vilage girl to society lady …..!


vilage girl to society lady …..!I grew up in a rural Maharashtrian village. I was tall for my age of18 years, about 5’7¨ and thin. I had round breast with big pointednipples, thin waist and well moulded buttocks and tapering legs. Mycolor was slight dark and my face was oval shaped. I had slanted eyes,thin pointed and slighltly upturned nose, pouting lips and good eventeeth, which sparkled when I smiled. I was not considered beautiful ina traditional way but by the age of 19, I could observe that most menwere giving me sly looks in the village. My parents were traditionalfarmers and we were poor. I had two younger brothers. There would notbe much food for us on most of the days. We had a village school andall three of us used to attend the school. I was a good student and myteachers used to encourage me to study hard. I was fluent in Marathi(my mother tongue) and could read a few words of English. I wasfamiliar with the English alphabets but not too fluent. My parents were worried that I may not get a good match because of myheight and my looks and intelligence. So they were desperately tryingto get me married asap. That’s when they found a groom for me from thevillage who was about 30 years old, a widower, and was working in thecity. His first wife had died due to some disease. He had come forholidays to visit his parents. I was married of to him. I was young,not prepared for the marriage and was simply frightened. The firstnight I was waiting for him in his parents small abode. The room hadjust a mattress and was partitioned off from the main room by a clothcurtain which was torn and patched. I was sitting on the mattress andawaiting my husband. I must have dozed of when I felt a hand on myhair. It was around 12.00 midnight, I awoke and got up with my headbend low. I could smell the pungent smell of liquor in the room andhis breath. His hand held my chin and lifted it. He looked at my faceand then kissed me. I could taste the liquor and was feeling revolted. That night of marriage, I saw my husband for the first time. He wasthe same height as me, thin with protruding yellow teeth and bald. Hewas fair, and drunk. I could smell the liquor in his breadth. I satfrightened and held my breath as he sat beside me. He embraced me andI could feel the tingling within me, the fear of unknown. He just laidme on the matress and opened my blouse. I did not have a bra as wewere poor and could not afford one. Then he started pressing mybreast. He pressed my nipples and suddenly bent and bit it. Tearssprung in my eyes and I tried pushing him away. He raised my sari andfingered my cunt. Then I felt a deep searing pain in my choot as Ifelt something forcing its way in. I tried to shout but immediately hehad his hand on my mouth. It was as if I was being sliced open with aknife. I was hurt. Finally the live rod being inserted stopped andthen he started thrusting it in and out. In the meantime, my breastwas being badly mauled. I could feel the pain lessening as he kept onpumping in me. Suddenly he shivered and I felt some wattery fluidbeing shot in me. He took the rod out and then turned and fell asleepinstantly. I was in a daze, somehow could not believe at what hadhappened to me. I had heard about sex but never realised it could beso painful. The sex was the same afterwards. Wheneever he felt likefucking me, he would just pull me inside a room, lay me down and mountme. By now, I was used to this ritual. Sometimes I used to feel apleasure building in me but by that time, my hubby would be donefucking me and would just walk of.After two days, I accompanied my husband to Mumbai city and for thefirst time saw the cosmopolitan city. We stayed in a dinghy chawl inNagpada but for me that was like heaven compared to my villagehutment. After a couple of years, my husband was asked by the companyowner to take care of his house and property in lonavala. There was aold gurkha watchman at the house. We stayed in the servant quartersthere and I was happy with the surroundings and the fresh air. Theowner’s house was big and had every luxury in it. Th rooms were allwell decorated with furnituires around and also there was a biglibrary there. I usually used to clean the house and my husband tookcare of the gardens. Whenever time permitted, I tried to look at thebooks in the library and try to read it. It was all in English and itwas difficult for me to read them but I persisted. Life was goingon.That weekend the owner came and my husband introduced me to him. Icould feel his eyes staring at me. Evening I cooked food for the ownerand my husband went to serve him. I was called after a couple of hoursand I saw that my husband was sitting near the owners legs and wastotally drunk and blabbering. The owner asked me to take him to ourroom and then come back to serve him.The owner was tall, in his late 40’s, fair and a bit on the heavierside. I was feeling ashamed at my husband’s action and shyly went backafter getting my husband to our room. The owner was sitting therelistening