School of electrostimulation (E-stim).


School of electrostimulation (E-stim).Electro sex is NOT for Teens.Electrosex is the most woderful way to replace hand stroking to produce exploding orgasms, or orgasms that can last for minutes or even hours. It can cause orgasms that make you writhe in orgasmic pain squirming on the floor, or screaming for it to stop. It is unlike any orgasm because it can last as long as you can stand it, and it can kill you.That is the reason I would not recommendd you try it. If not done right you could be dead. If done with homemade equipment you could be dead. It could even cripple you for life. You may find all kinds of posts on the internet that tell you how to do it, even on U Tube. Don’t trust what most of them say. For instance there are a number of them that use a Amplifier or tape machine, etc as the source. They may even suggest certain music that packs a punch.NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use music in electro-sex. No matter how you use it there is no way it is safe. It may not kill you (it could if used certain ways) but it will always damage you. You might use it a hundred times and not notice the damage done, but it is there and will show up some time in the future. You might use it only once and suffer severe nerve damage such that you can never hve an orgasm in the future, or loose the use of your legs. So NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use music in electro-sex. Its not worth the damage you have done to yourself, either imediate or in the future. And never use any equipment designed to play music as it is not designed to handle the safe signals an electro-sex unit produces. The electronic circuits required are beyond the building a safe unit yourself.If you insist in trying electro sex make sure you find someone who is experienced and knowledgable with it. And don’t go on U Tube and try what they suggest. If you or they suggest somehing that is wrong it could be the last mistake you will ever make. Or it could mean who will never be able to have c***dren or enjoy another orgasm. I only talk about it here so you have correct information if you refuse to take my advise and not do it,1. Actually guys use electro sex more than women. Guys can only ordinarily have only one orgasm at a time, and must wait up to an hour before having another. You girls can leaarn how to have orgasm follow orgasm follow orgasm as many times as you can stand it. Guys can only have continuous orgasmic effects by using electrosex. So girls don’t need to use it for a continuous wonderful experience.2.Guys sexual organs (penis, balls, etc.) are easier to wire up for an electrosex experience, and react to it better.3.The electrodes for a womens sex organs are much more complicated and so are much more expensive, and take longer to apply. And when you are hot and wanting a sexual experience you want it NOW and don”\’t want to take time to get ready.4.If parents are arriving home and you have to get dressed quickly and get rid of the evidence, it takes a lot longer for a woman than a man to get rid of the evidence..5.Boys are more experimental with sex than girls, at least until recently when new surveys show girls are catching up to boys in experimenting with sex. Now 92% of girls are experimenting with masturbation every week compared to 97% of boys. It used to be only 26% of girls masturbated every week.6.Equipment that is well made is very expensive. For instance a thin electrical rod a boy pushes into his prick can cost $65.00 An electrical butt plug such as the one shown abovethat he pushes into his anus (ass hole) is well over a hundred dollars. And the control unit can easily run to a thousand dollars. One web site has you sustitute a piece of heavy lead solder for the butt plug, Prolonged and often used lead will find its way into your blood stream and cause lead poisoning, damaging many organs especially the brain.7.Proper equipment is made of metals that will not undergo electrolosis when inserted into the body and electricity applied. Poisonous ones like lead are very destructive to humans.Never ever use a home made control pack that plugs in to the wall outlet!Never use home made equipment that plugs into the electrical uşak rus escort outlet. Such a control unit could fail and apply 120 volts inside your cunt, or inside his prick, killing him or you. Use only battery powered equipment. Preferably with a rechargable 9 volt battery.The control unit does not apply 9 volts into your cunt but anything from one hundred or even one thousand volt pulses. These pulses will only be a few nano seconds wide, and of extremely low current so they won’t damage or burn your vagina (pussy). But you will sure feel them!!!!!Penis probe inserrted in cockOne unit on the WEB has you use the speaker output from a Hi Fi. They have you run wires from there into your genitals. Music does not come in pulses but a continuous varying voltage. That can cause the electrodes to burn the flesh they touch. Imagine your boyfriend having the lenth of the tube inside his cock burned the whole length inside him. No pee (or cum) will be able to come out of that dick for a month or more. He will have to go around with a catheter and a bag to catch his pee for that time, and several operations on his penus. Think of the embaresment. I can’t understand why a person would connect his cock or her clit to the 110 volt plug. Connecting to a hi-fi speaker can be just as bad. One electrode is inside the other a ring around it. The intensity has been set to cause a continuous orgasm