Flamenco Beach – Part 4


Flamenco Beach – Part 4Two weeks after my idyllic affair with Alfonso took off, we were steadily meeting in secret as expected. That first weekend, his wife had to visit her sister, who lived in the main island, so we had all that time to ourselves. We spent those couple of days fishing, cooking, drinking and having deep conversations; between, of course, very intense intimate sessions.After that weekend, depending on the situation and availability, we would meet at the project’s office, my hotel room, or would drive on Alfonso’s truck to an isolated road or beach in Culebra Island. However, on the following weekend he had a family event, which included relatives coming from the main island staying over at his house and a BBQ feast to which I was invited. Therefore, we didn’t do much those days other than me giving him a quick blow job on our way to pick up a few bags of ice for the party at a nearby store.At times, I felt bad about Alfonso’s wife, but after listening to him talking about how many years of marriage he had endured and the battalion of c***dren and grandc***dren he had raised, and how his sex life was pretty much non-existent, I couldn’t help but to feel for the man. He said that she was not a bad woman, but the passion that once existed between them years back was just not there anymore. According to him, he loved her; she was the love of his life, but the fire had gone years ago.Ultimately, on my side of things, I have to admit of being guilty of liking him so much that my selfish lust for the Alfonso carried more leverage on my conscience than any pity I could have for his wife. Every time I saw the brightness in the old man’s eyes and how happy he looked at me when he was inside me, I didn’t cared or thought of anything else than to enjoy the moment. I could tell how full of life he was when I was around; he looked so different and happy. The blend of sensibility and intensity he brought to our encounters was quite irresistible. So it was Friday. Early on that day, Alfonso told me about the passing of a cousin of his in Fajardo earlier that week and that he would have to leave work by noon in order to attend the wake and spend time with relatives. He promised, though, that he would be back on the last flight that night and he would be picking up very early the next morning to spend the day fishing. While it saddened me a little bit, I obviously understood. I even expressed my lament for his loss with an early bird, quickie fuck in his pick-up truck. With the excuse of going to inspect and receive some materials at the dock, we made a detour and quick stop by the hidden dirt road where I gave him our first oral service two weeks before. He threw an old tarp on the cargo section of the pick-up truck, threw me on it and mounted me missionary style while jerking me off. We had limited time to return to the project so we both came almost simultaneously in less than ten minutes. To be fair, Alfonso had proved many times that he had pretty good stamina for a guy of his age when it came to sex. He sure knew how to make a good thing last, and to savor the moment. Experience had given him lots self-control, but that day, time was of the essence. As for him, he didn’t really seem to mind if I rushed every once in a while since I was mostly passive.By that afternoon, after Alfonso had left, all the critical tasks for the week had been completed. Mr. Ramirez, the project manager, had left for the main island the day before, and things in the project ended the week quietly. I liked the fact that during the afternoon, business was slow. It gave me the opportunity to double-check on design specifications and finish some delayed reports. But what made me really happy was thinking about the next day when Alfonso would I would see him again and spend the day with him. I imagined that by then, we would be as horny as rabbits. I was really looking forward to that.That afternoon, after I thought everyone had left, I was finishing my last notes on my last pending report at the makeshift project office when Canelo, one of the young labors, opened up the door and squeezed his head through the opening.”Hi, can I come in?” Canelo asked smiling, but a bit hesitant.”Sure, come in” I replied as I hand-printed my last word on the document and closed the folder. “You’re lucky I’m still here. I’m done and about to leave. So tell me, what can I help you with?”Canelo was the nephew of one of Alfonso’s cousins. He had started as a labor about a month before thanks to Alfonso, who had spoken in his behalf to get him a job. As Canelo’s bulky self stepped into the office, I immediately