to music. On seeing me he asked me € ¦’¶ naachna aata hai. Iblushed, covered my face partly and said – no. He said – paas aao.This was the first time I was with a rich seth. I just stood there. Hegot up and said € ¦’¶ jaise picture mein dekhti ho, waisa naachenge.Saying this, he put one hand around me and took one hand of mine inhis other hand. I had no idea how to react, was feeling shy,frightened, and fear of the unknown. Probably he saw my feelings andsaid-Rani, mat daro, kuch nahi hoga. Tumhara pati to mera naukar haiaur ab to piya hua hai. To daro nahi. The music floated in the roomand he was swaying to it. I was stiff in his hands and I could feelhim pressing me to him. He was smelling nice and I could feel somefeelings running thru’ me. My breast was pressing to his chest and Icould feel him swaying. After sometime, he looked at me and said € ¦’¶tumhara dar to nikalna padega. Saying this he just lifted me andcarried me to his room.Now I was frightened. I could see my future turning dark. If myhusband saw and knew this I knew, my whole life would be spoilt. Istruggled, but he was stronger. I started crying € ¦’¶ saying saabji ,mujhe kuch na karo, mein barbaad ho jaaongi. He seemed not to hearanything. I was laid on his bed and before I could get up and run, hewas on top of me. He kissed me and forced my mouth open. Now this wasthe first time I was being kissed so deeply by anybody as my husbandjust used to fuck me and leave. I could feel the sweet taste of hismouth and saliva mixing with mine. His tongue was wrapping my toungueand my mouth was on fire. I was trying to fight hard but slowily Icould feel my resistance breaking. He kept on kissing me till I justgave up and my hands went limp. My body could feel surges of pleasurerunning through it. Once he realised that my resistance was broken, hegot up and took off his clothes. He was totally naked and seeing hisbig erect lund, I closed my eyes. He lay besides me and took off allmy clothes. The sari and blouse was delicately removed. I could feelhis skin touching mine and also the fingers playing with my body. Hekissed me again passionately and then he started moving downwards. Hekissed my breast and nipples, his hands constantly playing, pressing,caressing my breast, then moved to navel and finally to my choot. Hishot breadth was stirring a fire in me and when I felt his tongue on mychoot, I just buckled and came. I could not control myself, my wholebody was on fire, I could feel a pleasure tingling in my spine andarching back I just shouted. My voice was alien to me and I shuddered.I think the owner was surprised at my reaction. He slid above me andthen kissed me passionately. Now I was willing to give everything tohim. This was the first time I realised that there was pleasure insex. I shyly smiled at him. He cupped my face and said-kyon rani,maaza aa raha hai. I blushed. He put his fingers in my choot andseeing that it was well lubricated, he slowily slid in me. He said tome- rani pair failaao. Dono pair (legs) mere kamar ke upar rakho. Ispread my legs and I could feel him entering. It was a tingling andexquisite expereince. Yes, their was pain but a pleasurable pain. Whenhe had insereted himself fully, he started pumping it in. I could feelit moving in and out. The fucking feeling was sending ripples ofpleasure within me. Suddenly he, sat up, his lund still in me, raisedboth my legs with his hands and fucked me, looking at my face. I hadmy eyes closed but he said- rani, aankh khole to aur maaza aayega. Iwas in a different world altoghether. I was riding with him all theway. He seemed to me like a God sent to pleasure me. I could feelmyself coming and again with a loud cry, came. He pumped for some timeand then came in me. By this time I was totally exhausted. türbanlı afyon escort I, with myeyes lowered told him that – sethji, ab mein jaoon, thak gaain hoon.He lay beside me and was looking at me all over. He said, – thodi derke bad jaana, kuch baat karenge. This was all a new experience for me.My husband used to just fuck me and go to sleep, but with sethji, theexperience was different. He was giving me the pleasure and alsotreating me as an individual. Sethji then asked me about myself and Iwas beginning to feel comfortable with him. Initially, I was hesitantto answer his questions but slowily I opened up and started chattingwith him as if I knew him well. Sethji was lying facing me and I wason my back staring up at the ceiling and sometimes looking at sethji.One of his hand was on my breast and he was fondling it. He then said,- tumhe maloom hai ki tum khobssorat ho. Agar tum thodi sajogi aurbeauty parlour jaogi to shahar ke ladkiyon se bhi sundar dikhogi. Iblushed and he came on top of me and kissed me. He kissed my eyes andmy ears and then my cheeks. Finally his lips were on my mouth. Herolled over and made me sleep on him. I kissed back. He was the firstperson to teach me to kiss. He made me position my choot on his lundand then asked me to insert it in me. I sat on it and it went in inone motion. Now