18; Out Driving with Daddy and 4 Men.

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18; Out Driving with Daddy and 4 Men.The word ‘Dogging’, kind off bypasses many people. Last month in the press, three young woman all schoolteachers were prosecuted under the public indecency act, for visiting and participating in ‘Dogging’, they went individually and were caught in a sting operation, in total, seven women and s*******n men, good odds for a horny girl to get into, but when you think about it, why not?I was still a girl when I found out about it, and it was close to home when I did, as both my mother and father were, as they say, ‘Doggers’.It’s not like its a club or something like that, you dont sign up to it or be known for it, like you do when you are a ‘Swinger’. You hear of it, from excited women and pass it on, its location, and if your fortunate enough to be near to where the action is, you go there and participate, just like those three young women did.It’s something that gets you from many angles, its naughty, kinky, its in the open and smacks of raw sex, multiple men wanting you simultaneously, and in a funny sort of way, anonymous, well until you are caught that is.So why do young intelligent and middle class girls want to be gang-fucked by men who dont even wash themselves before just sticking it up you?On top of that, some do hand out and insist on condoms, only to find as they get up to go, at the end of their fucking, their handouts and pleas fell on deaf ears and their condoms lie unopened in the mud.I never knew my parents were into group sex, but found out quite by accident, and finished up with more than I bargained for.I had passed my driving test and as a reward was the designated driver for my father and three of his friends, some celebration for me, sipping cola all night long while daddy and his friends got pissed, and told risque jokes I was supposed to not understand.We all left the pub around eleven , stopped by a lay by, where they all pilled out and had a piss in full view of me.Then they all got back into the car and I drove off, suddenly realizing daddy somehow finished up in the backseat and one of his friends, beside me in the front, daddy started snoring, and his friend started groping me.The singing in the back seat was loud and distracting and his hand landed on my knee and was halfway up my thigh before I could react, the fact my thighs were apart due to the position of my legs to the pedals, meant he was in my inner thigh, with its more sensitive flesh, and as I reactive türbanlı tokat escort with the suddenness of his touching, I took my hand of the wheel, only to put it back on as the car swerved slightly, by then, he was touching my bare skin, just below my panties.Everyone called out as the car swerved, but then went back to singing, in the darkness they could not see their friend’s hand up my skirt.I continued driving, started to enjoy the touching and looked across challengingly at the man in the passenger seat, he was in his fifties and he just looked back at me with a silly smile on his face.I dont know to this day why I let him get this far, the fact I was an only girl with five men, perhaps bored, feeling sexually desired, I dont really know, but I was enjoying it, as silly as it sounds, I saw no harm in letting some old fart feel me as I drove.Bur sex, as you know, comes in on you at many levels, and after being groped and put in the mood, a woman starts to feel she wants penetration, and I was now at that stage, so I eased my left hand from the wheel and slipped it under my skirt and met his hand on my crotch, his fingers soaked with my vaginal secretions.Our fingers were slippery but we interlocked and I pulled my panties aside willing him to finger me, holding his slippery finger against my clitoris and rubbing it, then down to my vagina and guiding him inside it, until at last he cottoned on I was wanting to be finger fucked as we drove. I drove on in my highly excited state of mind, my skirt, thanks to my own exertions was high on my thighs and my stocking tops were showing, but I was past caring, that was when the guy behind me sat forward and put his hands on my shoulders, his face sidled alongside mine and he whispered into my ear, his beer smelling breath had a hint of malice to it, ‘You about to cum yet Mariel’?My mind went blank at the sudden realization they all knew, and I felt ashamed, even as he kissed the side of my face and his hand cupped my breast over my blouse and squeezed it.’There is a lay-by just ahead’, he hissed into my ear, which in itself was now soaked with his saliva as he licked and stuck his tongue into it, ‘I’ll tell when to turn off’. ‘Guys, were all gonna make a short stop just ahead’, he said the occupants, by now he was massaging my bared breast and tugging on my hard nipple, ‘Young Mariel here needs some attention’, he was türbanlı tokat escort bayan right, and again I just dont know why I could not summon up the strength to say no.I saw the sign