remembered that Alfonso had told me earlier that week that Friday would be Canelo’s last day at the project. He had decided to move to New Jersey and re-settle there with another aunt.Canelo was about my age, probably younger; and while he was about my height and skin color, he packed some extra padding that made him definitely bigger and heavier than me. To my understanding, he never finished high school, but he did seem to have good manners, a nice smile and he always carried himself around like a cool guy. Like the rest of Alfonso’s family, he had that resemblance in the eyes. Canelo, despite his thin whiskers, he actually had a baby face and for what I had seen already in town, he was quite popular among the local girls.”Oh, good” he said, somehow realizing about his perfect timing. “I just wanted to have a small conversation with you”Puzzled, I smiled. “Really? What about?””Well, I just wanted to stop by before leaving today to say goodbye and wish you good luck with your career” Canelo said with his handsome smile. “I think it is pretty cool what you do and I hope to one day get my life into a career as well”His well-wishes took me by surprise since we never had much of a conversation. We rarely exchanged words other than saying “Good morning” in the morning or “Pour more concrete on that corner”.“Oh!… my… thank you, Canelo… Thank you for your hard work around here and I, as well, wish you a lot of luck and success up there in the states. I’m sure you’ll make it. Just focus you’ll be fine”“Thank you. Thank you.” He kept his smile undisturbed. “I also wanted to let you know that I know about Alfonso and you, and while I wish you guys all the luck with that, I also ask you to be careful”.I was standing behind the desk when the sound of his words arrived to my ears. I froze. I felt like if a bucket of ice cold water had been dumped on my head, shoulders and back. My brain almost shut down. I could not utter any words. After a few seconds of awkward silence, I finally manage to say “How did you…””Oh, I was there” he said like if that was most natural conversation. “That Friday, two weeks ago, my aunt couldn’t lend me the car so she dropped me off at the project. I thought of telling Alfonso to give me a ride back home, but I had forgotten. That afternoon, I suffered from indigestion so I spent about an hour on the toilet. By the time I went out, almost everybody was gone, but I saw Alfonso’s truck by the sedimentation pond. I thought I was lucky so I walked over there, but as I approached I heard voices. Well, it was more like moaning. When I got there… imagine my surprise! I still was not too sure of who I was looking at, so I decided to hide behind the bushes. I didn’t see the whole thing… I ultimately left you guys at it and walked home”.Another awkward silent period followed, but he then, said “Oh yeah! And remember, last weekend when we were at Alfonso’s barbeque at his house last weekend? Do you remember when you guys went out for ice? We were low on beer too so guess who they sent after you two. I took my aunt’s car and followed you. Yes, I saw you two driving off to the Zony Beach road and pull over and… well, I guess you know… you were there, right? Ha, ha!”Canelo made a short pause, but after seeing that I still had no words, he continued. “Imagine if Aunt Maria (Alfonso’s wife) learned what Alfonso is doing with you… that you’re his lover…”“Ok, ok, ok” I said exasperated. “What do you want? How much do you want?”“Hmm… How türbanlı adana escort much does my silence is worth to you?” He replied with exploring face. “How much do you have in your wallet?”Revulsion turned my stomach. “Well, I only have…” I began saying with a somber voice.“Nah! Just k**ding!” Canelo suddenly blurted laughing. “Relax, b*o, please! No, it’s not like that! Man, but you just had such a sour face! Ha, ha! No, I’m just k**ding… I just wanted to see if your face turned. No, no… I would never rat Alfonso like that. Besides, you’re cool! Unlike most people in this island, I’m not judgmental. Each to their own”. My tense stomach relaxed a little bit after listening him saying that, but I was certainly not laughing.“What are you here for, Canelo? Why are you telling me all this?” I asked letting my confusion, marinated in irritation, show.