I was on top of him and was moving up and down. He wasplaying with my boobs and pressing it and caressing it. I could feelthe pleasure rising within me and went on moving faster. I could feelbeads of persipiration on my forehead and finally in a shatteringclimax I came. I fell on him like a limp doll and I could see that hewas smiling at my eagerness and climax. He rolled me over and mountedand pumped away. I embraced him and opened up my legs wide and clampedhim with my legs. He kept on pumping and finally he came. He slidbeside me and kissed me a few times and finally after a longtime hewent to sleep. I kept looking at his sleeping face and for the firsttime fell in love with a person. I could not believe that sex could beso enjoyable and expecially with a rich man like him, who cared for meand my pleasure more.I must have slept of but around 5.00 A.M., I heard the roosters(cock’s) wake up call. I was feeling all excited, could not believethe sex I had the previous night and wanted to please my sethji forhis generosity. I woke up, cleaned the house. By 7.00 A.M. I had thebreakfast ready and the house sparkingly clean. My husband had wokenup and was in the garden. I called him and asked him to fetchvegetables and mutton for the sethji’s lunch and he was off for buyingthat. I went into master bedroom and he was still asleep. I wentbeside the bed and looked longingly at him.Since there was not much to do, I went to the library and startedreading the book (Uncle Tom’s cabin). I was seriously reading it whenI felt myself engulfed by two strong hands from behind. I wasterrified and shouted for help. Suddenly the hands slipped away and Iheard the seths voice asking me to cool down. In my nervousness, I haddropped the book. I felt shy, seeing him standing beside me. He walkedtowards the door, locked it and then came staright to me, took me inhis arms and kissed me. I responded and we were locked in a passionatekiss. He sat on his rocking chair and made me sit on his lap. He askedme what I was reading and when he saw the book, he again stared at me.He asked me whether I was interested in studying further. I shylysaid, yes. He said he will do something. By this time both of us werearoused. He lifted my saree up and removed my underwear. He opened uphis fly and he was wearing nothing inside. His lund sprang up. He saton the rocking chair and made me sit astride on him. My choot was onhis lund now and it went in. The chair was rocking to and fro and wewere locked in each others embrace. Finally both of us came. We satlike that for some time and then he started helping me read the book.Mind you, by this time his lund had shrivelled up in my choot but bothof us were enjoying each others company.I heard my husband call me and I immediately straightened my saree andkissing my sethji, I rushed to the kitchen. It was Sunday. Aftersometime, I heard the sethji call my husband and when my husband cameout, he said that sethji has asked him to proceed immediately to thecity office and stay there as there was some shipment expected andsethji had still not found a replacement for him. Also my husbandseemed very happy as the seth had offered him a bonus and a highersalary. He seemed all excited to leave immediately and I helped himpack his bags. My husband asked me to take care of the seth and thenwent to the city stating that he will be back next weekend. I did feela bit sad because as long as he was around he was a security for meand his going away did not seem to be right but the knowledge that Iwould be with sethji for the whole day was giving me the thrill.I prepared the lunch and was free. I heard the seth talking to thewatchman and taking a round outside.Lunch was served and the seth made me sit beside him on the chair. Allthis was first for me. He took out his drink bottle and taught me howto mix drinks and how to serve. All these was fun with as he wascontantly kissing me and pawing my breast and occasionally fingeringmy choot. I was all jelly inside. He also made me take a sip or twofrom his drinks and I was feeling all hot and sensual by now. Afterlunch was over, he took me to his bedroom and then proceeded toundress me. When I was naked, he asked me to remove his dress and kisshim all round. I was slightly tipsy (drunk) and also enjoying hiscompany. By now I was feeling as if he was my husband and was willingto be his slut for the rest of my life. I undressed him and saw hislund hanging. Sethji asked me to take it in my mouth. I had never donethat before but did not want to antognise the sethji, so took it. Hetaught me how to suck and caress it with my toungue.Initially, the thought of a man’s prick in my mouth was revolting butslowly I started enjoying it as it grew bigger. Now, the seth waspumping his lund in my mouth. I was choking a couple of times, but hehad a firm grip of my hair in his hand and was controlling my face.Suddenly, I heard the seth shout and I could feel a purt of hot mushyfluid hitting my mouth, throat. I felt choked and breathless anddesperately tried to wriggle