The Art of Cuckolding


The Art of CuckoldingMature woman teaches a young bride the art.When I was a young man, there had been circumstances or events in my life that I could not understand or explain. Things were done behind my back but if you live long enough, sooner or later the true story comes out.My name is Jack and my wife’s name is Rosemarie but everyone calls her Marie. She was in her late twenties and I was in my early thirties. We had two small toddlers. It was a hot summer afternoon and we were moving into a new house in an upscale neighborhood. A mature woman who lived a few houses away, came over to us carrying a tray of glasses and a pitcher of ice tea. She welcomed us to the neighborhood and said she would have us over to her house in a few days once we were settled.They invited us to their house the following Sunday afternoon to have a couple of drinks and get to know each other. Her name was Ava and her husband’s name was Sam but she always referred to him as My Sammie. They were in their early fifties with three c***dren. Two c***dren were out living on their own and their youngest was away at college so they were pretty much Empty Nesters.Like me, Sam was an engineer. A quiet man, thin and slightly shorter than his wife, Ava. Ava was very much like my wife, I would say she was an older version of my wife. She was outgoing with voluptuous curves and a very sexual way about her. When she looked at me, she made me feel like I was going to be her next meal. Her body language hinted that she was sexually available.In the first moments of meeting them, it became obvious that she was the dominate one in their relationship. She treated her husband like he was her personal servant or maybe her slave. For the entire afternoon, she sat there and gave him orders.Over time Ava told my wife that on the weekends, Sam did the house cleaning, shopping and cooked the meals. Whenever she wanted, she would have him give her a full body massage and a pedicure and she always had him prepare her baths.When my wife related Ava’s comments about her husband’s duties to me, I laughed. I told my wife that the guy must be a real wimp.Neither girl worked so a couple of times a week, Ava would walk over to our house and spend a couple of hours over coffee talking with my wife. We had moved several hundred miles away from family and friends so my wife treasured Ava’s company.What I did not know was that Ava’s conversations were always about marital relationships. Each time confiding more and more intimate details about their sexuality and always probing my wife for details of our intimate sexual relations.She confided to my wife, “I’ll tell you something in confidence but I don’t want anyone to know this, not even your husband. The first time my Sammie made love to me was the biggest disappointment of my life. I reached down and felt his little penis. It was small and short and I didn’t think it would ever be able to make me pregnant. God was I wrong, he made me pregnant the first time.”The older Ava went on, “That first time I saw his penis, he was so embarrassed and humiliated. I felt so bad for him. I took him in my arms and whispered that I love it like that. That I can take all of him in my mouth and not choke on it. His tongue more than makes up for his size and he knows how to use it. He always wants to do for me. He’s totally dedicated to me.”Marie commented, “I don’t know how you do it?””How I do what?””How do you have such control over your husband? Mine would never be like that.”Ava sighed, “Oh Honey, it wasn’t easy at first. When we were first married, we fought like cats and dogs. It took me a long time to train him. Men are b**sts, all they want to do is drink, screw and watch sports with their friends. As his wife, you have to train him.”Marie asked, “How do you do that?””When I first met my Sammie, I knew that he was the man I wanted. He was entering his senior year of college. His parents were wealthy and they made sure he had a nice car with money in his pockets. I wasn’t going to let him get away.”Ava went on, “I never went to college but I had a lot of boy friends all through high school so I knew my way around guys. I’m the only girl my Sammie ever had so the poor guy never had a chance.”The older woman went on, “In his senior year I got pregnant. His parents didn’t like that but they gave us a nice wedding anyway. After he graduated, he went into the military as an officer. We lived on a military base with thousands of horny young men. That was an experience.””I’ll bet it was,” replied Marie.”The Officer’s Club was always having dances and parties. I don’t know what it is about me but whenever I walk into a crowded room, I always catch the eye of a sexually appealing guy. He doesn’t have to be handsome. He just has that a****l sex appeal.”Ava continued, “During the course of the night the guy will work his way over to us and introduce himself to my husband. Then he