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SimiSimone At The Seaside.Simone, or Simi as she liked to be called, was a beautiful, slim and very sexy looking red headed girl. She was lay in the sun on a lovely sandy beach. She was relaxed as she lay on her towel and enjoyed the sun on her young fresh skinned body. Anyone who looked, and quite a few men did, would see a girl, probably in her mid twenties, her skin white and smooth, her legs perfect, her tummy flat, her face beautiful, her mouth kissable and she was red headed. Anyone who looked closer and longer would see her in a bikini which was black and contained red printed red roses, her bra was small and her panties were well filled by her shapely hips, her lovely bum cheeks and a slight bulge between her lovely thighs.Simi was a girl that men, and even some girls looked at and thought “Oh I wish”. She was beautiful, she was sexy, and her figure and her beauty were what other girls would die for, she had everything that every girl and man wanted.As she lay, with absolutely nothing on her mind, Simi was disturbed by a shadow over her closed eyes, she expected unclouded skies and sun all day, she opened her eyes as though disturbed from a beautiful dream, she saw, though silhouetted, what she would only describe as a hunk.“Hello” said the young, toned and quite muscular young man. He offered Simi a flyer inviting the holder to a sea journey which included drink and music. Simi viewed the young man as she took the leaflet from him, his thighs quite muscular, his tummy flat and toned, and he didn’t look too bad.“Thank you,” said Simi, “two-O-clock? Will you be there?” “Yes, I’m John and I’m both a waiter an I do first aid” the young man answered, “we set off from the jetty next to the harbour, it’s only a ten minute walk from here,” said John as he pointed into the general direction of the jetty.Simi relaxed again and fell into a light slumber, when she awoke she was disturbed to it it was half past one, the sun was blazing down on her tanned body and she felt a little dehydrated and weak. The young lady quickly gathered her few items of clothing and stuffed them in her bag. Simi looked at the invite John had given her earlier, she saw that it was an all you can drink four hour boat ride around the islands for thirty dollars. Though feeling groggy and a little weak Simi walked as fast as she could towards the jetty, it took her nearly twenty minutes in her present state and she questioned herself as to whether this was a good idea but once she saw the boat tied up at the jetty, music playing, coloured lights and bunting, and people filing up the gang plank she thought, “what the heck, I’m here to holiday.”At the bottom of the gang plank a young man dressed in whites collected her pass and she paid her money. As she stepped onto the deck Simi looked around, there was a mix of ages though most tended to be young like herself, both the men and women were attired as you would see them on the beach so Simi felt quite comfortable in her bikini, she also noticed that a few of the guys were looking longingly at her, trying to seduce her with their eyes. Simi smiled, “if only they knew,” she thought.Simone suddenly spotted John standing near the drinks bar, he was dressed in a thin white well pressed shirt with two gold stripes on his shoulder epaulettes, his white trabzon rus escort shorts were also tight which accentuated his cute bum and the bulge between his thighs, his bare legs were strong, toned and tanned. Simi walked over to the waiter, “why is no-one drinking?” she asked. “We have to be out in open water before we can serve drinks,” John replied, “we should be opening the bar in about twenty minutes.”Simi found somewhere to sit and while she waited she watched John at work, she couldn’t help but think that his actions were perhaps effeminate, a bit girlie, but that was OK by her. As she sat taking in the sun and atmosphere two couples joined her and started to chat, this relaxed her and she started to enjoy herself.The boat eventually left the jetty and headed out to the open water, the waves gently lapped the hull and the sunlight glistened as it reflected off the sea. Soon the bar was open, Simi waited for a few minutes to allow the inevitable first rush to subside then walked to the bar. “So what’ll it be pretty lady?” John asked her. Simi blushed, she scanned the bar, if it wasn’t for the surroundings and the gentle swell and dip of the boat as it cut through the gentle waves it could be any bar, it had just about every drink conceivable. “oh, I’ll have champagne please” replied Simi with a smile. “A lady after my own heart, one champagne coming up,” John retorted cheerfully. John poured the young lady’s drink, the glasses rather larger than normal ones so people spent less time stood at the bar. Simi took her champagne, she watched the bubbles dancing in the glass, she took a sip and the bubbles bursting on her pert nose made her giggle. “Thank you big boy,” she flirted openly.The sun blazed, the boat dipped and rose, the heat increased and the drink flowed. Simi relaxed, chatted, adjusted her bikini every once in a while and generally enjoyed herself. She should have felt it coming but she didn’t, her previous sleep on the beach had weakened and dehydrated her and she was topping up on champagne. She stood to make yet another trip to the bar but her legs just wouldn’t hold her, her head spun and her knees buckled.When she woke Simi thought she was still dreaming, surely she must be dreaming! She was too afraid to open her eyes.She was in one of the boat’s cabins, she knew it was a cabin because she could hear the motors and still feel the dip and rise of the boat, that’s not what concerned her, someone was kissing her smooth tummy and they had their hand in her panties, she felt herself grow as the person touched her. Simi was a girl with a bit extra, quite a lot extra actually, she was a male to female transvestite.Simi tried so hard to think of other things and pretend this wasn’t happening, of course if it was just a dream she’d have to just allow her u*********s mind to play out the story. It was to no avail, her cock continued to grow, the kissing stopped and she felt the elasticated waistband of her bikini panties lose their tightness just above her pubic region as the unknown assailant’s fingers deftly lifted the fabric from her smooth skin. The unknown person’s hand took her cock and released it from between her thighs and out of her bikini bottoms. The person gripped her firmly but gently and trabzon rus escort bayan slowly stroked her up and down. It was the next bit that caused her to open her eyes wide, to gasp and groan with pure