out of the seths grip. But he kept itpressed and finally I had to swallow the whole liquid. It tasted OKand was not too bad, but I was feeling dirty. The seth lifted me andkissed me. He could taste his cum in my mouth and he was lapping itup. I was surprised. He probably felt my surprise and said, – rani,pyaar ka maaza to issi mein hain ki hum aapas mein apna ras piyen.Kabhi tumne tumhare ras ko taste kiya hain. I was blushing at hearingthose remarks. We were now lying on bed and he came on me in 69position and started kissing and sucking my choot. I was reallyenjoying that. He was also fingeing my anus and had put a couple offingers in that. The senasation was good and in no time, I erupted. Icould feel him eating and drinking my cum and then he turned towardsme and kissed me. He said, – le ab tera bhi choot ka taste pehchaan.His favorite position was when I was on top of him and he couldembrace me or tightly hold me to him. I loved playing with his hair onchest and also feeling his lund. Kiss his mouth. The whole day wespent in each others company and during that time the seth wasintroducing me to his business too. That night we lay awake and hetold me that he would be spending most of his time with me. Mondaymorning the sethji went and I was left all alone, only with thegurkhs. Now the gurkha was a 60 year old guy and like a father figurefor me. In the afternoon, I was walking in the garden trying to readthe English book when the gurkha came for a chat. We talked for sometime and I told him about my interest in learning English fluently. Hetold me that he knew a English masterji from the local school, whoalways passes by the house. Tuesday, he brought the masterji to me andleft me to talk to him. Masterji’s wanted fees and I could not affordthat but I could see that he was eyeing me all over. He was youngabout 25, shorter than 5’5¨, but very healthy and dark. He thought forsome time and asked me whether if I was satisfied, I would provide himwhat he wanted. I thought over it as I knew his intention and said, itdepends on how he teaches. We started the same day and he seemed agood communicator. He was a good teacher and since I was a fastlearner, I learned faster. Now, I was missing the sex part and byWednesday, I was feeling all hot within. The masterjee used to spend acouple of hours with me and seemed to enjoy himself. Sometimes türbanlı afyon escort bayan hewould brush my breast, while leaning forward to explain or sometimes,take my hand in his to make me write correctly and then press it morethan required. Wedneday, I was learning a few words when the sex wordcame up. He laughed and started explaining the meaning. He was verylurid in details and in no time had me feeling all hot. Suddenly, hereached over and kissed me. I tried to push him away, but he wasstronger and forcibly embraced me. Before I could say anything he hadhis dhoti off and was standing in his undies. He removed it and Icould see a big black pole (lund) staring at me. My knees startedshaking and my mouth went dry. He was in no mood to listen and carriedme inside the bedroom and aggressively undressed me. Then he was ontop of me and was forcing my legs apart. I gave in and I could feelhis attempt to enter my choot. His lund was cutting across, trying toopen me up further and inch by inch he was entering me. I had my mouthshut , biting the teeths together and my fist were clenched. Finally,I could feel he was all in me. He slowily started pumping. Aftersometime his pumping got stronger ang then it was in no time hespurted. I felt nice but did not come. After sometime, he took out hislund and dressing himself said he would come tomorrow.That evening sethji came. He had a big parcel with him I was feeling abit dirty but on seeing sethji I felt rejevunated. I felt happy. Thewatchman was surprised to see the seth, as the seth hardly came once amonth. I was sure he must have realized that the seth was screwing me.Sethji came towards me and embraced me and said€ ¦’·jaanti ho,aajkaltumhara nasha chada hua hai. Har samay tumhari yaad aati hai aur tumhechodna ka dil karta hai. Saying this, he carried me to his bedroom andwe were fucking each other immediately without wasting any time. Wedid not even remove our clothes. He just lifted my sari and insertedhis lund in me. As easy as that. Seeing the seth, my juices hadstarted flowing and in no time we both came together. Then he openedhis parcel and I was surprised to see a lot of dress for me. Therewere salwar kameez, nighties, some western style dresses and bras andundies. There were also a lot of society and porno magazines I was ata loss of words. He said that whenever he is around he would like tosee me in those nighties without wearing anything inside. He alsoasked me to start dressing up like the society ladies and promised meto take me to city for a complete change and makeover. Now I wasfeeling very comfortable with sethji and I was in love with him. Iwore a nightie and we started chatting. Evening he opened his drinksand I mixed a few for him and