“Well, like I said, what you do with Alfonso is not of my business. However, what is my business is my family; I care for it. And that includes Alfonso and Maria. Listen, I’m not going to be a hypocrite with you… I know a thing or two about a little love fun on the side myself. But exactly because of that that I’m here to warn you that the same way I learned about you two having your thing, some other people may learned as well. Hopefully, no one else knows yet, but if you guys keep doing things as sloppy as you have so far, it won’t take long before someone figures you guys out. And I’m not talking about hurt feelings here. Remember that Maria has relatives that are not as understanding as I am, and people around here sometimes take family issues in their own hands”Canelo’s rationale had me thinking. In my opinion, he sneaking up on us like that; but since he, at least, was being seemingly honest about it, I was not about to piss him off and have him talking to other people. Maybe, if I just heard what he had to say, he would just move on and let Alfonso and I be.But there was something else. Even though Canelo was being nice about the whole thing, he seemed a bit anxious. It seemed like if there was something else in his mind beside to what he was saying. It seemed odd t me since he usually looked pretty calm during a normal working day.”I see your point.” I said with the best poker face I could muster. “Have you talked to Alfonso?”“Alfonso? No!” he said without hesitation. “Oh, no, no… I haven’t talked to him. He’s a nice guy and all, and I we’re family and all… but we are not that close. Not that you and I are either, I know. Actually, I know we’ve never spoke to one another other than a good morning’s greeting, but I figured that since we’re about the same age, I could communicate better with you.“Gotcha” I said scratching my chin thoughtfully. After considering all he was saying for a long moment, I sat on the corner of the desk and continued “I agree with what you’re saying, and I truly appreciate you telling me your concerns and not telling anyone else. I will definitely talk to Alfonso, discretely of course, and I can assure you that we will be more careful from now on”.While I looked at him with a smile; trying to project my sincerity. However, while I indeed appreciate Canelo warning me of his knowledge, I certainly had a hard time believing he was telling me all that and warning me of the perils of a woman’s wrath out of the goodness of his heart. There must have been something in all this for him that he was still not telling. That is what I truly wanted to know. I knew there was something else behind his hunting eyes, but I could not grasp what it was.He looked to the floor bobbing his head affirmatively. It seemed to me like his mind was on something else; he was definitely hiding something. I noticed how his huge and strong hands tightly gripped his backpack in front of him. I did not make any of it before, but ever since he got into the office he had placed his back pack on the front of him. It was almost as if he was hiding something in it. I was just hoping it was not a gun, a knife or something dangerous, but I kept any sudden movements under surveillance.“Is there anything else I can help you with, Canelo?” I said, but I could not help looking at his struggle with his back pack.He must have noticed my persistent stare.“Oh, no, no” he said a bit startled, but still retaining his composure and his pleasant smile; a smile I had seen before. “No, that was it.”“Are you sure?” I asked, but now my eyes were darting at his.“No, no!” He said showing a little embarrassment. “I mean, I… I, yes… no, that’s it. Thank… thank you for your time and good luck”.“Oh, thanks to you, Canelo. If you need anything, just reach out. You know where we are. Have a safe trip and good luck to you as well”.As he turned around and left the office, I realized where I had seen that smile. It was Alfonso’s smile. It seemed like it ran in the family. The resemblance still was a bit strange to me, though; the pleasant and comfortable feeling I got when I saw it was somehow making me feel weird.But more eerie was the fact that the image of Canelo’s face stuck in my head all the way to my Flamenco Beach hotel room. I tried, a couple of times, to think about Alfonso, but for some reason, probably because of the cute smile, I ended up forming Canelo’s face in my mind.Upon arriving to my room, I decided to go out to the beach to relax and clear my mind. I usually avoided the beach during weekends, because of the crowds. But luckily, even though that Friday was busy, it seemed like it was not going to be as bad as other weekends.After about an hour, I went to the bar and ordered some food. Then, I took a shower, and then, to bed. It was really early for my Friday standards, but I just wanted the day to be over, and for Saturday morning to arrive, along with Alfonso. Nonetheless, even after I lay back early and all my other attempts, I still felt anxious and annoyed. During my time at the