My Asian Dream


My Asian DreamIt was a Saturday night an Noi an I had been out drinking and playing around town. Was a very hot night so we both had been sweating from the warm weather. returned home an thought we would sit an watch a movie on the TV. We where sitting on the couch when I spoted are neighbor looking through are window from his front room. Are couch sit so we look out over are front yard. I seen that he was watching us so I throught it would be fun to tease him. Noi was wearing a skirt so i starte playing with her thigh slid my hand up under her skirt an felt her soft cotton panties. I started to rub her when she looked at me an gave me a little smile. she reached over an was massageing my junk. I was really starting to get hard. She undid my belt then unsnaped my jeans. Then she began to slowly to rub my junk till I seen that i was so excited that i started to pre-cum (that clear cum ankara escort that starts) I looked to see if my neighbor was still looking. I could make him out standing there but he had turned out the lights. I went over to turn off are lights so that Noi an I could really get into making love. When I got to the switch to turn the lights off Noi told me to turn on more lights so that Jim could see better. So following her I turned on all the lights in the front room. we had some plants in front on the window so Noi moved them so if we got a little lower like on the floor he could still view us. When she returned to the couch she steped infront of me an removed her skirt shrit bra an panites. I watch her an her skink was so bronze an her skin was tight. Her nipples had gotten hard she came ove an sit next to me I still had all my clothes on but my junk was there out in the ankara escort bayan open. I stood to remove my clothes when she stoped me. I knew what she was wanting an needing for she sit there with her legs open so that Jim could have a nice long look at her. I steped between her legs an went to my knees. I started kissing her inner thigs an worked my why up to her little girl. I knew she was ready for me to eat an taaste her for hen ever she gets excited she starts to breath faster an harder. I started to kiss her clit and then I was licking her lips they where getting larger for you could see the pluse beating within them. I looked into her face an the I relised she too was watch Jim I asked her what she was doing she told me that Jim was watching he turn on a light in his home so that you could see him there. I stood up to take a look and then Noi had me turn in a way escort ankara that I could be exposied to the window an she took an rmoved my pants and shorts. My junk was hard an standing Noi when to her knees and started kissing and licking me you could see my junk trob from the excitment. Noi then took me into her mouth an started to milk me. I looked through the window an I could not see Jim anymore. So I closed my eyes an really started to enjoy what Noi was doing to me with her mouth an tongue. She was an is so good with giving blow job.. I started to push my hips toward her mouth an with one hand she was working my balls and the other she was milking me and working the tip of me with he tongue. I know I was getting close to cumin. I put my hand on the back of her head so that I would cum in her mouth. Just before I climaxed I looked out the window an there was jim no longer in his house but at the window an he was jerking off an just as I came Jim id the sam.. Noi looked over at Jim an smiled. My cum had driped out of her mounth an on her chin. Noi finished me off an then asked If she could invite Jim into the house.

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