Last Weekend’s Flake Becomes This Saturday&#0


Last Weekend’s Flake Becomes This Saturday&#0This was the second date I’d arranged with this young gentleman. The first had, unhappily, fallen to pieces even before the evening of – and while I’m not usually given to providing flakes second chances, I was in enough of a charitable mood (and let’s face it, I was definitely in need of some action) to arrange a meetup for Saturday.When he arrived it was already dark out, and cold. I’d left my door unlocked for him,so the first I knew of his arrival was the tinkling of the chimes as he opened the door. I was waiting for him in the livingroom upstairs, dressed as he’d requested, all in hot pink lingerie with the darling pink-and-white streaked mid-length wig he’d admired in my online gallery pics.He didn’t wait overlong before suggesting we move upstairs to the bedroom, where I was instructed to remove his clothes and then to kneel before him. His cock grew stiff as I acquiesced and took my place. I knew he was getting off on my willing subservience.”You’re a fucking sissy whore, aren’t you?” he asked türbanlı ağrı escort as he gripped the top of my head, using his other hand to slap his now 8-inch dick on either side of my painted face. “Open bitch,” he growled, and then proceeded to slide himself in balls deep.My gag reflex kicked in, but I tried fighting it back. He seemed to enjoy the sounds I made, though – and I could definitely feel him getting harder whenever my throat spasmed. He would sink his cock all the way in, and then let it sit, giving me time to get used to it and to breathe around it. But then he would really start humping my mouth, his continued grip on the top of my head firm and unyielding.He told me to change positions and lie on my back on the bed, with my head dangling off the end. He repositioned himself and I knew then that my mouth and throat must’ve been lined up perfectly for him to fuck like a pussy – because that’s exactly what he did for the next twenty-odd minutes, all the while telling me how laughable türbanlı ağrı escort bayan it was that I, or especially my wife, could even think of me as being a man. “Take my fucking dick, you faggot,” he’d say while increasing the depth and tempo of his thrusts. After several more protracted rounds of choking and gagging, he asked if I was ready for some “real sex”. Okay, I thought, so I guess him r****g my throat was just a warm-up? He then had me get “face down, ass up” on the bed, “like the cunt you are”. I quickly assumed his chosen position.When he entered me it was neither gentle nor slow – it was forceful and hard. He kept me pinned down and unable to move as he assaulted my sissy pussy, all the while calling me a faggot and a whore under his breath. It was after a minute or two of repeated hard thrusting that he bottomed out up inside me, and at that point he rested up for a few moments. I was his property, now, he told me. His bitch.He slapped my ass and said that as of tonight, I should türbanlı escort ağrı understand that everything is changed – that my true role in life is and will be to provide pleasure to men, from now on. That I was no longer allowed to even consider having sex with my wife. To obey and do exactly as I’m told, when I’m told, and only by men. He then proceeded to slam into me repeatedly, as the initial pain & discomfort of his forced entry quickly gave way to wave after wave of increasing, soon almost unendurable, ecstasy.I yielded utterly and completely as he ravaged my ass for the next hour. I could hear myself goading him on to fuck me harder, almost as though it was someone elses’ voice calling out. Things became strange after that – it seemed like I was having some sort of out-of-body experience. All I knew for certain was that with all the pleasure I was experiencing, I didn’t want it to end. It felt so good and so right to be owned by such a demanding and insistent cock.Later on in the evening, we played in front of my webcam – I recorded a few minutes’ worth to subsequently post on xhamster – but then the time came for him to leave. Apparently he had come from the other end of the city to visit, and so he’d have to face an hour-and-a-half back home via public transit. So, with the promise of more meetups to come, my date made his way back out into the cold dark winter night…

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