beach and the bar, I wanted to think that the annoying anxiety I was feeling was because of what Canelo had told me. But relaxing on my bed, I realized it was because I had not been able to scratch Calelo’s smiling face out of my head.I believed Canelo was not going to tell anything to anyone regarding my affair with Alfonso. Trusting was not the problem. My problem was in understanding why couldn’t I take him out of my head”In order to get me to sleep, I kept telling myself that the next morning, Alfonso was going to pick me up for a fabulous day at sea. We were going to have as much fun as we could. Canelo was going to leave Culebra Island at some point during the weekend and all would come back to normal.That is when someone knocked on the door. I figured it was the bar tender. I thought I had probably left something at the bar and he was bringing it. I couldn’t think of what it could be, though, since my wallet, my keys and eyeglasses were with me. I got off the bed to get the door. I was only wearing my old boxers, but it didn’t matter since the bar tender had seen me many times like that.However, when I opened the door, who I saw was really unexpected. It was Canelo.“Canelo! What are you doing here?” I said with obvious surprise.Although the lighting behind him made him look a little bit darker, I instantly recognized him. He was wearing a t-shirt, beach trunks, a pouch strapped around his hips and sandals. He was also holding two beers.He handed me one of the Heinekens and said “Hi, I was on the beach celebrating that I’m leaving tomorrow… and I finally got the courage come by to see you. I knew you were staying here so I took the liberty of asking the janitor, who is my cousin, where were you. So I’m here”.I admit that Canelo had a very nice and charming smile, but I felt even more annoyed; not just for his audacity to tell me how he was stalking me, but mostly for the fact that I was actually happy to see him. Nonetheless, I was confused as to why he was there handing me that beer and not to one of his girlfriends at the town.“OK…” I was speechless. I finally managed to begin asking him “Well, right now I’m…”But as I was talking, I noticed türbanlı adana escort bayan that the bulge in front of him that I thought was his pocket pouch on his waist, under his t-shirt, was actually a hard-on.“Ooooooooh” I said in real shock. With a smiling, but dubious look, I said “Hmmm… something tells me that you came here to tell me what you, for some reason, didn’t dare to tell me earlier at the office. Is that it?”Canelo smiled, blushed and looked down, not daring looking into my eyes.“Canelo, listen… I” I commenced saying when I was interrupted again, but this time it was abruptly.In a split second, Canelo charged on me and kissed me.I was paralyzed as he held me with one of his strong hands while maintaining his beer well balanced in the other, and penetrating my lips with his eager tongue. It took me a couple of seconds to realize what was going on. I resisted and pushed him back.“Wha! …what are you doing!” I said alarmed.“I want you” is all that he said before pulling me back to him, again forcing his kiss onto my lips. I was confused. It was all happening so fast. I was trying to keep my balance and avoid dropping the beer bottle I was handling while resisting Canelo’s advance.I was positioning my leg to knee him on the balls when he suddenly released his embrace and reached my crotch, which was only barely covered by my worn out boxers. My body’s reaction to his bravado was surprising as I felt my dick quickly grow on his hand. We paused to look at each other to reassure what had just happened. He smiled and gently caressed my excited penis and throbbing balls through the fabric of my boxers.Whatever I was about to do or say, I totally forgot about it. He released my hardening dick, and again he threw his arm around my body to re-establish his embrace, but this time, he grabbed my butt cheek with his hand, pressing our body together tightly. Our bulging crotches felt awkwardly persistent between our bodies. He, then, realizing that my mouth was open due to the shocking event, went ahead and stuffed his tongue in it. He had caught me with my guard totally down. Seeing how my body was reacting to his advance, I had to admit I loved the way he was able to handle me. I adored his passion; eerily similar to Alfonso’s. I seemed like that also ran in the family.Aware that I was no longer putting any resistance, he softened his grip on me. He broke our kiss to take a small sip from his beer to put the bottle down on the night table.