunched up stocking which I assume she was just about to put on. I quickly made my way to exit the room in attempt to witness what was actually going on. As I walked passed the bathroom I indeed witnessed her rolling up her stockings. She caught me staring and I couldn’t think of anything else to say but “I’m sorry” and continued to walk out the room. She didn’t appear cross or anything so I just continued to get cleaning products to start on the bathroom as I returned she smiled and said thanks for making up my room and pretty much left straight away. I continued cleaning the bathroom and restocking the soaps and towels. I saw another empty packet of Levante hold up stockings in the rubbish bin and to my dissapointment no worn nylons. I went back to the room to take stock of the minibar and to my rus escort ankara surprise there was a pair of stockings hanging on the chair. These were not there before when I was making the bedroom. These ones looked warn as the heel was slightly darkened by the shoes. These didn’t have any cum stains but smelt of her perfume and the foot area smelt sweet and really pleasant. I quickly closed the door and continued to smell and feel these nylons. They were not as soft as the tights I felt on the prior day but that didn’t matter because I was in sheer heaven. I took my cock out of my pants and slid one of the stockings over my cock all the way to the foot part and held the other stocking in my hand and up to my nose. I stood there and jerking off thinking about the beautiful woman and couldn’t help but cum in her stockings. At this stage I didn’t really care about my job or anything else so I continued to clean up my cock with the same stocking and left it hanging back on the chair. I put the other stocking in my pocket and left the room and continued cleaning the other rooms I was assigned to. As the day went by my logical brain started kicking in and I was thinking I should return the lady’s stocking and clean the other one before I leave. My shift was near ending so I reentered her room and to my surprise it looks like she had already been back – she wasn’t there of course but some stuff was moved around and there was a a few shopping bags on the bed. The stocking that I had cum inside was no longer hanging from the chair but it was now on her bed. My heart dropped and I thought I would be hearing from my manager on the pager very soon. Anyhow I quickly left and clocked off for the day and as I left the hotel, I saw her sitting in the lobby with a man. I tried not to make contact but somehow we did and I thought I was caught then and there but instead she smiled at me and continued her conversation with the man. Unfortunately I wasn’t rostered on the following day and pretty sure it was her last night stay (I checked the inventory schedule). I still have the stocking till this day and always wondered what she did with the her other stocking that was soaked in my cum.

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