Summers In Mexico Can Be Trouble

Daisy Taylor

Summers In Mexico Can Be TroubleIt was the end of spring when Xavier got his job on the plantation. His prospects had really taken a hit after he’d finish high school a year earlier. Without the money for college, his search for employment had dragged him south of border into Mexico and onto a local plantation just outside of a border town with this seasonal job.Spring gave way to the hottest summer anyone could remember in Mexico. High temperatures didn’t stop the crops from needing to be harvesting. Xavier didn’t have any real problems with the other workers except for a group of three women. Well, they weren’t really women as Xavier had figured out. They stood out, if only for their size. Each one was bigger than any man on the plantation.Rumor had it that they robbed banks in America and then stashed the money away, taking jobs on the plantation until it was safe to return to America. Xavier didn’t really believe that story. Besides, some of the other workers said that the women had been coming here for years to work.Anyone stepping onto the property in the heat of summer might have thought these three women were a mirage. Adriana was the youngest of the three, she was Latina and the prettiest of them. Shawna was black and the physically strongest of the three. Trish was the oldest of the group, the heaviest of the three, with a mean look that told you she’d been out in the sun a little too long.Xavier’s friction with the girls had started with Adriana. The sun had been particularly unforgiving that day. Xavier picked some fruit off the vine and looked for some shade. He sat down in a secluded area and pulled his gloves off. Adriana strolled over to him at that point.She stood in front of the sun. Xavier’s eyes lowered to avoid the sun and he watched the sweat drip down her chest.”It didn’t used to get so hot like this. Boy, what I wouldn’t give for a glass of lemonade or maybe even a milkshake. They don’t serve too many of those of those here, do they?” She smiled.”No… no, I guess not.” He told her in an uninterested manner.”You looking at my body?””Fuck no! I know what you are.” Xavier snapped back at her.Adrianna pressed her hands on her hips and thrust out her chest, “What is that supposed to mean?””You and your friends… the other two… you’re all dudes.””Yeah, we have penises. That doesn’t mean we’re dudes, you ass.” Adrianna’s face scrunched as she looked down at the wiry man.Xavier thought about just shrugging it off but he had to put up with them every single day. He pushed off the ground and got to his feet, slipping his gloves back on and then made eye contact with Adrianna, “That’s exactly what it means where I come from. You three are fucking freaks.””You’re not wherever the hell you came from anymore. You’re in Mexico!” She spat back as he walked away.Xavier and the girls’ exchanges from that point on were extremely tense. He mostly avoided Trish and Shawna, but it always seemed like Adrianna was underfoot. They’d chip away at each other day after day. Xavier didn’t want anything to do with it but then Adrianna would do something to ignite his temper and they’d be back to the battlefield again.Nothing big happened until a couple weeks after the original incident. A long day of manual labor was ending; the sun was setting and a few of the guys got some beers together. Xavier managed to snag one and took a seat on the grass. There was a soft breeze this evening, which, combined with the beer, put him right to sleep.It only felt like a minute had passed before Xavier felt a wet pressure on his head. His eyes opened and his nose noticed a strange smell. Xavier reached for his face; he ripped something off his face. Xavier tesettürlü escort wiped his face off with his arm and looked down at the item he’d pulled off his face. It was a sweat rag. He angrily figured a pretty good guess was that it was Adrianna’s.It was dark out now. Xavier looked around and didn’t see anyone. The other guys must have gone back to their quarters. Xavier stood up, still a little disoriented, and gave the area a more thorough investigation. There really was no sign of her, or anyone else for that matter.He walked back to the worker’s compound and went straight to the girls’ lodging. He pounded on the door and waited a minute. There wasn’t an answer but Xavier could hear music. He kept pounding on the door until finally it opened. Trish, in nothing but a towel, stood in the doorway.”Who threw this on me!” He shouted.”What are yah talkin’ about, Xavier?” Trish’s big arm held the door open.”Someone threw this fucking rag on me. I’d place a bet it was one of you three. Better yet, Adrianna!””Dear, we didn’ do nothin’. I can personally vouch for Adrianna’s whereabouts, an’ Shawna’s too. They’ve been in the shower with me, you understand?” Trish licked her teeth in a suggestive way that made Xavier’s skin crawl. He suddenly felt a little embarrassed about being in this