I HAD SEX IN A DRESSING ROOMI had sex in the dressing cabin of our local indoor swimming pool. It was not long after a former bf of mine and I broke up. Back then I went swimming with some college friends once a week (1 other girl and 3 guys). I didn’t find much joy in swimming that day as I was still angry and frustrated about my ex. I did my lanes too fast and got powered out quickly. I got out of the water, toweled myself dry and sat on the side for a while. Since it seemed that my friends would be doing their lanes for some more time I told them I would already go to the showers and then leave.After showering, I went to the dressing cabins again and there one of my friends was already opening his locker. He told me that he got a cramp in his leg and had had to stop. I took my clothes from the locker as well and started looking for a free dressing cabin. But all of them seemed to be occupied. At the other end of the row, my friend found an open one. I must have looked quite frustrated as he waved me over and -probably jokingly- asked “Why not share a cabin?” As I just wanted to get dressed and be gone, I wasn’t thinking this through and simply answered “okay”. His eyes grew wide at my answer, but then he shrugged and said “cool”, smiling. This should have rung a bell inside of me, but as I said I was not thinking to straight at the moment.In the small dressing cabin, we put our clothes on opposite benches and turned our backs to each other. I tried to open the zipper on the front of my one-piece swimsuit, but of all things it was stuck. I cursed and my friend wanted to know what the problem was and if he could help. “Yes, you can open my zipper for me.” This was also probably not the wisest thing to tell him. He replied “sure”, and we turned around. He started to work on my zipper, often brushing over or pressing on my breasts. Having been fixated on the zipper, it took a while until I noticed that he had already dropped his swimming boxers. And I saw that he had a growing erection. Just as I had realized this, he said “here we go”, and pulled down the zipper to my belly button in one fluent motion. Luckily, my breasts didn’t spill out right away. Now, he too seemed to realize for the first time (in hindsight, I think he realized this much earlier) that he was standing nude and with an erection in front of me, while my swimsuit was basically fully open and I was looking down at his crotch. Finding this situation really hillarious, I laughed out and asked whether he wanted anything as a thank you. He didn’t take long to assess the situation and said “well…”, moving his hand to his erection. I raised an eyebrow first, but then three thoughts came to my mind: (a) I didn’t have sex for 3 weeks now, (b) his shaft really looks quite nice, and (c) by doing a friend sakarya rus escort of my ex I can get back at him. So, I gave in and told him “okay”. First, his eyes widened in surprise, but then he got a big smile on his face. As he grabbed his shaft tight, I brushed the swimsuit holders off of my shoulders and they fell down to my hips, revealing my breasts. I saw him squeezing his shaft and I smiled at him. He reached for my zipper and started to pull it down wholly. Then he pulled further on it, dragging the swimsuit down with it, until his hand was on the same level as my crotch. He stopped and let two fingers slide between my legs and lips, teasing and arousing me. Now, it was my turn to get big eyes and his to smile. He let his fingers slide through my crack while he was holding and stroking his erection with a big smile. I started to tip-toe at the arousel. I felt that I was getting wet and that my nipples began to harden. He continued for a while, angling his fingers to compensate for me tip-toeing. I was already chewing on my lower lip and wondering whether I should simply shout out that he should finally fuck me, as he suddenly stopped. I sank down on my feet with a sigh. He got me really aroused by this and I was now clearly staring at his shaft and he probably knew that he had me……all my anger and grief of the last weeks were washed away, replaced by the urge to please him in any way he wanted. It was as if a switch was turned inside of me. I quickly pulled down my swimsuit completely and stepped out of it. Then I sat down on the bench, looking up at him, spreading my legs, and starting to circle over my lips to keep me aroused. He stepped forward and cupped one of my breasts from below letting his thumb circle over my nipple. I felt how it quickly turned hard under his treatment. I liked this stimulation and by looking up at him, I could see in his eyes that he was enjoying himself too – and he probably could see in mine, that I was ready for anything, now, as his smile grew even broader. He now put my nipple between his thumb and index finger and slowly started to pull me forward. I stopped pleasuring myself, and slipped of the bench. Once I knelt before him, he stopped pulling and stepped closer to me. His erect penis was tight in front of my face. I looked up, he nodded and I knew what he wanted from me. I grabbed the base of his shaft with one hand and steered his glans directly in front of my lips. I pursed them and slowly slid over his cockhead, taking in his smell and taste. Once I had engulfed his glans completely, I started to brush over it with my tongue. He brushed over my hair as if patting me and slightly pushed his hips forward giving me the hint that he wanted me to slide deeper. I did sakarya rus escort bayan so, pressing my lips tightly around his shaft. Once I was comfortably in, I began sucking on him in a slow rhythm. His shaft felt good in my