will ask my Sammie if he can dance with me.”Ava went on, “Now when I dance, I like to feel my partner’s body up against mine. Nothing provocative mind you but I do find it exciting when the guy’s love bone starts pressing into me. These men were away from home and lonely so when they danced with me, they would get their feels in and I would let them. I would get so turned on and my Sammie would get so damn jealous and possessive.”After the party ended, my Sammie would take me home. I was so randy and he was so angry that we would end up fighting. We could go for two or three days without talking to each other. We got along so well and that was the only thing we ever fought over. He would get so angry if a guy even looked at me.Ava continued, “After one party, I was so angry at him, I went out and bought a pair of men’s flannel pajamas. I wore them to bed for a week. If he wanted to treat me like that, then he wasn’t going to see or feel my body.”The next time we were going to a party, I was laying out the dress I was going to wear, when for some reason, I took out the flannel pajamas and placed them on the chair near our bed. I guess I was getting ready for our next fight. Then a thought hit me. I had a very sexy negligee that I got when we were married and I never wore it.Ava continued, “I took it out and showed it to my Sammie telling him that tonight when we get home, maybe I’ll put this on for him. I laid it on top of the flannels. It was now his decision as to what I would wear when we went to bed and it worked.The older woman smiled as she continued, “My Sammie discovered that when the other men felt me up, it would make me horny for him. We both benefited from the attentions I was getting from the other men and my Sammie became more attentive to me. He started to enjoy and take pride in the fact that his wife was so desired.”He started encouraging me to wear sexy clothes. Wanting me to show more cleavage and the more I did, the more he did for me. He started helping me with house work and anything else I wanted. I felt uncomfortable at first, I mean having him adoring me like he does.Marie sighed, “I do envy your relationship. Jack would never be like that.””Honey, I’m a mature woman. I’ve been around the barn. Listen to me, you have to train him. Make him feel that he’s not that adequate. That he’s just not doing it for you. That your love tunnel needs more attention. Make up stories about men making passes at you. When a man ankara escort knows that other men want to bed his wife, he becomes more appreciative and attentive. I’ve known you for what? Three months now, trust me, your husband is no different.”I’ll give it a try.”Ava continued, “Tomorrow night I’m going to the Green Clover Shopping Mall. It’s out by the industrial park by the airport. Have you ever been there?””No.””Well, I need to buy an outfit for an awards dinner that my Sammie’s company is giving and there is a dress store that always has outfits that work perfect for me. If you’re free to come with me, I could use your advice and opinion?””Yes, I don’t think Jack has anything planned.””Great! I’ll pick you up at seven?”The following night Ava picked my wife up and they went off shopping while I stayed at home and watched the k**s. By eleven o’clock my wife was still not at home and I became concerned. I called Sam’s house to see if she was there or if he heard from them.He answered and said no, they were not there. He said that his wife usually gets home late as she likes to stop for a cup of coffee. He said the girls are probably just talking adding, “You know how women are, once they start talking.”I had to go to work the next day so I went to bed and fell fast asleep. Sometime during the night, I became aware that the bathroom light was on and the door was closed. I heard water running and realized my wife must be brushing her teeth. Then the light went out and I heard the door quietly open. My wife was now standing near the bed in the dark, undressing.Then she got into bed pressing her nude body up against mine. I was laying on my stomach and I felt her hand rub up and down my back caressing my buttocks each time. Then her hand felt my hip and she pulled me over onto my side. She now had access to my flaccid penis. She began fondling it, softly moaning and whispering, “Oh here it is. I love this little peter.”It responded to her touch and I got an erection. Then she pulled me over onto my back and straddled her legs over my stomach, like she was ridding a horse, all the while, moaning and whispering, “Oh, I’m so hot and horny.”She cupped my face in her hands and kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth saying, “O I’m so horny.”I thought I smelled alcohol, I asked, “Have you been drinking?””No it’s mouth wash. I just brushed my teeth.””Where have you been?””We stopped for a coffee. Oh please, let me feel your little cock.”She was now rubbing her moist pussy up and down my stomach as