situation. Xavier’s eyes wondered for just a second before they zeroed in on her midsection.His jaw dropped in utter surprise as the biggest, fattest cock he’d ever seen split open Trish’s towel and struck straight out toward him.”Your… it’s…” Xavier stuttered.It seemed like a devious light bulb went off in Trish’s head, “Hey, I’ve gotta idea. Give my cock a kiss an’ I’ll tell yah exactly who dropped that rag on yah.”Xavier didn’t answer for the longest time; his face unbearably red, suddenly he regained his composure, and his anger, “Fuck you!””Suit yourself then.” Trish slammed the door shut.You can imagine just how much worse things became after that between Xavier and the girls. Now, it wasn’t just Adrianna who had a problem with Xavier. Trish and Shawna started hassling him too. Over the course of the next week, the three of them did their best to torture him. Xavier, for his part, tried the exact same tactics.The girls knew they harassed him the most by their constant sexual references and actions. It seemed like one of their cocks or big, sweaty bodies were always in his field of vision. Things finally hit a boiling point at the end of that week. It was midday when Xavier headed back to his room on a break.He looked around for a second and got the feeling that someone else had been there. Xavier took a quick account of his stuff and it didn’t look like anything was missing. Xavier went back to work a little while later when he saw Adrianna and stopped in his tracks.She wiped her face, not with any old sweat rag, but with his shirt, with his high school insignia on it! Everyone knew that was Xavier’s shirt and they all saw Adrianna use it for a rag. Xavier flew into a rage and ran to confront her.”What the fuck are you doing with my shirt?!” He roared.”Oh,” She paused and looked at the sweat-covered rag, “This is your shirt?””You know it’s my shirt! You stole it from my fucking room!””And you can have it back!” Adrianna threw the disgusting thing at him. It landed on his outstretched arms with a squishy splat. Adrianna was pleased with herself, sporting a big grin.Xavier snapped, immediately charging toward Adrianna. He caught Adrianna off-guard by slamming his entire body into her. Xavier took a swing which didn’t land; Adrianna grabbed his shirt and swung him to the floor. She wasted no time before jumping on top tesettürlü escort bayan of him. The two of them wrestled on the ground for a minute.Xavier ended up with his neck and face locked between Adrianna’s thighs. It felt like she was choking the life out of him. He struggled as best he could but Xavier couldn’t gain any traction. His face was so red, it looked like a beet that was about to bust.Xavier was relieved when she finally released him. He struggled to fill his lungs with breath again and felt a little woozy. Adrianna stood over him in victory, throwing her arms up. Xavier heard a few chuckles and some laughter in response from the crowd. Xavier tried to lift himself up on his elbows but couldn’t find the breath to do it.She spun around and pumped her fist in the air. Then the hair on the back of Xavier’s neck stood up. Adrianna slipped her shorts down her thighs and exposed her bare buttocks. Her shorts ended up at her ankles and she bent her knees, crouching over a terrified Xavier. Just like that, her sweaty ass globes covered Xavier’s face.He was powerless to do anything as her fat ass planted on top of his face, his nose pressing up into the sweat-soaked crack of her ass; all this in front of the guys. Adrianna’s big balls dangled off his chin and stuck to his neck. Adrianna made him dig his face deeper into the cleft of her ass and started rolling the big cheeks around his face. It was like she was giving his face a lap dance!When Adrianna was finally done, she lifted her butt off of him, the sweaty cheeks sticking to his face. She grabbed onto the Xavier’s shirt and dragged him through the grass. He didn’t have the strength to fight her. Finally they stopped and Xavier saw Shawna pop out of the outhouse.”Leave me alone! You damn freaks… you made your point!”Adrianna lifted him up onto his feet and growled at him, “I’m going to lock you overnight in the pot! Then you’ll get the point and that’s respect!””Wait! No!