Cuckold in the Shadows


Cuckold in the ShadowsIt was around 3 in the morning when Joshua saw the ad. Working 3rd shift meant lots of long and uneventful nights, and he often passed the time by cruising porn sites or craigslist. Most of the craigslist ads were uninteresting and not worth a second glance, but there was one that caught his eye this time. It was a married couple looking for men to come over and play with the wife while her husband watched from the shadows, and it included some very enticing pictures. They claimed to be open to just about anything but had one specific request, the wife wanted to be fucked raw and came inside of.Joshua had cuckolded a husband before and knew just how fun it could be, and there was few things he liked more than leaving a load of cum inside a married woman. Despite being at work he found himself typing out a reply to their ad and including the pictures they requested and sending it off. He spent the next few minutes trying to think of an excuse to leave in case they got back to him.—————————————————————————————————Alex sat in her basement watching a woman get fucked in a porno while her husband Brad licked the cum from the last man they had over out of her pussy. They didn’t get a chance to do this kind of thing much anymore, but around the holidays they always tried to have a special night where they sent the k**s away and indulged in their fantasies. Alex looked down at Brad as he hungrily licked her freshly fucked pussy when she heard her phone chime. She reached over and pulled up the e-mail she just received, a grin crossing her face.“Sweetie, I think I found another good one…”—————————————————————————————————It wasn’t long before Joshua got a reply to his e-mail.We like what we see. How long would it take you to get here?He checked the address and plugged it into his phone. They were about 25 minutes away. He responded and was met with a reply in just a couple minutes.Let us know when you are on your way.Here came the tricky part. Joshua couldn’t just leave without saying anything, but just the round trip was already pushing an hour, not even including the amount of time spent with the wife. He eventually just told his co-workers he was going to go take his lunch break at home. Sure, he was going to be late getting back. But at this point he didn’t care, he kept thinking of the wife he was about to play with, and the husband who would be watching. Soon he was on the road and heading to the couple’s house.—————————————————————————————————Brad loved his wife very much. He loved how amazing of a mom she was and how sexy she still was after all these years. But he also knew that he didn’t have much to offer her as a lover. For years he had struggled with what Alex called a “short fuse”. Most times he couldn’t last more than a few minutes during sex. His wife never complained about it, but he would often catch her playing with herself afterwards when she thought he was asleep. Brad felt ashamed that he couldn’t be there for his wife like she wanted, so one Christmas he gave her a surprise. It was that first time, watching his wife get fucked by another man, that he realized how much more his wife needed. He watched as she came again and again from another man and, despite his initial embarrassment, he found himself extremely turned on. He ended up pleasuring himself while watching his wife get fucked, and after her present left they made love and he finally felt like he gave his wife what she needed.And now it was Christmas time again, and he was giving his wife a night full of pleasure. He sat next to Alex and watched her rub her clit, talking about how good it feels to get fucked like this all night, when her phone vibrated again. Alex grinned and showed him the phone. The e-mail said one thing.I’m here.Brad got up and stepped into the shadows…—————————————————————————————————Joshua quickly got a reply.The door is unlocked. When you some in you’ll see a set of stairs on your left. Walk down them to the basement.He stepped through the door and went down the stairs. In front of him was a lovely blonde, probably in her late 30s from the look of it, sitting on a couch. She has a black türbanlı escort cami on and nothing else, her tanned legs spread so her shaved pussy was on full display. The TV on the wall showed a busty woman taking a big black cock deep inside her, moaning loudly. The woman had clearly been watching it and playing with herself, Joshua could see the wet slickness of her pussy glistening in the light. She motioned for Joshua to come closer and, when he did, wasted no time in pulling his pants off and revealing his semi-hard cock.Joshua felt warm lips wrap around his cock and begin sliding up and down. The feeling to a wet mouth around his cock quickly encouraged it to grow to its full size in the mystery wife’s mouth. Soon slurping sounds filled the room as her head bobbed up and down the full length of his cock, her hand still teasing her pussy as she sucked. Joshua began moving his hips back and forth, fucking the wife’s mouth.