How it all started – very true story only names &a


How it all started – very true story only names &aI met my now wife almost 9 years ago nowI was working a long way from my homeMaybe about 7-8 months before the job finished, I had been seeing a stunning little Angel, In all honestly I was totally smitten in no time. And had never loved, felt loved, and had such An amazing partner & sex life If was a magical time, then the job finished,It was time to give up my rented apartment It was a very small village lots of contractors aroundAnd I called the landlord, who I had met several timesPreviously, an ovey handsome man, dark tanned skin, thick curlyish black hairVery well dressed, obviously very rich & a man of this place, very confident Almost to thd point of being full of himselfHuge houses, lots of expensive cars, beautiful,i mean stunning, heart stopping beauty, hes around 43 – 2 years older Than my now wife, and according to local gossip A terrible womaniser,being a land lord helps I guess,my wife’s daughters had Many a friend fucked by him, in loo of rent or for late Payment more like, this guy is loaded, but right as they comeAnd apparently has a huge cockWell after speaking to him, he was very Rude to me, which wound me right upI spoke to the wife and told her, age called him every name Under the sun, including cussing himIt was only then that I thought about him & thought myGod, he’s just about he’d perfect & ideal man,Very handsome , looks after himself , has a huge Sex drive & is filthy dirty & has a huge cock,Ontop of all this, filthy rich One night in bed, while we were making love & fucking, Our sex life was incredible Bach then, Experimenting and enjoying life & each other Abbey said to me, send me down to pay the outstanding Rent you owe & I will fuck him until the debts paid I asked ok it’s £550 how many times do you suppose You’d have to meet him ?She said about two or three times a week for a month Well I nearly feel over, staggered that my wife Would even say this let alone suggest it, all be it, It was (kinda ) tounge in cheek ( go back to this )So anyway we ended up so horny talking about it,We couldn’t help but fuck each other on a wild frenzy Of raw passion and excitement And what really realise the joking wasn’t just joking,But actually gauging my reaction, was abbey Was soaking wet, she always gets very wet, but now she was soaking me & the bedSo this became our little running joke / banter Then one of the girls informed us, he had been making inquires Into Abbey & had told some of his younger friends he wants To get into her knickers, can a message be passes to herNot very subtle but that’s the cockiness & confidence Of the guy, got to like his style Any way All this went on over maybe 5-6 months Until and I was going away overseas to work So while I was home, I told Abbey to have some funFlirting / texting him And not to do anything We decided the best approach was, abbey to send him a sexy picOf herself, as if it was meant for me & she accidentally Sent it to “someone” else It did take a lot of persuasion as its a small village But eventually Abbey did, & my the nerves after, thinking what have We done, will he show people, try to bribe her My worrying she would like him so much & him her that they would run off Together, my god I thought, what have I started now So away I went & so the texting phone calls began I could tell Abbeys türbanlı gaziantep escort excitement & interest were through the roof Although she tried to play cool & not to botherd I guess seeing my wife, getting so excited, Thrilled & imagining what she was thinking of & wanting Out of this, was a mixture of pure filth & excitement & fear Oh my god, once the horn has gone,what are we left withThere is a very big & real chance this could develop and become something They could become a couple,and it would be almost the perfect couple Similar age, he 2 years older, both look amazing, both highly sexed & Filthy, what have I started, Over days & weeks, I asked Abbey to cool offFrom it, ( mainly because I was feeling threatened & worried About losing my wife ultimately) that was my fear & a very real oneNeither of us had ever done anything remotely like this previously And doubts & fears were staring to rear up, the fun & fantasy tinged with the harsh light of reality What was – could actually happen here,I am overseas working, Abbey my wife has been texting & speaking on the phone to a guy she used to never have a decent Word to say about,has become c***dlike in her