Jake’s Magic Remote V – Cruel Temptation


Jake’s Magic Remote V – Cruel TemptationNOTE: This story is intended for adults only. It includes elements of voyeurism, time stop, non-consent/reluctance, ince$t, and mind control. If you are offended or upset by this sort of thing, please do not read it. The story is fiction and any resemblance to real persons or events is either coincidental or the result of artistic liberty.Feedback and positive criticism is welcome, as are suggestions and requests.——————-Sarah showed up while Petra was cleaning up, so Jake decided to let things rest for a bit; he’d had his fun, and he was more than a little worried in hindsight about how readily he’d m*****ed his daughter just because she was wearing tiny shorts and he was uncomfortably horny.Then again, he thought to himself, she was sort of asking for it. It was obvious that Petra had a mild exhibitionism or voyeurism fetish developing, and all he’d really done was fulfil her own fantasy for her, so why should he feel bad?Petra changed into pajama pants and the three watched the rest of the movie together. Once again, Jake got to enjoy having his favorite two females on either side of him. As evenings go, it was pretty nice, and he’d soon put his daughter’s rampant sexuality out of his mind.The next morning was a Saturday, so Jake slept in late. By the time he woke up, Petra was already out “doing stuff”. Sarah was relaxing in the recliner with a book. Jake made some waffles and sat on the couch nearby.“So what’s the plan for today?” he asked.“Pretty much this,” Sarah replied. “had a rough week, so I thought a quiet day would be nice.”“Couldn’t agree more. Mind if I-?” He motioned to the TV.“Go ahead.”Jake used the non-time-related buttons on his remote to turn on the set and found something meaningless to watch, but soon became bored with it.He glanced over at Sarah. She was wearing a loose shirt, jeans and slippers, nothing particularly interesting. He thought back to when they first got married… it used to be that on a day like this she’d be all over him.Standing up, he stretched and yawned. “Want anything to drink?”As soon as she looked up at him, he stopped things. It was time to start testing a theory. Clearly he could get someone pretty horny, but could he change them more dramatically over time? Once again, he got naked. He spent a minute stroking to get himself hard, then started it all up again.“No th… anks…” Her voice trailed off. Sarah blinked her eyes. This wasn’t happening again, no way. Not that she minded imagining his body. He had a great body. But these hallucinations ankara escort were too real.“Suit yourself,” Jake sait. His clothes had reappeared at some point. “Let me know if you need anything though.”“Thanks babe,” she said and went back to her romance novel.Jake came back with a glass of icewater, sitting on the couch and once more watching his show. As he sat there she couldn’t help but steal a glance in his direction now and then. The third time she did it though… there it was again! His body and that wonderfully large cock standing up, looking right at her. And this time he was even stroking it!Sarah put her book down in her lap and stared at her husband. His clothing reappeared and he looked at her. “You alright? You’re staring.”“Yeah, I just thought I saw something… nevermind.”Sarah tried to go back to her book, she really tried. But she just kept seeing it out of the corner of her eye: Jake naked with a gorgeous hard-on in his hand. Was she obsessed or something? Sure, she used to be all about fucking all the time, but that was years ago, these days she’d rather just relax together…Something twinged around her nipples, making them stand up and sending tingles of sensation all through her body. She stood up and walked over to the window, closing it to stop the breeze.When she sat down, she felt another sudden sensation. Her pussy was tingling like someone had been touching it. She looked over at Jake. He was naked again, staring right at her. This time she didn’t will the vision away, didn’t blink. She just watched him, slowly stroking his cock. She shifted her legs, biting her lip when she felt the way her panties rubbed against her moist nethers – and when did she get moist? Not that it was a bad thing to be attracted to her own husband, but usually she knew when this sort of thing was coming on; usually she was in control.That was what she told herself now, too: You’re in control. You decide when you get turned on. You decide when you seduce your husband. You decide when you kneel down and wrap your lips around that big, warm, firm…The door slammed open and Petra ran in. “Mom! Dad! Can we go to-” Her voice trailed off.Jake’s clothes reappeared and he muted the TV, turning from where he’d been – watching the TV, so even the staring was all in Sarah’s head – and smiled at their daughter. “Go to where, Pet?”Petra’s train of thought seemed to get back onto the tracks at Jake’s prompting. He was always so good with her. “Uh… there’s a new steakhouse by the mall, and they do a deal for cheap movie tickets with a steak or rib ankara escort bayan dinner.”Jake smiled. “Sounds good to me. How bout you, dear?”Sarah shrugged. “I’m up for dinner, but there’s really nothing playing I want to see. You two can go to a film if you like though.” Besides, she thought, some alone time would be good, to figure out these hallucinations.