he also forced a few on me. We werelying in each others arms and I don’t remember when I slept of. Aroundmidnight I could feel something entering my choot and pumping me. Iwas also enjoying the sensation and moving with the rhythm. When Iopened my eyes, I saw seth on top of me, he was staring at me intentlyand screwing me. I laughed and hugged him and bit his lips. He said -lets do it in a different way. He made me sit doggie style and enteredmy choot from behind. I could feel it going all the way in. He alsotook cream and was fingering my anus. I said no, not there, but hesaid don’t worry, it would be fun. He had put a lot of cream in myanus and then he took out his lund and put cream on that too. I wasworried but he being the sethji and my lover, I wanted him happy. Hethen proceeded to insert his lund in my anus. The tip went insmoothly. But as he pushed it in, it was very painful, inspite of allthe cream and lubricants. I shouted, but sethji was firm. He had alsothree fingers in my choot and was playing with it. Tears were fillingmy eyes and the more the lund penetrated, the more painful it was. Theseth pulled it slightly out and again used cream in plenty. Heinserted it and in one thrust ripped me apart and he was all inside.Imagine a big lund in your anus. I loved the sensation of it but wasworried of the pain. He let it be there for sometime and then startedwithdrawing.This process of pumping in and out went on and a time came when thepain was bearable and I started enjoying it. His fingers were still inmy choot as he was fingering me there while his lund was screwing myanus. The pleasure in me became unbearable and I came. He was stillpumping and finally, I could feel hot fluid flowing in my anus. Myeyes were still filled with tears and when the seth and I was on hisbed he embraced me and kissed away my tears. All my pain vanishedinstantly. We slept in each others arms and morning when I got up, Iprepared breakfast and around 8.00 saw that seth was still sleepingnaked. His lund lay limp. I took it in my mouth and started blowinghim. I could feel a stirring and finally it was all steel hard anderect. When I looked up I saw that the sethji was awake, looking at mewith a warm caring smile. I smiled back and in a burst of emotion, Ireached his mouth and kissed him. I had my choot take control of thelund and I was humping the seth now, going up and down his penis. Icould feel the seth’s buildup of passion and timed my release alsosimulataneously. I was becoming a good screw, cudakkad by now.The seth left in the morning.Afternoon the masterji came and immediately he wanted to have sex withme. I was actually tired and still had the sethjis sperms within me inmy choot and his lunds taste in my mouth so I firmly declined and toldhim that I would decide when he can fuck me, else he can leave. Heagreed and the day passed smoothly. Friday, the seth came with myhusband and evening as ususal, the seth had made my husband drunk. Iwas now the personal property of the seth and I could feel that I nowhad men in control. I could get them to do whatever I wanted. Sethstarted the night by making me sit doggie style and screwing me frombehind. I did not come as I was sure that seth would fuck my anus andthat happened. It was not as terrible as the last time. The sensationwas good and I enjoyed it. Around midnight, I was about to leave to goto my husbands bedside when the seth stirred and put his arm aroundme. He was half asleep but feeling aroused. His lund was erect and hesaid, darling fuck me. The first time he had addresses me in Englishand I understood what he said. I climbed on top of him and fucked him.I could feel my passion building up and then we both came at the sametime. The seth kissed me and went back to sleep and I went to myhusbands side. Now a days, I had started getting annoyed with hispresence. In my mind I was always comparing the sethji with him andhated his male superior attitude. Around 6.00 A.M. I was forciblywaken up by my husband, who was angrily attacking my lips, and forcingmy legs apart. The assault started with him inserting his lund in mychoot and also pressing and squeezing my breast. I closed my eyes andimagined that it was the seth fucking me. I was also feeling happythat he was fucking a choot which now had the seths sperms in it. Witha grunt he came and then he got up and said, – uth jaa. Jyaada mathsoo. Sethji ke liye nashta ka intezaam kar. Even though I had not met,my husband for a week, he had no time to talk to me or ask me how Iwas. Saturday, morning when I went to sethji bedroom, he embraced meand said that he had to leave town for a few days and would be back byWednesday. I felt sad, but since my husband was around I felt it was OK.My husband fucked me a couple of times more and left early Monday morning.My tuition was going on and in two weeks time I was getting better.The only part was communicating in English which the masterji solvedby only talking to me in English. Now a days the masterji seemed dulland sad and I knew what was eating