Beach Day


It was one of those spring mornings where the air is cool and clean, and the sun is coming up and getting warm and busy. It feels like a beach day!

Taking the top down on the car, I head out driving along Pacific Coast Highway, loving the sun lightly torching my skin, making me feel free and sexy. Turning up the stereo a bit louder as Pink Floyd comes on and brings back some memories of high school days and some awesome sexy nights, learning about love. The rich smell of misty ocean and earth swirl thoughts around my brain as my eyes feed upon the natural beauty of California coastline. It reminds me of a time when I found this cave on the beach and a time when I remember touching myself to full orgasm for the very first time there.

Driving further north, familiar sites of the cliffs and long white sands dividing the road from the shore, I find a cozy beach that looks completely private. Hiking down to the warm sand with my gear, laying out my blanket, chair and ice chest, far, far away from the busier beaches with noises and crowdedness that usually ends up annoying me, it takes me very little time before I remove my sundress and sit back in my bikini to soak up the day.

The waves rhythmic crashing, loud and lulling, instantly relaxing my mind and body. Breathing. With the intense rays of the sun beating down on my oiled skin, my body responds to the loud quietness of Earth. Suddenly a burst of cold air blows across my body, cooling me, refreshing me, arousing me too. Why does this make me so horny? Hot and cold blasting temperatures grazing my senses. Breathing in all the sensations the Earth is giving me today, making me horny and remembering days when I was younger, learning how to find my own orgasm.

Shifting my hips in my chair, my sex telling me instantly it is sensitive. A soft glow of anticipation about how I might create an orgasm for myself begins to seep into my daydream and it isn’t long before I begin to feel a throb zing through me.

My mind begins tripping on memories of beautiful cocks from my past. Savoring remembrances of a time when I was learning to suck cock. Swimming to the forefront of my thoughts: Penises are beautiful, penises and testicles. Thoughts of the way they feel in my mouth, and loving the soft hard heat. Loving the sensation my lips feel when sucking cock, playing with his balls. Loving the soft, heavy feel of them, the shape of them and loving the sounds of his moans as my hands and mouth control his orgasm. It makes me so horny thinking about it. To explore all his hidden sensitive areas, and using my saliva to make his manhood slippery and shiny so that my hand will move easier in unison with my mouth, makes my pussy get so juicy. Then holding the base and spanking the head of that horny cock against my pouting lips, then swirling my eager tongue around the tip. Mmmm, tasting the sweet and slippery tip, the heat of it totally igniting my horniness. Suckling the soft tight skin, hot contact with my tongue. Sliding my mouth down around his balls to feel how full and soft they are… Oh penises are so beautiful!

My vagina suddenly spasms tightly causing my clitoris to tingle and I know my pussy is already wet without even touching it. Sucking my lower lip between my teeth I shift my hips so that my swollen sex is pressing against the seat of my chair, teasing myself. Placing both hands on my suntanned oiled thighs, hot to the touch, I open my knees shoulder wide as I face the sun directly. Stroking lightly the tops and inside of my thighs, I lean my chair all the way back, the sun radiating down on the crotch of my bikini, its heat penetrating the thin cloth, arousing me further as I think about my tongue swirling velvet saliva touches around the head a mans cock, and the feel of it in my throat. Pulling an ice-cold water bottle from the ice chest, I quench my thirst then splash some of that water on my chest, stomach and thighs, the intense contrast of temperatures calming me and exciting me at the same time.

Looking down the length of my body, enjoying the way my nipples have hardened from the wind blowing against my wet suit. Damn, I am horny. I know my sex wants me to touch it.

It then occurs to me that this must be the way men must feel having a penis that is sensitive and wanting to be touched and attention paid. Vivid deep colors of the penis, swollen and urgent, flood my mind, flipping around in my thoughts, a fixation to suck cock and shape my boobs around it, fucking it into a frenzy then play with the cum.

Automatically squeezing my own breasts with both hands my throbbing pussy tightens and squishes as these thoughts roll through my unformed fantasy. Looking around and seeing I am indeed totally alone on this beach I can no longer hold back this ache in my sex and slide my fingers down to my panties. Pulling aside the crotch, my legs spread wider now, I see my totally shaved pussy glistening in the sunshine when suddenly I feel a blast of cool air blow over me, between karataş escort my legs, licking my tender wet pussy lips, so horny, so needy. A blast of exhilarating tingles sent ripples throughout my whole body as the wind licked at my sensitive sex, my tiny clit swollen stiff with excitement already. Ooouu, these are the moments that I like to try and see how long I can prolong my excitement without orgasm, I let my bikini bottoms slide completely off… Then reached around my back and untied my top, freeing my breasts in this most perfect day.

