The Best of Both Worlds (Weight Gain)


The Best of Both Worlds (Weight Gain)It was May 31st, an important day for Kristin, because it meant that she was on vacation for 3 whole months. Kristin is an exercise teacher at the local gym and has reached the pinnacle of her profession with her own VHS tape, and DVD (as she insisted to keep up to date) line of exercise videos.She got in to exercise in college while majoring in Computer Science. Freshmen year, the famous 15 pounds had found their way to her slender frame. While not being bothered by it much while it came on, she was upset as her pants stopped fitting and her body jiggled with its newfound flab. Her family however was glad to see her carrying some weight as she had always been skinny, not dangerously so but unusually light for a girl of almost 5’7″.As time passed she built up some muscle, toned her body and was a stunningly beautiful girl proportioned perfectly. This is when she tried for the exercise position top make some money while in school, after all how hard could it be, she was already exercising every day, now she’d be helping other to get fit as well.And everything went great. At the end of May she left school and went home, also being off from teaching her classes for a few months. While home she was seeing old friends and put off her daily exercise routine for a couple days as they meet up and reconnected. She always was just out of time or too tired and over the next few weeks her exercise clothes gathered dust. Meanwhile, being the computer nerd she was, Kristin was on her computer most of every day and picking up some of her bad habits she had fought so hard to lose.As July came to a close she had gained 12 pounds and put on another 15 during August. Her flat ankara escort stomach was now a round bulge spilling over her pants and keeping her occupied with constant battles trying to zip and button her so-tight jeans. Swimming was now out of the question as she spilled out of her bikini in every way possible.And it wasn’t just her laziness, she was drinking at least a 2liter bottle of soda a day and a half gallon of ice cream every week, plus usually McDonald’s for lunch a few times a week. As she stayed away from the scale her friends said it wouldn’t matter, she teaches exercises classes, right? The weight will be melting off. He mom thought the same thing, although glad her daughter wasn’t so thin, did not want her to be depressed over her weight either.On her last day home she began to panic at how she’d let herself go and didn’t know what to do. She had a week before her teaching started again and committed herself to getting as fit as she could before that time and working the weight off from their. However when she put the spandex shorts and tank top on her heart broke – she was all flabby and hanging out of the suit all over the place – she even had a double chin again! Still in shock she went straight down to the ice cream shoppe and got herself a large sundae with hot fudge, whipped cream and of course, a cherry.Back at her dorm, stomach full, ego wounded, she kew she had to ecover and could once again slim down. She had to teach tomorrow, no problem, she was smart, just wear lose sweatpants and a big t-shirt and nobody will really be able to tell, she told her self. But when she got to the gym, she forgot they make sure the teachers are “qualified” (read: fit enough) to do ankara escort bayan a class and striping to her uniform under the sweats and getting on the scale would prove a death sentence. “I’ve got to think of something!” she thought. At last as the trainer was looking at her, as if waiting for her to explain the bloated figure, he created a story about testing to see how people will respond to a teacher who looks like they do, physically knowledgeable but carrying a few to many pounds.Well, this did sound hard to buy but if the class didn’t complain she could keep her job – but no second chances, if she wasn’t in tip-top shape by the next semester she’d be fired. So she walked out in front of her students, belly hanging over her pants, top sagging from her more ample breasts and her butt, well, butting OUT every time she moved. As they began stretches she bent down to touch her toes and heard a loud tearing sound only to find that her shorts had split a few inches down the sides, leaving more of her stomach flab bulging out as she moved. Laughing to her students, “it’s just another incentive to lose weight,” as she gave a nice pat to her belly and tried to keep a smile on. She would have to lose the weight or look like a total fool. She could barely believe her boss bought that getting fat on purpose story.As poorly as stretching went, other exercises went even worse. When she tried to do a sit-up, not only did her stomach look enormous, but she couldn’t sit up! Twenty minutes into the hour-long workout she thought it was time to give up. The weight would never come off she was too fat and out of shape to teach the class – it was a disaster. Just then she noticed the head of the escort ankara gym had been watching her the whole time and she decided to switch gear to jumping jacks – anybody could do those. Good idea, poor timing. The weight was going everywhere. Her boss would see her belly jiggling, her butt bouncing and her breasts jumping up and down swinging all over.Instead of the warning he wanted to congratulate her on trying to lose weight. Most of the teachers he hired had never had to lose so much as a pound, he goes on to tell her – and if this worked it would prove that his gym could help people lose weight and get in shape. ?And next time, make sure you wear clothes that are too small for you ? we have to maximize your weight to make this effective.Soon she was on the news, every paper and TV station in the city was covering the fat exercise teacher. Over the next few weeks, she and her students were sliming down making more progress than any class ever had! And everybody was thanking her and her flabby stomach for the success; it really motivated people since they had the shot of being in better shape than the instructor. By the end she was back in her old clothes and offered the deal of a lifetime – make videos, do classes, and get paid millions of dollars a year. And all she had to do was get fat over her vacation again.Kristin had always loved to eat; now she also loved to exercise and be fit. This gave her the opportunity to do both: she’d gain weight, lose it with a class and rake in the cash that would make her the highest paid exercise instructor ever, the most popular and strangely enough get more people to follow this formula. People didn’t take it to her extreme, but many followers would have a “vacation” of a few months where they would indulge and kept the best of food in their lives and then used the motivation to get thin again.Now usually at a comfortable 145 pounds Kristin had finally achieved it: the best of both worlds.

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