—————————————————————————————————Alex was happy to feel the young man’s cock grow in her mouth. He was bigger than her husband, a fact that she knew Brad would be sure to notice. She grinned a little as she imagined her husband, wondering what he was doing as this young man was fucking her mouth. She was so wrapped up in this thought that she almost didn’t notice the boy stop moving his hips and pull his cock out of her mouth. Before she could wonder why he stopped the boy was on her, his lips pressed against hers and they fell back onto the couch.Alex welcomed the boy’s tongue into her mouth, surprised by his confidence. The other men she had over tonight were more focused on just getting themselves off, not a one had even bothered trying to kiss her. Alex wrapped her hands around the boy’s back, pulling him close and feeling his thigh press up against her pussy. She began grinding against his leg, loving the feeling of pressure against her wet cunt. The boy moved his kisses from her mouth to her neck, pressing his lips and digging his teeth into her flesh. She moaned with pleasure and felt the boy’s hands grab hold of her ass. He began to apply more pressure to her pussy with his thigh and used his hands to glide her up and down against him.Alex wrapped her legs around the boy’s thigh and squeezed, letting him know how much she enjoyed his actions. Out of the corner of her eye she spied some movement in the shadows behind the boy and wondered if her husband was enjoying the show.—————————————————————————————————Brad sat in his chair and watched the scene unfold before him. His cock was growing hard watching this younger man have his way with his wife. From what he could tell the boy was a couple inches bigger than him, not the biggest Alex has ever had but certainly the biggest she had this evening. He could see in his wife’s eyes just how happy she was to have her mouth wrapped around that young cock. Brad’s dick grew even harder when he saw how wet the boy’s cock was when he pulled out of his wife’s mouth. Brad expected the boy to go straight for the pussy when he pulled out of her mouth. Most guys went straight for the pussy after the blow job, some didn’t even wait to get sucked. Hell, that was the whole reason Alex met them without pants on. But this time things were moving slower, and it was clear Alex was enjoying it. Brad had seen that look in her eyes before, she always looked that way when she was nearing an orgasm.He couldn’t stand it anymore. So far tonight he had done nothing but watch, but now he was undoing his pants and pulling his cock out. He wrapped his hand around his dick and began pumping up and down, wondering how long it would be until Alex came…—————————————————————————————————Joshua could feel the wife grinding against him harder, clearly trying to get herself off. He could feel the wetness on this thigh where her pussy was sliding up and down. Gripped her ass tight with one hand and held her tight on his thigh as his other hand pulled her top down. The woman’s tits were finally out and he wasted no time wrapping his mouth around a nipple. The woman moaned and Joshua felt sweet stinging sensation of nails being dug into his back. He moved to the other breast and began biting türbanlı escort bayan down softly on the wife’s nipple. This seemed to be too much for the woman and she began to shake and moan as her orgasm ripped through her body. She pulled Joshua close, still grinding against his leg as her orgasm slowly died down.Joshua released her from his grasp, letting her lay against the couch as he looked down on her. He began to kiss her neck again, this time slowly making his way down her body until his head rested between her legs. Her pussy was still twitching from her orgasm, and Joshua’s mouth was watering from the sight of it. He placed his tongue on her wet cunt and began licking up and down the length of her slit—————————————————————————————————Alex was expecting to get fucked after she came. She wanted nothing more than to feel cock inside her, she needed it. She wasn’t expecting the boy to start kissing his way down her body, ultimately resting his head between her legs. She felt his tongue start sliding up and down her slit, tasting her juices as he slid his hands over her stomach. She spread her legs further apart, giving him as much access to her cunt as she could. The boy took the hint a used a hand to spread her lips, exposing more of her clit. She felt a shock shoot up her spine as the boy’s tongue pressed against her little love button. His tongue didn’t move fast, just applied constant pressure as it slowly pulsed and slid over her clit. Alex grabbed the boys hair and began grinding against his tongue, fucking his face just like he did to her.The boy slid two finger into her. They pushed in slowly until she felt his hand pressing against her pussy. He began to move his fingers, twisting them in and out of her as his tongue worked over her clit. Alex couldn’t help but let a loud moan escape her lips as the boys knuckles pressed against her g-spot with every twist of his hand. Soon his tongue stopped and his hand moved faster, twisting in and out of Alex’s pussy until her ass was up in the air and the boy was jack hammering his fingers into her. Alex had closed her eyes and was just focusing on the pleasure, so she wasn’t expecting to feel the tongue pressed against her asshole…—————————————————————————————————Brad was already having a hard time holding himself back when he saw his wife’s asshole being licked. At that point he had to take his hands off himself to keep from cumming. Alex was never a huge fan of anal, and he had never seen someone trying to lick her ass before. But, to his surprise, she didn’t stop the boy. Her moaning only seemed to get louder as the boy’s tongue flicked over her asshole, making her twitch.From where he sat Brad could see it in his wife’s eyes. That look of lust she gets when she is truly being fulfilled. He watched as the boy’s tongue slipped over his wife’s asshole, dipping into it as his fingers jack hammered her pussy. Even from where he was sitting he could her how wet her pussy was over her loud moans. It wasn’t surprising when he heard her say’“Fuck me. I