Married co-worker part 3


Married co-worker part 3We kissed with me still inside her with her head turned backwards for..well, shit, i have no idea how long but I know it was long enough that we got to a point where we were still except our heads and wandering hands. I could feel her pussy still rhythmically gripping and releasing my dick kind of like an orgasm aftershock. we disengaged long enough to look at each other. I was still in awe at how sexy her body was. She was not a model type by any means. Very feminine though. I’m not even a guy with a breast fetish per say but hers were magnificent and she had just enough curves elsewhere to not be completely over matched by them. She was very fixated on my cock. Don’t get me wrong. I had encountered women who love my cock before but she seemed in love with it…and that was ok with me. She leaned forward and wrapped those perfectly soft breasts around my shaft and began türbanlı diyarbakır escort basically jerking me off with her tits. I had tried titty fucking in the past and it was ok. I mean, it’s hard to dislike any part of a woman on your dick but I never saw the big deal. Just something about the way shd did it that made it something unique and exciting. Maybe part of it was still the mind blowing effect of the fact that she still looked like she belonged on a black and white 50’s series. have I mentioned she wore glasses? Nerdy, dorky…and not hipster style intentional nerdy glasses, but your mom’s ugly glasses. I think her eyesight was really bad because she never took them off. Her looking up over the horizon of those gargantuan titties (I have no idea what her cup size and since I promised a 100% true story I won’t make up some bullshit türbanlı diyarbakır escort bayan cup size to make it sound better) with those glasses on was somehow hot as fuck. she gently pushed me back and went back to work with her mouth. This time it was pure cock worship. I swear she must have explored every part of my cock and balls with her tongue and mouth many times over. She licked, flicked, sucked, caressed, kissed…shit, she even talked to my cock telling it how beautiful it was. I like my cock and all but she made me take a second look as if I had been underestimating what I had. I won’t make any claims my dick is anything special, but she thought so and it made a difference. She sucked it loudly without shame or sense of self-consciousness. When i was hard enough to cut diamonds, she slowly hovered over it and rubbed türbanlı escort diyarbakır her literally dripping pussy over the head. i reached up and grabbed as much of her tits as I could fit in my hands as she slid down what had to be the stiffest erection I had ever had. She rode me slow, grinding my balls into her ass with each stroke. I took my hands from her tits and grabbed that sweet ass of hers firmly as she sped up. She leaned back so she could massage my balls as she rode me, changing her motion to more of a forward bucking type motion. I warned her that if she kept that up she was going to get a pussy full of come birth control or not. Somehow in the midst of our lust we pulled it together and barely pulled out in time. She collapsed on me and we kissed until one of us glanced at the clock and knew we had to get showered and off to work. In the shower the sight of her made my cock hard again. That and the fact that she had soaped up my cock thoroughly to clean it. I rinsed off and turned her around for a few more minutes of her amazing pussy. We knew we were just teasing each other but we couldn’t help it. We also knew we could not arrive at work together so one of us had 5 minutes less than the other. Somehow we stopped…at least for that day…..More to come

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