where the cum flows in a steady stream. He is holding it for the picture as it is jumping back aand forth with the muscle contraction caused by the electricityElectrodes inserted in vagina and one in the anus, note that they are set to touch the clit. This provides a thrillingg experience and a great orgasm,For safety sake only professionals should place any electrode above the waist. I repeat do not let any electrode touch the body above the waist either on purpose or acidentallyThe reason no electrode should go above the waist is the danger that the electrical current could go through the heart and cause fribulation. If medical help is not there immediaately this would defintely cause death.Sex with one electrode on the girl and the other on the guy would prove interesting, especially if his cock came out accidently. WOW sparks of delight would fly. However if their bodies touch accidently above the waist, while his cock was not making contact with her pussy, death could result! And you can be sure that unless they are wide apart on separate sides of the bed or couch, they are probably making body contact (at least holding hands). The electricity would go from the electrode in his dick up his body through his heart to his shoulder down his arm to he hand. It would then go through her hand up her arm ,through her heart down to he cunt into the electrode inserted there and back to the Electro-sex power unit. Both could die.If she connects the wires to each nipple as I have seen on some internet sites, the electricity obviosusly will go through her chest and heart.Do not place electrode above waist. Do NOT conect to nipples as this will ensure the electricity will go through the heart.Connection for guys are always made to his dick.There are many ways guys use electrosex to cause Orgasms, but they all make connections to his penis. The most sensitive part of the penis is the head so for maximum stimulation usually there is a connection near the head of the penis. This can be a ring around it just where it joins onto the shaft. This will connect with the area that looks like a scar at the top of his cock. This is the areaa that is extremely sensitive, and is almost always stimulated in electrosex. The next most sensitive area extends about three inches inside, so many electrodes on the head have an extension that go two or three inches inside his cock.Often electodes are clamped around his cock at add stimulation to the nerves that are normally stimulated by your hand grasping the cock during masturbation. This will ensure maximum stimulation and a great and long lasting electrosex orgasm.Double Chanel penis hook up forextra stimulation creates greater stimulation.A uşak rus escort bayan double electrode for insertion deep in the penisTo save time in hooking wires up to electrodes on his dick, some guys use a cock board. He lays his erect cock onto the board and straps it on his cock so it makes contact with the dual electrodes. It is quick to put on and can be removed in seconds It is often used when there is only a little time for electro sex masturbation, or danger of discovery. However an electrosex board does not give as good a result because there is no probe inside. Because it is so easy to install on his cock it is often used by girls when to hook her guy up for a session of electrosex, controlled by her.Sometimes the guys balls are included in electrosex. This gives added stimulation. Here you can see the head elecrode has a section that is inserted in the penis. Note the wire going up his ass to another electrode. This cause electric stimulation of his ass and is used by most guys because it produces another tpe of orgasm different from orgasm produced by stimulation of just the penis.Here is a larger picture of the cock head probe. Notice the definite connection to the area at the base of the crack. In any type of masturbation this area must be stimulated for maximum effect.Probes to go inside the guys cock come in all diameters. Some gguys like to put something into their cock and bend it all around to enlarge the upening. The tool they use is called a catheter. When using electrosex the diameter of the probe must fit tightly or electrical burns can result. So catheters for electrosex come in different diameters.Here the sound or catheter is being inserted in his cock. Normally when a guy gets an erection the cowper glands have produced a lubricant that comes out of his cock tto make it easier to insert it into a girl for sex. Not only is the outside of his cock lubricated but also the inside. This makes the probe slide in easily without hurting. However this lubricant does not pass electricity easily. So wherever a connection is made from the electrode to the body is made it is wise to put a lubricant in it that does that does pass electricity.If an electrode is to be pushed into the cock, to prevent electrical burns, or damage to the lining from friction while pushing it in, squirt some lubricant formulated for electrosex into the pee hole first. Guys love to have the girl do this for them. They love the feel of her grasping his cock in their hand pushing the end of the nosel in and then the rush of lubricant flowing into their cock.Why use electrosex instead of hand or sex machine masturbation?The strength of sensation in electrosex is much greater before ekaculation takes placeThat is easy to answer for guys. Their orgasm is different than girls’ orgasms As a girl you already know you can have as many orgasms you want, one right after another. Or if you prefer to have only one, you can continue