“I thought you were only into girls” I commented. “Mostly, yes…” he replied with his handsome smile in front of my face. “But as you can see, you were not completely right”Yes, it definitely ran in the family.“I’m sorry…” he began saying as he engulfed me now in both of his massive arms. His lips landed on my neck and kissing it. His hands slid down to my butt cheek; his strong squeezing palms and finger felt very good through the thin fabric of my thin boxers.“Ever since…” Canelo said between kisses, sounding very wet on my skin. “I saw you… I wanted you… I suspected you were… but I didn’t dare… until… I saw you… with Alfonso… still didn’t dare… but as my departure grew near… I was getting anxious… I knew… I had to… I wanted to… I wanted you…” His calloused hands ventured inside my boxers and I could feel the roughness of his labor touch caressing, prying and squeezing my cheeks. His magic touch felt deliriously good.“Well, you should’ve…” I began saying, but I immediately realized that my next line was futile. What was done, was done; and what was going to happened, was going to happen. “Nah… never mind… you got me now… better… make good use… of the opportunity”“I will baby” he replied complacently while bringing down his kisses to my chest, devouring my hard nipples, and continuing to my abdomen. Eventually, he was kneeling in front of me. Once down there, he pulled down and removed the only piece of clothing there was on my body. He opened his mouth and took my hard on in it and began pleasuring my dick with his moisten lips. After I swallowed a big gulp of beer and put the bottle on the night table, I rested my hands on his head and caressed it as he delightfully graced me.I stood and moaned in front of him while I made love to Canelos face. He grabbed and rubbed my ass cheeks as my manhood slid in and out of his mouth. I’m only six inches long, but he seemed pleased with it.He pushed me back and I fell sitting on the edge of the bed. I laid back and he continued servicing me while reaching and caressing my tummy and chest and nipples. He also jerked my shaft, and paid good attention to my perineum and swollen balls. I moaned and reciprocated him by brushing his curly black hair with my fingers.After a while, Canelo lifted and spread my legs. Maintaining a tight grip on my hamstrings, he pushed my legs apart and upward, bringing my knees almost all the way to my ribs and elevating my ass to his face. By parting wide my plump ass cheeks, my ass crack and hole were completely exposed to his snout. My begging crevice were entirely at his mercy.I took a peek at what was going on down there after I sensed he had stopped what he was doing. His facial expression was like he was just in awe looking at everything in front of him; at everything between my legs. He looked mesmerized and, I dare to say, salivating.“Gorgeous” is all he said before diving forward face-first.Between kisses and slurps, he bit gently my humble parts several times; sometimes, not so gently. I yelled, gasped and chuckled at the same time, whenever he sank his teeth into my butt cheeks flesh. His oral magic tickled and hurt and soothed. It felt so good. He would kiss and lick and suckle every spot after every bite. He also ran his wide tongue up and down my crack. Once he homed in on my pulsing hole, he flickered his tongue to the point I could not do anything but squeal and moan. And I expected… as I wanted… he tongue-fucked my hole.He knew I was ready, when he saw that no longer he needed to hold my legs open. At that point, I was holding my legs so wide apart on my own volition that it probably seemed to like I was actually going to rip myself apart. Nonetheless, he was not done teasing me.He stood up and dropped his pants, revealing an average-size cock crowned with a thick jungle of hair. It seemed that not everything ran in the family after all, I may have thought at the moment. But I didn’t care that much about his size, even though I was already used to Alfonso’s monster cock. So far, Canelo’s eagerness was certainly more than making up for the size. Besides, his manhood looked quite virile and very appetizing coming out of that unruly mane of pubic hair.It pained me to leave the comfortable position I was in, but I felt it was my turn to please him. And I really wanted to please him. But as I began turning, he stopped my body motion, and kept me flat on my back. He had me maintain my legs and knees spread wide as he continued rubbing my ass crack and hole and balls with his massive fingers. He obviously wanted to keep his access to my fun parts, and who was I to deny him?With his other hand, he put a pillow over my head and brought his already solid dick to my face. I moistened my