him. On Wednesday, when he came toteach me, before he could start teaching, I sidled upto him and openedhis dhoti. He sat amazed. His lund was semi erect. I took it in myhand, gave master a kiss and then started shagging him with my hand.Now his lund was really big (more than 8′) but he was not a goodlover. I fondled his balls and started moving my hands faster. In notime I had him spurting his semens all over my hand and his dhoti. Icleaned it with a cloth, kissed him again and then we started thelesson. Boy, was he not happy.Two three months had passed and I was now a different person. I couldfeel it with myself. I shared a lot of the sethjis confidentialthings. I could control the master and my husband and my English wasreally good. I had started communicating with the sethji in my brokenEnglish and he was surprised at my progress. He did not know about themasterji. I had also started dressing up in a modern attire in sethjispresence and he was türbanlı escort afyon my teacher in that. One day sethji told my husbandthat he required my help in his ancestral household in a differentcity for a month as there was marriage and he would be taking methere. He told my husband that I would be paid a good amount for thehelp. My husband had recently started counting the earning he wasreceiving and had plans of buying a flat in Mumbai. He was all readyfor that part. He thought that since Sethji would be at office all thetime and I am in sethji’s parents house, everything would work outfine.The day came and sethji took me in his airconditioned car to Mumbai. Iwas really taken in by the luxury of travel. Compare an ST bus to theAC car. On the way, sethji had taken me to a hotel and we stayed therefor a day. The rooms luxury was a eye opener for me. Sethji fucked meroyally at all times and I was enjoying the life in a differentperpective. In the car, at one point, when I could not control myselfafter the sethji had made me cum by using his fingers while driving, Islid across and opened sethji’s fly and took his lund out and startedsucking it. Time to time the sethji would press my head more forcefullon his lund. I am sure the passing truckers could see this action. Andwhen the saethji spurted his sperms, I swallowed the whole. Finally wereached Mumbai and sethji took me to an apartment he owned and wherenobody was staying. Morning, he used to drop me at a learning center,where I was to learn typing, shorthand, computers, a bit of accountingand office management. Afternoon he used to pick me up and we wouldneck and fuck for some time on some days. Late evening he used to comeback and then we were together for the night. A few nights a week hewould not come as he had to go to his family.In the learning center, two of my instructors (Arun and Vushal) weretall, young tall handsome guy, who had the hots for me. They lookedlike college k**s and mind you I was also only eighteen by then. Iused to let them come near and engage them in small talk and fun. Theythought the seth was my father and I was not married. Sethji had to goout of town for two days and had explained to me how to reach thecenter and back. He had also given all his contact numbers to me. Ispent the whole day at the center, brushing up my knowledge byattending repeated and all clases. In the evening the instructor,Arun, came to me and enquired whether the seth would come to pick meup . Coyly, I told him no. He asked, would I be interested in seeingthe city. I agreed and then I was on his bike holding him tightly andbeing driven around. He took me to a lot of scenic spots and around9.00 P.M., he said lets go a last stop and took me to a disco. I wasamazed at the color, chatter and the youngsters milling around. Hetook me to a group and introduced me to hi friends. Vishal was alsothere There were about 5 girls and 5 boys. I could see all of themlooking at me with appreciation. They liked what they saw.Immediately, I had a drink being offered to me and with hesitancy, Idrank it and then another. The music was on and Arun pulled me ontothe dancefloor. I realized I could dance without any inhibition andafter some time I was on a roll. I danced madly and I could see somevery sexual pelvic gyration and body movements by some couples. Someof the girls were half naked and were being fondled by a lot of guys.It was turning me hot. By the time it was late night and around 2.00,the whole group, came out. Since we were all drunk, it was decided totake one car and go to a one couple’s house nearby. The car wasjampacked and I remember siting on Aruns lap, squeezed between twomore couples. The guys hands were all over me and a girl had alsokissed me on my lips. We were all in a good mood and finally wereached the pad. Immediately on entering, a few couples startedkissing and getting naked in the room itself. In a matter of minutesthey were rolling on the floor. I stood swaying on one side, shy andnot knowing what to do. Arun came to me and said follow me and took meanother room where there was a king sized bed and started kissing me.I was