masturbating to stay at that level of excitement for a very ong time. Guys can’t.When a guy has an orgasm his excitement level immediatly drops to zero and he wants to go to sleep. He cannot have another orgasm for almost an hour, and if he does,then he is finished for several hours. Girls could be fucked by 5 guys in a row and have an orgasm with each guy. Or she could masturbate and have as many orgasms as she can stand, one right after another.1.But with electro sex he has a different kind of orgasm.2.The excitement he feels before orgasm is a much higher level then with masturbation.3.When he does orgasm with electrosex it has a much greater peak of feeling but his cum does not shoot out under high pressure and squirt some distance from his cock, but just oozes out slowly with certaain settings of the control unit.4.His orgasm doesn’t quit right away but lasts for a longer time. He might even scream like most girls do when they orgasm, and he will probably shake all over. When the orgasm finally finishes the tension and feeling does not drop to zero right away, but stays at a high level for some time, much like it does for a woman.5.By rus uşak escort turning up the intensity he can have another orgasm right away, however very little cum will be ejected. He might even be able to have three or four orgasms if he can stand them.Electro sex creates far more pleasure before orgasm. And if you are into pain, as some people are, you can turn up the level of electrostimulation to a point that you can’t stand the pain (pleasure) any more. That can’t be done with masturbation, the closest being prevention of orgasm where you masturbate to just before the point of no return, then stop till the level drops, then repeat this over and over again.This graph represents what will happen to a guy. The orgasm level is much higher than hand masturbation or sexual intercourse. The tip of the orgasm is much higher than regular masturbation, and note that the level does not drop to zero after the orgasm and is almost as high as the level that caused the orgasm. With hand masturbation or real sex with a girl the graph drops to zero after the orgasm has taken place unlike what happens with a girl who maintains the high level ready to have another orgasm.Note that the cum does not shoot out in a high pressure stream with electrosex but oozes out slowly, but the level of pleasure of the orgasm is much higher than hand masturbation or sexual intercourseGuys choose electrosex before hand masturbation, or machine masterbaation, or sexual intercourseElectrosex gives guys far more pleasure than any other method of masturbation, even when masturbated by a partner. However since it requires hooking up wires, it cannot be done in as many places. For instance he cnnot do electrosex easily in a public washroom, in his car while driving etc.So if he wants to masturbate 4 times a day he would be lucky to make more than one electrosex. So most of his solo masturbation will be hand jobs done by himself.When he has the privacy and time to use electrosex it would be at his own home or appartment. Of course that would be the same time he could fuck a girlfriend. Since electro is better for him than fucking her he will want to introduce electrosex to his girl friend too, and that where you would have tosuggest itt to him. Most guys will have a hard time bringing up the subject. It is easier for him to suggest you have sexual intercourse together than to suggest electrosex. It is even easier to introduce manual masturbating you than introducing you try electrosex. He will be afraid that you will think he is a pervert or something.If you like electrosex, or even just want to try it without buying the equipment, you will have to let him know you are into it. Believe me if he is already into it he will jump at the chance of doing it with you. If he isn’t he might think you are the pervert!If you are already into having sex together, masturbating him by giving him blow jobs or doing other things to him suggesting electrosex with him will be much easier to do.With most guys it will have to be you that suggests electrosex with him.Electrode to stimulate your clit and vaginaComplete kit for advanced electro sex. There are several outputs that allow connecting up varios parts of the body or more than one personDon’t be afraid of talking about electrosex with him.Tell him you saw something about electrosex on the internet. Then ask him if he knows anything about it.If he says yes ask him to explain it to you.When he does ask him if he ever tried it. If he says yes, say you would like to try too. You can then take it from there.Talk to him about him trying electrosex and that youwould like him to try it on you.If he denies knowing anything about it. Tell him you read it gives a guy a much greater pleasure orgasming than he gets from a blo job,( or whatver you are presntly doing together for sex). Do a real selling job on how great it would be for him and that if he liked it he could make you cum using the control on you. Then suggest you try it together to see if he liked it. If he says OK. then take it from there.1.Just be sure you do the following2.Tell him you ran into the subject on the internet.3.Ask if he knows about it.4.Get him tell you about it if he says yes, or tell him about how great it would be for him if he days no.5.Ask him if he tried it or suggest he try it. Say you would like to experiment along with him to see how well it works. Remember to tell him it allows him to have multiple orgasms!

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