before he could say so, and flipped the indicator, the clicking sound the only noise heard, apart from daddies snoring, ‘Good girl’, someone said, not surprisingly, as an eighteen year old’s pussy was on offer, and I brought the car to a halt and turned off the engine.I turned around in my seat and asked them, ‘Who wants to go first’?I got out of the drivers seat and made my way to the back of the car, where the man behind was waiting, he had his cock out and was slowly toying with himself, ‘I’ll be your first’, he said and he reached out took hold of my arm, spun me around and pressed my upper body onto the car boot, within minutes I could feel him glide in and out of me, I just relaxed and enjoyed the feeling.’John’, someone said, ‘bring her around this side of the car, we dont want others to see us fucking her’. John was in no mood to separate from me, so we shuffled around to the dark side of the car, with John still moving in and out of me, and once shielded from the road by the car, the others started to fumble around with me, feeling and stripping me until I stood in my stockings only, with John still having intercourse with me.All the other men stood with their cocks ready waiting their turn with me, their was banter, and surprisingly I had a sense of humor, and even remarked to one guy, who commented on seeing my pussy when I was just three, that he missed a golden opportunity.That was when it started to rain and someone opened the back door, where daddy lay snoring, and I was thrust across his lap, with my bum sticking out of the door and the fucking continued until all four had expended their frustration into me.I was given a playful slap on the bum each time they came and swapped partners, daddy snored as we played, and when they had all finished I stood up and then saw my clothes lying in the mud, trampled and wet, but they did not care, instead looked on at me and smoked, everything I wore was muddied, right down to the stockings I was wearing, my feet in six inches of mud, ‘Guys WTF’, I complained, but they were past caring, now the sexual element in them had passed.I dressed as best I could and we all climbed back into the car, then someone suggested going to some türbanlı escort tokat place where there was a bit of ‘Dogging going on’.’Hey Mariel, you up for some good fucking’, I looked into the rear mirror, ‘Sorry’, I said, ‘my pussy has had enough cock to last me’, I fired back into the darkness, to which they all laughed at my brazenness, I also smiled at my attitude, being one of the guys sluts, as someone had commented.’Wanna feel this Mariel’, someone behind me said, ‘What’s that’, I asked him, and I felt a hand reach for mine, and let him guide my hand behind me as I drove.There was no doubting what I held as my finger closed around him, it was John, ‘Fuck John’, I said, as I shook and gently squeezed him a little, ‘feels like you need more pussy back there’.I drove on with one hand behind my playing with Johns cock, letting each guy off at his stop and continued driving and reaching back for John, my plan was for John to be last, as I needed to quell the fires burning in my own crotch, and as John was a married man, we pulled off the road again for another fuck.’Fancy giving me a Blow Job first’?I turned to him and suggested he come into the front passenger seat, but he wanted me to suck him where he sat, in the dark, and film me on his camera.Of course I said no, but he promised only side shots and I could so him blindfolded, eventually, against my better judgment I relented, more because I ached to get into action, and loved to such a cock from time to time.’Get naked babe’, and I did, and pulling my itsy bitsy panties onto my head, I lent between both seats, and in the darkness started to suck on him, my lips, tongue, relaxed throat, and controlled breathing, made it an enjoyable experience for myself and him, but unfortunately, he came in my mouth, and I was resigned to using my trusty vibe when I went to bed.Smacking my lips I pulled my head from his erection and my panties were eased from my head to reveal my face, his cam still recording.I chocked back a scream, not because he had me committing a sexual act on cam, no the cock I was sucking and feeling was my own fathers, this callous bastard had eased daddies cock out and had me reach back and stroke him, all daddies friends knew it, and now I was on cam sucking and swallowing the very seed that helped create me.’Sorry love’, he said, ‘but someone like you only comes along once in a blue moon, now your ass is mine’.John was right I guess, even just before my honeymoon, John had his rights and needs attended to while my new husband waited downstairs, the swelling in my belly months later, gave him ample opportunity to feel my daughters heartbeat through his cock, and no doubt, like myself, he will be looking at her pussy too when she is three, like he did mine, who says the world goes round and round?

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