Cuckold with blue balls


Cuckold with blue ballsFour weeks ago I was locked in my CB3000 by my wife. I can do four weeks with ease if my wife doesn’t tease me. But the month she chose to make my life a pure Hell. We had two snow days this month and we both where out of work. On both days she had arranged to have one of her guy friends get ” snowed” in with us. I was forced to watch them having sex over and over during that time. They fucked all day Thursday and Friday , all night Friday night and most of Saturday. Sunday he left to go home and as soon as he left she called another guy and then hit the shower. He got to our house around three Sunday evening. By four o clock she was already walking around with the first load of his sperm deep in her body. While he went to shower she had me eat her pussy until she said it was clean. All this time my cock was trying to get hard and had started leaking the clear slick fluid. I had to catch what I could and eat that too. I told her once that my balls where aching badly. She knelt down as if she was going to look at them. She held both of them in her hands and said they felt very warm. I said they ache something bad. Oh you poor thing she said then she looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and then squeezed them as hard as she could. I came upon my tip toes and cried out loudly. I jerked back from her but she held them tight. I just about passed out. I held on to the top of her head. I was about ankara escort to say something when her boy friend came back into the den from his shower. He walked over next to where she was squatting. She took his soft cock in her mouth as she continued to hold my balls tightly in her hands. I looked up and at him, he was looking at me and had a “eat shit” smirk on his face. She gave him a sloppy sounding blow job complete with all the moans and sucking sounds. After what seemed like forever she let go of my poor tender guys and stood up. She lead him buy his now simi hard cock down the hall toward our bed room. I stayed in the den for about five minutes and tried to get my shit together well enough to walk. When I felt like I could make the trip I picked up a small arm chair that sets in the corner of the den by the fire place and carried it to the bed room. I sat the chair at the foot of our bed and sat down. My wife was just finishing up her oral work on a now rock hard cock. It stood up a good eight or nine inches. She got up on her knees and just before she startled his body she glanced over her shoulder and told me to watch closely how her pussy lips stretch around his thick meat. She held the shaft and rubbed it back and forth in her slit until it was in the right place then she sat down with her body weight to force it inside her body. It took three times to get it all the way in so her pussy lips rested ankara escort bayan on his balls. She sat dead still for a minute, then leaned forward so she could kiss him. I raised up in my seat enough to be able to see how her pussy lips formed a perfect seal around his shaft.They fucked with her on top for a good twenty minutes then he cupped her ass cheeks and rolled her on to her back. Her legs feel apart as he plowed her cunt as hard as he could. At one time my wife’s legs did lock together around his back. and her hills helped on the in stroke. I like seeing her fucked this way the best. It looks like the man is doing the fucking and it seems like the woman is being fucked almost against her will. After a while he pulled out and my wife got up on her knees and faced me. Our faces where no more than four feet apart. I was looking deeply into her blues eyes as he entered her from behind. Her eyes went half closed and a smart ass looking smirk came over her. Every in stroke he made sure to burry his dick in her hard enough to bump her closer to me. I could almost kiss her. He finished off in her cunt in that position. He stayed in her until his cock fell out. He raised up on his knees and looking over my well fucked wife he said eat that messy pussy clean while I go get a beer. My wife fell back on her back and allowed her legs to fall apart. Her poor pussy was gaped open and a small black hole the escort ankara size of a quarter was leaking a mixture of her and his juices. I stood up and buried my face into her nasty womanhood. Her right hand came in behind my head and held it close to her body. I was busy eating up her creamy pie when I herd that guy walk in . He said I’m outta here . My wife continued to hold me in place as she almost begged him to stay. He told her that her cunt was wore out and he was tired. He told her he’d see her in a week after that loose hole of hers tightened back up. She said well OK if that is what you want. He said Ill see you later and he left. We heard the front door close. I raised up and told my wife if she still wanted to fuck that I’d fuck her if would unlock me. She laughed and said that tiny piece of meat wouldn’t even hit the sides of her now very relaxed hole. She got up and showered and I carried my chair back to the den. I was watching TV when she came in the den wearing only a garter belt and black lace top stockings. She was carrying a VCR tape of one of her week ends away fucking. We watched hours of her being fucked and around midnight we went to bed. She slept in the stockings and I slept naked wearing only the chastity devise. The next day my balls where so full I had a thread of clear fluid that reached from the tip of the chastity cage to all the way to the floor. A cold shower helped some. After the four weeks where up I was unlocked and my wife jacked me off into her palm. Then she smeared the large load over my lips and face. Warm weather is around the corner and that means short skirts and tight shorts. I love when she shows off her body.

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