mouth, nicely thick and smooth, without hair. I even could feel him stirring under my treatment. Once I finally drew back, I kept on stroking his shaft with my hand. I brushed away a thread of saliva that was connecting his glans and my lips and looked up. He still smiled at me and reached down, grabbing me slightly beneath my breasts to lift me up. He turned me around and I -almost instinctively- leaned down and supported myself on the bench. I was now giving him a full view of my butt and my lips. I could almost instantly feel his fingers, rubbing gently over and between my lips again. I let out a small sigh and turned my head showing him a lusting smile. By now I was really wet and wanted him inside of me. I reached behind me to spread my lips to indicate what I really wanted. Still looking back at him, now with a pleading look on my face, I wiggled my butt at him. He gave me a smile and a clap on my spread pussy lips. I winced a bit. Then he gave me another clap, and another one. He continued, getting faster but also lighter until I thought I couldn’t take it anymore. When he stopped I was already breathing heavily and my lips felt puffy. He made a satisfied sound and placed his cock – that he had been slowly stroking all the time – between my lips. Finally, he started to penetrate me slowly. I closed my eyes and let out a muffled moan. This felt so wonderful. I hadn’t realize how much I needed it until now. I could feel how his shaft brushed over my lips and pushed deep into me, spreading me from the inside. He started to work me in a slow rhythm to which I quickly adapted, pushing back as he pushed forward. Soon we were both breathing heavily. We tried to muffle our moans, but I am not sure whether we succeeded. Then, when I was nearing my edge, he suddenly pulled out and turned me around. A bit perplexed, I let him push me down on my knees again and accepted his cock once more in my mouth. I don’t really know why, but at that point I began to eagerly suck on him and also reached for his testicles to play with them. Not much later, I felt his shaft stirring inside of my mouth and a load of cum began to spurt out. Taken by surprise, I started to gulp it down. Once I realized what was happening, it was already too late. I pulled out and breathed heavily. After I had caught my breath again, I looked up at my friend who just fucked me. He had a very satisfied smile on his face. Seeing this, I somehow felt compelled to stretch out my tongue and open my mouth wide for him, showing that I rus sakarya escort drank it all. He nodded at me as if in agreement, still slowly stroking his cock.But as much as I had enjoyed – and needed – this, I wasn’t fully satisfied. He didn’t bring me over the edge and made me orgasm.I let myself slump back to lean on the cabin wall. My legs were still angled and now spread again. I could feel the cold air on my lips as my and his fluids began to dry. Unconciously, I started to play between my legs again. I guess my friend must have realized that I was not satisfied, or he just wanted his lucky moment to last even longer. “More?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. I looked up at him and nodded, slightly chewing on my lower lip. He chuckled “Oh, that’s so surreal. You rubbing yourself in front of me and wanting me to please you.” He sat down on the bench, slowly working himself. He waved me over and I was quick comply, standing up and walking to stand in front of him. He slid forward to the edge of the bench and reached for my breasts and started to work on them. I stepped over him and spread my lips with my index and middle finger. Then I grabbed his erection to guide it into position. He let out a satisfied sigh that I could only echo as I lowered myself on his glans. I felt how it rubbed over my skin and started to penetrate and spread me. I let myself sink deeper on him. As the feeling of being spread got more intense, once his shaft started to enter me I let out another satisifed “mmmmh”. Finally, I was sitting on his lap with him buried deeply into me. It felt so very good. I wiggled with my butt and smiled at my him as he smiled back. I put my arms around his neck and we started working each other in a slow rhythm. He was holding me on my hips as I moved back and forth on his lap, taking advantage of all of his length. My breasts were dangling in front of his face and he began to lick and suckle on them. I was quickly breathing hard and noticed that I was also quickly getting much more aroused then before. My head was flung back and my mouth was wide open, silent “ooohs” were escaping me each time he pushed deep into me. I was quickly nearing the edge. And then after one particular hard shove, I was over it. I started to shiver and moan with out restraints. But my friend quickly pulled me close and muffled my moans by kissing me on the mouth. I eagerly replied his kiss and afer my orgasm started to subside, sank down into his arms. When he was breathing normally again, I looked up at him with a satisfied smile on my face and he looked down on me with an equal smile on his face. He was still playing with my nipple, but I didn’t mind. After a while we got up to dress again. When I was turning my back to him and leaning down to pick up my swimsuit, he gave me a smack on the butt. I turned around with a surprised look, but as he just gave me a mischievous smile, I had to smile, too. We finally got dressed and left the swimming hall. Our other friends must have left in the meantime. I hoped that they hadn’t noticed our two bikes still in front of the building…(that was a true story)

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