Last few men on eath (Part 1 ) – Intro


Last few men on eath (Part 1 ) – IntroThe world almost ended it was a blow to all men on earth I virus came that killed 99% of the world like you would think the world stood still. It happened without really anyone thinking it would be a big thing. It started as a normal sickens like any new virus people started doing research and trying to figure out how it worked I’m guessing that didn’t help too much seeing that every man, boy, c***d and adult that was male just started dying. So like you would think the world panicked we didn’t know how long it would last when it would stop ad if anyone would every find a cure. Long story short they didn’t. At that point we all knew something hectic would have to be done. We were all put together and this big underground hole is what I would call it but they said it was just for survival. We would have to see if anyone would still get sick and if they did we would be tested on it was the only way out. It start slow with one or two getting sick and taken away but out of nowhere people just started dropping more and more guys went out for testing. Dot getting me wrong it was nice we were treated very nice with an all-female staff so not allot of guys were really complaining but everyone knew your day would come. The last week we were only 10 so I knew they were going to come for me very soon and believe me I was scared I knew I could have done better at my work, Had o k**s no girl friend and I would have loved to get more action with the ladies. It come to the point where it was just me and 3 other guys I got picked. I woke up in my room this hot chick asked me to get up it türbanlı sivas escort was my turn. As she says it I start to panic she just looks at me for a while and says follow me. As I’m walking behind her not really 100 % still lil sleepy o notice that she was hot wow. She was blond light skinned kinda tall slim but build strong she kinda looked like she was from the army. She had amazing legs and I just could not take my guys of her. She turned to me and I just turned and looked her in her eyes she didn’t say much just “you may enter” in a smooth voice. Looked at the door as she opened it and all that doing thru my mind is that they going to cut me open and work on my brain. I walked in and I nice young lady was waiting for me I’m thinking she was around 20 maybe even 19 she stood there with a clipboard and asked me to sit down. I was thinking over and over again what they were going to do how the outside world looks like now and what I would do if I had more time before the virus. She looked at me and giggled. I looked up and just had to ask what was so funny she just looked down didn’t reply then the room got quite. She looked outside the door and randomly fixed her clothes I didn’t know what was goanna happen now but my Mind where driving me crazy. I just stood up as well when in elderly woman walked in the room she asked the young lady to exit the room and walk out. I knew it was hectic when she closed the door after her. She looked at me for like 10 seconds with just silence the she spoke. “So You one of the last “I didn’t know what she spoke of but I türbanlı sivas escort bayan knew it was men . She started talking about how the world almost ended and how I’m of the few men on earth now. She went on with how I was important now I didn’t really listen after that but what got my mind was one sentence she said. “You are now on the team that’s going to repopulate the earth”. I didn’t get a word out she just kept on talking then she called Kim in to the room. Kim was the young talk women red hear long slim legs perfect skin dark of complexion and one thing that stood out was her huge boobs. It had to be a C cup but on her slim body it was something you just had to notice. She just looked at me and said hey I’m Kim I’ll be your shadow from now on. I didn’t really know what that meant but didn’t react. The other woman just looked at me and said we are going to have to start now no time to waist. Kim took me to this room that was A class it was a suite with everything that you would need in a house amazing had allot of space but In the corner there was a room with Kim’s name on it I just thought she was maybe going to stay there I didn’t get a chance to close the door when Abby walked in. She just looked at me then looked at Kim and said he will do. She then just walked my way and took me by the hand I didn’t say much I just followed her. She laid me on the bed and stared undressing herself she was short but not to short long black hear and I really big ass and it was perfect shape round and I could see it was still really firm. This made me really türbanlı escort sivas hard really fast and I have not seen hot boobs like that in almost 2 years. She continued to undress and walked at me at the same time. She looks at Kim. That I only sow was at the room at that time and just said I see his a bit slow. She took of her bra and I kinda got shocked at the fact that her boobs was not that big seeing that she had so an amazing big and round ass. She then started to take of my pans and I was rock hard at this point she took of my underwear and just grabbed my ass at the same time. She then just started kissing on my head and slowly around my cock. She started licking the side of it slowly leading to the top. I felt her rubbing my ass and she just popped my head inside her mouth. The first sound I made was a long moan not to loud but she just looked up and smiled. She then moved her hands around and starts fumbling my balls as she just played with my dick head inside her mouth. This drove me mad she then started to go down on my cock slowly making me enter her mouth and making my cock wet. She then just push my whole dick inside her mouth without and warning and just slowing me faster and faster. She plays with my balls faster and start gagging as my whole cock was inside her now. She then just took out my cock and rubs it a little then goes back to going all out on my dick sucking it inside and licking it when it exits. I start feeling myself losing a little control and just as I start moaning more and breathing faster I hear Kim’s voice “I think that is enough.” Abby just looks at me and say yaaa me took. She smiles and says I started to enjoy myself she sucks my dick all up to the top and release and just takes her clothes and walks way. All I get to say out of me was “WHAT”. Kim just looks at me and softly giggles. All I hear when Abby exits is “Know your walk begins”This was just the beginning if anyone likes and want to comment please feel welcome

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