she reached down and placed the head of my cock between her pussy lips. Impaling herself on my erection, I felt it slide all the way in as she began ridding me. She moaned, “Oh yes. Don’t do anything, let me ride you. Oh yes, oh I’m coming. Ahh, ohh.”We both climaxed and after a while she rolled off of me and we drifted off to sleep.What I didn’t know at the time but would learn many years later: Earlier that night, Ava found her dress and she asked my wife, “Well that was quick. Is there anything you want to look at?””No but I do like this store.”They went out to the parking lot and got into Ava’s large luxury car. As Ava started driving she said, “It’s early yet. I’ll show you this nice little cocktail lounge where we can get a free drink.”Marie replied, “Do you think we should?””O sure. It’s in the Regal Hotel on the way home. There it is coming up.”The two girls entered the lounge, a combo band was just setting up. The lounge seemed to have a large crowd of mostly business men. The girls found a table near the dance floor and they settled in. In a short while, a waitress appeared and asked, “The gentlemen at the bar would like to buy you girls a drink.”The girls looked and two good looking business men smiled, one holding up his glass as in a toast. Ava smiled back, nodding her head yes and mouthing the words, “Thank you.”She said to the waitress, “I’ll have a V.O. with water. Marie, what will you have?””I don’t think I’ll have anything.”Ava got a look of concern as she said, “Rosemarie, you have to have something. I’m not going to let you insult those gentlemen.”Meekly Marie replied, “I’ll have a screwdriver.”Ava smiled at Marie and said, “I told you the drinks in this place are free.”As the waitress left to get their drinks, the two business men walked over to their table and introduced themselves. Two handsome men in their mid forties. “Hi, I’m Milt and this is Charles. Do you ladies mind if we join you?”Milt was the one who toasted his drink and he seemed to be addressing Ava. The band had begun playing a slow number and Charles asked Marie if she cared to dance. Milt then led Ava to the dance floor.Charles and Milt were two married business men from out of state, who earlier had met at the bar and became friends.After about an hour of dancing and drinking, Ava said to Marie that she needed to use the ladies room and Marie answered by saying she would go with her. After they finished and were about to return to the men, Ava said to Marie, “Listen, Milt wants me to go up to his room for about an hour. Would you be alright with that?”A little surprised, Marie answered, “I guess so.””Great! Then I’ll meet you in the lobby in an hour. Have fun with Charles.”Later that evening, the girls said nothing as they got into Ava’s car. Ava checked her face in the rear view mirror as she was saying, “Sorry to have left you waiting but Honey, you have to get it when you can.”She then took a packet out of her pocketbook. Taking a couple of tablets out of the box, she brought them up to Marie’s mouth saying, “Here! Put these in your mouth.”Trying to resist, Marie asked, “What are they?””They’re breath mints. I don’t want your husband to know that we were out drinking and dancing because then he will start with all kinds of questions. Just tell him we stopped at the diner for a coffee.” Then Ava smiled and added, “Men don’t have to know everything now do they?”Ava put some breath mints in her mouth as she pulled the car out of the parking lot. Marie sat quiet for about five minutes before asking, “Do you come here often?””No. Not as often as I use to.”Marie probed deeper, “How did you ever find this place?”Ava was concentrating on her driving as she answered, “I know you long enough now that I can tell you in confidence and please, I don’t want anyone to know this, especially your husband but my Sammie found it. Whenever we are looking for some excitement, he brings me here. I’ll go into the lounge by myself, find a table and sit. My Sammie will come in, sit at the bar and watch the men hit on me. When I find a man who rings my bell then I’ll go up to his room and my Sammie will wait the two or more hours in the bar or lobby.”Marie could not believe what she was hearing and she had a million questions. “Doesn’t he get jealous?””God yes. He gets very jealous. When he sees me leaving with a guy, he gets this look of total humiliation. He’s embarrassed, ashamed and he feels so inadequate because he knows that I’m going to get what he can’t provide. When I’m up in the guy’s room, he sits at the bar and goes through all of his anxieties, thinking of what we are doing.”Marie sighed, “Why would he allow such a thing?””He allows it because he loves me unconditionally and in his own way, he is providing me with a greater sexual pleasure than he can ever give. The first time he gave me to another man ankara escort bayan was such an intense expression of his love for me that I cried. To think that