lips, opened my mouth and took it all in.Canelo fucked my throat while kneeling on my left side and keeping my head steady with one hand. After long minutes of caressing and rubbing my ass crack and butt cheeks, he coated the big middle finger of his left hand with his saliva, and rimmed me. He fucked my rectum with his finger giving me quite a memorable prostate massaged. I eventually signaled him to the top drawer of the night table where he found Alfonso’s Vaseline jar. He made very good use of it. He had me moaning all the way.I brought my right hand across, and cupped and rubbed his small, hard balls. I also caressed his inner thighs and forced my hand between his thick legs and beyond his perineum, teasing his ass crack and tensing hole. It was so tight, I was able to penetrate only my finger tip though his squeezing sphincter. Like Alfonso, türbanlı escort adana his butt was pretty flat, but I could feel his gluteus muscles flexing as he bucked and pumped his hard manhood into my mouth. He began groaning a couple of minutes later. It seemed like his queue was set. He detached his dick out of my mouth, jumped out of the bed, and turned me around. After pushing me a little bit up to make sure my knees were on top of the bed, he climbed on top of my rear, and spread my ass cheeks with his massive hands. When Canelo made sure my hole was properly lubed with his huge probing fingers, he, then, rammed his hard cock up my greasy rectum.Canelo laid on top of my back and brought his lips to my neck from behind. He kissed and slobber on it while alternating bites on my right ear and whispering a few very sexy obscenities, which exponentially increased my lust for him. He had me totally subdued and pinned down, and instinctively, his massive and sweaty lower body worked my legs together until they were trapped between his, providing him maximum leverage to bang me as deep and fast as he wanted. And he did.Canelo’s penis lacked the reach Alfonso had obviously, and it was immediately noticeable; but having him impaling my ass as fiercely and fast as he was doing, his actual manhood size was probably a good thing. Unlike Alfonso, Canelo didn’t seem to control his urges and impulses too well. Considering his seemingly irreverence to damage control, Canelo, with a big cock, could have probably hurt me badly. Nonetheless, Canelo sure had his own swagger, and with his sized and my capacity to handle such a rough abuse, he was actually making that banging quite fun and interesting. His guttural growls, wild passion, strong hip swiveling and the feeling of the tight grip of his strong hands on my arms and shoulders had me in bliss. All was going so good; there was so much promise.Sadly, however, it didn’t last long. Barely about a minute later, his movements were losing rhythm, and soon he was jolting and gasping with intermittent, lamenting howls. And finally, with three strong ramming pushes, he drained all the fluid generated from his ball and injected it in me. I felt his seed flow through my rectum and fill my bowels. Then, he fell limp on my back, breathing heavily on my neck.After another minute, he finally pushed himself away from me, retrieving shrunk, soggy dick from my ass. He cleaned his dick with the bed sheets and put his pants on.“Wait!” I asked confused. “Where… where are you… Are you… Are you done? Are you… are you leaving?”“Yes. You know…” Canelo said avoiding looking into my eyes. “I have to go… somewhere… somewhere else. You know…”“No, I don’t know” I replied. “What do you… what do you mean? Where…?“You know… I have this thing… family thing… And then, I have to go somewhere… you know”“But…” with a bitter-sweet tone after realizing I would be left unfinished. I guess I was too used to Alfonso’s attentions.“Thank you” he said sheepishly. “You know… Thank you so much. That was great, you knows… It was nice to meet you… Have a good night and thank you”“But I… I mean… Of course…” I said with resignation and unable to believe that I had fallen for that one so easily “Anytime. I hope you enjo…”“Bye” he said finally ignoring my last words. Looking at the floor, he smiled, opened the door, went through it and closed it after him.