excitement & enthusiasm inTowards him, I was torn between fantasy & reality as was AbbeyEven though she was thoroughly enjoying this adventure Her openness & totally honesty was what put me at ease, she never said ahe didn’t fancy him, she never hid a single txt or phone call from me,Even going into detail about what he & she said to oneAnother The fact that I was well aware of thd huge underlay ing attraction They BOTH shared towards one another, that they were flirting, chatting like Love Struck teenagers, although with a huge Over load of Lust for each other thrown inOne say he txt & said he needed to see her at my old Appartment As it as still empty, arranged a day & time & I was ok with this, the excitement grew immense I did think Abbey would bottle it, but the excitement & talk between Abbey And myself was at boiling point for passion & excitement Until then I dont recal 100%, why we fell out, maybe I was getting jealous & scarred now, so wd don’t speak for 2-3 days and I assumed the meet at my old Appartment was off Until Abbey called me about an hour before she was due to leave & meet himAsking why I am not speaking to her & what should she do,Well as I hadn’t spoken with Abbey for 2-3 days I Assumed this was all off, so for her to say what do you want me to do, I said in An even worse mood now, DONT GO, Fuck him it’s about us, well Abbey hit the roof, saying no I want he’d yo do this, I’ve wanted it all this time We can’t mess people about :0 ( could not believe she actually said this )And if she didnt I wouldn’t be happy I said in no uncertain terms, Do not go,We have spoke in 3 days so no, we need to build up together & Enjoy this If we are going to do it, Anyway Abbey was all dressed up including her thigh high boots And had to leave or leave it, fuck it, i am going & I am doing if for you She declared, I will call you ax soon as I get out & it’s over Age said before hanging up in me,Omg my heart is In my throat I can feel it pulsing in my head She’s now going to my old apartment to meet him,The guy she used to never have a good word to say about, The extemly handsome, türbanlı gaziantep escort bayan well groomed, well dressed Horny, filthy arrogant guy with the huge cock to top if oddI had unwittingly sent my wife straight into his filthy handsAnd worse. Onto his huge, dirty cock So there I was, half way Around the world as my wife back home.Had been sexting this guy the last 3 days while we had fallen out & not spoken And now was dresses up like a slut in sexy underwear & her thigh high Boots on, I could only sit and wonder,& hopeMy mind was working overtime, to overcome my fears & worriesI thought about how lucky the bastard was, & how he should thank me, If only he knew, for delivering my wife to him as a no holes barred Sex bud, my cock was rock solid, knowing how much Anna loves sucking cock & imagining how she Would be making him think all his wishes came at once when she sucks his huge cock And how lucky the cocky twaf is to be fucking her, & torn Between excited beyond belief & worried that Abbey will be getting fucked for the 1st time by another guy in almosf 5 years ( at the time )That This guy, I knew, was her ideal man, perfect match & the sparks were flying, god only knows What’s going on now, omg will he fuck her better than I ever have hopefully But she may like it so much , too much that she fucks off with himOmg , I knew he was much much bigger than I Am, as well as far more handsome & physically & sexually Appealing that me, to most people, Including Anna my god, that hour was Endless, my mind went to the end of re earth and back Thrills, excitement, k**ology, fear, fantasy & reality And the unknown,so far all this has only happenedin my mind,But now, my wife, physically emotionally passionately Has opened up to another man, allowed herself to feel lust, passion & desire for another man,Allowed herself to be taken by another man, Did she understand & share the mental thrill of this situation or is she just using what she thinks is my stupidity & Neaveity, to exploit her wildest desires. ? And use me as an excuse to do Dj So many thoughts questions, orbit my mind, questions, Answers, but omg I can’t believe this is happeningAbbey is at my old Apartment having passionate Wild sex with a guy she fancies the pants off, & this cocky arrogant big cocked,man Who has been gagging to get his hands on her, and fuck her tiny Curvy little Borg With his huge cock, he likes to show a girl / woman he’s the manThe rumour was before, did he really have