he would surrender himself and all of his emotions to me so completely. It was the ultimate demonstration of his love.””Wow! He must love you a great deal? So you guys are what they call, swingers?”Ava repeated, “Swingers? No, not really. I’m the only woman my Sammie has ever been with and I’m the only woman he will ever be with. I could never handle my Sammie being with another woman.”The younger Marie sighed, “So you can go with any man you want and he can’t.”Still looking straight ahead at the road Ava answered, “That’s right. It’s seems not fair but that’s the way it is. It’s a pledge that he has made and I love him all the more for all the sacrifices he makes for me. Tonight when I get home, he will be waiting for me like a little excited puppy dog. He’ll be waiting to make love to me and I’ll let him. He will see and taste the traces of my lover and it will add to his passion and humiliation. It’s his humiliation that makes him want to do more and more for me.”As the big car turned onto our street, Ava held out her pack of mints, telling Marie, “Here! Take another mint.”Marie took the mint as Ava was saying, “If you’re going to be home in the morning, I’ll walk over for a cup of coffee? I want to hear all about Charles.”The following morning Ava was at our house and as Marie was getting her a cup of coffee, she said, “Ava, there’s something I’ve got to ask you and I want the truth. Those guys last night, did you known them? Did you set me up?””O God, no! Why would you think that? No! I would never do that to you. Last night was the first time I ever met them. I swear. Why do you ask?”Walking back to the table and sitting down, Marie continued, “It just seemed strange. Like we walked into the place and they were there waiting for us.”Taking a sip of coffee Ava replied, “On weekday nights, Monday to Thursday, that place is always crowded with traveling business men. They’re away from home, they’re alone, lonely and they haven’t had it in a while. I’ve met some airline pilots there too. It’s just a great place to meet guys. So how did you and Charles get along?”Marie’s face got a little flush as she answered, “We got along fine.”Ava pushed for more details, “So, did you go up to his room?”The younger girl replied, “No. He kept trying to get me up there but I just didn’t feel comfortable.”Ava shook her head, “O the poor guy. So what else happened?””After you left, we had another drink and danced some more. Then we went for a walk outside, around the hotel and ended up sitting in his car until it was time to meet you.”Ava pressed for more details, “What did you do in the car?””We made out.””He’s got a hotel room and you make out in his car? Did you, you know?””Did he fuck me? No. I just didn’t know him long enough.”Ava looked at the younger woman as she said, “Honey that’s the purpose of the room. You go there and you get to know him. The poor guy is probably so frustrated.”Marie smiled, “No, I took care of him.”Ava got a surprised look as she asked, “You took care of him, in his car, how?”For a moment Marie said nothing. She was hesitant to say what she did but then she realized that this was Ava. Ava was her confident. She told Ava everything.Still waiting for a reply, Ava asked, “Well?”Marie said nothing, she opened her mouth and ran her tongue around her lips.Ava burst into laughter saying, “Then he was taken care of.”The younger woman answered, “He was very well taken care of but I wasn’t. I came home and practically ****d Jack, especially after all of your revelations last night. I’m intrigued with your lifestyle. I find it so interesting. How was it when you got home last night?””Like always. My Sammie was waiting for me. He only had on his robe with his little stiff pecker sticking out. He followed me up to the bedroom, took off his robe, then helped me undress. He pulled back the covers so I could sit up in bed with my back against the headboard as I always do.”The older woman continued her narrative, “I told my Sammie that the guy’s name was Milt. He was a big guy and look what he did to your wife’s titties. I held them up for my Sammie to see. Milt had sucked them so hard that the nipples were all sore and red. Then I raised my knees and opened my legs so my Sammie could see my abused pussy with Milt’s sperm oozing out.”Ava stopped talking, thought a moment, then said, “Marie, you’re drinking coffee so I don’t want to spoil it for you by telling you the disgusting part.””No, no Ava please continue. I’m very interested. Please,” the younger woman pleaded.”Well, my Sammie is a little strange but this is the ritual we always go through. He lays down between my legs with his mouth close to my pussy and he looks up at me with his sorry full eyes. I say to him, now you know what I want. Obediently he pushes his tongue up into my pussy, scooping up a large amount of sperm. Then he holds his tongue out for my inspection. I saw Milt’s sperm and his tongue was full of it.”Then