“…yed it” I finished saying clearly perplexed at Canelo’s obnoxiousness. “…and have a nice life… asshole! Ugh!” I probably spent a minute stunned, looking at the door and thinking how I had fallen like a fool like that before yelling: “Rot in heeeeeeeeeell!”After I considered a few stupid things to get back at him, I figured that Canelo was not worth the effort and that I probably deserved it for being such a slut, so I turned off the light and went off to sleep.Very early, that next morning, it was still very dark when Alfonso finally showed up to pick me up. I knew how early Alfonso liked to leave for morning fishing trips, and given that I had gone to bed so early due to the previous night’s events, I was able to get off bed before he arrived and prepare everything for the day.My unfinished business the night before, however, had me still with a sourpuss face. Upon seeing me and not even getting a greeting kiss, poor Alfonso may have thought that my attitude was due to him leaving me by myself for a few hours. But by no means had I meant to make him feel bad. I admit that at some point the previous night, I even thought of canceling the trip, but I knew that my anger would eventually go away. I explained to him that my face had nothing to do with him. I truly meant it, although I never told him what had happened between Canelo and me. However, right after anchoring the boat at our first stop by one the beach of one of the little cays near the Luis Pena Reserve right at dusk, it was actually my bitching attitude what resulted in Alfonso (and probably combine by the simple fact that he was as horny as hell that morning), dutifully and expertly, performing the most amazing “I’m Sorry” ass-munching-and-rimming-and-blow-job anybody had ever done on me to that date followed by a long, sweaty and exhausting fornication session of my ass. To this day, I still carry that memory in my heart as I never had experience such a wonderfully sublime service in my life. It had totally surpassed the fair intent of Canelo the night before.His amazing attention produced me such a strong and profuse orgasm and ejaculation, and brought me a wide and bright smile that lasted me for weeks. Throughout the day, we anchored on several cays around Culebra Island. We did some fishing and snorkeling, laid back and sun-tanned on some of the beaches or on the boat deck while talking and listening to music. What little game we caught that day, we ate it during the same trip. And yes, we more than satiated our lust for each other. By the time we had come back that evening from our fishing trip, even though we had barely fished anything, Alfonso and I had certainly had the most incredible time together. That night at my room, I had forgotten all about Canelo; even his face. All I could think about was Alfonso. I felt all was fixed; or at least, for the following weeks at least. When I wiped my brain of all regarding Canelo, I, unfortunately, also removed from my mind his speech about Alfonso and I not being careful enough about hiding our relationship. On that account, it turned out that Canelo was right.Alfonso and I continued our furtive encounters for about two months. By that time, things had turned a bit uncomfortable. Some people, including his wife, our boss, Mr. Ramirez, and some other co-workers began noticing our peculiar behavior. Rumors started rising and my presence became awkward at some places. Culebra is a small island with a small community, so it was only a matter of time before people would become aware of things. And consequently, that became my queue to move on with my life and career. Soon after, I found a new job away from Culebra Island in my hometown, San Juan, so I left.As expected, Alfonso and I had already begun to distance from each other weeks before my departure. I saw sadly how the flame of our romance slowly extinguished. Obviously, on the final days, there were no more fishing trips, or escapades to the hidden road or the pond. And our already waning friendship vanished. After I left Culebra, I made a few weak attempts to staying in touch with him, but after making sure that it was obvious that Alfonso was not really interested anymore, I let go. I never left with a grudge, though, and always remembered our affair with fondness. We did see each other again, but that was not until many years later.After our disappointing encounter, someone confirmed me a week later that Canelo had indeed left for New Jersey that Saturday. I kept in touch with Gwenn for a while and I learned through her that shortly after their visit to Culebra that Hank had accepted a job in Europe. Soon after, she moved to the west coast and we eventually lost contact. Finally, although I didn’t do it as often as I used to, every once in a while, I still would spend some leisure time at Flamenco Beach in the afternoons after work during my last weeks. And I always kept an eye open for the possibility of seeing the sexy stranger that broke me and taught me what real lust was for the first time, but to no avail. I never saw any of them again.

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