a huge or even big cock ?He’s around 5′-10 12.5 stone, abbey is 5ft only jus & size 8-10He’s dark skinned almost Turk looking, and lean bug pumped, this guy looks after himselfYou can visible aww the thickness around his limbs And Sheen to his skin,Abbeys blond, with blue eyes, has an amazingly hot sexy Little body & figure, totally smooth, abbey loves Sucking cock, & cums soaking he’d knickers just doing soAlso she Adores spunk loves the stuff, this woman Is the sexiest, hottest I’ve ever been withOnce in the mood, we’ve fucked in doors outdoors. In her Ass, mouth pussy, tried pee play, blindfolds,Spanners, toys,How was she going to feel now, would this all stir up emotions within her, Crearing strong lasting feelings for – toward her new lover Was this going to become a problem, with he’d sneaking türbanlı escort gaziantep around behind my back How cab we deal with this Well honestly has always been my best policy,Oh well have to deal with it now & hope it’s not fucked is With the new guy Dan the man My cock, my heart & my head can’t take anymore I’m worried. How Long ars they going to be? What the hellare they doing, fuck me, why did I do this Seemed like forever waiting for my phone to ring & when it did almost an hour later My heard skipped. At last it’s over, he’s gone I can evaluate If its over, if this is what will break us up Abbeys full of it, omg ahe can’t believe she did it, She’s so excited, buzzing, omg his cock mike she said, my heart sankIs massive, I couldnt believe how big it was.He made me suck it and lick his balls, made me gag on his cock Ok ok so go back, when you walked in was he there ?Yes I walked in And he was already in there , we kissed, & he said he’s got a big present for me, abbey said She could feel it against her as they kissed And she dropped to her knees infront of him, taking it out, admiring its huge size & getting to work on it, abbey sucks cock like she thinks it’s the best one / last one shell ever be allowed to suck She makes a man feel important like his cock Is something & that she adores him & his cock So Dan the man with his big present Standing over Abbey no doubt full of himselfSmug looking at how small and dainty – Curvy Abbey is And enjoying the view of her, another mans hot sexy Attractive Wife, There behind her hubby’s back sneaking around to get some Of his huge cock, & loving it I quizzed her, in everything thing & detail She was so excited on the phone, telling me about his cock Him, how he looked, smelled, his he hurt her, was rough with her And his cock Hurt her, he was an a****l Did you let him lick your Ass ?Well he did, he licked my pussy & Ass fingered themAnd sorry to say, he fucked my ass, Did he cum In you ? Over you ?Well he spunked in my mouth & I swallowed it all, then I sucked him hard Again & we 69’dHim licking my pussy and Ass, I was ranged with jeolousy as I loved her Ass but abbey is funny About me being there, self conscious But along comes Supercock, and he does the lot in one I was gutted a little, although the thought of it, his cheek, He just wanted her, and he had her, he wanted to leave his stamp on her, Having her coming back for more & moreMy fears exactly Talking to Abbey she was so excited, & happy & obviously fulfilled & satisfied like she hadn’t been In yearsLike it or not, she’s just had another guy, who she finds many times more Sexually appealing, his looks, appearance. His physic, his height And how he carries himself And his air ofSelf importance & knowing his effect on women, Abbey said without thinking & in the heat of excitement of reliving It all & telling me, omg that was unbelievable I will do that everyweek Or twice a week of HE likes No way I said, alarm bells going. Fuck what have I done The Games not up yet, because she’s still telling me everything In full detail for me to benefit & enjoy, if she was quiet & subduedMaybe I’d have things to worry about,Then she tells me he’s come in her pussy, AssFucked her tits, made her lick his balls & generally Ragged her Round and fucked her silly She came 6-7 times & now could feel his spunk Running out of he’d into her knikers & Down her thigh So she beat get home & change & clean up before anyone sees her So now pandoras box has been opened Will write again with all the full details Of the next encounters between them& would love to hear any thoughts, probably That I run on shite, sorry will try to improve my writing technique Story is 100% true only names have changed

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