“Yay!” Petra bounced like a schoolgirl. Which she was, but only barely. Sarah would have been annoyed with her insistence on acting so silly if she weren’t so brilliant in school. Same for the way she and Jake liked to try to be more offensive than one another and always ended up turning into a contest of “who’s been on worse parts of the internet?”Petra was looking forward to dinner as she sat up in her room, distracting herself with a video game. It had been a really weird couple of days, and some family time would be a nice way to relax. The movie on the other hand…What the hell was that with dad yesterday, anyway? It was one thing to be turned on by your dad, she thought. Heck, all her friends were turned on by her dad. He was like a walking advertisement for casual gym memberships. Katie kept on wanting to do sleepovers, and Petra was pretty sure it wasn’t because she liked doing nails and experimenting with lesbianism.But it was another thing entirely to have a spontaneous orgasm while practically climbing on his lap! Seriously. How did that even happen? She hadn’t been touching herself. She’d thought maybe she’d have fun “forgetting” to wear panties and “accidentally” wiggling the popcorn bowl, but then things had gone totally weird. And now she’d roped herself into sitting in a dark theater with him and would have to pretend she didn’t feel super awkward about the whole thing.And there was no way he didn’t know. He had to have noticed something. It was really cool of him to be quiet about it, but seriously, she left a wet spot on the couch!And speaking of wet spots on the couch, how about that scene with mom the night before? That was like something out of a porn video! She couldn’t get the image out of her head lately. She’d been laying in bed playing with herself when she started hearing the moans, so she went to investigate. For Science, of course, not because she was a pervert or anything. And from the stairs she could see it: daddy’s muscular back, ass and legs working hard as he plowed into mom on the couch, her feet in the air and toes curling as he thrust into her again and again and again…And before she knew it, there she was half-naked and fucking herself escort ankara along with them! God, if either one of them ever found out about that she’d die of embarrassment! But still… it had just been so hot! The way he took her, strong and powerful and aggressive, and the way she begged and demanded for more…Petra shook her head. Nope, no, don’t think that way. He’s your daddy, you little ho-bag! Not. An. Option. So what if Mom was turning into sort of a bitchy control freak? And so what if Dad spent more time watching porn than giving it to his wife? That didn’t justify…What, exactly? What was it she was imagining as she sat here and apparently didn’t play the video game anymore because oh hey look there’s my hand in my pants. What was it she was fantasizing about? Seducing her own father to relieve him of the pressure of being in an unrewarding marriage and having him show her how to be a woman?Yeah… that sounded pretty nice, she thought as she rubbed herself. And if his dick was anything like that hallucination that she’d had again when she walked in the door today… mmm, she’d like to get her hands on that.Keith had been alright, but not that big and kinda limp sometimes. And she’d gone farther with him than anyone else. Her parents were really cool about supplying condoms all sneaky-like… which was why Petra had been giving them to her friends to use for about three years now. But the truth was that she’d never gone all the way before. She was thinking about it with Keith, but after the whole dick-rash thing and the rumors she’d dug up she sort of realized he was a scrub now. She was kind of grateful for that rash, since it stopped her from doing anything more than the couple times she’d awkwardly blown him.Petra gave up on her morals again, just like in the shower after the Keith fiasco, and just went with it. “Mmm, daddy, yes,” she breathed quietly, “Touch me…”So maybe she didn’t know much about dicks, but she was an old hand at self-pleasure. She turned on her side and squeezed her thighs inward, moaning and imagining what it must have looked like for her mom, looking up and seeing him him on top of her, or looking down and seeing him plunge inside of her…Petra’s nipples tingled like they’d been touched and a surge of pleasure suddenly drove into her. She gasped and bit down on her pillow just in time to stifle her cries as she came, hard and fast, just like on the couch. Her body tensed and twitched and her fingers kept rubbing at her pussy until the wave finally broke and she came back to her senses, panting into the spit-soaked pillow.She closed her eyes and turned over on her back, laying spread-eagle and panting, imagining her daddy on top of her smiling down after he’d spent himself inside her. She breathed in deep, and swore she could almost smell his cologne…

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