pleasure as she felt the warmness of someone’s breath and the indescribable pleasure and tenderness as the stranger closed their lips around her erection.She looked down, the person was wearing whites but had their back to her, she could see and feel the person’s head move rhythmically as they sucked Simi’s now hard cock into their mouth. Simi groaned, “Oh fuck that feels so heavenly”, the young lady groaned. The person clamped Simi’s smooth erection between their lips and drew their head back which caused her cock to stretch whilst at the same time be gently, seductively, but firmly released from their mouth. The person turned to face the young woman, it was John, he didn’t feign embarrassment or pretence. “Hello again pretty lady,” he quipped, “just doing a little resuscitation.” Simi felt embarrassed that her secret had been found out. “Don’t worry,” John said, “your secret is safe with me.”John stood up and faced Simi, he put his hands round her back and unclipped her bra. Simi had very small breasts and as he exposed them John whistled quietly, “perfect” he whispered with genuine affection. Then he moved down her body, took her panties in his hands and removed them too. Simi lay there naked, in her confused state she could only think two things, “should I have stopped him?” and “please don’t let this just be a dream.” “Right” said John as he ogled Simi’s body appreciatively, his own erection quite clear through his shorts “let’s check your reactions, just lay still.” Simi felt so deliciously exposed which turned her on even more. Despite his reasonably muscular look John was so gentle with her as you would expect a first aider or medic to be. He smiled seductively as he caressed Simi’s nipples with his thumbs, Simi gasped, “surely that isn’t in the first aid manual,” she thought to herself. He then gently kissed her mouth, she kissed him back. “I think the top half is in good working order,” he laughed as he released her lips from his and removed his hands from her 34a chest. John moved down her body, stroking her, Simi’s torso became more receptive the further down he went, her body tingled with delight as he so very deftly and lightly stroked her groin. The first aider then once again took the young patient’s cock in his hand and stroked it, his head moved towards her as he opened his mouth and took her between his lips a second time. His head bobbed up and down in a steady rhythm, his mouth filling and emptying with Simi’s very excited erection, she gasped, she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold out for long, her hips rose and thrust to meet his mouth, she fucked John’s face. John felt his lips forced open as the young lady swelled inside his mouth, her breathing became more laboured and her thrusts more urgent. Obviously she’d cum before, John wasn’t her first but nevertheless the ferocity and sheer pleasure of her orgasm overwhelmed her. As her cream, feeling like it was literally exploding from her balls, and by the exquisite heat and gentle pain that it convinced her that it had actually expanded her cock rus trabzon escort as it shot from her loins and into John’s mouth, never had she cum so heavily before. John swallowed everything she gave then released her cock from between his lips, he looked at her beautiful face and kissed her. “That parts still working,” he laughed.John then removed his own clothes and placed the tip of his cock on the red headed girl’s lipstick covered lips, without even thinking she opened her mouth and took him inside her, she sucked and licked him hungrily, she wanted to please him as he had her. “Oh you beautiful sexy cocksucker,” John said just about audibly, “you’ve certainly done that before.” Simi smiled sexily as she continued to take John in and out of her mouth. Being told she was beautiful and sexy was such a confidence boost, but to be told she was a great cocksucker pleased her even more. John pulled away from the young lady lay on the bed, Simi was disappointed and wondered what she’d done wrong. John opened a drawer and withdrew a tube, he squirted some clear cream onto his cock and massaged it gently. He then pushed Simi’s knees to her chest and at the same time spread her lovely smooth thighs, John touched his cock end on Simi’s tight ass and gently thrust. Simi wasn’t very experienced but she’d had a couple of cocks inside her before, nevertheless this was one she truly wanted. The girl was tight so John gave an extra push, eventually her hole relented and began to open to the onslaught it was now receiving. Simi knew there’d be a little pain, there always was, but it was lovely pain, here she was naked, on her back with her legs open for a man who was also naked and lay on top of her, she gasped as her ass allowed the full length of his cock to enter her body and fuck her. “This is being a girl,” thought Simi, “this is really being a girl.” John pumped his dick in and out of the girl’s bum, suddenly, just as had happened to his lover not very long ago, his cock swelled, his thrusts became more urgent and suddenly Simi felt the heat and wetness as he emptied his balls into her. John lay on top of her, kissing her lovely mouth. As the two lovers regained their breath and composure Simi asked, “how did you know, about me I mean?” “I’m a first aider,” replied John, “if I can’t tell the difference between a pair of cock filled panties however well hidden, and panties with a pussy then I’m no good at my job.” Both giggled. “Well it seems all of you is working perfectly,” John continued as he started to dress, “just be a bit careful with the drinks, I’d stick to soft ones for the remainder of the trip if I were you.” “But what if I have a relapse during the remainder of my holiday?” Simi enquired cheekily. John took a piece of paper from a desk top and wrote on it then handed it to her, “here is my phone number, call me anytime, night or day, if you think you may require some erm, well, attention,” the young man said, now fully dressed.Simi quickly donned her bikini and the couple stepped back onto the deck. Simi approached the bar, John was already behind it ready to resume his duties as a waiter/barman. “May I have a lemonade please?” Simi asked demurely, as John served her a second barman spoke to her, “are you OK now miss, have you had a bit too much of the hard stuff?” “I’m fine now thank you,” replied Simi smiling, “your first aider certainly knows his stuff, but no, I don’t think I’ve had quite enough of the hard stuff yet.”As Simi turned to find a seat she felt some of John’s cum leak from her well used hole, both she and John knew that she’d be calling for more attention very soon.

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