With the sun baking down on my hot nude skin, my senses feel free and blending with nature. Breathing deeply, Mother Nature all around me, then feeling the commanding sizzle of Father Sun searing down, I begin flexing my vaginal walls, my pussy lips tightening then releasing, totally exposed with all the arousing energy around me. My brain and body so full of desire… A drip of my juices reaches my anus and suddenly my hips lunged with a jolt of excitement, sex flexing with an instant soft moan from my mouth.

Stroking both my sun tanned oiled hands up the inside of my thighs, I spread my soaking wet pussy lips open to the breeze of the wind. Oh, what a wonderful sensation against my totally aroused juicy sex, my tiny clit swollen stiff, peeking hot pink from its hoods of skin circling it, the sensation so light but intense. Never have I seen my own clitoris this aroused before, nor have I ever seen it out in the open light of nature like this, licking my lips while I stroke the outside of my thickly aroused smooth pussy lips. Pulling my pussy lips open wide feeling a breeze enter my vagina, and I am mesmerized by the sensation of this never felt before. My nostrils flared as two middle fingers slide around my beautiful glistening clit, stoking it so smoothly without directly touching it, the air filling my lungs deeply. The suns direct rays stinging warmth into the tender skin of my exposed sex.

As the ocean crashed and the wind blew my body surrendered to the erotic spell the ocean, wind and sun has cast upon me.

Tightening my vaginal muscles as I tilt my hips upward, ever so gently I use my middle finger tip to barely touch my screaming clit, jolting myself. Again and again I stroke my tender clit, smearing my slippery juices. Two fingers circling and circling my harden clitoris, whipping my arousal to a higher frenzy while the middle fingers of my other hand plunge into my watery hole causing a long moan. With each plunge of my fingers my moans encouraging me, daring me to cum.

Oh fuck this is perfection!

Rocking my hips and breathing in a gentle rhythm into my glistening fingers, fucking myself openly with Nature watching me, asking me, causing me to want to cum. With my knees spread wide open, looking between my boobs to a perfect view of my fingers moving so beautifully in and out of my shiny labia. Two swirling fingertips stroking my clitoris, deep pink, stiff and so wet, my moaning open and not withheld. Digging two middle fingers deep in my soaking cunt I then begin to stir my fingers in a circle, causing my jaw to drop open in ecstasy. A long rolling orgasm wave rolled through my stomach and back, all the way up to my head with one long moan. My fingers kept strumming my clit as my orgasm waved again and my whole body jerked. My quivering pussy squeezed my fingers as I wiggled them.

Over and over again the slightest touch to my marvelous clitoris would cause another wave to crash through me and so I would tenderly stroke it to cause the sensation. And when I would come close to coming down from that, I would stroke that wonderful clit of mine until I could take no more. After several orgasms I raised my saturated fingers to my mouth licking two fingers at once, then sucking them deeply into my mouth and wagging tongue. Softly giggling with divine happiness. I love the way I tasted: light earthy, dark sweet, salt watery mixed with touch of coconut oil.

My body totally relaxed and glowed after that. My ridged nipples taught from being so aroused still very sensitive to the touch. I looked around to find I was still as private as ever and thought I could go for a swim without putting my suit back on. Daringly, I stood up, looked around and took the chance of swimming without my suit. Into the ocean I went and cooled down my horny, throbbing body and skin. Giggling to myself in pure delight by how free nude swimming in the ocean feels. Being naked in the sun seems totally natural to me and I enjoy the way the water feels against my skin. Refreshing myself in the ocean on my self-made-nude-beach is pretty risky on a public beach.

When I turned around to head back to my blanket, I saw a Park Ranger truck heading up the beach. Oh no, I hope he doesn’t see me, but this water was getting pretty cold now, I had to get out. I was pretty sure I could make it back to my camp without him seeing me, so, very quickly, I ran to my blanket and chair, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around my naked body.

The ranger truck drove right over to my blanket and stopped.