Ava asked Marie again, “Are you sure you want me to continue?””Please. I’m fascinated.””I always have my Sammie show me his tongue with my lover’s sperm on it. Then I nod my head to him and he swallows it. It’s my way of keeping him humiliated and that’s the secret. Keeping him humiliated. After I’m satisfied that he has licked me clean, I’ll let him push his little pecker in me. He climaxes right away and we drift off to sleep. And that’s the way it went last night. Now I want to hear every detail of what went on when you got home last night.”Marie was anxious to confide in her older mentor. She described the details of our love making and then she added, “Ava, you’re a fascinating woman and I’m learning a lot. Last night when I made love to my husband, I referred to his penis as his little peter. Then this morning at breakfast, he commented that I was a little frisky last night. I told him that I still am. That he fell asleep on me. Like you said, to let him think that he just isn’t gratifying me like he should.”The older woman smiled, “Marie, it takes a little time but you’re getting there. The more you make him feel inadequate, the more he will try to compensate. He will try to make up for his inadequacies by doing things for you, what ever you want.”Ava continued, “The first time my Sammie was humiliated, I felt awful for him but I also felt a bit of power over him. Each time I humiliated him, I felt more and more power over him until he submitted totally to me. He just felt so inadequate around me.”Marie sighed, “I don’t think I could ever do that to Jack.””Yes you can. Let me tell you. Early one morning my Sammie was leaving to play golf. He was dressed and he came over to the bed to kiss me goodbye. I thought to myself, sure he is going out to play with his friends and I will be home cleaning bathrooms. I looked up at him and I said, this afternoon when you get home, I want you to clean the bathrooms.”Ava went on, “He looked at me and was about to refuse so I cupped my hand over my pussy. That always reminds him of his inadequacies. He became humiliated and meekly replied, that yes, he would.”Ava smiled as she continued, “That first time that I saw my Sammie on his hands and knees scrubbing the toilet, I was overwhelmed with feelings escort ankara of power. I knew that I had complete dominance over his mind and body. What a feeling of power it is.”She went on, “I’ll always remember that day. I stood over him, watching him clean the bowl when I felt the urge to pee. I told him and he started to get up but I put my hand on the top his head and told him to stay where he was. I didn’t want him to walk away from his cleaning duties.”I stepped in front of him and sat on the toilet while he continued kneeling in front of me. When I began peeing, I leaned forward, took his face in my hands and we kissed for the duration of my pee. When I finished, we broke the kiss and I asked him if he wanted to dry me?””What happened next, shocked me. I expected him to get a tissue and pat me dry but instead, he knelt there, closed his eyes and held out his tongue. Not knowing what to do, I slowly stood up and stepped out of my panties. I placed my hands on his head and slowly brought my bush up against his nose. I wanted him to breathe my scent. He still held his tongue out so I parted my legs and lowered my pussy onto his tongue. He lapped my droplets and for the second time that day, I was overwhelmed by a rush of dominance and absolute power over him.”Marie replied, “Jack would never do that.”Ava smiled, “Well maybe not that but just continue what you’re doing. Think of your home as a bee hive. Consider that you’re the queen bee and Jack is the worker bee. Now a bee hive can only have one queen and many worker bees. One of the things you have to do is gain sexual independence from Jack.”The younger Marie asked, “How do I do that?”Ava went on, “Last night, when you were with Charles, that was a small step toward your sexual independence. Remember, you’re the queen bee, you have to have a few worker bees servicing you.””Oh, I don’t know Ava.””Marie, trust me. I’ve been married a long time and thanks for coming with me last night. I appreciated your company and your understanding. Plus, having a beautiful young girl with me helps to attract the guys.”Then Ava went on, “You know, going into a lounge by myself is very awkward. If I sit at the bar, then they think I’m a hooker so I sit at a table but then the men think that I’m waiting for someone or I got stood up.”Ava continued, “The first time I did it, it took a long time before a guy approached me. The next time I did it, I brought a magazine with me. I would sit there with a drink, reading the magazine till I felt someone’s eyes on me. I would look up and smile at the gentleman and he would walk over and introduce himself.”Ava went on, “It was very easy and less stress full having you with me. We were just two girls out having a good