need that cock inside me now so stop licking my ass and fuck me!”Brad took hold of his cock once more…—————————————————————————————————Joshua loved to bury his tongue inside a woman’s ass like this, so when the wife started to beg for cock he decided to tease her a bit more. He continued to fuck her ass with his tongue while applying pressure to her g-spot at the same time. Then he just increased his pace. Faster and faster he went until the her moans turned into a****l like grunts. The woman grabbed his head and looked into his eyes. No words escaped her lips, but her eyes said one thing very clearly.Joshua wasted no more time in positioning his cock at the entrance of the wife’s pussy. He had been waiting for this moment, the moment he could slide his raw cock in this woman’s married pussy. He pushed forward with one smooth motion and felt his entire cock slide inside of her. He pushed forward as much as he could, sinking every bit of cock into her that he could. Then, instead of sliding out, he began to grind against her, letting her feel the full length of his cock bump and grind inside of her cunt. She moaned and began escort türbanlı sliding her hips back and forth, begging to be fucked while doing so.Joshua began moving in and out of the wife. He hoped the husband was watching closely as he slid the entire length of his cock in and out of her pussy again and again, making her moan every time he slammed back into her. Soon her legs and arms were wrapped around his back, gripping him tightly as his hips moved up and down, pushing and sliding in and out of her. Their lips locked again, and the sounds of her moans were muffled as he pressed his face against hers. When the kiss ended she dug her teeth into his shoulder, moaning and screaming into his flesh as she sunk her teeth into him. Joshua could feel his cum rising, but didn’t want the night to end just yet. He stopped and pulled his cock out of her, flipping her over on the couch. Now behind her he slipped back into her cunt, the new position letting him hit even deeper than before.—————————————————————————————————Alex felt herself being flipped over and immediately refilled with the boy’s cock. She heard and felt him slapping against her ass every time her thrust his cock inside her, filling her up in a way her husband couldn’t. She loved her husband, but he couldn’t fuck her like this. And as much as she secretly hated herself for admitting, she got off to the idea of her husband watching and knowing that other men fucked her better.Alex reached back and took a hold of her ass, spreading her cheeks apart so the boy could get ass deep into her as possible. She wasn’t surprised to feel a wet finger press against her asshole, teasing and penetrating the tight little hole. Alex had played with her ass on her own before, but never had anyone do what this boy was doing to her. She enjoyed the way her ass felt being played with while a cock was sliding in and out of her. She wondered what brad thought, watching her asshole get used by another man like this. The teasing of the ass combined with the knowledge that her husband was watching her get fucked like this was too much and soon she was yelling out.“I’m cumming…I’m cumming…this cock is making me cum baby!”—————————————————————————————————When Brad head his wife yell out he started to pump his cock faster. He couldn’t believe how much she was going along with getting her ass toyed with. His mouth opened in a silent scream and soon he felt cum shooting out of his cock. It landed all over his stomach, legs, and oozed out over his hand.His cock shrinking he leaned back in his chair and watched as a young man finished fucking his wife.—————————————————————————————————Joshua could feel the woman’s pussy twitch and squeeze as she called out, her orgasm sending waves throughout her body. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he was at that same point himself. He grabbed a hold of her hips and started moving her body along with his, pulling out and driving his cock as deep into her as possible. The room was filled with the sound of the woman’s soft moans and skin slapping against skin. Soon Joshua could feel the cum rising in him, ready to pour into this willing pussy.“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”Joshua felt pulse after pulse of cum shoot from his cock into the woman. He stayed pressed against her, his cock pushed inside as far as it could go, until every last drop of cum had been squeezed out of him by her tight pussy. He pulled himself out of her and looked down at her body. She was covered in sweat, and her ass was red from when he was smacking against her from behind. His cum was already stating to leak out of her pussy and onto the floor. Without a word he slipped his clothes back on and walked up the stairs, out the door and back to work.He spent the entire ride back to work trying to think of a reason why he got back late that sounded plausible. But it turns out they didn’t even notice how long he was gone. So he settled back into his chair and leaned back, thinking about the mystery wife he just filled with cum.—————————————————————————————————Brad stepped out of the shadows after he heard the door close upstairs. Alex had already righted herself on the couch and was rubbing the cum that leaked out of her pussy back into it. She saw her husband, covered in his own cum, stare at her with his cock growing hard again.“So,” she asked, spreading pussy open so he could see all the cum inside of her with a wicked grin on her face “are you looking for something to eat?”

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