…” The outhouse was infamous around there for it’s smell and Shawna had just finished in there. He wouldn’t survive that.”Any last words then?” Adrianna laughed.”Stick ’em in dere girl and we throw away deh key.” Shawna flashed her toothy grin.”Pleaseee don’t. I’m sorry for dis…disrespecting you.”Adrianna thought for a moment, “Maybe we should cut him a break. Has he learned his lesson, Shawna?””Dese dumb men ain’t learned nothin’ if dey can still sit right by deh time we done wid ’em.””Perhaps you’re right, Shawna.” Adrianna towered over Xavier’s trembling body, “This all started because of your smart mouth, didn’t it?” She dragged him over to Shawna and laid him at her bare feet, “Use that smart mouth of yours to suck Shawna’s cock and we won’t lock you in the pot.”Xavier gulped, staring up past the developing bulge in Shawna’s pants, though the expanse between her heft breasts, and at her cackling face. “Now dat’s a great idear. Unless yah’d prefer the pot. What’dya say?”Xavier just stared down at Shawna’s feet and shook his head.”Now that’s a yes if I ever saw one!” Adrianna scooted up behind him and entwined her fingers in his hair, lifting his face up to eye level with Shawna’s tenting shorts. Without another word, Adrianna shoved Xavier’s face into Shawna’s crotch. His nose and lips were jammed by her big bulge. He winced uncomfortably as Adrianna and Shawna giggled.”Lemme get dat fer yah baby.” Shawna spoke, pulling her shorts down.Xavier was face to face, or rather face to cock, with Shawna’s giant black root. A musky scent filled the air as the unwashed behemoth exposed her penis. Xavier didn’t have a second to think over the situation he’d gotten escort tesettürlü himself into before Adrianna pushed him into Shawna’s cock. The tip of her cock spread his lips open as wide as they would go.”Get a good feel for her meat with your lips.” Adrianna said, taking hold of Shawna’s shaft and feeding Xavier with it. Another inch pressed between his lips and Xavier gagged.”Not such a tough guy anymore, huh? Don’t chicken out now. Shawna’s going to feed you some protein.”Adrianna kept trying to fit more of the massive tube into Xavier’s mouth. Shawna just moaned, content to let her friend do the work. Nearly half of Shawna’s vein-covered shaft had been fed into Xavier’s mouth before Adrianna let up her incessant pushing. Her hand grabbed Shawna’s swinging balls; she pulled and twisted them between her fingers.Adrianna pulled Shawna’s balls along her shaft and commanded Xavier to stick his tongue out and lick them with her cock still trapped in his mouth. He tried to comply, choking on her cock and pressing his tongue into her full scrotum.”We said suck it. Shawna isn’t the kind of girl you want half-satisfied. Blow her right or blow her twice–your choice!”Xavier didn’t exactly know how to suck a cock, so he just clamped down his mouth as tight as he could around the thick serpent and tried to maneuver his tongue around the pole. Shawna’s cock filled up the entire cavity of his mouth and not even half her cock was inserted inside it.He could only imagine how this must look. Him down on his knees in front of this big shemale, giving her oral pleasure! All that with Adrianna crushing his face into Shawna’s crotch. Her cock was leaking buckets of precum, which ran down Xavier’s throat. Adrianna’s shorts were tented as she mercilessly goaded him on.Adrianna pressed Xavier’s mouth harder against Shawna’s cock and another inch of burning hot cock meat slid between his lips. Xavier’s eyes popped open, looking up he could see sweat roll down the big ebony body.Adrianna’s free hand attached to Shawna’s balls again and she gave them another squeeze, “Girl, it feels like you’re storing a gallon of cream in these beauties. And I think our lover here is ready to be frosted.””Dere gotta be more den a gallon in dere. Mhm, I can tell he’s ready fer it.” Shawna placed her big hands behind Xavier’s head for the first time, she took a step forward ,while holding his head, and stood over Xavier in the most dominant pose. “I jus’ wish we had a cam’ra, den we could show Trish.”Adrianna’s hand squeezed her own cock through her shorts, “I know she’ll see soon enough, girl.”Xavier felt Shawna’s cock swell to an even larger size; Shawna gave a thunderous cry and proceeded to drive her cock like a runaway train through his tender throat. A massive gush of semen splattered down Xavier’s throat. He choked, struggling under Shawna’s powerful grip. The sticky mess rolled down his throat.Shawna gave another yell, and with it, another spurt of cum, and then another.”Paint his face next! Paint his face!” Adrianna shrieked.Shawna ripped her dick from Xavier’s mouth, the big tip of her cock shot globs of cum onto his face. Shawna’s muscular hand flew up and down her shaft, milking out long strings of jism onto him.”Mmm… once Shawna’s cock gets going, it never seems to stop.” Adrianna scooped two fingers over Xavier’s cum-covered face and brought them to her lips.Shawna gave one last moan as her cock giving one last spurt. She rubbed her cock around his lips before letting him go; Xavier fell into the warm grass exhausted and covered in Shawna’s load.”What should we do wid him?” Shawna wiped the sweat off her forehead.Adrianna leaned into Shawna’s ear and whispered, “Let’s get him back to the room; we’ll surprise Trish.”Shawna flung Xavier’s body over her shoulder and he cried out, “No… I sucked your cock. Please.. I sucked your cock! Don’t lock me in the pot!””Don’ worry baby,” Shawna patted his back, “We gunna take yah home.”Relief, fear and a tinge of excitement crept into Xavier’s mind.

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