Two rangers got out of the truck and slowly approached me. One was tall, looked to be 6’4″, the other not too much shorter. Their uniform had a small badge embroidered on a finely pressed shirt, with shorts, sunglasses and hat. Their strong developed leg muscles attracted my attention immediately, as well as a deep rich tan of their skin. My gaze shifted up and down and between both their bodies.

“Hello Ma’am” Said the larger, more handsome of the two rangers. “We must inform you this is a public beach and you are in violation of penal code (some number I don’t remember) that of indecent exposure and must put your clothes back on.”

“Alright.” I said. “I’m sorry gentlemen, I just couldn’t help myself. The ocean and the sun made me so horny and I just wanted to take advantage of it.” Smiling softly at both rangers, I let my towel drop then slowly turn and bend down to pick up my bikini top.

“Horny?” the tall dark one said. Both men were returning my smile as I observe their erections grow instantly in their pants.

“Has that ever happened to either of you?” I said. “Gotten super horny when flooded with mother-nature, and in this case the ocean?” Still not moving very fast to put back on my clothes, knowing I really wanted to suck these two guys off, I suddenly felt very flirtatious with them and so I turned my body and caressed my nipple in front of them. They took a step closer.

“Well, yeah” they both replied with a smile.

Dragging my bikini top in the sand, I walk up very close to both of them “Then you both understand how when horny takes over, naked seems natural?” I wanted both their cocks in mouth.

The smaller ranger was a good-looking blond with strong sinewy muscles like that of a fine swimmer and I wondered about the size of his cock. The other, larger ranger was strikingly handsome with dark hair, large shoulders and tight ass muscles. Judging by the size of his thick fingers I am thinking his cock must be thick like that too.

“We totally understand, ma’am, but if you are not able keep your clothes on we will have to take you back to the station.” The blond insisted. “You wouldn’t want that now would you: ma’am?”

Licking both my lips “Come with the both of you?” raising my eyebrow smiling softly. Feeling my sex spasm, tilting my head to the side as I look directly at the blonds bulging erection pressing against his linen shorts, hands on his hips then seeing the sexy smile on his face.

“I did break the law.” I admit. Sliding my lower lip between my teeth and quickly turning my head to the tall handsome one with an aroused smile but deliberately look at his groin. I watch his hand stroke himself right thru his beach shorts, showing me the full length of his inflamed sex without a word. Feeling a sizzle of anticipation.

“Well, gentlemen, if you really think that’s necessary.” I plead.

“Alright ma’am, then you’re going to have to come with us, right now; lets go.” Ushering me up to the truck and opening the backseat door, the blond ranger couldn’t help but apply some disciplinary punishment on my naked ass cheeks, “pinking them” up just a little. His quick spanks sparked my arousal more. Which, he must have sensed because he used both his hands to rub firmly my freshly tender cheeks, inflaming my aroused pussy even further.

Bending me over at the waist with his hand on the back of my neck, my long hair hanging down over my head now, I feel the stiff smoothness of his fingers sliding across my wet pussy lips, stroking the outside lips, stoking my arousal. Suddenly he thrust two fingers deep into my throbbing sex causing me moan quickly and lick my lips. Reaching over between my legs to stroke his firm legs with my soft hands as his fingers pump smoothly into my sopping cunt. Opening my legs wider to adjust to his eagerness, I reach my hands higher to stroke his cock, swollen stiff in his pants.

“I want to suck your cock.” I moan to the blond horny ranger. His thumb found my slippery clit as his fingers pumped slow and smooth. He pulled his fingers from my sex to taste the juices. I could hear him smacking his lips as he licked.

I looked up just as the other ranger opened the door on the other side of the truck and watched as he got in the backseat, loosening his zipper letting his shorts fall to his ankles. Opening his legs wide along the seat, he then grabbed his erection for me, stroking it, displaying its full length, silently inviting me.

Smiling as I looked at him, accepting his invitation. His cock was so beautiful, dark, thick and straight, maybe eight or nine inches, the head swollen full and needy. My long hair stroked the inside of his thighs as I leaned into the backseat moving my mouth closer to his totally aroused thick organ and kissing it. Looking at him.

As I take his cock into my hot wet mouth, I feel my saturated pussy lips get licked from behind and my senses swirl as this fantasy unfolds. The blond ranger spread my standing legs wider for his eager face and I could feel his horny moans against my pussy lips as he licked my flowing juices, slurping noisily.