feeling very sexcited and I returned his kiss. We fell togetheron the bed and in a frenzy took our clothes off. Arun was on top of mefucking me when one more couple walked in. they saw us and immediatelyjoined us on bed. It was Vishal and a girl. I could see that there wasVishal and the girl screwing each other and we were doing the same. Inthe meantime the girl sat doggie style facing me and Vishal wasfucling from behind. She came closer to me and kissed me. I wasfeeling awkard since I never had seen a women naked and fucked before,but the whole orgy was fast catching up with me and it became a sexualfrenzy there.I heard Arun grunt and release himself and immediately I felt theVishal fucking me. The sexual passion was too strong and I came with abig yell. That night I must have been fucked more than twenty times. Ihad simultaneously a lund in my choot and in my anus and also I wassucking a cock. It was one of the most memorable nights we had. Thenext day a few of us did not go out and the whole day was one sessionof fucking and screwing and drinking,My stay and learning experience was excellent and finally sethjioffered me a job in his office. Since my husband was a peon there, Iarranged to set a pan supari shop for him at sethji’s farmhouse sothat he could own his own business and also take care of sethji’s farm.My days in office was busy as I had to learn a lot of work happeningthere. In the meantime, sethji was my godfather. Nobody in the officeknew that I was fucking sethji. Our relationship was strictlyprofessional. In a years time, I became the secretary to sethji and Iused to give hima blowjob or fuck him when we had time together.Also sethji, customers were being entertained by me. It started with atough customer, who was giving a tough time to sethji. Sethji hadtaken me to a luch with him and I could feel that the customer had thehots for me. Sethji never realized that. After a few such lunchsessions, one day, the sethji had to attend to some important businessand I was left to entertain this guy all by myself. I wore a low cuttop and a casual tight pant when I went to meet him. We startedchatting and he was very open with me. The lunch ended and he wasstill hesitant to place the big order with our company. I stareddirectly at him and said that I was willing to give him a good time ifhe gave me the order. He liked what I said, but I told him not tomention it to sethji as he was my godfather. He signed the contractand I went with him to his room. He was typical businessman with aslight paunch and seedy eyes. The moment we enetered the room he wasall over me. I asked him to relax and then slowily went on to undressmyself. I could see his mouth open in anticipation. I then undressedhim and he was already erect. I positioned myself below him and he washumping himself in me. In a short few minutes he was done and I alsoacted like I had come. I passionately kissed him and encouraged hismanhood. It is surprising on how the males enjoy being told that theyare the best. After some time, I took his limp lund in my hand andstarted shagging. I took it in my mouth and sucked on it. I playedwith his balls and by now he was again erect. At that time, my cellphone rang and I saw that it was sethji. That excited me. I had thecellphone in one hand and the cock of the guy in another. Sethjiwanted to know why I was late and I was telling him not to worry sinceI was with the customer and had everything under control. Then Imounted the guy and went to give him a good time, sounding appropriatenoise of pleasure while that guy was in heaven. I also felt the signswith myself and after sometime came with him. We spent a couple ofhours together and at the end, I became a close friend of this guy.Sethji was surprised to get the order and gave me a big raise andcommission. Slowily, I became the sales whiz for the company, handlingmajor contract. Imagine nobody knew that my choot was the mostpowerful instrument in this contract. Probably, they knew but whocares. I was now a big society lady.Finally, what happened to my husband. He is still my husband, whom, Ipay off monthly with a token amount. I tell him that my work is veryimportant and I have to be in office all the time. I really don’tthink he cares. I am now 28 years. My parents also are doing welllthanks to my sending them a monthly amount. Now I move in a differentcircle and the old days are all gone.I have met an interesting man, who knows I am married but on the vergeof divorce. He is rich consultant. Recently, he proposed marriage andI am thinking on how to annul my current marriage. Probably, I wouldpay him off.Or I will enjoy my current single life for a couple of years more andthen plan the plunge. My sethji, who still fucks me on a regular basisis still enamoured by me and I can always use his influence in gettingrid of my old husband by hook or by crook. By the way, I am the topexecutive in Seths comapnay and also a minor shareholder. I am alsopaid a hefty bonus every year.

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