time.”Marie smiled, “Yeah, I guess we were. It was fun and naughty, I must admit.”Ava suggested, “Maybe we should do it again next month?”I was very grateful that Ava had befriended my wife. She was always there for Marie. If my wife had to run an errand, she could depend on Ava to walk down to our house and watch the k**s.What I did not know is how much of a confident Ava made of herself. She had my wife confiding to her all of our most deepest, intimate, sexual secrets. Marie confided to Ava, “My husband is a very high strung man. I have to masturbate him once or twice a week, just to keep him calm.”That was Ava’s in, “Marie, when you’re stroking him, that’s the perfect time to tell him about how he is not doing it for you. That you need more. Tell him about men making passes at you and how aroused they make you. When you’re talking to him, get a feel at what makes him climax.”The following month Ava took my wife out shopping again on a Wednesday night. As usual I retired to bed and later that night I was awakened by my wife getting into bed. I was too tired to even look at the clock. She kissed me on my shoulder and I slipped back into u*********sness.I did not know it at the time but from that night on, my wife, Ava and Sam all shared a common secret, I was now a cuckold. For the next couple of years, one night a month, my wife and Ava went out shopping, always coming home very late and I never suspected a thing.My wife seemed to be maturing or maybe she was falling under the influence of Ava. She now referred to me as, my Jackie. She began using slang words like pussy and titty and referring to my erection as my little peter.It became apparent that I could no longer keep her sexually gratified. More and more she related to me how men were making passes at her or brushing up against her. While stroking me, she asked, if I would get angry if she let one of these men fuck her and I ejaculated at the thought of it.Then one day I had a contractor do some work on my house. His name was Ben and I knowingly allowed him to cuckold me. I related this event in my story, ‘Cuckold Again’ in the Fetish Category.One Saturday morning after I had been cuckold, I heard my wife dial the phone. “Hi Ava. Just a quick one, do you happen to have a spring form baking pan that I can borrow. …Oh great. I’ll send my Jackie over for it.When I got to Ava’s house, the door was open and Ava called out to me to come in. She was standing in the kitchen with nothing on but a sheer night gown. Pale blue in color and transparent, I could see through the thin material that she was not wearing panties or a bra.I asked for Sam. Ava answered, “He’s playing golf. Am I making you nervous? Do you think I look pretty good for a fifty two year old woman?”I moved closer to her. She wanted to be kissed. I took her in my arms and we kissed. My hands and mouth went to her breasts. I started feeling and sucking on them. They were so big and soft. Her nipples stuck out pointing up just wanting to be sucked. Her wimp husband wasn’t giving her what she needed.My erection strained in my pants. I opened my pants to get it out and into her. Ava saw my erection, she felt it with her hand and then she struggled to get away from me saying, “No. No, you can look and touch me all you want but not that. No, not that. You belong to Marie and I’m not going to cross that line. You better take this pan back to your wife before we both get into trouble.”I returned to my house all flustered but it was only the beginning. A couple of days later, Sam asked me if I would help him carry a hot water heater from his garage down to his basement. When we got to the basement door, Ava appeared and in a sensual tone of voice said, “Hello Jack. Let me get the door.”She held the basement door open for us. She was wearing a white transparent baby doll pajama with nothing on underneath. I got real nervous as my eyes feasted on her and I replied, “Hi Ava.”I looked at Sam and it became obvious to me that Ava was humiliating him and he seemed to be enjoying it. His wife was all exposed to me. I tried to put him at ease by making a comment, “Sam, you’re a very lucky man.”Whenever I was alone in their company, they both enjoyed displaying Ava’s body to me, taking delight in my embarrassment as I tried to conceal my erection. At that time in my life, I was too young and naive to know what was going on. They conspired to make me a cuckold and then they used me for their own sexual excitement or maybe I should say, we all used each other for sexual excitement.A few years ago Sam retired so they sold their house to a young couple and moved into a retirement community. Ava and Sam are old now and over the years we all managed to remain very close friends.When the younger couple were moving into their house, my wife welcomed them into the neighborhood by bringing them a tray of glasses and a pitcher of ice tea.

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