With the dark rangers strong cock in my mouth and hands, one hand cupping the heavy groomed balls, the other holding the base of his thick shaft, my velvet tongue tasted his sweet oozing tip. Slipping my lips around the flaming head and lick sucking with my tongue a little at a time, a soft groan of pleasure escapes him. My salvia drooling down my pumping hand, lubing this large sex, arousing me, causing me to moan and move with the rhythm of the mouth at my own sex. With a smooth motion, my mouth and hand worked together as one, fucking his regal cock, his hips thrusting slightly upward with each pump in time with the mouth behind me.

Suddenly two fingers slide into my horny cunt, spreading my vagina open. A pleasurable loud moan roared through my body as I pushed back hard onto his penetrating fingers, his saturated mouth licking my clit.

My body seemed to be moving automatically between these two beautifully fucking men. With each penetration comes a wave of pleasure again and again as the blond ranger pushes three fingers into me, my hips gyrating, hands twisting as I feel the pleasures building. Our moaning sings a tune of rising arousals as my dark handsome ranger stroked my head, face and hair as I suck him, then he focused his hands to my breasts, caressing and pinching my nipples, causing me to suck stronger on his cock. “Oh yeah, you’re so good.” The dark ranger moaned urging me on.

Swiftly the blond ranger pulled his face and fingers from my sex then found the mouth of my pussy again with the head of his cock, burying it deeply, groaning loudly as he entered me. Getting fucked from behind while sucking a beautiful cock was totally arousing me, as my moaning made clear.

Fingertips finding the opening of dark rangers anus, circling the rim until the opening grabbed for my finger. Inserting one fingertip and then the full length, gently bumping into his prostate gland. I use the steady rocking motion of being fucked from behind to fuck my dark beauty.

He lifted one knee high, next to his ear, for better penetration of now two of my fingers into his ass, rubbing his prostate. Gently stroking his semi hard cock with the other hand, I let my mouth move up to kiss up his stomach, to gently bite his hard nipples and then his moaning mouth. His tongue dug into my mouth deeply with full arousal as my fingers fucked him this way. Dark rangers cock fucked my hands while his friend fucked my pussy with that steady thick sex of his.

My sloshing wet pussy was getting pounded pretty good by the blond ranger when I suddenly felt a thumb enter my asshole, ah fuck, I threw my head back as blond rangers thumb awakened my anus.

Dark ranger took both my breasts in his hands and began sucking hard on my achy nipples, then giving them a quick bite and caressing lick, his squeezing and rubbing causing me to moan and buck hard against my rhythmic fuck.

All three of us were totally turned on. “I want to fuck you.” The dark ranger breathed into my mouth and pulled my hands away from his sex.

“Come on.” He said, pulling me up to straddle his rigid cock.

From behind me I heard the blond ranger enter the truck with us, closing the door after him. The blond ranger moved right beside us, stroking his thick bright pink cock.

With both hands on my hips, in one smooth motion, the dark ranger guided my hovering hips down onto his positioned cock the thick head sliding open my swollen smooth pussy lips and vaginal muscles.

The blond ranger moved his hand to my shoulder and neck to help me fuck the dark ranger, their hands pressing me as I sank all the way down on his huge erection. I notice the dark rangers mouth open wide with pleasure as my tight pussy stretched over him, squeezing him, holding him deeply inside to accustom myself to his size, causing a slight swoon with the penetration.

The blond ranger continued stroking his own cock as he watched my eyes close in ecstasy and then helped bounce me up and down on the dark rangers cock.

In a low, deeply aroused voice I hear “Suck my cock” from the blond ranger.

Holding his very stout cock firmly for me at the base, its dark pink shaft and purple-pink head, angry, but so very arousing at the same time, invites me to him.

My mouth and his cock came together immediately and I could taste my juices on him. This aroused me too, to taste myself on him that way. Slowly my hips rocked up and down on dark rangers huge cock as my mouth worked its agitation with the timing of my pussy.

Dark rangers cock was larger than the blond ranger and it felt so good deep inside me, his mouth found my nipples, electrifying me. Moaning as I sucked smoothly on the blond rangers lovely cock as his strong hands stroked my back and ass muscles, helping me ride the dark rangers monster cock.

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