Pool game


Pool gamePool gameWhen living in New Jersey, my loving hubby Victor got a good job in a local company and used to flight frequently to other cities, leaving me home alone during several days a week. One late afternoon, coming home from my office, I found myself really bored and horny, tired of masturbating during Victor’s absence. I needed really another thing.I decided to go down to a nearer bar. It was normally filled with rough people, truckers and wanderers. I knew that I would get lots of stares going there, and I wanted to know that every man in that place would want to fuck me. I decided to wear a short skirt, leaving my thong at home. My top was a silky one, which meant that my bare nipples showed through. Of course I was not wearing panties on my sun tanned long legs, which looked perfectly shaped on a pair of “fuck me” high heels. I watched myself again in the mirror before leaving home, knowing that I was looking good enough to be well fucked that night.I walked down to the bar, and went over to the pool tables. I played a game with three men who asked, making sure that I bent over seductively for each shot, hearing a lot of dirty comments as we played. I lost, but the game lasted long.After the game, I excused myself and went to go sit at the bar. I was so fucking horny. I was sipping a margarita, when a black man came over to sit next to me. He was rather tall and dark looking, with an air of danger that made me nervous, but it also aroused me in some way. He told me that he türbanlı erzurum escort had watched me playing pool, and asked if he could play with me. I said maybe. He placed his right hand on my left thigh. I was slightly uncomfortable, but also enjoyed having him touch me. I felt myself getting slightly moist; I realized that it was really turning me on.I spread my legs slightly. Before I had even realized it, his other hand was up my skirt, his fingers inside my cunt. I gasped, and struggled to pull away, but his hand that had previously been on my thigh was now holding tight to my hip, keeping me in place. I tried to push on his chest, but he soon leaned in, whispering in my ear. “You’re soaking wet, fucking slut. I knew you were a little whore from the moment you walked in here, teasing all the men with your exposed tits and cunt”. I gasped again and tried to say anything, but he whispered again in my ear:Stand up, bitch, bend over the bar”. He ordered me.Releasing his hold on my hip, he used his two fingers in my cunt to pressure me to stand, using me like a puppet. His breath brushed against my neck, making me even more aroused. I stood up and turned to face the bar, bending over the long table, as I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper. He pushed down on the small of my back and then he bent me over, my arms resting on the bar as he pushed me to arch my back.In one fluid movement, he removed his fingers from inside me, and türbanlı erzurum escort thrust his huge hard erection between my soaking pussy lips. I couldn’t help but moan as my body betrayed me; my mind begging him to stop, but my body praying that he wouldn’t. He pounded my desperate cunt for a long time, and when I looked around, I noticed that everyone in the bar was watching us and gathering closer. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back slightly, so that I could look at him. He kissed me deeply, exploring my throat with his tongue. It was extremely horny.Once again, he pushed me forward onto the bar, but this time he told me to reach back and pull my ass cheeks apart. I started to say no, but he spanked me hard. Humiliated and afraid, I slowly reached back with my hands, pulling my flesh and revealing my tight rose bud. I begged him not to fuck me in the ass; I had been sodomized by Victor some days ago before he had left and I was still sore.I was terrified that his huge black cock would tear me in two. Ignoring my pleas, he used his fingers covered in my sticky pussy juices to run over my tight rear entry. I gasped as he pushed one and then two fingers deep inside into my asshole. At first I was paralyzed with pain, but as my asshole stretched to accommodate the intrusion, my arousal took over, and I began to thrust back against him, wanting him to sodomize me with no mercy. He laughed, saying that I really was a good slut, as türbanlı escort erzurum he pulled his fingers out of me. I moaned softly, as he then replaced his fingers with his hard rock piece of black meat.I cried out as he pushed his huge dick into my rear entry; pain was unbearable. The men standing around started to cheer and make comments as I moaned.All of a sudden, I realized that my body really was going to betray me, as I felt an anal orgasm building. I was unsure whether to try to suppress it, or buck back against him and get myself even closer. He took that choice away from me, as he pushed down on the small of my back and started thrusting even harder into me. I felt my muscles begin to spasm as I was brought to my climax, my body shaking with pleasure. He continued thrusting into me as I came, but when he noticed my pleasure subsided, he pulled his shaft out of my asshole, ordering me to my knees.Kneeling on the dirty bar floor, I sucked him into my mouth, as he started to fuck my face. He grunted and thrust deep into my throat as he shot his load inside me.When he pulled out, he smiled at the other men gathered around, calling out: “The fucking bitch is all yours now, guys!” I gasped as I was grabbed by several hands as they lifted me and carried me to the pool table, ripping my clothes off of my already abused and still horny body. I pleasured every man there, having my cunt, ass and mouth fucked, bringing me to orgasm over and over again. Finally I was left there; covered in cum and sweat. When I got back home, I found my pussy dripping semen and my sore asshole red and swollen, my hair a messy spunk cover, my mouth aching because of sucking so many cocks.But after all, I couldn’t help but smile with my complete satisfaction. Victor would be still away for another week. I had time enough to go back for another pool game…

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