The Cheating Husband & Kitty’s Wrath II


The Cheating Husband & Kitty’s Wrath IIThe following story is part two. In the first part Kitty has discovered her husband Bob is fucking her best friend Judy.I thought through what I was going to do about Bob’s infidelity. It was one thing for him to have fling with someone I did not know but another to have him fucking my best friend!Well if he was going fuck my friend then he will have to get over me fucking all of his friends. I smiled as I thought just how humiliated he would be the next time he played golf with them and knew each of them had been in bed with me!Bob had three guys that he called his crew. They golfed together, went to the bar together and to whatever sporting event was going on. Their names were Jim, Paul and Ken. I actually smiled as I thought if them. All three were actually nice looking. If I was single I would go home with any of them.My thoughts started to change from revenge to arousal. I had not had sex with anyone other than Bob since we were married seven years ago. Suddenly my pussy was tingling with excitement at the thought new sex partners. I thought just how exciting it was to go to bed with someone for the first time!Then I thought about some of the porn I had watched with Bob and I remembered just how much a turn on some of the gangbang scenes were for me! Yes, I was about find out just what it was like to have more than one cock to play with!There was one question that I had not answered; “how was Bob going to find out that I fucked his friends?” Then it hit me! I would hide some cameras and film it and then show him a “special porn” video!That evening I snooped around and found that my husband was to be on a business trip the next week. When I asked Judy if she wanted a girls night out she said she to visit her mom that same night. I knew right away they were headed to a hotel for another fuck session!I then called Bob’s three buddies and asked if they would come by for surprise party for Bob. They were all happy to do so. I smiled as I thought just how big Bob’s surprise was going to be!The night of the party came and just after 6 the guys started ankara escort arriving. They seemed curious but hey I gave them some drinks and put them in Bob’s “man cave”.I came back into the room and they all started asking when Bob was going to be there.”Bob is not going to be here tonight.” I said with a smiled”Then why are we here?” Asked Jim”I thought you all might want some of this!” I said as I spread my legs and pulled my panties aside showing my pussy which was already getting wetAll three of them just gawked at me. I looked at each if their crotches and could see they were already getting hard.”That is was fine looking pussy!” Paul said as he licked his lips”Hey guys, this is Kitty you know our friend Bob’s wife! We should not messing with her!” Said KenThe other two seemed to have some doubts. I knew that I had to do something quick.”Bob has a fantasy that I want to make real for him. Bob right now is fucking my friend Judy. He also wants me to be gangbanged. It is a little game that he playing. He would probably admit to fucking Judy but he will not say anything about me. You see he really loves his women to be sluts and get fucked. Tomorrow when he comes home we will tell each other about fucking our friends. It will be his biggest turn on ever! Go ahead and call him and see where he is at!” I saidKen grabbed his phone and called Bob. He put it on speaker so we could all hear.”Hi Ken, what’s up?” Bob said”Hey Bob, I hear you found yourself some new pussy!” Ken said”Yeah it’s fucking premo too! You know how it is! Every guy needs some verity to keep it interesting!” Bob said and laughedThe other three men did as well.”Well me and the boys are thinking about the same thing. We got us a nice little wife here that we’re going gangbang! Too bad you are there with Judy or maybe we could do this one four on one!” Ken said and again they all laughed”Hey that sounds great! I love seeing a married woman being a slut! Hey, I have to get back what I’m doing here but you guys fuck that woman good and you can tell me all about it!” He said”We’ll do that! Talk to you later!” Ken said ankara escort bayan as he hung up the phone”So whose cock do I get to suck first?” I askedThe men all started pulling out their cocks. I wrapped my lips around the first one that got near my mouth. It felt fantastic to be sucking and as I looked up I could see all three looking down at me with pure lust in their eyes. I worked my way from one cock to the next. One if the guys pushed me back so that he could eat my pussy. Someone was feeling my tits and sucking on my nipples.”Let me have some of that pussy!” I heard one say and the felt a different tongue lick my pussy and then lips sucking on my clit.In few minutes they shifted me into a spoon position and I felt a large cock enter my pussy making me moan and the men laugh. I had a large cock in front of me which I gladly wrapped my lips around and started pumping. The other guy pushed his into my sweet married pussy. I felt him begin to stroke his cock in and out and I was pleased just how different it was from Bob’s. I looked up to see Paul stroking his cock.“You look fucking sexy!” he said as I pumped the cock in and out of my mouthThe guy fucking me pulled out and I was turned over and found myself fucking second cock in a cowgirl style. The man who fucked already pushed his cock into my mouth. I could taste my pussy on him. My head was spinning as an orgasm hit me. All I could do was lie there and let the men use me and nothing had ever felt better before! I found that a second cock was near my mouth and I started alternating between them as the guy below me pushed his cock in and out of my excited pussy.The men removed my clothes the rest of the way. I was moved again and found myself straddling the third cock. I lowered myself into him and started fucking right away. I then felt someone behind me. I felt his cock push against my ass. I was not afraid of anal but this would be different. Suddenly I started to obsess with the thought of being penetrated by two cocks at the same time!I pushed back towards the cock and relaxed my asshole. I felt the head enter escort ankara my ass and was overwhelmed with another raging orgasm. My mouth pumped hard on the guy standing in front of me. I felt the cock entering my ass push in and pull out letting my rectum adjust to it.”Now this a fucking gang bang! Do you like getting three cocks at once Kitty?” A voice askedI could only moan as the men used me. I felt the cocks pull out of me and I was once again flipped over. I lowered my ass into the cock that had been in my pussy. Once I was settled on the cock the guy I had been sucking pushed into my pussy! I groaned as then men found a rhythm they could both keep.The guy who had fucked my ass stepped up and I started sucking him. Suddenly he grabbed my head started shooting cum on my face and in my mouth. This caused me to cum again. All I could think was how good this was and that I was now the biggest slut of all time.The other two decided they wanted to join their friend and I was positioned so that they could both cum all over me. I watched as the two men stroked their cocks furiously as their friend cheered them on.“Give that slut your cum!”I loved the feeling of the warm seamen speeding all over my face and tits.We all sat around and caught our breath. I was thinking that I had started this for revenge but now I wanted this to happen again and soon.”I hope you all enjoyed this because I sure did!” I said”Fuck yes!” Was the chorus that I heard”Good if you can get up again I would love to do this again!”That night we ended up doing foursome two more times before they had to leave. My pussy and ass were full of cum. Afterwards I watched the video and it was perfect. With just a little editing I had a real nice porn movie.The next Saturday night I asked Bib if he wanted to watch some porn. We watched another movie first and then I put in my home made special. Before it started I was down sucking Bob’s cock.”What the FUCK!” Was what I heardI looked up at him and he looked at me and then back to the me being gang fucked by his friends.”Bob, you fucked Judy! So you fuck my friend! I fucked all three of yours! Now would you like to talk about where we go from here?” I saidThe end!(A word from the author: just another tale from a wrapped mind that I carry around with me! Hey if you liked it thumbs up. Comments welcome as well as messages.)

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