Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter XXXIX


Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter XXXIXChapter XXXIX – Past Stories, Present Love (based on Sweethearts No. 127 cover, Charlton, August 1972)When you love somebody, nothing can change your mind about that. If your love is strong as a rock, there is nothing or nobody that can stop you from achieving it, and no one should tell you to not love anyone you really do.I am a living testimonial to this. When I was young, the girl of my dreams was Mona Seraphin. She lived in the neighborhood and studies in the same school as I. She was a beautiful blonde angel with that beret in her head and those divine looks and voice… the kind of girl you want to marry.It didn’t took much longer for us to form a bond and, then, to date. It would be a dream come true if wasn’t for a hurdle: people seemingly to disapprove my relationship because of her past.“Are you date Mona Seraphin? Tony, she is the slut of the neighborhood! She does anyone for anything. You don’t deserve someone like this, you deserve someone better”The thing was that Mona had a ‘reputation’ of being too ‘easy’. You know, the girl of girl who goes out with many guys and, therefore, end up in bed with them. Despite most of those talk were based in rumors, the fact that Mona had lots of male friends didn’t helped much to make people think better of her. Hearing everyday people telling me to leave her because she would dump me or because she is not the ‘right fit’ annoyed me to the point that I had several fights with my family and friends about it.The only one that seemed to understand my burden was Mona. She didn’t care about what people said, and even if she was that ‘easy’, it wouldn’t be a bunch of people that would make her feel down because of that.“Mona, why I never saw you pissed off when people make comments about your life?”“Because I don’t care, Tony. That’s all. Why I should mind about people talking about me if many of those things aren’t the truth?”“But and if all those things were the truth?”“I türbanlı gümüşhane escort wouldn’t still mind. I don’t meddle into other people’s businesses so I would be very glad if people did the same about me”Her carefree way about what people thought of her made me fall in love with her even more, but her past still intrigued me. I didn’t liked the whole talk of ‘she is no good for you’ but I couldn’t stop thinking about ‘what ifs’. Not that I was disapproving her lifestyle, whichever one she had chosen for herself, but all those stories, all that ‘slut’ talk… something had to be a little hint of truth between it.And all that took me to do what I thought I couldn’t do it in respect to my girlfriend: masturbate about her and her, truthful or not, ‘stories’. I have to confess that I got excited every time I thought about the men her supposedly or not did, what she did with them and how she enjoyed it. I can’t count the times I came after jerking off about thinking about my girlfriend doing sex with other people. Not that I wish her to cheat on me, but it could be a way that I could ease off the tension of people bugging me about if I must leave or not Mona.“Uhhh… Mona, yes… fuck that guy… yeah! Soo good, now ride those cocks, you rascal! Do it… Ohhhh…”Suddenly, I got myself confused. Who to believe, my girlfriend or the people that told those stories about her? Of course I believed her the most, but I couldn’t deny how turned on I got thinking if she was telling me the truth or not. And I feared that she knew anything about it, or our relationship would blow instantly.But there must be a day for everything, and the day was one after a date where me and Mona were to do it. Everything went first as we should be, we kissed, took off our clothes, she sucked my cock, I ate her pussy and she rode my cock and let me do her in missionary position. But after we came…“Wow, Tony, you were amazing tonight!”“It’s türbanlı gümüşhane escort bayan not hard when you have such an amazing inspiration as you are, honey”“Do I inspire you in sex? Wow, such romantic you are…”“Well, of course I had also a little help from my mind too”“I am sure your mind is really dirty, babe”“If it wasn’t by such dirty one as yours, Mona, I wouldn’t do that”“Well, it’s good to have an open mind sometimes, you know it”“I see… well, Mona, may I ask something to you?” “Sure, what?”“Well, I want you to be crystal clear about what I am going to ask you. Do you ever had any… well, ‘wet dream’ about the things people say about you?”“What? What are you meaning, Tony?”“Let’s say that part of my performance tonight and part of my self-pleasure I am giving the last days came from the things I thought from what people tell about you, Mona”“Tony! How dare you! Why you did that? You know those ain’t truth!”“Mona, listen… I know it, but I cannot stop thinking about what if you were the girl my family and friends think you are. And, I admit it, it kind of turns me on… and I know you don’t care about those stories”“I do not care about them, but I care about my boyfriend having the hint that, inside me, lives a girl that people thinks that is a ‘cheap slut’. Do you want me to sleep with the whole neighborhood to satisfy you, Tony? That is it?”“No at all! Mona, let me explain. I believe in you, you know for sure! But what I meant was that I found a way to cope with people telling my every time to leave you, to forget you, to take care with you, this and that… I am not thinking you are what people say, but I have to say that it does turn me on thinking on how you could be with other people”“Wait a minute. Do you want me to understand that you fantasize me having sex with other people?”“I am not fantasizing you with other people. I am fantasizing about you, just you. The other people are türbanlı escort gümüşhane just accessories to it. I only think about you, Mona. The men that appear in my thoughts are just to vent some lustful thoughts, the ones you cannot have…““I just don’t understand where is the point you want to take”“I love you, Mona, and I get pissed off to hear all those words about you, but I want everything they say and think about you to do with me. It’s all about you doing with me all they think you did with other guys”“Well, Tony, I don’t see it as a bad idea. But, it’s not like it’s easy to think about that, you know”“Let me try first and then we can see if it worth or not. If don’t, let’s put that apart and never mention it anymore. Got it?”“I am still puzzled on what you want from us, Tony, but…”I started to talk about the fantasies I had about her, what she did with those guys, how she felt and how the guys felt with her. Did it in a way she could not feel uneasy listening to me say such stuff to her. And, boy, it worked.She quickly said what she wanted to do with me and how she wanted to do it to make those boys envious of me. She quickly noticed myself getting aroused and got to suck my cock again and later, let me do her.The experience went way better than I expected. Mona quickly got the hold of it and showed me what she wanted me to do and how I told her the guys in my dreams did to her. She rode my cock like a cowgirl, telling me to go harder, saying nasty stuff to me, telling me I am best than any guy she did or people tell she did… anyway, all the sort of things I wanted to hear from her.“Uhhhhh Yeah! Fuck me Tony! Show those men you rule!”We did in the ways I told the guys did to her in my thoughts, and even got a little anal in it. When we came, a rock fell down from my back. I didn’t bothered anymore that Mona was or wasn’t the girl people told she was. She was my girl and for me, she was the best girl ever.“Mona, you were great tonight!”“With the mind of a boyfriend like you, who am I to deny?”Until we broke up, almost every night was a round of ‘role-play’ where I told my dreams to her and she worked on making them true. Now, I am with another girl and Mona went to live her life, now discovering that she could make those stories become reality.And now, no single soul say a word about her… that teaches something about respect…

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